Social Media

Whether you are a fan of Starself or of Rick DiClemente, you’ll find lots of content and information on many websites and social networks.

We are also working to add Rick’s and Liza Jane Brown’s articles from magazines and websites throughout the past 10 years to this website for your handy reference. You can find over 20 of those astrology related articles here.

Rick DiClemente has been interviewed many times over the years and some of his favorites dating as far back as 2007 can be found on the Audios & MP3s page.

In 2013 at the request of many fans, Rick began making and sharing training and lecture videos on the Starself website and on YouTube.

Starself on Social Networks

If you are a fan of Starself, The Exquisite Zodiac, or Rick DiClemente we have created many shareable images for you to help spread the word and show your support. You’ll find them here. Please freely share these on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network you desire.

Finally, if you’d like to connect with Rick on your preferred social network, you’ll find links to Rick’s favorite places in the header and footer of every page of Starself. If you are a Facebook user we invite you to like the fan page for the book as Rick recently hit his allowed target of 1,000 friends. We promise, you won’t miss a thing as Rick updates the fan page with every relevant astrological post.