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[testimonial author=” — By Diana P. – Pittsburgh, PA”]
“I always recommend this book to my clients and students as THE book to read about sun signs! Rick accomplishes the very difficult task of making astrology accessible and understandable to everyone. Go to any site or read any book – there is usually so much data that it overwhelms the reader – especially someone new to astrology who cannot yet discern what’s worthwhile & what isn’t. This book cuts through the crap and gets right to the point of each sun sign, making the information memorable and usable even after one reading. But, trust me, you will want to read it again because it’s written with such light-hearted wisdom that it doesn’t even feel like you’re learning – yet you are! Can’t wait to see what comes next from this gifted astrologer and writer…”

[testimonial author=” — Julia Parker co-author of “The Compleat Astrologer””]
“Rick’s work is impressive, and he continues to expand in fascinating directions. In this book, he has a great deal to offer anyone interested in astrology, or in truly knowing themselves. I am a big fan of his work.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — Alice O. Howell, author of “The Heavens Declare””]
“The Exquisite Zodiac, is a delightful introduction to astrology. I appreciate the little verses you’ve composed for each sign. I would heartily recommend this to any beginner as well as to seasoned astrologers. I think the illustrations clarify the text beautifully and that we have many ideas in common.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer”]
The Exquisite Zodiac: Why the Signs Are the Way They Are and What It Means for You is an excellent, accessible introduction to astrology that blends the full brilliance of the zodiac’s grand design with a practical understanding of the interconnections within the human family.” (See the full Mountain Astrologer review.)[/testimonial]

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[testimonial author=” — Kat J”]
February 19, 2014 — A perfect book for a brain-fodder read or a life-long reference book
“With a consummate understanding of Astrology, Rick DiClemente has decoded how the celestial planetary configuration at everyone’s’ birth can subtly (and not so subtly!) affect and effect our personalities throughout our lives . Even though there are a few suppositions treated as established fact, this book is masterfully authored for the advanced as well as the uninitiated curious-about-astrology crowd. Its pithy examples, quips and quotes from the first person narrative makes it an instant easy and familiar read. He explains a stunning portrait of the life-cycle (or rather birth through the maturation of man) through his clearly defined 12 zodiacal archetypes and their evolution. This is a read that can change your life because it sublimely illustrates the intricate dance played out through our personalities potentially designed and given innately at birth. From parental, siblings, lovers, spouses through to business and employers ALL relationships formulate through series of interactions predicated and somewhat predictable from natal programming. Through the author’s lens we learn to focus on how our individuated zodiacal influences dictate our actions and/or characteristics and how we are constantly unconsciously nuanced in our relationships. This book clearly showcases and defines the blueprints of each archetype and helps us to understand each others’ behavior without blaming or judging them! The first read will have many ‘aha’ moments and the second read evolves and anchors the understanding of how planetary combinations mandate humanity’s base behaviors. The distinction is prudently made that one is not ever ONE zodiacal archetype, yet a conglomeration of several archetypes. Finally this book is a must have for your reference shelf. It answers questions that you know you have and ones you haven’t even thought of yet! Bravo — this is one book that delivers what it promises!“[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — Solar”]
February 19, 2014 — A Missing Link
“I have been interested in Astrology for at least 30 years, and have read many books containing most of the words one would expect to read about Astrology like, why a Leo is so bossy or which Sun Sign is compatible with which or what to expect from your Capricorn parent or your Scorpio child.

Rick DiClemente’s The Exquisite Zodiac dives into much deeper water, traveling far beyond the time honored ‘old school’ Astrological paradigm into the profound archetypal significance of each Sign and how they relate to us and to each other through fascinatingly intricate and multi-faceted relationships within the Zodiac.

The Exquisite Zodiac is a book that is not only insightful and fun and easy to read, but is also engagingly authentic. Clearly, Rick DiClemente is a Master Astrologer with intuition and wisdom developed after years of observation, study and hands-on experience. He is able to thoroughly explain much of what I have felt was missing in the usual Astrological tome. Throughout these beautifully written pages, DiClemente and his co-writer, Liza Brown, explore the many quintessential connections and deep-seated influences the Zodiac has in our lives.

This book is meant to be read more than once. For, as one grows in awareness and self knowledge, the wisdom DiClemente & Brown share in its pages will reveal new insights and offer deeper understanding.

For me The Exquisite Zodiac is the Missing Link because it imparts the rest of the Astrological story, revealing the knowledge that can take me a few steps further each time. Also, I have always enjoyed finding a book that gives me myriad “aha” moments each time I read it anew.

The Exquisite Zodiac in exactly like the picture on its cover- a multifaceted gem, unique and beautiful. There is no other book about the Zodiac quite like it.“[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — Monica Englander”]
November 20, 2013 — Exquisite Healing
“This is, first of all, a very complete and comprehensive look at the signs, from up and down, east and west, far and wide. However, I think this is much more than a book about astrology.

My experience of this book is that it contains spiritual “Easter eggs” — hidden nuggets which speak directly to the reader’s soul. Let me explain how I found this out: Rick had encouraged me to read every sign that’s prominent in my own chart, and I did — and it was truly enlightening. But while doing so, I found a few lines that seemed as if they were written especially for me; something so personally apt and helpful that it felt as if a hobbling hesitation locked down inside me was suddenly opened, and released. It was the passage where he described the dilemma of Capricorn’s footsteps: each must be painstakingly careful, because Capricorn believes that if there were an error, it would take so, so long to go back and begin again — but the exquisite point of learning here, as the authors point out, is that had Capricorn taken the opposite fork in the road in the beginning of this journey, the worries over missteps and “having to go back and start from scratch” would be just the same! OMG!

I’m sighing in relief as I write this. This has been the fear running my choices and actions for some time. Reading Rick’s insight on the thinking behind this worry let me see that in truth, no matter what happens, mistakes can be made, nothing is perfect, and we never can (or need to) go back to the very beginning and start all over again. Life is integrative! None of our actions are wasted — every step is step towards where we need to be.

There is no perfect path; there are no perfect steps; there is no perfect “us”. The bumps and lumps that come now and then are not proof of our inadequacy to the task of life: it is proof that life and ourselves are totally “Wabi-Sabi”; perfectly imperfect — as beautifully varied and unique as nature herself.

This wisdom was written in a way that spoke to my secret heart, a way that I could truly see and understand. I was released. I think each reader will find that although the book is enjoyable and informative (and fun — Rick’s wit and humor come through at delightful moments) it is, at core, written from the perspective of spirit: the focus is definitely to aid and assist the reader’s own evolution and growth, using the story of the evolutionary journey of the signs as the means towards that end. I think that once you find your “Easter Egg” here, you’ll know exactly what has drawn you to this book — the sense that something in it was written just for you!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — Laura Childs”]
September 13 — 2013 Exquisite Zodiac, Exquisitely Written!
“Having never looked much deeper into Astrology or the Zodiac than the very basic horoscope, I was surprised when I read this book. The book was recommended by a very close and trusted friend during a discussion on ‘finding’ and understanding ourselves.

Did I learn more about myself after reading this book? I sure did! I learned why my zodiac sign doesn’t always ‘fit’ me and why I sometimes act out of character (who I think I am). I have now sourced out my birth chart and am looking even deeper still. Knowing all the elements, all the signs, is what astrology is really about – not just those light hearted daily horoscopes – I see that clearly now.

I also found that I have a little more compassion for others on their journeys. I feel as though I can see the people around me a little clearer – what drives them, what they’re searching for, and the myriad of traits that make each one of us unique.

This book is an easy flowing read even though the concepts were new to me. Buy this book and it will stay with you for a long time. I know I’ll be using it as a reference for many years forward. I’m fully excited to see what’s next from this author.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — MAshley”]
August 28, 2013 — Very insightful
“Mr. DiClemente and Ms. Brown have given us a very insightful gift in The Exquisite Zodiac. I never felt I “identified” with my particular sun sign, and this is the first book I’ve come across that explains why. Anyone interested in advanced astrology should give this one a read!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — darlo57″]
August 24, 2013 — AMAZING
“Over the years I have read many books and have gone to lectures on Astrology and the Zodiac, I can honestly say that the lecture I took on The Amazing Zodiac by Rick DiClemente was not only a new twist but it was the best understanding of the zodiac that I’ve ever heard. I was wanting more when the class was over. The book is SO amazing, insightful and the best one ever on this topic. Both Rick and Lisa Jane really go where no other has gone on this topic. A MUST READ for anyone interested on learning more and expanding their understanding on the zodiac.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — Amazon Reviewer: T”]
June 14, 2013 — Rick is the man
“So awesome!! Rick has a straight-to-the-point and so-right-on way of explaining the perfect balance of the heavens… I have been a student of astrology for years and this book, accessible to beginners as well, has deepened my understanding more than any other. I LOVE RICK!!!!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — Marka Sawyer (Charlotte, NC)”]
December 11, 2012 — Astrology book
“I bought this as a book instead of my kindle cause some books you just want to investigate. And I am glad I did. This guy has a wonderful take on the age old science that I found incredibly refreshing and it feels right. Imagine seeing all the signs in you. It is a wonderful read! I would like for him to do my chart.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — Moxieness”]
August 29, 2012 — A valuable contribution to astrology
“I’ve read a lot of astrology books that take standard star information and give it a new twist in order to seem fresh, original, worthy of reading. Sometimes there is a kernel of wise information within these contributions, but oftentimes they are simply re-stating what is already known. One more dust-collecting book to add to my collection.

But Rick DiClemente’s The Exquisite Zodiac is different. I was up reading it late every night because the information was fresh and flowed beautifully. He explains WHY the signs are the way they are and puts them in relationship to one another. Virgo and Leo couldn’t be any more different, but they need each other – why? Capricorn and Sag are an odd energetic pair, but what makes them useful next to each other in the zodiac line-up? Rick explains the connections of the signs and supplies a solid understanding for why the star signs are arranged so perfectly. He also explains what the archetypes of the zodiac represent so the reader can apply – and recognize – these insights in the real world.

I gave The Exquisite Zodiac a 5-star rating because it has originality, depth and practical understanding, plus there are visuals and lyrical poems that add creative flair. As a fellow astrologer, this is one title that I will gladly read again to appreciate how beautiful – and exquisite – the astrological signs are individually and collectively.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=” — wonderer”]
August 24, 2012
“For many of us, astrology has left us puzzled yet wanting more. This book is an excellent path to not only grasping the science of astrology in a deeper way but additionally understanding ourselves through a more useful and uplifting perspective. The author has an enjoyable and very appealing style in his presentation of this topic. I found each page offered me another piece of information worthy of pondering and making many aspects of life more understandable. This book is an easy read offering truly valuable material for those of us interested in this fascinating topic. I loved it. D. Jones, Ph.D., West Virginia”[/testimonial]