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Are you looking for a good book that both educates and entertains? A book that can take you further on your journey to understanding yourself, your loved ones and the ways in which the planets direct every aspect of our lives?

Rick DiClemente – founder of Starself – is sharing his personal reading list with you. Take a peek at what he considers the most influential books of all time by clicking here.

As an avid reader, a respected expert, and a writer with the desire to share a deeper look at the meaning of the Sun signs, Rick has also written his own book. In December of 2011, the self-published and widely acclaimed “The Exquisite Zodiac” was launched.

The Exquisite Zodiac has sold hundreds of copies and has been distributed in English-speaking countries around the world. Even without a large publishing house to back the production and marketing of the book, the book has been a huge success, deepening the understanding of the zodiac for every reader.

The Exquisite Zodiac is also one of the few self-published books that maintains a pristine 5-star review across multiple online book stores and social networks.

Today, inspired by readers’ emails, ratings and reviews, and feedback from other respected experts in the industry, Rick DiClemente and his contributor Liza Jane Brown, have already begun writing the second book in the series, “The Intimate Zodiac”.

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