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After the Cross, the Breakthrough

Rick DiClemente’s Starself Newsletter
Volume 101, May, 2014

I almost said, “The Resurrection,” but that’s not really true. Plus it sounds way too “Christian,” which is not what it was. However, it is indeed a resurrection for many. It was necessary to give the Cardinal Grand Cross of 4/23/14 about a week in order to look in our rear-view mirror to see just how grand it was. And it was.

The breakthrough has happened.

And I do mean for everyone. That doesn’t mean we all got wonderful presents, or lumps of coal, so stick with me here for a bit. You must understand that the basis of the cross was and is the Uranus square to Pluto. This is what has been causing tumultuous changes on just about every level across the globe. Also, keep in mind that the USA’s Sun is positioned at the 13th degree of Cancer, directly in line with the Cross. So, there are many layers to understand and grok. I will try to keep it simple for everyone; I know how convoluted astrology really is. Remember, do NOT get too focused upon what happened concretely to you, i.e., job, money, house, car, etc. Keep a wider perspective on YOU. How YOU have cracked open the shell that you were once contained within – perhaps for a long time.

The breakthrough, or as I like to call it, the “crack” has occurred. Don’t get all excited if it appears that your life is same-old, same-old, hang in there with me for a few minutes. Don’t be too quick to say, “Nothing happened to me!”

The reason I refer to the “crack” is because in a lot of ways, one of the planets in the Cross was and is Uranus in Aries. In many ways, it was the most noticeable planet of the four. We can say that it speaks well for all of the tension of the whole Cross which is made up of Jupiter in Cancer, Mars going backwards in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn as well as Uranus in fiery Aries. More to the point, it may be better to say that Uranus ACTS for the whole Cross. And, what does Uranus do? It breaks through tedium, obstacles or anything that blocks evolution, growth and expression.

No matter what you think or do, you cannot block these archetypal forces.
The dandelion will force its way through the asphalt.

The main aspect of this Cross was and is: (since it’s still active) were you going to help it or resist it? Lord help you if you resisted it – that’s when we saw large crevices, not mere cracks.

Look around, and in almost every case, people are breaking through. They have become READY to express the pent-up or repressed self that has been lying dormant. In many cases, it was so for years or even decades. The more repressed it was, the more distorted was the expression – even to the point of rage and violence.

Uranus and its partners have been saying, “Enough already!” We all knew, on all levels, something had to give.

Many people had unpleasantries happen recently, but in just about all cases, the outcome matched how people really felt. Whether it was quitting your job, leaving a relationship, jumping into a relationship, changing residence, facing the music about any situation you have been hung up in…. One person I know had a crack open up in his calf muscle simply because he would not move on with his life (Uranus rules the lower leg and circulation.) Many people had big fights; many gave up on others; some gave up trying to save someone else and a whole lot of people simply faced the fact that they weren’t responsible for another’s happiness. At the same time, many liberated themselves and were ready inside to do so. That’s a much more accurate portrayal of Uranian energy.

This whole situation is far from over and is happening because the self wants OUT. And, it turns out to be that, as a whole, we’re not very good at respecting that fact. We’ve been taught incorrectly. Better to say, we haven’t been taught how to deal with ourselves. Just now are people getting free of educational and religious dogma – it took centuries, and now many of us are ready. It truly is a new age.

Do not be dismayed if you think that you missed the boat. You most likely didn’t. Perhaps you feel that you are still “stuck” in a job or relationship that is no longer fruitful for you. Look closer; use a wider angle lens and you’ll see that the crack DID happen and that was around the time of the Cross. Maybe you didn’t move out, but you moved to a different room in your mind and heart. Maybe you didn’t change jobs but you did start to make realistic, productive steps towards your liberation. The fact is that the cross happened inside of all of us and in the collective. Look closer. We are all connected. And to many, that scares the daylights out of us! No more control! (We never did have any – it was always imagined.) Now, that sounds like a Grand Cross with four planets all at the same degree!

The “forces” have realigned inside of yourself because 88% of us are not Aries (or approximately 6.1 billion people) and this largely Arian Cross gave us the go-ahead, the permission to not only be ourselves but made us feel ready to overcome any and all obstacles. It is astounding how so many people are simply looking for the tiniest of comments from who-knows-who in order to be interpreted as “permission to be themselves.” To someone gifted with a major chunk of Aries energy, there is no way they can understand that way of non-being. (Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan debuted in 1988 on a day when there was a T-square to Mars.)

Its aftermath is showing up in many ways if you know how to look for it: Japan is giving up commercial whaling. The Navy is looking into powering itself with seawater. Agree or not, some citizens are taking their stand and fighting back against what they believe is a repressive government. Political parties have rarely if ever been more polarized. The public is strongly revolting against current systems of health care, the practices of food production companies and farming techniques, zoos and the general treatment of animals, the curtailing of bullies: bully people, bully companies, bully countries. You just name it. It’s happening everywhere. One of the by-products of releasing ourSELVES is that we will no longer stand for the repressive treatment of others. And, we’ve become sick and tired of being lied to by big business or big government. Millions seek their own healing remedies; fast-food chains are frantically altering their menus; everyone and their brother wants to be an energy-healer these days and on and on. And everyone is a Reiki Master.

If you are not feeling it, don’t be tempted to play the victim here. We’ve been lying to ourselves; THAT’s the problem, and we all know it. As was said before, the USA can’t be the “leaders of peace” and the biggest weapons suppliers to the world. We are facing our own hypocritical past. Yes, Pluto is opposing the USA’s Sun (our identity) right now. Surveys are showing that in general, Americans want to be less involved in other countries’ business – a healthy sign. What a coincidence? – The position of Chiron, the astrological body that rules “taking care of others but not being able to heal ourselves” was at 20 degrees of ARIES in July of 1776. We are now getting the message. (In actuality, Chiron often times symbolizes a chart that avoids its own problems by hiding behind its desire to “fix” others.)

A general rule for Arian energy is that it is the sign that does not introspect; it just wants what it wants… That leads us to Neptune.

Just like Neptune (and Chiron, both in Pisces), it quietly, but expansively, sits quietly by guiding us towards our more godly self. Look at the recent fiasco that resulted from one person being put to death with chemicals (Neptune) and it didn’t work properly. Much suffering occurred. That HAD to happen because we as a collective are being forced by Neptune to face the spiritual music: do we really mean it when we say we’re a country that doesn’t perform “cruel and unusual punishment”? Are we for real when we say that America doesn’t do “torture.” We don’t, we do “enhanced interrogation techniques.” Did you just hear George Carlin laugh? How many support Sarah Palin when she suggests that we perform water-boarding on terrorist as she has the audacity to compare it to the Holy Sacrament of Baptism. Rationalized cruelty is what it is.

We can’t have both. That is the message here.

Mr. Gandhi told us, we have to be the change we want. We can’t wait for them to do it. Our real crisis now is not from Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter or Mars; it’s from Neptune. We are in the midst of a huge spiritual crisis. And this is good! Why, because we have finally cracked our rigid shells open and have created a breathing space. We now are collectively ready to start living what we have been preaching. As individuals, as families, as villages, as countries and as a planet.

We are no longer swallowing the lies about denying global warming. We care about our planet and we’re saying so. We have had it with corporations owning our country. We have thrown out a racist NBA owner for his Neanderthalic racial attitudes, etc. It’s happening everywhere. One could say, “Thank God”, but really, the astrological equivalent is to say, “Thank Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.” They are behind this resurrection. It’s all the same. We do not bow to the false god of astrology; it is simply one of God’s rhythms.

Actually, it’s not a resurrection. It’s the first time it’s ever occurred. We have to bring our best to the table now, or it’s bye-bye for us, and we can all see that more vividly each day.

So, if your opening has occurred, good for you! It will continue to unfold and more of you will emerge! We have always created our own obstacles. If you haven’t found this recent liberated sense to be the case for yourself, be patient and keep the faith. Your changes may very well be happening deep in your subconscious. One way that this could be symbolized (seriously) is if you are seeing cracks in your basement, in the walls, in the foundation, water leaks… These physical examples reflect how the archetypes work. Do not be shocked if you’re getting a mixture: some apparent advancement is going on at the same time that it “appears” that you are still blocked (holding on).

This certainly is a powerful, scary, turbulent and exciting time. We are suffering, in one way, in direct proportion to how much we have been futilely holding on to the status quo, even if it were toxic. Now, we are waking up.

Some of us are fading away. Some need a different ball field. That’s okay too. I am not an expert in how the soul works. I pray for all of us to find our way. We have broken through though. Give thanks and realize; indeed, Grace continues to descend.

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