Reprinted from October 19th

October 19, 2018 This ingress chart (a planet entering a sign) shows this coming Tuesday morning at 7:22 am, Washington, DC marks the beginning of a shocking moment. Notice the powerful Sun is not only entering Scorpio and is almost exactly opposite Uranus (in its Fall) in the sign of Taurus, but, they lie almost … Read more

Ten Reasons Why Things Could Be Rough-Going Right Now

By Rick DiClemente The following 10 astrological reasons have us experiencing a new era, not even referring to the approaching Age of Aquarius. The combination of all these, practically at the same time, is why people are saying to each other now, “I’ve never been through a time like this.” There never has been a … Read more

Nobel Laureate: Malala Yousafzai

Starself Newsletter Volume 106, October 2014 Nobel Laureate: Malala Yousafzai Rick DiClemente        Seventeen years old. What a brave soul. What. A. Brave. Soul. Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist for female education was born in Minaora, Pakistan on July 12, 1997. Raised by a poet, school owner, and an educational activist stood up to the Taliban … Read more

We Are Entering a Major Aries Time Period!

Volume 117, February, 2017 Rick DiClemente Hi all, This newsletter covers the same topics that will be covered on my online show, “Astrology Unplugged” from 8:00-9:30pm Eastern time, 2/9/17. The links to this free program are: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll):  +16465588656,614728515# or +14086380968,614728515# Or Telephone: … Read more

The Four Stages of Pluto

Rick DiClemente’s From the Astrology Newsletter Volume 70, December 2011 The Four Stages of Pluto Transits (And How to Tell Which One You Are In) This issue deals with the transits of Pluto. It pertains to any time Pluto transits one of your important planets in your chart as well as the long 16-year-era in … Read more

Virgo Women Are Doing Really Well

Rick DiClemente Virgo Women Are Doing Really Well This is an article as well as an invitation to an upcoming Webinar on the same subject. This is not to imply that ALL Virgo women are doing well. First I will say, that without a doubt, the most numerous sign/gender combinations that I address as clients … Read more

Misunderstood Saturn

Volume 115, Apr, 2016 Rick DiClemente Misunderstood Saturn Saturn is the bad guy of the planets. Or so it is told. However, if it weren’t for Saturn, you wouldn’t be here – it’s that simple. After working with this stern planet for a very long time it has become very obvious to me that he … Read more

“There’s Something Happening Here”

Volume 114, Jan, 2016 Rick DiClemente “There’s Something Happening Here” Something is going on. You can feel it. Almost every time I do a person’s chart, I inspect what I call a “past life chart.” I don’t think it’s really the past life in the sense that you may expect. It’s almost like a chart … Read more

If Our Leo Energies Get Out Of Hand

IF OUR LEO ENERGIES GET OUT OF HAND Volume 113, Starself Newsletter for May, 2015 Rick DiClemente Granted, all 12 of the zodiac’s archetypal signs can be used or abused. They can be ridden to take you to the heights or drop you like a heavy weight. In the case of those with strong Leo … Read more

“Three Things Your Astrologer Should Give You”

“Three Things Your Astrologer Should Give You” Volume 112, Starself Newsletter for April, 2015 Rick DiClemente After many years of doing astrological consultations for people, things change. Plateaus are encountered where it seems to take years to get new visions. The astrological collective is consistently coining formulas as if people can really be categorized. Many … Read more