Filial Piety Begins

Volume 105, September, 2014


Filial Piety Begins


(How Mars Keeps Getting Us into Trouble

And Neptune Keeps Bailing Us Out)


by Rick DiClemente


It’s as if we don’t listen. It’s as if we don’t learn. Maybe we are starting to.

Mars has continuously gotten us into hot water. Mars, the aggressive war-like planet; Astrology’s testosterone-filled red aggressor has historically lied to us. Yes, without a doubt, it has saved us on many an occasion, too. Mars is in all of our charts and certainly is represented in the collective. Its voices such things as: “If you want something, go take it.” “Might equals right.” “Only the strong survive.” It’s what’s left over from Newton’s antiquated 3-dimensional world that worked, for a while, but is now giving way to the quantum arena.

Mars is certainly needed in your chart so that you can fight for yourself, stand up for your rights and gives you the ability to go and get what you need. It is the ego’s right-hand man.

If your Mars is weakly placed in your natal chart, well, it just isn’t easy for you to assert yourself and this can bring about a myriad of problems. However, if it is too strong, you will be tempted towards its shadow-side: heavy-handedness and selfishness.

We are certainly seeing how the old Martian world is dying (well, many of us are) as we see the inherent truth in what David Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, was all about. Force is the illusion that you can bowl something or someone over and somehow benefit. Power is allowing the Universal power/intelligence to work through you. It can’t be defeated.

You can’t punch the ocean effectively

I’m sure I’m addressing an audience, like myself, that is fed up ad nauseum of all the stories of one country dominating another; one country trying to get back at another, etc. It just doesn’t work and only serves the undertakers. A great big geeeeeesh already.

Astrologically, this kind of outcome is similar, no matter what astrological planet (archetypal energy) you are listening to – if you listen to only it. Certainly, we need a healthy balance of all the planets. We can actually zoom way out to see how our Martian aggressions have failed us continuously at almost every turn. How many times have you shunned the age-old advice, “Let it be”, only to wish you hadn’t?

Mars is quite reactionary; that’s the problem

Expressions of anger are seldom repaired between friends and family. Rage commonly brings about permanent estrangement. No matter what you call it or say, it’s finally becoming pretty obvious to all of us that compassion and understanding provides us with the winning ticket.

Antithetically, the zodiac supplies us with the planet of power, i.e., Universal power: Neptune. Neptune is the Tao that Lao-Tzu described as “The Way.” And it’s omniscient, too.

Neptune is becoming more and more prevalent in our collective mind because we’re simply wearing out from fighting (Mars.) It’s gotten us nowhere and here we sit in the United States of America, mythically coined as “The Most Powerful Country on Earth” and we are watching it decay at an unprecedented rate. We can’t be armed to the teeth and still claim that we want peace. Our survival of this long Pluto-in-Capricorn transit in which we find ourselves is directly proportional to how willing we are to face our own collective hypocrisy.

We all do it. Spain did it. China did it. England did it. France did it. The Greeks did it. Rome did it. The Huns did it. The Ottomans did it. No difference, same result. The grand price we pay to the National Ego.

Gandhi and Jesus and Martin Luther King (Neptune) didn’t do it

Listening to Mars does not work.

Since we have seen such activation by Neptune in its natural sign of Pisces for about the past three years, it’s starting to make great inroads into our minds. The subtle urgings of the “still voice within” is winning over. Neptune has been downloading its refined, yet extremely powerful archetypal essence to us as it is elevating our inner temples to collective heights previously unknown. Maybe it doesn’t look like this spiritual regeneration is occurring, but it is.

Granted, horrors and atrocities are dominating the “news” globally. Yet, the fact is: never before have we been so willing to dig up what’s wrong and give great thought to finding better ways of living life. This is all due to Pluto’s excavation of world-wide corruption and lack of character. This transformation doesn’t happen overnight.

When the great Tao is forgotten,

goodness and piety appear.

When the body’s intelligence declines,

cleverness and knowledge step forth.

When there is no peace in the family,

filial piety begins.

When the country falls into chaos,

patriotism is born.

Stephen Mitchell’s translation of Lao-Tzu’s, “Tao Te Ching” (Parker edition, 1990)

Today, you can see everywhere people are champing at the bit to get into a healing career especially in the field of energy-work. That’s Neptune – it is your “God Source”, if you will. Its specialty is bringing inclusion and unconditional love to the foreground.

This massive transit is building as we are about to experience February of 2015 when 6 planets will be in the sign of Pisces including Neptune. It is quite propitious for us to get a general idea on how best to utilize this often confusing and nebulous energy that is known as Neptune, God of the Sea. What is the best approach to take for each Sun sign? Remember Neptune really is the “Divine Will.” By default, it is anti-Martian.

Neptune doesn’t throw a punch like myopic Mars, it allows the punch to come through, if in fact a punch is needed at all.

As we continue with this planetary phase, the Neptune energy will become very powerful indeed. When it came through in a mighty way a few years back, I saw that so many people were greatly affected, as if to say, “Oh, this is the way… inward!”

Per sign, I see it as over the next several years:

ARIES – Neptune will be acting out of your 12th house – The 12th is your unconscious. Aries are much more intuitive than people know and their hunches and instincts are usually right-on. Where do you think these instincts come from? There is only One Source.

Being naturally led by Mars itself, it is of the utmost importance that the Ram not get deluded into thinking that all action comes from them. Yes, you like your adventures and are amazed at your own accomplishments, but Aries is also quite a pure sign. Stop and take notice that a higher force is working through you. And, everyone else, too.

TAURUS – Neptune will be acting out of your 11th house – The 11th has a lot do with aspirations higher than your basic occupation. Dream big. Now is the time to go beyond your natural world which is usually cozy and comfortable. What do they say? – Be willing to risk your comfort-zone for a much larger, better one.

Now and then, the Bull needs to get out of its squirrel-gathering-nuts foray and notice that there’s already a horn-a-plenty all around you. In fact, the more you allow Neptune to convince you that there’s enough to go around for all, the more you will gain. That’s how Zen-like Neptune works: the more you let go – the more you gain. We all know that. Curb your desire to collect.  For doing so inadvertently maintains a mindset that you have this, but you don’t have that. Lack = suffering.  In fact, you are all things; there’s no need to collect.

GEMINI – Neptune will be acting out of your 10th house – The 10th is your career and/or your calling, especially your spiritual calling. Even if you don’t pick up the subtler enticements of spirit, use it to find a more refined type of work – one that is more rewarding, even with a non-profit.

I know how the butterfly wants a taste of every flower… Don’t be in such a hurry to get on to the next feast of goodies. Don’t be afraid to allow the winds of Neptune to lead you into deeper waters. By allowing the world to effortlessly unfold in front of you, you’ll actually discover more amazing novelties to keep your restless mind entertained than in any other way. You Geminis are not reallytwins… you’re really one, and that includes you and all that you see in your seeming separate world.

CANCER – Neptune will be acting out of your 9th house: – The 9th is about growing and expanding with such keywords as education and travel.

Being a water sign, it is not beyond the possibilities here: the time is ripe for a long-distance voyage by ship. Even if you don’t sail the ocean to faraway lands, this can be quite metaphorical. Be willing to sail beyond the safe confines of your homey nest. Neptune is somewhat at odds with Cancer (and Taurus) who enjoy well-defined boundaries. Neptune rules unboundedness. There is a time for both. When you block out the world, you wall yourself in. The Moon can’t touch Neptune.

LEO – Neptune will be acting out of your 8th houseThe 8th is about going deep into dedicated relationships.

Now is when Leo will truly be tested: are you really shining the light of the Sun or do you think it comes from you? With Neptune upon you, it seems that the selflessness of Neptune contradicts the ego-strong Sun that is your ruler. Nothing could be further from the truth. Where does this impulse of creativity and the “I can’t be wrong” sentiment come from? It comes from Neptune and Spirit. It is imperative that you can see both at the same time. After all, that is one of Leo’s talents: being able to see the forest for the trees. Think of how brilliant your light can be when the “Universe” is shining through you?! Unstoppable.

VIRGO – Neptune will be acting out of your 7th house – The 7th is the house of relationships but more importantly is the house of “who you are when you are with another.”

The best way to manifest this powerful Neptunian energy is to start letting go of how things flow. Not everything needs “fixed.” While it is clearly Virgo’s job to correct imperfections, people are basically perfect the way they are – including you. It seems to run counter-intuitive to your nature, but it is of the utmost importance that you differentiate between the two. I’ve seen so many Virgos make such great spiritual progress in the last few years; that’s probably due to the fact that it’s a very pure sign, with unquestionable motivations. Leave your check-lists at the office – that’s the best advice. 

LIBRA – Neptune will be acting out of your 6th house– The 6th house is mainly about perfecting yourself in order that you gain the ability to relate to others. It also has much to do with your work habits as well as ethics.

While Neptune is affecting you, it may seem quite strange to you. The reason: you may be inclined to see how it manifests in the social order. Of course it will, as it does everywhere, but society is exactly the place not to look. Libras are the sign that doesn’t have a natural bent towards looking within (unless other symbols in the chart contradict). While the Scales of Libra specifically lean towards one’s society, the Libran must remember that they primarily belong to a much larger society, i.e., the Universe. Neptune will urge you to activate that subtle spiritual part of yourself. Your love of beauty and harmony may seem to emanate from your ruling planet Venus, but it’s much deeper than that. All beauty comes via Neptune’s unbounded connection to All-That-Is.

SCORPIO – Neptune will be acting out of your 5th house – The 5th has to do with expression of the self.

This can be very good in that it will encourage Scorps not to keep everything inside. In many ways, there’s not much better of a sight to see than an extroverted Scorpio. It’s the introverts that can be suspect. Scorpio is a very deep sign and is naturally intuitive; now, that very intuition should at least quadruple. Be advised: use the refined levels of Neptune to go deeper, not as a smoke screen – for if you do, it will certainly backfire. Few signs can compete with astrology’s 8th sign, and by adding the beautiful Neptune to your portfolio…

SAGITTARIUS – Neptune will be acting out of your 4th house The 4th is about your emotional basis and your family in all senses.

Subtlety is not Sag’s strong suit. Nevertheless, they are quite an inspired philosophical sign (a fire sign.) This is clearly a time to go beyond theory and ideas. Neptune requires that we take the ride – the ride beyond ourselves, beyond our egos, beyond our “world”. At these times, while Neptune is very active, it is best to align yourself with the true sense of enthusiasm and spirit. Neptune is not a gentle lily – it also represents tsunamic forces of overwhelming bliss and infinite power. We must not get caught thinking too small. That’s the 9th house: she also breathes life into all she touches. She is the Tao itself. She giggles at thoughts of the Big Bang.

CAPRICORN – Neptune will be acting out of your 3rd house – The 3rd is about how the mind works, thought and communications.

Traditional Capricorn is numb to non-worldly Neptune. But, Goats will fool you. Their rivers run deeper than they appear. A naturally reverent sign, Capricorn can really benefit by looking to finer layers of how their mind works. Set aside what you are “supposed to do” and go with your inner promptings. Yes, they might tell you to take an unknown path (unthinkable to the Goat) but your inner wisdom has its very source in Neptunian clouds. Let go of this world, at least for bit, and you’ll find that many of your rules have been indeed keeping you captive. You can’t blaze a trail if it’s already there.

AQUARIUS – Neptune will be acting out of your 2nd houseThe 2nd house is very misunderstood – it’s about your self-worth and the value that you place upon all things.

Aquarius is usually the last sign that has any difficulty with their self-worth, but with Neptune, that’s another story. Why is that? Simple. Because most of the Water-Bearer’s confidence comes from having a strong individuated mind.  Now is when you are being invited to go beyond yourself and even beyond the regions of high intellect.

What is intellect other than the ability to tell the

difference between this and that? Duality.

As for the sign that follows you and its lessons, Neptune rules Pisces. This sign cares not what you think because thinking only divides. The Neptune archetype is solely interested in what is the same about all things. Inclusive. Take this time to notice the quiet that comes from the space between your thoughts; the sea of omniscience: Neptune.

PISCES – Neptune will be acting out of your 1st house – The 1st house is many things and is hard to describe; it is you.

This one is like painting a grey wall another shade of grey. Pisces certainly won’t notice this one as they live with this energy at all times. Even so, not all Pisceans are floating around in Guru-land. This is a great time for the final sign to get in touch with the very core of their being. And that is Being. So many books have been written about this subject, or, should I say, non-subject. Oneness is the target here. So many think that Pisceans are so lost. If they only knew. Claim your spiritual ties now. Claim your connection.


Author of “The Exquisite Zodiac

2014 Rick DiClemente –

All rights reserved