A Global Spiritual Crisis – By Rick DiClemente – Newsletter Volume 104, August, 2014

It is wonderful to see. NASA has just received a great view of Neptune as the New Horizons spacecraft has just crossed he orbit of this extremely mysterious planet. (Wait till it encounters Pluto in July of 2015!) This, like all things, is no coincidence. What does this symbolize? Remember, Neptune is the spiritual planet. There will be SIX planets in Pisces (the sign ruled by Neptune) on February 19, 2015. That is big!

I can no longer say the word “God” – I am sorry. No matter how one addresses that much-abused term, it infers a Man in the sky on a throne or at the very least separateness. You’d better behave, too! I still believe, but I won’t argue over what “He/She/It” is. It’s ineffable and unnamable; it is the “All That Is.” We are all each other. We are the ocean in a drop. Holography.

It means we are (and have been) ready to put old, stale religion to bed in exchange for a more direct experience of G_d, G_ddess in our evolution. I bow in respect to those of you who have stayed true to your “religion” and the pure messages that they are based on. What I am referring to is how the old mindset of guilt and sin has become too widespread and in fact toxic to humankind. How many millions have died because of it? How glib.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that humans are clannish. “Gee, you are an outsider. You are strange.” Seems like many of us never leave 7th grade. I don’t have to explain it; it’s a “I-belong-to-the-right-church-and-you-don’t” mentality. There are over 38,000 denominations of Christianity in the world! And, most religions think other “religions” are invalid filled with “infidels.”

I ask you: If you are on your knees yearning to connect with your Source,
what the hell is the difference what you call it?

How many years did you go through book stores and under the “Religion” heading were only works on Christianity and Catholicism? All others were filed under “Other Religions or Spirituality”. How arrogant, and how blind! I gladly watch it sail out to sea.

You want to ask all of these technical astrological questions? “What’s wrong with the world? O, my G_d, what’s going on?” It’s really very simple: the entire planet is going through a spiritual crisis. We’re either connected to our Source and there is “enough” for everyone or else we see it in another way. Illusory lack, therefore murder.

Well, the good news now is that that is ending because of all the great work transiting Neptune and Chiron have done in sign of Pisces since about 2009. So many people have dropped what they are doing and are feverishly diving into their <i>purpose</i>. Do not kid yourself as to how incredibly powerful and effective this Pisces pairing has had on all cultures! Neptune and Pisces are very subtle.

With the “viewing” of Neptune, it represents a new look at the true planet of spirituality. And this is true spirituality, i.e., direct conscious experience of true Source – no matter how you say it or spell it. We are ready to see the real thing. That’s what it means.

For eons, religion has been a behavior manual. That time is over. Daddy ain’t coming to whip your butt. It kept the people repressed – and – filling up the coffers. Now, we KNOW that it is our true nature to give and take care of each other. Israelites are walking hand-in-hand with Palestinians. Whites are marching with African-Americans in Ferguson. We know clearly that our civilization will not survive unless we make this kind of shift. It’s Pluto’s job to get rid of the obstacles to flow, commonly called evolution. It ain’t done yet.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that omniscient Neptune chose this time to “reveal itself?” Hardly. G_d/G_ddess is smart – real smart.

I don’t have much to say. I don’t want to belabor this point. If you are happy with your spiritual frame of reference and your religion, fine. I wish you nothing but the best. If you are seeking a broader, more direct experience, one that is tolerant of other religions, now is the time. I cannot tell you how significant it will be during February and March of next year. The spiritual Grace that is descending upon us now, redoubling its efforts in 2015 is no accident and is surely being given to us by a Source that cares about every one of us. Thank heavens.

It is time we change our minds