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#52 Cardinal T-Square between Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, & Pluto brings Tension & Liberation

#53 2010 transits to the USA’s “”Sibley-Rudhyar”” natal chart include a Saturn return

#54 Seven planets involved in a Cardinal Grand Cross in June/July 2010

#55 Pluto tests our willingness to change – its death leads to regeneration

#56 Basic Introduction to Constructing a Natal Astrology Chart

#57 Client testimonial and natal chart with Rick’s interpretive notes

#58 Neptune’s transit of USA’s Natal moon in November 2010

#59 Uranus’ ingress into Aries in 2010; Chiron-Neptune Conjunction implications for each Sun-sign

#60 2011 Poem: A New Astrological Year from an Old Astrological Seer

#61 Uranus/Jupiter Conjunction in 2011 Shakes up Collective Psyche

#62 Pluto exposes needed changes; Uranus readies for change

#63 Mars activates cardinal t-square; How outer planets affect collective and individual

#64 Neptune and Chiron in Pisces bring universal healing physically, spiritually, emotionally, psychically, collectively

#65 Exquisite Zodiac Outtakes: Each Sign Can Only Do What It Can Do (chapter cut from final book version)

#66 Charting During the Trial of Casey Anthony: a look at the accuracy of sunrise & noon charts for unknown birth times

#67 Mars forms first Cardinal Grand Cross (Aug ’11) sparking identity crises, misplaced rage, and tremendous growth

#68 Pluto is combining with rest of the planets to say, “It’s time to take responsibility and integrate with each other”

#69 Astrological stages on the path to occupying Wall Street

#70 The four stages of Pluto transits and how to tell which one you are in

#71 Neptune dissolves the illusion of separation so that Chiron can bring healing to All-One

#72 Neptune indicates when it’s time to break through illusion: stop fooling yourSelf!

#73 Balanced Planets: how each planet presents when balanced, weak, or strong

#74 Depression seen through the eyes of the twelve signs

#75 Comparison of Dark Ages predictive astrology versus archetypal astrology

#76 2012 Opening Square of the 60s Uranus/Pluto Conjunction + A Case Profile with Strong Neptune, Pluto, & Uranus energies

#77 Natal charts give insight into relationships but more importantly show the ability of the native to be in relationship

#78 The personal planets play a vital part both in a chart analysis and in the native’s personality

#80 Idioms that illustrate astrological energies at work in life

#81 Analysis of the Mayan calendar ‘final day’ chart (12/21/12) and why it’s NOT the end of the world

#82 Two ways astrologically that relationships can ‘work’: compatible or complementary energies

#83 How to analyze full moon transits in a natal chart

#84 Septillium in Pisces on March 11, 2013 brings a massive spiritual energy influx

#85 3 planets join Uranus in Aries propelling us forward in different ways (analyzed by sun-sign)

#86 Astrology is a map/calendar of your particularized expression of universal archetypes

#87 Uranus/Pluto opening square illustrated with baseball diamond: their previous conjunction’s promise being tested

#88 Strong Neptune/Pisces influence in a natal chart tends toward a martyr-like personality

#90 Neptune and Chiron in Pisces nudge us to let it go and be One

#91 Harmonious functioning of the Moon and Neptune

#92 Sunsigns described by what they can do and what they won’t do

#93 Rick’s journey towards becoming an astrologer

#94 Balancing the reputations of Saturn and Jupiter

#95 Mars & Uranus in specific houses of each sun sign

#96 The new acceptable language in media via Pluto and Uranus

#97  USA’s identity crisis coincides with ‘black moon’ Valentine’s Day 2014

#99 Take responsibility for your own self-revolution

#100 Grand Cardinal Cross signals a turning point in earth’s history

#101 The ‘pull’ of the Grand Cardinal Cross brings breakthrough

#102 Assessing readiness to pursue your purpose

#103 Sometimes You Must Activate Your Opposite Sun-sign

#104 A Global Spiritual Crisis

#105 Filial Piety Begins

#106 Nobel Laureate: Malala Yousafzai

#107 Radical Change Intensifies

#108 How to Tell What Planet Is “Coming Over You” (And How to Deal with It)

#109 Preview of 2015

#110 Vulnerability

#111 The Dove or the Drone

#112 “Three Things Your Astrologer Should Give You”