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Neptune Ingresses into Pisces

(Friday, February 3, 2012, 2:03 PM Eastern)




“It’s only castles burning…” – Neil Young



There is no way to overestimate the power and significance of Neptune’s entrance into the sign of Pisces, the sign that it rules. Neptune is always the hardest planet to explain. Its basic nature is very unworldly, confusing, non-definable and boundless. So, if it is boundless, how can one define it? There is nothing that it is not. It’s the “God” planet, if you will. This is no coincidence that this is happening now. It went into Pisces for a short bit last year, but backed up into Aquarius where it had been for the past 15 years only to now enter its home sign for good, for the next 15 years.


Complicating matters, which astrology is certainly wont to do, it is being accompanied by another “planet” that is barely understood – Chiron. So, now and for the next few years, we will have an even harder time exacting what Neptune is doing as it’s archetypal influence will be mixed with those of the Centaur Chiron. Even so, these two do have a lot in common as I have written much about during this past year.


Understanding Neptune: The last time it was in early Pisces was in 1848 when Karl Marx developed his Communist Manifesto (His vision of a utopian equal society.) It also marked the time of the last performance by Piscean Frederic Chopin (If you want to hear what Neptune’s SOUNDS like, listen to Chopin.) I could spend a lot of time explaining that period but it seems much more meaningful to just go directly into what is happening now and what we are to expect.




It acts like dry ice. How much simpler can I put it. It sneaks up on you and is very subtle. It rules the oceans, transcendental states of consciousness, deceit, secrets, heavenly experiences, glamour, illusion, confusion, dissolution as well as disillusionment. There is so much to this ever-complex gaseous planet. It rules gases too. Yes, along with Pluto in Capricorn, this is why fracking is in the news now.


Neptune’s function is to dissolve our world that we have created attempting to show us that it’s really not real at all. Physicists will make great breakthroughs during this period. Neptune’s only “belief” is in Oneness. It’s the only planet truly based in “reality” if you will. Therefore, it is quite common during Neptune times that we feel very confused because it will not support anyone or anything or any part of us that insists upon maintaining the illusion of separateness.


Easy for me to say. It tells us that our bodies are not “real,” yet we appear to be stuck here, occupying one. This is one reason that the motto of all Pisceans is, “It doesn’t matter.” In the scheme of things, what’s going on “outside” of our body doesn’t matter – yet, it does. Welcome to the late section of the zodiac which, besides being exquisite, is jammed packed full of apparent contradictions.


Getting down to brass tacks, Neptune is not here to disillusion us or turn us all into hopeless alcoholics and drug abusers. It wants us to find our spiritual center. It IS the “quiet voice within.” However, not many of us Westerners are very good at getting quiet enough inside to hear this core of wise guidance (I call it the Holy Spirit.) There are thousands of direct links between the voice of Neptune and those of Christ, The Buddha, Mohammed, Lord Krishna and many, many others. It is the voice that tries to influence us to take the high road. And, I do mean the highest of roads – into the skies.


Therefore, it’s not usually the best time for worldly advancement. It’s time for peace, love and forgiveness. Neptune is very, very slick – don’t ever even think about out-smarting it.


It can’t be done. The Republican Party is finding this out now (maybe.) Neptune is completing its 186 year orbit in the GOP’s chart (in 2019). They would be very wise to heed the calls of Neptune or else the fog will set in pretty thickly. Loss and fall from grace is the result of living a Neptune-less life.


The reason you cannot live a life ignoring Neptune is that all other roads lead to illusion and separateness (hell.) This is one reason that so many people of all walks of life experience outright scandals when Neptune becomes activated in their chart. There’s no squirming out of it. It’s kind of like God seeing us naked in order to see exactly what we are made up of spiritually. Many, many emperors have no clothes on at all.


We all know the simplicity enjoyed when we allow life to become calmer, simpler, more basic, and effortless; going with the flow. This is Neptune operating at its finest. In its clearest promptings, it urges us toward a more refined life, one with quieter music and surroundings, calmer people, less busyness and based in peace.


It’s calling us home to our God-center.

Nothing else is real.


Many of us can sense this and it becomes an optimal time for the development of one’s artistic, intuitive, right-brained endeavors - its “knowing” replacing learning or intellectualizing. It is THE planet you want to be completely enmeshed in as you open the doors to the ashram. It is NOT the planet you want hanging around while you are making the big deal on Wail Street. It could give one hoot about your physical life as it knows that it’s all illusion and at best, much richer than any gold the world can offer. This is why many, many people suffer during its transits; getting lost in extramarital love affairs with disastrous results, drugs, drink, and in glamour. Liz Greene’s wonderful book simply called: “Neptune” says it all. She clearly displays how many, failing to pick up accurately on the call from on high, misread it, and end up being very dissatisfied with their lives! Therefore, she spends a large section in her book on the temptation of getting lost in glamour. People easily confuse glamour (the desire to become more than you really are) with reality. Great social examples of this are the phenomenal popularity of shows such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Inherently, there is nothing “wrong” with glamour, but it is no substitute for your connection to the God-spark within you. And I’m not trying to sound holier than thou. It’s just true.


Neptune is TRYING to get you to go beyond your narrowly-defined worldly life to one of a greater, more expansive spiritual grandeur. This has NOTHING to do with going to church more, but it could in your case. The call is to return back home (heaven) from whence you came.


So, it is my sincere opinion that the fact that the healer Chiron traveling with Neptune these past few years has brought us a great spiritual renewal. The fact that this is going on in 2012 surprises me not. These are special times – everyone knows this.


The world is not going to end in 2012. The “old world” already did (thanks to Pluto in 2008).


This is the time for old ill-found religions to die off. Why? Not because Neptune is anti-God; exactly the opposite. Neptune DOES AWAY WITH ILLUSIONS, REMEMBER? And what we have found so clearly (now that Neptune has been stripping away the veneer) is that so many of our past and current “organized religions” and “religious practices” have been nothing more than institutions that wanted to control/suppress the masses, attain riches and power and have suppressed the truth about our ability to directly experience “God” personally. They have had the gall to discourage our own ability to think for ourselves. Neptune will lead you to God and this does not mean to find a false idol as some falsely believe. If any entity is not real, Pluto will eradicate it; Neptune will dissolve it BECAUSE IT NEVER WAS REAL TO BEGIN WITH. If you find God without astrology’s help, good for you! Throw all of your astrology books into the dumpster. True astrology is nothing more than a map of a tiny part of God’s design. No way was it ever intended to replace the Word – no matter what the Old Testament says.


So, Neptune’s residence in Pisces will bring a sad slow decline to the churches as we know them, but the great thing is it will bring us closer and closer to what Jesus and all the Holy Masters really wanted: us to love each other. You’re seeing Neptune’s effects are being strongly felt already. Neptune hasn’t caused the decay of the some churches – failing to follow their own philosophies has.


So, in a way, we’re all going back to the first grade, treating others as we want to be treated. Between the effects of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune today, most of us have become sick of being lied to. This ingress of Neptune into Pisces is a landmark time for us all to get straight with our own God inside, whether we call Him/Her/It God, Jesus, The Buddha, Allah, Yahweh, whomever. You all know what I mean.


Neptune and Chiron know we are in trouble as a race.


All events happen exactly at the right time, even C-sections; all events. In fact, we are facing a very serious Plutonian nuclear threat in this country coming from abroad in 2015. Neptune knows this and it is sending us Light Workers from every corner of the earth to help out. Don’t think for a minute that these beings are not being influenced by Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, etc. They are. I can’t tell you how many people I speak with and find out that they want to leave their “day jobs” and become some type of a healer. That huge heavenly push is coming from Chiron and Neptune, in my opinion. They just aren’t satisfied and will not be satisfied any longer in their cubicle – I’m sorry. ([from Latin cubiculum, from cubāre to lie down, lie asleep]) Uranus transiting through Aries now is their clock alarm! They want to wake up!


We are at the dawn of a new age for man. Those Mayans knew something. And all of this includes all of the churches. It’s as if so many of us and so many of our “religious” viewpoints have understood a part of all of this. Chiron (ruler of Virgo) is clearly helping us bring all of these foci into one. Thinking that “your” church or religion is the right one has just been amplifying the sense of separateness.


I am a true believer in a much higher translation of Chiron. See more on this in our new book, “The Exquisite Zodiac.” Chiron is about our purpose, our higher destiny. And healing. Mix all of this together with God-oriented Neptune and you can see clearly what is going to happen:


Ø      We’re looking for real Oneness in our world now

Ø      We’re transcending “traditional” medicine and taking up more and more “alternative” modalities of healing

Ø      Great progress is being made in “distance healing” (because distance is another illusion – Einstein)

Ø      We’ve realizing more and more the true power of prayer

Ø      We’ve never before been closer to the collective mind-set

Ø      We have become acutely aware of how our state of mind affects (creates) matter

Ø      We’re seeing FROM our source, Neptune, not the Earth (the body’s eyes)

Ø      We’ve become more aware of how we create our own world-vision via projection

Ø      Spirit gives rise to the physical (illusion) – Genesis

Ø      We’re becoming clearer and clearer about setting our “intention”

Ø      Neptune is not here to lead us astray – it’s here to bring us back from where we have strayed

Ø      We’re reaching out to the real God instead of worrying about some big man up on some throne that we should fear. (He’s fine God-fearing man.) God doesn’t’ get mad. God doesn’t punish. He has no needs.


He’s already everything there is. There is nothing that He is not.


The reason asking for something doesn’t work.

We cannot ask for something we don’t have because we’re already one with everything.

To believe that there is something you don’t have is to verify,

(or kid yourself) thereby reinforcing the false illusion of separateness.


There has never been a better time for you to speak up. If your church friends get upset with you; well, you’ll just have to decide between truth and dogma. It’s that simple. If you find great truth and peace in your fellowship in your church community, by all means stay there and amp up the love. Our inner temples are lined with gold and have a naturally impeccable guidance center maintained by God.


This is not some weird astrological woo-woo.

This is the same direct guidance mentioned in the bible itself. It’s all the same.


I don’t care what you call it. We are beings of light. Now is our time. And we must include everyone. Every single person and living creature on this borrowed Eden.


I’m not going to talk about “or else.” We’ve already been living in the “or else” part of it for a long time.




2/3 Neptune enters Pisces, 2:03p – see above


2/7 Full Moon 18°b32’ 4:54p – With Neptune now in Pisces, this glowing full moon in Leo will bring out the beauty inside our own “inner peacock.” The true essence of Leo is to be proud of and in love with our own beauty. What a better combination than this. The energies may be confusing for a few days as Neptune is so powerful and the Sun and Moon are rather transient. This is a time to appreciate yourself and make a new promise to yourself to remember your own light.


2/7 Saturn goes Retrograde 9:03a – At the very edge of Libra, Saturn will start backing up into Libra where it is exalted. What a confusing mixture? Neptune in Pisces, Saturn opposite Jupiter and now going backwards. What to do? Give Saturn some time – it never likes to hurry. It’s time to rethink your new sense of conservatism. It is needed, yes, but don’t overreact. Saturn must always be balanced with Uranus (liberation) and Jupiter (expansion.) This is why these issues are so hot in the news now. As Saturn backs up we need to focus on whether we’re having a tendency to throw the baby out with the bath water or not. No matter what, keep moving!


2/19 Sun enters Pisces 1:18a – through

2/21 New Mooni42’ 5:35p –


The whole time period. Since it will also be triggering Neptune, newly into Pisces, this will be one great big Neptune/Piscean time for all of us. Major events will be happening world-wide. This combination of planets is absolutely impossible to translate for the world or an individual. It’s just too big. Look for major scandals to happen during this New Moon. It’s not so much that the scandals are brought to light now; it’s more of the fact that so many people have been acting so scandalous all along! The New Moon merely shines its light in cobwebbed corners.


The scandal isn’t the big deal; being lost spiritually is the issue. This is why Neptune dissolves worldly castles. In other words: "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.” - Matthew 6:19


Piscean times threaten floods or anything to do with water on a large scale. On a more sublime level, it’s a great time for turning points in your spiritual life. You have seldom felt the input of the Universal Oneness of Neptune as this influx. Many will feel confused. Many will confuse “what the government is doing to us” with what’s really happening. We will be losing faith in “the world” as we should, in my humble opinion. This is time to be realistic about how spiritual we have been or not. This is no longer a time to equate our spirituality with an attendance report from your church. Is your “God-part” speaking through you now or not? That is the question. If not, this is a great time to start or resume.


Be happy.

Whistling comes from Jupiter.

Really great whistling comes from Neptune.


Love to you all


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