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Volume 67, August 2011

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America’s Identity Crisis


Misplaced Rage



(Keep in mind that all of these themes pertain to your personal life too.)


Mars is the agitator. From August 3rd through the 11th, it will oppose Pluto and stir up the great triangle (T-square) you see above. This is why things are so severe on an international, national, local and personal level. (Add to it the fact that Mercury goes retrograde August 2nd and we’re in for lots of fun.)


There’s a real good part to this too. Let me see if I can explain.


This on-going T-square of Saturn opposite Uranus forming a right angle to Pluto has been what has been causing the great tension the past 3 years, besides the simple fact that Pluto has been in Capricorn (making us pay for past waste and flippancy) since 2008 until 2023. Consider the fact that in the USA’s birth chart, Venus (monetary systems) is at 2° Cancer. Pluto has been directly opposite it as it bombards Venus, while Uranus has been squaring it. That’s why the global and US financial systems are tilting. New solutions must be found (Uranus) and many are hanging on to the old (Saturn), which is exactly what you do not do with Uranus.


Get this: the Federal Reserve’s chart has natal Sun at 1° Capricorn opposite Pluto at 0° Cancer. So, it’s been getting a direct hit for 3 years. Very dangerous! Time for massive restructuring, or extinction. None of these things are happening TO US. We’ve created our reality.


Saturn and Uranus have been having it out since the election and fortunately we can see that Saturn is starting to move away from this direct opposition to radical Uranus. This has been symbolized by the bitter fighting between the Right and the Left since then. The fight will continue, but as we can see, Pluto is involved and whenever it gets in the middle of things, actual survival always becomes an issue. Pluto doesn’t really “care” if the race survives or not; it’s here to protect the Earth.


The Saturn-Uranus fight has been like watching 2 children fighting in the back seat on a long hot summer traveling across the country. With no A/C. Neither side will budge and Pluto WILL bring an end to it. With Mars getting involved, crossing into 0° Cancer on 8/3, ISN’T IT A COINCIDENCE THAT THAT IS THE DEADLINE FOR THE RAISING OF THE DEBT CEILING? We see how intimately involved astrology is. Mars wants action.


So, take it slow for me, what is the Saturn-Uranus opposition all about? Saturn has been trying to take things back to the old ways. Uranus is the opposite, it wants to be progressive. Saturn HAS NO CHANCE against the universal power of Uranus (The Tower Card.) Saturn holds on to the status quo, Uranus breaks it into little pieces. If Saturn bends, all will be okay, otherwise if it’s too rigid, it will break. The two need to work together, but whoever heard of that before in these UNITED States (since 1945)? A healthy relationship between the two means, Saturn builds, steadies and stabilizes the country, Uranus cracks it apart so the novel can enter.


He did it. She did it. They did it. He’s to blame. They’re to blame. That’s how these two can get. Sound familiar?


Now that Saturn is moving on, what will that mean? Basically, the conservative voice (Saturn) will get quieter, believe it or not. Uranus will be left alone for several years to combat Pluto in a square that is a direct answer to when the two (Uranus and Pluto) traveled together which was in what is known as the SIXTIES! 1961-1969, these two powerful planets brought the huge revolution to our culture. So, with Saturn out of the way, the fight between these two heavyweights will become less restricted – off with the gloves. Saturn will continue on further into Libra and will probably become much more productive with much less static interference. Saturn’s optimal place is in the sign of Libra – so, we will probably see much more sanity from the Supreme Court. The controversial and monumental ruling they made in terms of allowing foreign entities to unboundedly contribute to our election campaigns (to own them) was because Saturn was being overwhelmed by heavy-duty Pluto in Capricorn. Expect changes in that issue since Saturn (true justice) will be able to “see” clearer.


What has Saturn squaring Pluto been causing? Notice on a smaller scale how schools are starting to get much more serious about stopping (Saturn) bullying (Pluto)? How we’ve trying to contain nuclear power (Pluto/Japan). New regulations (Saturn) against powerful corporations (Pluto) and that fight? Notice how Saturn has been doing its best to uncover and stop all the corruption dug up by Pluto in Capricorn ever since late 2007? On and on it goes. So many examples. Both planets are very serious and are clearly the two stern ones of the zodiac. The two “caused” the 9/11 catastrophe, the Holocaust, ethnic cleansings, nuclear power, huge oil spills, etc. You don’t fool with these two. They are mainly why things seem so grim today. We need serious answers to serious problems to stay one step ahead of their destructive powers. They are not CAUSING the decay, they are merely EXPOSING it. Eventually, some force has to, for the sake of evolution. Sooner or later you just have to go down into the bowels of your basement to see how bad it’s become. Same inside of us.


What has Uranus squaring Pluto been causing? Besides my reference to the 60’s, we need to see that this in one way is a repeat of that time. Why? Because when two planets conjunct or line up together as Uranus and Pluto did in the early 60’s, they eventually get to where they make a right angle to each other years later. That is now. Notice how racial issues are at a max now along with the fact that we have an Afro-American President. This has a direct correlation to the 1963 Civil Rights Act. The square after a conjunction asks, “Is it working? Has the equal rights changes of the 60’s really been effective or not?” Racism is rampant to this day and still sits in the very middle of much of our social dis-ease.


Besides race, whenever Uranus combines with Pluto, the usage of power comes into question. The very existence of the USA is threatened now because of misuse of power. This is the very same dynamic that has brought down all great civilizations. We still have military bases in 175 countries? Why? We feel entitled to be the world’s police? Just how arrogant have we become? We are walking on very thin ice with Pluto because even though it is deadly, it believes in fairness across the board. No wonder our markets are shaking and we are faced with a lowering of our international credit rating. Pluto means serious business. Notice all the discord in many of the other countries from Mexico to Egypt to Ireland to Greece to Morocco to Sudan to Syria to Norway to Japan, et al. And Greenland and the Arctic and Antarctica are melting away.


When you don’t want to hear that there is climate change, that means there is none.


Uranus wants equality and freedom. Whatever Pluto touches, it wants it to be courageous. Pluto SHOWS YOU YOUR WEAK SPOTS. It wants you to face them and fix them. It’s that simple. Any country that tries to hide in the past (like Cancerian countries: USA and Canada) are getting hit the hardest. “Why can’t John Wayne (Cancer) come back and take care of us?”


There is no simple solution to these two planets other than to suck it up and do what we have to do. This has also contributed to how fast (Uranus) our infrastructure is decaying (Pluto). See?


What is the overall effect of this Uranus-Saturn-Pluto T-square? Mainly, what happens is that tremendous additional stress is added to the point which is where Pluto is sitting. This is why the battle to get the rich (Pluto) to contribute more money to the country’s coffers. It has become so evident how the rich own the congress – this is its symbol. Lawyers, lobbyists, legislatures. There are many other interpretations, but that is the main one. U$A.


We let the insurance companies and the oil companies and the

health-related companies take over and what are we seeing?

The rest of the country is dying to their greed.

That’s what the T-square to Pluto means.


Pluto can be ruthless and it is saying, “If you LET this happen to you, you deserve it!” That is really true of Pluto’s nature. THE GOOD THING IS that Pluto, at the same time, is bringing us our power to fight back! The Tea Party knows this and has been using that “power” for 3 years but have not heeded the warnings and have gotten completely lost (like Thelma and Louise) with their fanatical, childish, over-reaction to the Jupiter – Uranus conjunction that has recently occurred in Aries. They’d rather drive over the cliff (with the world’s economy with it too) than face the real world of real responsibilities and limitations. Thelma, and Louise. Uranus and Jupiter in Aries do not compromise. Sound familiar?


Enter Mars


August 3rd, Mars enters Cancer. Opposite Pluto. Square to Saturn. Square to Uranus. (see the chart above) Mars does one thing: it demands action. When was that deadline again? So, we analyze closer. As Mars sends SHOCKWAVES through all of Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries, it will stir up this T-square and for about a week turn it into a GRAND CROSS. 4 planets in a square or cross.


The economy is in grave danger, again as I said the USA’s Venus lies at 2° Cancer. So it’s NOT that Mars will be hitting our Venus; it’s more that Mars will me hitting our Venus that has been under TREMENDOUS STRESS from Pluto and Uranus already!


This is why the people on Capitol Hill are looking for more than squirt guns at the moment to put out this fire. What this all boils down to is this:


What do these other planets say to Mars’ demands?


Pluto says, “Bring it on, let’s blow some things up if we have to. Or take down some pillars of our society.”

Uranus says, “Why certainly, let’s change things radically!”

Saturn has been trying to say, “Now, wait a minute, let’s keep our cool heads, we have to replace the old with something sane and workable!”



The USA is going through a massive identity crisis.

Who and what do we want to be?

In 2015, Pluto will oppose the USA’s Sun exactly.

That is precisely when the identity crisis will be at its peak.


Although we have many great laurels, we can’t rest on them anymore. We will fall from grace from our own self-defined #1 status in the world. Yet, there is great hope that we can get with it. You know what I mean.


Here is your August Calendar of note:


Aug.  2 Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks

Aug.  3 Mars enters Cancer at 5:22am

Aug.  8 Mars squares Uranus from 1° away (that’s when Mars stimulates action)

Aug.  9 Mars squares Uranus exactly AND Mars opposes Pluto by 1°

Aug. 11Mars opposes Pluto exactly

Aug. 22 Mars squares Saturn by 1°


So, there you go; there’s the schedule. The critical times will be when Mars enters (ingresses) into Cancer on the 3rd and then during the 8th and 9th when it triggers Pluto which is sitting at the point of the entire Grand Cross.


So what does all of this mean? (My favorite question.) Consider these:


Pluto has been and still is quite busy digging out the cancer it has found in the corruption of our political body.

Pluto wants us stronger.

Pluto alienates you so that you can realize that you can handle all the sweeping changes that are needed.

Pluto will not let you hide.

Pluto is the final solution.

The corruption is within all of us, not just the government. That’s where the misplaced rage comes in.


Therefore, if we can get our country and government to act as many of my successful clients have, we’ll be okay. What does that mean? Clean out our closets. (Hear me Catholic Church, Boy Scouts, BP, Rupert Murdoch, Bernie Madoff, John Ensign, John Edwards, Tom Delay, Anthony Weiner, Charlie Rangel, Wall Street, Wall Street, Wall Street, etc.)? Clean up, face our past weaknesses and commit to a new stronger country as was intended by Thomas Jefferson. We can’t do much unless we stop the corruption and ownership of our own legislators. It all starts there. Americans have great intentions as a rule, we have to act together (Uranus). It’s now down to Uranus and Pluto. Saturn has tried its best to give its straightforward influence. Remember also, Neptune and Chiron are also bringing us a great spiritual download.


It’s likely to get nasty when Mars hits in early August; it may also be great. I’m seeing many people GETTING READY FOR THEIR FIGHT! This is great. Mars is “bringing” them their courage to ACT. That’s what all of this means. We know what needs to be fixed, now we must get out our toolbox. Sometimes things have to blow up before they get better. Most times, I have found, directly after the blow up, it does get better. Things DO NOT have to blow up – that’s up to us. If we have used all of this time while Mars was approaching in Gemini by sitting idle, then watch out. If, on the other hand, we have been preparing for the necessary changes, then you can look forward to this time being one of new ground-breaking liberation.


That’s Pluto. Let it go. Mars says now.


And overall, what does all of this mean for us personally? Pluto identifies what obstacles are in the way of YOUR growth. The Pluto inside of you cares little about anything else, it guides you to your own power and greatness. Pluto is that force within us that wants us to mean more, to be more significant. If you have been feeling that urge rising in you ever since 2008, that’s what it has been. Pluto. Too many of us believe that we are stuck only to find out that we are afraid and holding on to a status quo that may have become toxic.


It means the spotlight is shining on each of us. We cannot hide nor should we want to. The only reason we are tempted to hide is because we feel weak against this seemingly dark cloud over our heads. Pluto is here – it’s vibration is strong. That means that we must give in to the call to personal courage. It’s all about personal courage with this planet. We all KNOW what we have to do. We need to grab the reins and do it and not make excuses of why we can’t.


No one is eager to face all of the imagined consequences. But in most cases that I’ve observed, the consequences that we fear are simply that: imagined. We cling and bury our heads in the sand. This traveling T-square has been warning us for 3 years; this is why I keep repeating the similar story. It is THE STORY right now. It will break apart someday, but that is not our concern now. We are not to be taught when to duck. That is cowardice and Pluto frowns upon such reactions. In most cases, I have observed, people have trouble letting go of others during Pluto times because they would rather stay in a known toxic situation rather than risk the unknown. That’s where the courage to let go comes in. Pluto will help you transform into your new life if your intention is sincerely geared towards your own personal evolution. It will. I see it happen over and over.


Personally, we could all be going through tremendous growth spurts now. It’s time to let go of the obsolete “you” that has outlived its purpose. As with all things Plutonian, I have found, it’s time to bury what’s already dead.


Wishing all of you the easiest transitions and

clearest guidance from spirit this month.




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