Consultation Testimonials

[testimonial author=”   – John”]
When you read my chart I already “knew” the things you found “in a way”, but didn’t own them because they were too good to be true. Once you told me them it was as if you were a fisherman catching treasure fish I had buried within myself. So you helped me to know them as true. I see other people having the same experiences in your sessions.

What you and good astrology do for people is priceless.

[testimonial author=”   – Lily”]
I found Rick by a video he uploaded to YouTube on the topic of Uranus transits. I was immediately entranced. I then jumped in and hungrily devoured the many other videos he has on his channel. After a few months of learning from him and with a previous 5 years of attempting to learn from other astrologers, I realized that this guy is the best teacher of astrology that I’ve been lucky enough to have found. I have learned a tremendous amount in just a few months than I ever learned in the previous 5 years. Which led me to purchase his book. This book is definitely Exquisite. I have not come across another book on astrology, nor anything online for that matter, that comes close to how Rick and Liza have explained and broken down each sign as clearly and accurately as they’ve done in this book. Whether you’re more advanced in your astrological knowledge or just learning, this book is a must have!
Most importantly is the knowledge you gain from a master astrologer, which is an invaluable gift that will last a lifetime.”


[testimonial author=”   – LJP, Pittsburgh”]
I’ve called Rick DiClemente at the lowest points in my life, at the stuck points. I’ve learned that what Rick will show me is how to get out of my own way, here to put my energy and effort in order to move forward. I know he’s not “telling my future”; he’s showing me how to meet the challenges of my chart, how to make positive use of universal energies, in order to live in harmony with the universe.

I was preoccupied with romantic issues and dealing with the end of yet another relationship. At this point, I should have known better, since I had taken classes with Rick, but I was impatient to ask him to check the charts of the other people involved. I wanted certainty! I wanted to feel better
immediately! He finally said to me, “You have to go back and look at all of your romantic relationships to see the pattern. Put all that on the table and do an autopsy.” What he said brought back a comment he had made at a previous reading: “This isn’t about other people. This is about you. You have to look at you.” And then I got it.

I had to look at what wasn’t working in my life and then—change. Change how I see things, change how I related to others. change my understanding of what life is about. After we hung up, I started my “relationship autopsy,” which opened my eyes to several patterns that went back to well before I
began dating. On that day, I began to change my life.

What’s funny is that now I have almost no urge to know about the future. Planetary energies will activate something in my chart and what I’ll need to know is what’s going on with me in the present moment. And the first thing Rick is likely to say is when he looks at the chart: “I can see here why
you called me for a reading right now.”

[testimonial author=”   – Melanie, Canada”]
Just wanted to say that session was so powerful yesterday. I can already feel an immense shift and perceiving ways in which this codependency is playing out and wreaking havoc in my life, where I have been literally allowing it to destroy me. My discernment and boundaries have been ignited in a whole new way – from a place of inner fire and self love rather than defensiveness or fear. Thanks again for everything.

[testimonial author=”   – M.E., CA”]
Linda Goodman was the most popular Astrologer of her time. Rick DiClemente is fated to be ours. He has already gone above and beyond what Astrology gave and represented in the past — his contributions are groundbreaking, multi-dimensional, highly respected works. A dynamic speaker and guide, he is the “Quantum” Astrologer of the mental, emotional and spiritual physics of our time.

[testimonial author=”   – Professor Linda Platt, La Roche College, Pittsburgh, PA”]
“One session with Rick is like 15 years of therapy.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   – Tara, Pittsburgh, PA”]
“As a super Virgo female that has relied on Rick’s counsel for nearly 8 years now, I assure you it’s got a lot to do with the obvious depth of knowledge, his clear and concise communication, and no nonsense delivery that keep us coming back!”

[testimonial author=”   – Melody, Georgia”]

“Have to tell you, Rick…since our consult today, I have been BREATHING, deep breath breathing, ever since. Many, many thanks.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   – Molly McCord, Seattle, WA Author/Hostess on BlogTalkRadio”]”Rick is brilliantly teaching how we complex beings hold multiple archetypal energies within, yet he makes it easy to understand the gifts of each sign as it relates to the whole-ness of who we are. No one else is doing this, and it’s exactly what is needed as we awaken to our human connectedness. Rick directs you to your own light and offers how to make the most of YOU.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   – Heather, Pittsburgh, PA”]I woke up one morning and decided to call Rick DiClemente to make an appointment. I did wonder if this experience was going to be similar to the meet-up astrology group reading.

I was nervous about my appointment with Rick, but when he opened the door I found his presence to be calming. He had this warm, grandfather energy about him, and we sat down as he studied my chart. He looked at me, scanned my chart, sat back gazing, closed his eyes, then five minutes later he turned to me and said, “What happened to you at age eight, maybe eight-and-half years old?”

I was not used to such a direct question and knew I was sitting in front of a master teacher. In my little girl voice I said, “I was abused by my mother.” He paused, then said, “Abused, really, she almost took you out?” I started to feel the room spin as I was processing for the first time the reality that my mother almost took my life. I knew Rick was right, and I was afraid to admit my reality with my mother. Rick pushed my button to confirm the truth.

Rick proceeded to describe my mother so accurately he left me speechless. Listening to him describe my mother’s sick and perverted ways gave me comfort because I was letting go of the idea that I was the crazy one. He confirmed my worst nightmare that the abuse was real. I spent so much of my life pushing the darkness down into my stomach that I was killing myself.

Rick would not let the subject matter go, and he voiced that I needed to address her head on or my life would be stuck in destruction. He did most of the talking. He started imitating my mom telling me about all my failures. I realized that he was imitating the voice of my negative mind which was exactly my mother’s voice. He told me that my negative mind was my biggest obstacle to my success and happiness. I needed to get my mother out of my head in order to move forward in life.

He said, “You need to get mommy out of your mind so you can start to hear your own thoughts. You were born with this care free spiritual energy, but her abusive actions made you intense. That edge you have inside yourself is wrapped around the event that took place around eight and half.”

Rick went on to tell me about how his job was to see the black hole in a person’s chart and address the darkness until gone. He spoke about watching too many nice girls come into his office with abusive charts like mine with narcissistic mothers, and he refused to sugar coat reality. He said, “Your mother is coming from a dark place and you need to wake up.” Rick asked me about my profession and studied me some more.  Rick said, “Looking at your chart, I can see you have been doing some profound work on your higher- conscious self.”

Rick was happy to see the Kundalini Yoga was burning away my karma, and rewiring my nerves, and saving my life. He continued to speak to me about how I needed to learn that if someone speaks to me with disrespect my job is to politely ask them to leave. He told me how I needed to honor my space with only people who deserve my light, and he told me to kick the rest out. He told me, “Those people who dishonor you give you toxic energy and hurt your spirit.” He was basically teaching me what most normal healthy families teach their children. Rick was preparing me for events that were going to happen with my family.

At the end of the session, he said, “You are doing good work. Keep it up!”[/testimonial]
[testimonial author=”   – Regards,Leon van Sliedregt – Rotterdam The Netherlands”]”Hello Rick, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Each month I can’t hardly wait to read the next ONE. Thank you for your expertise and kind words.”[/testimonial]

[one_third][testimonial author=”   -Michael, Canada”]”I am pleased to have visited the gift to the cyber universe that is your home on the web. You have an essence that plants good thoughts and inspires positive actions. I am impressed by who you are and what you have to offer. Know that your life and work are meaningful and significant. Your gifts are many. Thank you for being such a positive influence.”[/testimonial][/one_third]

[one_third][testimonial author=”   Valerie, Pittsburgh, PA”]”Rick – That was the best consultation I’ve ever had with anybody (bar none!). It was helpful and illuminating in so many ways (can’t even begin to count them) and I know it will continue to help me in the days to come. Keep up the excellent work and thanks a million!”[/testimonial][/one_third]

[one_third_last][testimonial author=”   -Maureen, Wexford, PA”]”I am proud to say that I made it through the final stage of Pluto and am so grateful to you for your help. I could not have done this without you!!! I am a new woman with a new attitude and I understand my life and myself. No one will ever “mess with me” again. I realized that I “matter” and have a purpose in this life and the second half of my life will be to do great things and glad to have you as a dear friend to be there with me.”[/testimonial][/one_third_last]

[testimonial author=”   –Sven, Pittsburgh”]”This is why I’ve long sent people to Rick DiClemente. I became so enamored with Rick’s work that I had to get him to read my chart for me. I had never had something like this done before and I was completely blown away by the experience. Because of the chart, I can now understand why I am so different from the people that shared my birthday and others that shared my sun sign. The chart discussed my relationships with family, companions, career, and aspirations. The further we went into the chart, the more I realized that I wasn’t being told something I didn’t know but rather, it was like receiving clarity on why I felt the way I did about certain things in my life; it revealed goals and aspirations I had had about myself when I was younger and had pushed aside. By the end of the reading, I felt like I knew myself better than I ever had. It was an amazing experience.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Laura, San Francisco”]”I had you do my chart for me about 5 years ago, and I just wanted to check in. You know, when you first did my chart and interpreted it, MUCH of it was on-point for me, but there were certain parts that didn’t make sense until I listened to the tape several years later. I listened to it after 2 more relationships had gone by and just before my path led me to move across the country from Pittsburgh to San Francisco, which catapulted my writing career and I’m very happy here – happier than I’ve ever been. You encouraged me to do a lot of things that I didn’t know if I could fully do, but I’ve done them and I feel stronger than I’ve ever been.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Maureen, Wexford, PA”]”I just wanted to check in to say thank you for that wonderful reading you did for me a couple of weeks ago. You were spot on about a number of things & I am still working through the things that you said. You said things would start falling into my lap around the 14th. I didn’t see how, but it gave me hope. Gotta say, whoa daddy, you called it. Things in my life are very much coming to a head, ie. job & eviction. This morning a close friend of mine gave me a loving ass kicking to get my shit together. She urged me to call my estranged step sister to ask for help. Something I wasn’t even considering doing. My step came through with such amazing grace & kindness, I am still blown away by it. I applied for a job. The manager was encouraging until I said I had no transportation. Some other friends are willing to help me get a car. The message came through loud & clear, there is help for me. It was up to me to reach out & ask for it. Very hard for this solitary Scorp, but I did it. The other thing I have to say thank you for was opening my heart. I know I mentioned it at the time, but it is a huge thing for me. When I was going through all that shit with my ex I made a conscious decision to close my heart. I wasn’t going to let him hurt me any more. So it had been blocked for a long, long time. You helped me open it again. For that I am so grateful.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Pat, Pittsburgh, PA”]I am still working on some other things, but I want you to know how you’ve impacted my life.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Ursula, Pittsburgh, PA”]”Astrology allows us a connection with or a view into the universal blueprint for our pathway through life here – the more objective background against which to observe and contemplate our actions, reactions, and understanding. This is, if we can find an Astrologer who has the capacity to provide this larger, complex framework competently and in well ordered fashion, and – more importantly – relate it to the individual situation at hand. Rick DiClemente is one of these rare Astrologers. He is able to masterly navigate the enormous complexities of Astrology, cull the essential and relevant details and dynamic patterns at work, and then present them in their vast richness, as they are relevant to and instructive for the present circumstances.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   –Laura, Chicago, IL”]”Your readings blow me away! You are always dead on with the issues and I appreciate your blunt style in telling it like it is! That’s why I trust you and come back for more. You bring the truth out rather than skirting issues to keep things nice and I deeply appreciate that. Your readings are more than the standard “what’s in my future” which I feel we all intuitively know anyway but have different levels of acknowledging that. You give a deep analysis on an intuitive level that is life changing…. I get a lot of mileage out of your readings.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Helene, Salem, MA”]”Thank you for the awesome reading today! You certainly are an expert astrologer and overlay your experience with your marvelous intuition. I honor your insight, it gave me a clear footing on my path and will continue to inspire me as I journey along.”[/testimonial]

[one_third][testimonial author=”   -Suzanne, Ghana”]”Thank you. You’re truly brilliant. Excellent reading. Love the way you go right to the point. You’ve inspired me to stand up and fight.”[/testimonial][/one_third]

[one_third][testimonial author=”   -David, Pittsburgh, PA”]”The bottom line is when I feel stuck in life and need some answers and insight, I call Rick. He is a straight-shooter, very insightful and a knowledgeable Astrologer. I have and will recommend Rick to anyone I believe is ready and open to what Astrology has to offer.”[/testimonial][/one_third]

[one_third_last][testimonial author=”   -Rachel, Eau Claire, WI”]”Since you’re such a keen observer of charts, I feel you know me better than my best friends!”[/testimonial][/one_third_last]

[testimonial author=”   -Jan, Pittsburgh, PA”]”Rick, talking with you is always so informative and having you as a conduit to whats “going on” is always helpful with understanding the twists and turns the planets create and how to “flow” with it. I believe my progress was based on getting rid of all the blockage that was stagnating me for so long…and then undestanding how to just then let it go! It has opened up my runway, for new and exciting adventures.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Anonymous, Pittsburgh, PA”]”What I learned just a few hours ago, as I sat for the first time in the authoritative and loving presence of astrologer Rick DiClemente was that he had full knowledge of my transformation. Even though the man up until today had never met me, nor had any knowledge of my existence he was able to convey with quiet directness the exact date my shift took place and then went on to tell me why…”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Cindy, Pittsburgh, PA”]”We have not personally met yet, but our “community” isn’t all that big and I’ve spoken to so many people who unashamedly sing your praises. Many have a solid belief that Self can’t be found without a foundation chart from you. Good people with good understanding. Keep on the lookout and scouting ahead for us all Rick, we surely need you and your skills.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Kimberly, Pittsburgh, PA”]”Dear Rick, I don’t know if anyone ever writes to say thanks, but I will. This newsletter obviously took a lot of expertise, patience, and sheer energy to prepare for people like me who really, really, did I say really? need this kind of information right now. So, thanks. It’s well appreciated. I wouldn’t know how else to prepare without it.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   –Lynn, Pittsburgh, PA”]”Well you said she (my friend) was ready to hear it and she was! Your reading really helped her understand what’s happening and her role within that. Her attitude changed, she has applied for new jobs and is really motivated to do better for herself. You addressed her issues with dad also, and for the first time she has peace with it. Thank you so much.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   – K.S. Pittsburgh, PA”]From a student of mine: “I have been gifted with 2 great teachers BUT make no mistake about it, if you weren’t so excellent I would have quit and never pursued anything but a client relationship. None of this wonderful stuff would be open to me! Think about the profound influence you have had on my life!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   –Rachael, Pittsburgh, PA”]”Thank you – thank you, your gift is very special – the earliest astrologers I am sure are looking down and saying “That’s our guy!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   –Gina Hillier, Harmony, PA – Author of “Everything Matters, Nothing Matters” (”]”When it comes to astrologers, Rick is the ultimate benchmark. Not only is he a wiz at the science behind it, he has an amazing intuition, fine intellect and the ability to make it all very practical to everyday life. His readings are always spot-on with what’s happening in my world, and I’ve come to savor the “spiritual tune-up” I get from my appointments with him every six months or so. Go see Rick…you’ll be so glad you did!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   –Taya, Pittsburgh, PA”]”Wickedly good times & so much learned! Your expressive, sensitive, honest & witty explanation was so good for me.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   –Mary, Pittsburgh, PA”]”I knew when I first saw Rick reading for someone else, that he was the astrologer I had been looking for. I really needed some guidance. Not only is Rick able to skillfully read a natal chart, but he also brings to his work a genuine caring, sharp intellect, and amazing intuition. He sees the big picture, and keeps bringing you back to it. He’s also very humorous at times in his candor! Seeing Rick is kind of like a combination of seeing an astrologer and psychologist. He has a way of pulling everything together in a very straight forward, yet thoughtful way.
If you are looking for an astrologer who knows their stuff (he’s been doing this for 30 years), and brings a real warmth and sense of humor, along with reassurance and empathy to their work, look no further! I highly recommend Rick DiClemente.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Laura, Chicago, IL”]”The bottom line Rick is your gift is that great. Your life profession is that powerful. I’m so thankful to have your help. I truly believe there is no traditional therapy that can help our situation. They are bandaids where you are the healer.”[/testimonial]

[one_third][testimonial author=”   -Jan, Pittsburgh, PA”]”You were right on!”[/testimonial][/one_third]

[one_third][testimonial author=”   –Dawn, Pittsburgh, PA”]”That Rick, WOW!”[/testimonial][/one_third]

[one_third_last][testimonial author=”   –Kathe, Pittsburgh, PA”]”He IS the best! (He really is really good!)”[/testimonial][/one_third_last]

[testimonial author=”   –Lauren, Cincinnati, OH”]”What a fantastic reading you did for me. You were spot on about several important events and your knowledge of astrological timing was very impressive. I have had the opportunity, just as you had suggested, that I would give notice at my job. The events unfolded perfectly and I can’t thank you enough.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -MBonnie, Pittsburgh, PA”]”I wanted to say thank you again – for your courage in following your gift – you are an inspiration to all of us … I appreciate what you are doing.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Greg, VA”]”Your readings are like therapy for me, maybe better. When you read for me I see the beautiful dance of planetary energies and feel the connectedness of all things — I get a sense of my place in the universe. It makes me want to go out and write a poem or something. I like how you work with me to help me understand the different energies at play in my life.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Linda, McMurray, PA”]”I had the pleasure of meeting Rick for my first reading. I must say that I have been hooked ever since. It did not take me long to realize the amazing gift Rick has. His accuracy is truly amazing. Since then, I have referred many friends and family members to Rick for readings. We all agree, if you are looking for some answers, Rick is a good place to start.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Linda, MA, Certified Trauma Recovery Specialist & Astrologer, Dallas, TX”]”…you are the best astrologer I’ve encountered… I should know. I’ve been practicing astrology for 25 years. I’ve always had difficulty getting good astrology input for myself. Your reading for me broke the spell. I don’t know how you do it. I believe you are intuitively gifted as well as brilliant when it comes to understanding how to put it all together in the horoscope.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Jack, Pittsburgh, PA”]”Thank you for the reading, it’s already had a profound impact on me. You have a very beautiful gift and that energy you work with, well, it has great big smiles that go along with it. Very powerful…”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Marla, Wheeling, WV”]”Your professional skills as an astrologer are more than amazing, even though I only communicated with you through email. Your competence in your findings were so outstanding in terms of accuracy and precision, as you told me more about me and who I am than most people could have, even people who have known me for a lifetime.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -MMarla, Wheeling, WV”]”Rick has been studying, living, and breathing astrology for many, many years. This art is his passion, so I was not surprised when he correctly predicted the correct month and year of the birth of my 2 sons. At the time, I was a few years away from being pregnant. He is super!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Brad, Director of the Mesa Creative Arts Center, Burgettstown, PA”]”It was wonderful! He helped me understand how my life path has been written in the stars and showed me where it is going. He’s very knowledgeable and insightful and helped me to feel even more confident about The Mesa’s future.”[/testimonial]

[one_third][testimonial author=”   -Tina, Pittsburgh, PA”]”I really enjoyed your class. I think you are a great teacher & hope that one day I will be able to follow your example.”[/testimonial][/one_third]

[one_third][testimonial author=”   –Elaine, Pittsburgh, PA”]”Thanks for everything. You’ve opened my eyes and heart, and you’ve helped me to change my life!”[/testimonial][/one_third]

[one_third_last][testimonial author=”   -Karen, Palm Harbor, FL”]”I cannot express how deeply your info impacted me. I am overwhelmed and it is right on key.”[/testimonial][/one_third_last]

[testimonial author=”   -Gina, Pittsburgh, PA”]”I have been interested in astrology for many years, but studying under Rick has helped me take my hobby to the next level. His classes and readings have given me new insight into my own life and personality. Also, I have learned to look at another person astrologically and I definitely wouldn’t date someone without first examining his chart!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Nancy, Proprietor, “The Book Connection”, Cranberry, PA”]”At your recent workshop, we had a wonderful time. We all received much more than we ever bargained for. Not only were we treated to a great explanation of the astrological chart and signs, but each of us received a personal rundown of ourselves not only astrologically, but also intuitively from Rick. It seems he is an expert intuitive as well as an expert astrologer. He hit the nail right on the head with each and everyone of us. We are working on having him return. You really knocked our socks off! I personally knew many of the situations you were speaking of to different women, and you really did just hit it right on with them, and of course, with myself. You truly have a beautiful gift.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”   -Gina, Chief Inspirational Officer, Epiphany Works, LLC”]”You were super fantastic and all enjoyed the workshop, evidenced by the fact that we have immediately rebooked you, and others are saying they want one-on-one’s. I still predict you’ll move beyond this because you have it going on in the Intuition Department.”[/testimonial]