“As Above, So Within”


Rick DiClemente’s

Astrology Newsletter

Volume 60, January 2011

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“We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun”

-         John Lennon

Now, we have a new decade









As this next year draws near

Passing the old calendar year

With resolutions at hand

Will they make my life clear?


Did you cast your natal chart?

Memorize your symbols from the start?

So, are you an incarnation

Of Napoleon Bonaparte?


Will a new planetary formation

Bringing peace to my nation?

Will the planets play nice?

What are the indications?


So much corruption, Hail Mary

Help us maintain the discovery

As we cure from within

In hopes of recovery


Oh, how full is my plate?

Isn’t something rising of late?

To guide my nativity

From my misaligned fate?


Just what’s made us think?

On the Milky Way’s brink

That only we aren’t in space?

Like some special missing link?


This science of stars

Needs to visit the name-czar

For a more fitting term

Than the Sun-sign that you are


To think it could be so neat

Lined in a dozen discrete

Filed and contained

But so far from complete


Planets always point true

Not in the stead of Mon Dieu

A séance of mystics

Somehow guide us through


Just how long will it last?

This empyrean impasse

Will I find some accord?

Or another smartass?


Oh, the question of the blues

Solely designed just for you

Oh how we do strain

To find ourselves in the clues


And then it gets hard

Like we need just one more card

What matter could it be?

If it’s Venus or Mars?


What difference does it make

If Pluto causes quakes?

Can Saturn’s icy-cold-rings

Numb my pains and my aches?


The second house Moon

With my birth-time near Noon

Does it matter so much

If I were born in Rangoon?


This crazy Astrology

With its flaky terminology

Often sounds so befuddling

Takes a Masters in Theology!


Just what’s in your head

When you rise from your bed?

Has the Moon just turned full?

Or did Neptune dream you were dead?


Well what is the prediction

For our latest predeliction?

Will Jupiter intercede?

Or more Saturnian restriction?


It’s just maddening to try

To make sense of any sky

Or find guidance from the stars

As once did Captain Bligh


O, now “What is your sign?”

That ole sad pick-up line

Do you get a leg up?

Ending up entangled & supine?


Exactly where is my soulmate?

The man of my fate

Can you see, is he handsome?

How about a reduced rate?


I just read my horoscope

I tell ya, I feel like a dope

For taking this seriously

Guess I’ll just have to cope


Mercury is retrograde

Will my travels be swayed?

Maybe miss my connection

And end up in Belgrade


Of course there’s the Moon-void-of-course

A disjointed lunar force

If I get started now

Will I be filled with remorse?


What of my transits and my progressions?

During this endless recession

Am I destined to toil?

And face repossession?


Or will my karma keep me tied

To these chains from inside?

Am I doomed to repeat

Like Jeckyll and Hyde?


Or will my Yin start Yanging

Feng Shui, Sturm und Dranging?

What of my Chi and my prana

Woo-woo talk, New-Age slanging?


Just what of my insurance?!

Don’t test my endurance!

Before I start my own bid-ness

I’ll need reassurance!


You see I need a signed guarantee

That my future will be free

From surprises and worries

What if I get hepatitis-B?


Found an unscrupulous psychic

Said all would be fine without my old sidekick

As the meter kept ticking, the fee it kept rising

Cost more for each mouse-click!


Can it be found in the I Ching?

Or in tea leaves from Bejing?

Is my secret in my numbers?

Don’t say the Born-again Right-wing!


Simplicity somehow has been lost

And I wonder, just what’s been the cost?

I think we might have been better

When we just kept our fingers crossed


Well, it’s been a pretty good reading

I hope I wasn’t misleading

When I said there was promise

I do hope your family keeps breeding


Yet we look up to see

The latest heavenly decree

Still the Sun rises and sets

On this archetypal jubilee


They tell us and they shout

Of inner truth coming from without

And we hear but we’re deaf

Still resigned to our doubt


Just think, explaining and teaching

And calibrating and reaching

And all just to find

It’s “Be yourself!” I am preaching!


Just for ONCE I would likey

Some peace in my psyche

For it sure has been futile

During my latest sympathy strikey


So, from I to my quill pen

I entreat of the heavens

And verily offer you blessings

For two-thousand eleven



1/1/11 11:11:11Get all excited when the 1’s line up. Pretend you’re a field goal, or your team just scored a touchdown. Maybe you’re a field of wheat before the UFO’s inscribe crop circles. Pretend you’re a Nazca Line! I see images of bowling pins. Think of the significance?


1/4 Solar Eclipse 13°g39’ 4:03a – Even though this eclipse will be near 14° Capricorn, it will nevertheless trigger all of the activity in Capricorn. In your life, you’ll feel like setting the record straight, facing matters head-on, and taking responsibility. Pluto has been working hard for 3 years to get you to rebuild or at least re-bolster your life. This is yet another brick in the wall. Capricorn may well be considered a “drag” to many of us, but it’s upon its strong foundations that we go forward in life with comfort and assurance.


1/7 Venus enters Sagittarius 7:31a – In the scheme of things, this will be a welcome sight. Fun! Remember that? Especially as it crosses, it will bring us light-heartedness and a much-needed break from the heavies. Make time to play and travel. A great time to take a trip. Just wing it! That’s Sag.


1/11/11 11:11:11Get all excited when the 1’s line up again. Figure out your true binary age. Predict the end of the world. Predict the beginning of the world. Watch how quickly it turns to 1/11/11 11:11:12 and ruins it. It was true Oneness for awhile.


1/13 Mercury enters Capricorn 6:25a – Wouldn’t you know it, only 4 days after Venus got started in Sag and along comes Mercury in Capricorn. Hell, the bills arrived already? What’s this? $2,436.73 for room service?


1/15 Mars enters Aquarius 5:41p – Mars enjoys being in wild Aquarius. The anything-goes-water-bearer is up for new experimentation. With the background Jupiter about to enter Aries and awaiting Uranus into Aries on 3/11, this is a great precursor. Start giving reality to that new ice cream stand you’re going to erect. Or that expensive new website you paid for with the vibrating paisley background. Or that new course you’re taking in the Periodic Tables, or….


1/19 Full Moon 29°a27’ 4:21p – BOY WILL THIS BE MOODY. Seriously, if you’re moody, check in somewhere with soft walls. The reason? The Moon will be all by its wittle self; in Cancer; and forming a handle to the other 10 planets. Meaning? Feelings, woh, ohh, ohh, feelings. They won’t go away. Neither will that awful song. It is time to focus on your needs. Forget your mind! How does it feel? That is always the question with the Moon. If you are not getting what you need, change it, or get out. Do not hang on to the old. I am exasperated saying that phrase. The Moon has a life of its own. This can be very liberating if you don’t fall for the Moon’s lies. She lies a lot too; she tells you that you can’t survive without this person, or that thing, attachment. Taint true. “When you are on your own….. Like a complete unknown…….”


1/20 Sun enters Aquarius 5:19a – Another welcome transition. As we enter Aquarius each year, the holiday blues start to rub off. We start to pick up a greater sense of independence and confidence. Just recently, we were so blue, just like when Ole Yeller was put to sleep, remember? Just the next day and we’re off for the pound again! Aquarius is a wonderful sign that is extremely underrated. Locate one today. Thank them for the drink.


1/22 Jupiter re-enters Aries 12:11p – As Jupiter entered Aries the first time on 6/6/10, then retrograded, now we find it moving back into a sign it will fly through, and enjoy! Jupiter is spacious, generous, opportunistic and carefree. He will be very happy to find this unfettered ground once again. Any of you with planets or angles in early Cardinal signs will benefit. Things will land in your lap quite easily. Make connections with others and watch them blossom quickly and effortlessly. Jupiter is one amazing planet. It’s the cheerleader of the zodiac and is full of zest and wonder. You’ll be wondering where you got all of your zest.


1/26 Saturn goes Retrograde 1:11a – Can’t you just hear Wagner? Hell, his name is even pronounced: VAHG-nur! Sounds serious, doesn’t it. Why is Saturn and Capricorn always bugging Jupiter and Sagittarius? Can’t a fella catch a break? I think Saturn is simply jealous – don’t you Sagges agree? As Saturn pivots and spends the next 5 months going backward, we will have an extra opportunity to give serious thought to “what we are building in our life.” Just where are we applying our efforts? The good thing about Saturn is: If you’re going to go somewhere, you’d best get a map to your destination. This is that time. This is your second chance. You were probably not prepared anyway.


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