Radical Change Intensifies




Why is this time so important? It’s because of the existing square between Uranus and Pluto that represents volatile revolution. These two joined forces in October of 1965 – did you notice any revolutionary energies from 1960-1969 when they were traveling in unison? In the past three years, they have been at a right angle to each other (a tension aspect in astrology called a “square”). This is why these two have repeatedly been triggered during that time, and explains the ensuing friction. These two heavyweights of astrology are seismic collective forces.

If you can compare the 50’s to the 70’s, then you’ll be able to see what these same two radical planets did to the world in the 60’s. Pluto deals with sweeping changes while Uranus, radical change. This is what we are in the midst of now.

Also, many of the organizations and trends established during the Sixties (Civil Rights Act, Medicare, Medicaid, the sexual revolution and other forms of social mechanisms) have been challenged recently. That period is coming to a close. That does not mean that things will be solved, but when Saturn enters Sagittarius on 12/23/14, new laws will be demanded to settle these matters. The challenges that have happened are part of a natural cycle: all living systems have their integrity tested at various planetary sub-cycles. See: a 7-year-itch of the opening square of Saturn’s 28-yr cycle and how it pertains to marriage…

What’s with the baseball diagram? Used once before, this attempt is to show you that relatively speaking, Pluto and Uranus have more or less been holding steady in their right-angle relationship which indicates much tension. Uranus, which represents many things, has largely represented the rights of the people. While Pluto, the symbol of Big $, has played the role of the corporate powers-that-be. During the past 3 years, you can see why these issues have not only been next to impossible to debate, let alone solve. You can symbolically see why our “congress” has been so deadlocked. It’s like every issue was too big, too explosive to touch. The key thing to note here is this:

While Uranus and Pluto remained in that more-or-less frozen state of tension, EVERY TIME any other planet got to any one of the four bases, the existing tension between Uranus and Pluto got exacerbated again! This is exactly WHY it seems that it won’t go away. It’s not finished yet. Planets are not kind to matters swept under the rug; especially Pluto.

What does this mean? Unlike so many people’s ideas about astrology, it does not carve in stone what will happen. It simply means that the constructs that began in 1965 came to a period of “first crisis” or testing over recent years. How have we been dealing with all of these issues?

Why is the U.S.A. changing so? Mainly because transiting Pluto has been opposing the position of the U.S.A.’s Sun in Cancer for over the last two years – identity crises galore. Uranus made it even more volatile. This is why the overall national rhetoric has not been pretty or even civil in many cases. Are we a democracy or puppets of the powers-that-be?

What is in store for the U.S.A.? A surprising number of people are very serious about national secession, such as movements afoot in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Some are suggesting a new separate union with an interim name of “Reagan.” Another Civil War if you will. Is this ridiculous to ponder? No. The main problem is that it is all too convenient for one “side” to blame the “other” when in fact we’re all in it together. Cooler heads need to prevail.

Does this mean that the U.S.A. will split? No, it doesn’t. Much more to the topic is that the whole country is teetering on splintering into many pieces, which is different. As we are tempted to follow our knee-jerk reactions, and possibly create U.S.A. sub 2 and U.S.A. sub 3, is each piece going to be any better off? It doesn’t appear so because one is tempted to think that somehow we are not approaching the problems from the right level. One faction resisting and stiff-arming another just creates more separation – a symptom of a decaying empire.

This will not get milder and in fact will intensify greatly as we experience our first Pluto Return in 2022. That’s less than 8 years from now. Any entity that is not healthy and integrous will have its hands full during a Pluto return, once every 246 years. Pluto will then return to the same spot where it was on July 4, 1776. This is very significant and signifies “death and rebirth.” The rebirth, however, is in no way assured. That is up to us and the state of our “national karma.” You know, that “Do unto others” thing…

Sweeping changes are needed and that is precisely why you are seeing corruption unearthed (Pluto’s job) on such a massive scale ever since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn in January, the sign opposite our natal Sun in Cancer (July 4).

What is the problem? Pluto does away with entities that abuse their power. You cannot fool Pluto; don’t even try. And — many people and organizations are still trying. If we only knew astrology – you just can’t mess with the outer planets.

Are we fooling with real threatening climate change to our only home? Do you think this is coincidental? One thing astrology does prove is that when the head of a country, corporation or family is affected, the whole entity is. Since few would argue that the U.S.A. is the “leader of the world”, this is symbolic of one very serious global matter. When America is affected, so are all other countries.

We must change how we relate to all other countries. Are we the police to the world for their sake or ours? Those are the types of questions Pluto asks.

Is it too late? Possibly. The promising factor is like watching a see-saw, however. The more corruption we see as well as dysfunction seems to be counterbalanced by a spiritual awakening of equal magnitude. One is sinking; one is rising. Does it take large-scale crisis before we wake up and act in unison for the good of WoMankind? Evolution is on fire at the same time as cultural devolution. Will we continue to mislabel the rise of consciousness? Will those who drag their collective feet really get in the way? Uranus and Pluto clearly represent that conflict. The fact that this 3 year period is ending is very symbolic of a final act in March of 2015. It will all culminate then. We must overcome our natural Cancerian national attitude of protectionism. Everyone is in our family. There are no non-loved ones unless we kid ourselves.

Will the “coming Age of Aquarius” save us? No. First of all, no one has any idea when that age will commence. Adopting the Aquarian archetypal sense of idealism and brotherhood is certainly what is needed, but that doesn’t guarantee any particular outcome.

We have to do the work and make intelligent sacrifices for the benefit of all. Uranus and Pluto will eventually calm down. Until that time, we need to be patient and allow the radical changes to come about. No one or thing is putting them upon us. These are natural cycles, i.e., the more rigid and exclusive we have become, the more stressful it’s going to be. On the other hand, the more inclusive and flexible we are, the better. That’s the astrological formula.

Below are listed the remaining critical dates where, once again, the final stages of the 7 direct squares between these two biggies, Uranus and Pluto, will square off and get triggered. Transits of the Moon were omitted because they are of such a short duration and don’t carry the poignancy as do planets further out from the Sun.

11/9-10/14 Mars conjuncts Pluto
12/14/14 Uranus squares Pluto, 6th time of 7
12/19/14 Once again, Pluto opposes the U.S.A.’s Sun
1/2-3/15 Sun joins Pluto squaring Uranus
3/9-11/15 Mars joins Uranus squaring Pluto
3/17/15 The FINAL Uranus square to Pluto, number 7 of 7

It’s not over till it’s over. Even so, in 2016 they will still be only one degree apart. The overall end to this era will happen gradually as society picks up the pieces and tries to adjust and rebuild.

How do we best deal with these energies? As with all of astrology, what goes on up there mirrors what happens down here. What goes on out there also goes on within each of us. These two forces are like a manic house-cleansing. Sometimes the planets are very intense and at this time, we need to allow things to blow up. If you don’t feel the urge, you’ve either become asleep to the energies around you or you have done a fine job of staying in balance and integrated. For many, it is time to let go and allow the volcanic forces of these archetypes to bring about big change. Holding on will not work. We should have gotten that message during the first 5 squares over the last 2 years, but if they haven’t gotten our attention by now, the final two passes certainly will (December and March).

These dates are not times to stick our heads in the past and call for Ozzie and Harriet. These are times when the “vibes” get critical, when matters come to a peak and we need to act to get in line with evolution within our own realms. Change is needed and we all know that. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. One of the worst things we can do is project our problems “out there.” We need to take ownership of how we deal with our issues in a whole-hearted, conscientious manner. Nothing else will work. That’s WHY this pattern keeps reoccurring, i.e., the planets (natural life energies) keep rounding the bases.

It is no coincidence that the final Uranus-Pluto square is occurring just days before spring. This is quite symbolic of a new beginning. Let’s make it so. We can’t keep condemning our government while we stand idly by waiting for them to save us. Survivalist, buying bigger guns and building bunkers to save a few are not the answers to global problems – we have just met each other. Working together to our true potential is the answer. So many people are elevating now. New healers are emerging at an surprising rate. So many people are being urged (by Neptune) to own our higher-selves. This game has no reset button.

We are growing; it’s impossible to not see that. We must turn away from intentional disinformation campaigns and learn to listen with our hearts. That is the answer, not money or more technology. The American Indians were not so dumb or barbaric after all.

Well then, what will happen? More of the same: Anti-bullying rallies, sexual misbehavior will surface, anti-corporate sentiments will brim over, police shootings and dislodged firearms in our schools will surely continue – as well as efforts to oppose such violence and antisocial behavior. When there is turmoil within us… In the final scheme of things, the transits of Uranus and Pluto symbolize the need to blow up obstacles to our very own evolution within.

Everything is being affected. The list goes on and on. We’re seeing it everywhere. The problem is not that there is too much “PC”!

Yes, political correctness has gotten way out of hand and we must become much more realistic and reasonable.

But, confusing political correctness with
natural social evolution is the problem

We need to change. Churches need to change. Our schools need to change. We need to continue to address gender matters. What about the multitudes doing without? Just how do you have Capitalism without capitalizing on each other? It’s a non sequitur. Was Jesus joking when he said, “I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” We are at the collective brink where we need to live these truths, right?

So many laws need fixed; so many greedy lobbyists need to be brought under control or disarmed. Many outright corporate criminals who rig Wall Street need to be jailed. Our “Congress” and “Supreme Court” have been corrupted by Big Money.

Many have lost faith in our country, both without, and within. This didn’t happen because of one President or another. Within the cycles of astrology, all entities eventually must come face to face with themselves. Are the “United” States still united? Does it still work? Does it still follow its mission statement?

That, is what this is all about.

The U.S.A. is not a place. It’s an idea. It’s a set of ideals. With the truth-tester Pluto around, we have to honestly ask ourselves, “Have we gotten off course?” It can’t be put off any longer. Simply put, it’s like a bridge that is falling down: we either fix it, or it crumbles.

Yet, why do so many sit silently by and just watch? You get the point. If you don’t think “it can happen here”…

Now is the time we must get real about our true spiritual lives. What did they say, something about a Golden Rule?

Wishing the absolute best to all of us