Activate Your Opposing Sun-sign


Activate Your Opposing Sun-Sign

By Rick DiClemente


It’s a weird thing, this Sun-sign astrology. On one hand, I emphasize so much to people to not identify totally with their Sun-sign. That’s because most people have no idea about true astrology’s complexity and the over-emphasis put upon Sun-signs by the media. It’s totally understandable.

Then, I’ve learned how important it is for the astrologer to activate the client’s Sun-sign energy, central to them. So, one has to set it aside, and then make it primary. Complex stuff.

What this issue’s topic is about is how when we are in trouble, we overly rely upon our Sun-sign’s nature. Again, it makes sense, but, many times we need to do the exact opposite. This is one of the main reasons that I stress the importance of gaining a thorough understanding of the six polarities in the basic zodiac, i.e., Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius and Virgo-Pisces.

In other words, Aries is similar to Libra, yet different. Like Dale Berra said, “The similarities between me and my father (Yogi) are different!” This is why one entire chapter of “The Exquisite Zodiac” (TEZ) is attributed to the Six Polarities.

The main difference between the members of each pairing is that one is “self-oriented” and the other is “other-oriented.” To add to what was written in TEZ is that self-oriented means that “I learn from direct experience of my SELF.” Other-oriented really means, “I learn from direct experience of my SELF when I’m with another.”

Sometimes we need to focus and tilt the consciousness see-saw towards the Self; at other times, we’d be better off by broadening our experience to include others. We all have all 12 archetypal forces within us; it’s just that most people favor 3 or 4 energies and are not quite as capable when it comes to summoning the other seldom-sensed archetypal natures.

So, the point is, many times when we are so obsessed with our story, we’d be better off by being more focused on our story, etc. And, many times it is reverse. So, let’s get started per Sun-sign:

(Remember once again, as always, these discussions are directed at the pure archetype that is at the essence of each sign. The truths expressed won’t always match how you think of the people you have identified with each sign.)

Aries – The Ram is so sure of itself because it lives in a very simple world, it’s just them and it’s all about their need for adventure. One of the main traits of an Aries is that they simply cannot abide by having complications or anything or anyone standing in their way. Well, sometimes, this can’t be helped and the Arian archetype is better off served by activating its opposite patient tactful archetype of Libra.  Libra is excellent at blending with another and sharing the limelight. Yes, sometimes Aries need to stop at red-lights. Funny how when we learn more about us, we learn more about “me.”

Taurus – Taurus is all about self-worth and value in general. They really appreciate what they have and aren’t usually too thrilled about others messing with their “stuff.” Certainly, this can lead to possessiveness, but the overall point is this: by initializing the Scorpio archetypes within, the Taurus can expand and enrich its own “holdings.” See? It’s so critical that we learn to go opposite our own nature at times. It’s obvious to note that sometimes when we share, we inherit a bigger world for all involved.

Gemini – The ultimate butterfly is at home flitting about, learning about this and that. Hard to nail down, the Twins love to explore the other side of the fence. But what happens with this youthful sign is that at times, they just get plumb tuckered out and spread too thin. This is why if they set aside their own nature and own their reflective Sagittarian tendencies, they can see everything in a bigger picture. Geminis have plenty of ideas, but Sag makes them all add up into a working philosophy. Tidbits of ideas won’t always satisfy Gemini, but by unifying them into a working mindset, the Gemini won’t have to resort to evasion tactics as often.

Cancer – Cancer knows how to take care of itself. I’ve often thought that Cancer is about “make sure I’m ok” while Capricorn is “make sure it’s ok.” There’s the difference. Try as they may, Cancer often suffers because it tries to keep its world safe, secure and protected. As we all know, closed systems don’t last long. This is the primary reason that Cancer needs to open up to the world beyond its nest represented by Capricorn. It may not be comfortable for the Crab, but in the long-run, the Cancer will breathe better in all ways.

Leo – The Lion is all about gaining the respect of others in order to grow in confidence. That is a great gift to the zodiac and is very much needed. Sometimes though, too much is too much as they learn that the world is not finite. Leo is often confined to this belief of limited resources while its opposite, Aquarius, is absolutely at the other extreme. There’s enough for all of us. As a matter of fact, my partner, Aquarian Liza Jane Brown, often reminds me of the central idea of the Water-Bearer: enlightened self-interest. Doing for others and how it immediately brings gains to “you.” Nuf said.

Virgo – No bigger difference tells the story than the Virgo-Pisces axis. Virgo, all about discrimination and differences; Pisces about non-discrimination, inclusion and similarities. We need both. How many Virgos have you seen that need to chill activate their laid-back Pisces part? How many laid-back Pisceans need their more discriminating Virgo essence? Try having a Pisces tell a Virgo that “nothing matters.” Try the opposite, have the Virgo try to convince why this or that is really critically important. You get the point.

LibraThe refined sign of the Scales is all about me plus you. Who am _I_ when I’M with you. Aries, of course, is all about “what about me?” Well, I cannot tell you how so many people have so much angst about this very thing, and it’s usually about NOT HAVING ENOUGH ARIES energy. Seriously. Our Protestant ethic or whatever you want to call it… So many people suffer so much if they even THINK about doing something for themselves. Yea for Aries and the fact that since that exact Cardinal Grand Cross of 4/23/14 where we all became Aries for a few months, we’ve been finding out that it’s okay to be ourselves. This is ONE BIG DEAL.

Why do you think there are so many revolutions going on right now?

Scorpio Opposing the sign of Taurus, we find Scorpio so obsessed about “you and me.” It makes sense and is a critical step in the growth of the overall Cosmic Man as mapped out in TEZ. This is a very tricky sign because the urge to blend with another is so powerful. I have found it to be a simple question whenever anyone asks me about dating or marrying a Scorpio. So, I ask simply ask them, “Do you feel bigger when you are with the Scorpio or do you feel drained?” That’s THE question. Scorpio’s intense desire to dedicate themselves to another finds a very thin line between really blending and usurping. It’s certainly up to them and much depends on their karma. Many times, the Scorp can ease their situations so much by simply spending time focused on their own energy (Taurus) instead of being too concerned with their partner.

Sagittarius – This is a very misunderstood sign. Most people think that Sag is simply fun and games and lightness and blunt. Remember, it is opposite the flighty sign of Gemini. Well, what does this mean? Sometimes the Sag is better off by letting go of the obsession over politics, governments, education, philosophies and so forth and simply trading it in for a relaxed tour of the local flea market with a Gemini. Gemini knows how to enjoy the little things and it’s no wonder that they usually look much younger than other signs. Sag contributes a lot to Cosmic Man, but should often welcome the light-heartedness of the simple curiosity of Gemini. Things don’t always have to be heavy.

Capricorn – Capricorn’s nature is to make sure everything is all right. This gives them the uncompromising tendency towards being dutiful and responsible. Non-Capricorns can’t understand this. Almost all Goats do. Behind this archetypal urge is a need to make society work. This represents the higher octave of the sign Cancer. At times, the Capricorn can become too worldly and needs to trade places with their Lunar proclivities. This doesn’t always mean “family” but can mean deal with their own “home”, i.e., their heart. It is not natural for Cappies to put feelings above social dependability, but we can easily see where it can benefit them greatly.

Aquarius – Universally-minded Aquarius can often get too “out there.” This sign is often misunderstood but usually, no one can question their pure-hearted devotion to all of the group. This is precisely where, at times, the Aquarian can greatly benefit by going within and activating their Leonine urges. This leap is probably easier than the other polarities as Aquarius has a natural protectiveness of their own uniqueness and sense of freedom. Nevertheless, when the Leonine qualities are stressed, the Water-Bearer can simplify their life by focusing on their own creativity, and take a day off from trying to save the world.

Pisces – I could write a book about this one, in fact, we just did! The Exquisite Zodiac gradually shows the “growth” of the soul from its embryonic stages of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. to the great complexities of Aquarius and Pisces. Again we see how the Fish can get themselves into so much hot water by being too indifferent. This is why it is so important for them to activate the opposing Virgoan side of their nature. Many times, things DO matter. There ARE differences. The Pisces desperately needs to own the Virgoan ability to differentiate. Almost all problems encountered by the Fish are due to this one fact. It is their nature to let it all be, but, in reality, many times they need to do the exact opposite. This is clearly the biggest leap in the zodiac.

So, you can see that we all have all 12 archetypal urges within us. Hopefully, we can stay balanced, but I have never seen a chart that has all of the dozen evenly spread out. It’s almost impossible to do. I guess that’s why we’re here, in one manner of speaking: to get balanced. This is one reason that real astrology should be taught in all grades, 1-12. Only by having a clear understanding of life’s natural archetypal energies, and their opposites, can we truly see the oneness of the whole challenge of being human.