Healer, to Thine Own Self Be Happy

by Rick DiClemente

I guess you could say, “What’s in the air?” What’s “causing” this current obsession for so many to suddenly be concerned about finding their calling, or mission in life. It’s happening everywhere.

Actually, it’s because we’re ready. The two planets that are symbolizing this New Age are Chiron and Neptune in Pisces (yes, I’m calling Chiron and Pluto planets because they act as if they are). It’s been hard to notice and/or appreciate these two subtle energies, being in passive Pisces, because of the loud static from Uranus, Pluto and Mars. Needless to say, those three are still at it as they inundate the chaotic and violent headlines.

“Don’t be fooled,” that’s always the motto of Neptune who cannot be stronger than it is now traveling through the sign of Pisces from 2011-2025, the sign it naturally rules. Neptune has prompted me to look into peoples’ past lives and sense what energies they brought into this life. This discovery has made it imperative that people find their way and path. This has also been amplified by Uranus in Aries (do my thing); Chiron in Pisces (let’s get everybody fixed); Pluto in Capricorn as well as Saturn in Scorpio (let’s stop messing around and do something meaningful…) and on and on.

Certainly seeing the earth and its populations affected by so much decay and corruption has prompted us to change, too. But mostly, people are just ready. I’ve never seen so many people less concerned about planning for the future and getting stuck as they used to by paralyzing themselves with being glued to the status quo for its “imagined safety.” And, it’s working too. So many people are reporting to me that they’re finding their way, they’re suddenly finding clarity with what they are “here to do.”

Is there such a thing? Or is being obsessed with “what we’re here to do” just another way of aggrandizing ourselves? What if we’re here with no purpose? Then what?

So many are obsessively thinking and analyzing, trying to find their purpose. That just doesn’t work, does it? So many are now realizing that the heart indeed knows the answer and is guiding us – if we would but listen.

In the midst of this extremely intense Cardinal Grand Cross recently, most people are reporting to me that they’re just hanging on. Many have found their way and now with Mars going forward are busy engaging their life, pursuing their mission. Do not be fooled – we are being guided now. Perhaps we have had to get real threats of annihilation before we got serious? A common practice.

What I find myself doing now is this: I am having great accuracy comparing one’s natal chart with the past life chart (a derivative of the natal chart)… This gives me a pretty clear picture of what they went through and why they set this incarnation up the way they did. After going back and forth between the two: the natal chart and the 12th harmonic chart, I have been feeling much more natural about analyzing the natal chart. Instead of seeing the birth chart full of curses and “afflictions” as so many astrology books prompt us to do…. it’s becoming clearer what the “soul” is here to work on. It is quite amazing to see over and over how the “choice” of parents that we made typifies the nature of the past life struggles. Then, before you know it, I’m looking at what I call the “destiny chart”, the 6th harmonic, and bingo! It unfolds in front of me as it is triggered at the time of the reading. I am an agent. It often shows what a person’s “mission” is. That’s IF they are ready and have made at least some significant progress towards resolving their past karma chart. Transits to the 12th harmonic chart show us that.

If the person has not, there is little reason to look at the destiny. It’s simply not time. They still have work to do.

It is downright shocking how many people are awakening now. I don’t know if it is particular to me or not, but I’m seeing so many folks who have great indicators in their past life chart that they were some type of healer in their recent lifetime. They seem to come to me when they are ready to get on with it again! It seems quite clear that on a very massive scale, the end of the Age of Separation is giving way to the new Age of Unity.

It’s not that the 12th harmonic chart tells me whether you were the Cleopatra or Jack-the-ripper; the chart clearly shows what type of obstacles you were up against. In most cases, people had to face repressive families, church dogma and/or rigid social mores. So many times I’ve seen people who had to not only go underground into secret societies to avoid persecution but mainly they were not allowed to enjoy themselves or even be themselves. Until just recently, it was a foreign concept! This is so common, you would not believe it. I’ve seen so many souls that are still carrying that subconscious weight with them. It truly is a miracle that we survived the Dark Ages wearing cerebral chastity belts. Thank goodness the Catholic Church is going from the church of guilt to perhaps the church of guilt-lite. I hope. Things take time.

Besides the great thrill of seeing so many people reignite their mission, the greatest thing I’m seeing is this:

The collective is changing.
We are feeling and knowing that it is right –
a happy healer is a healthier healer.
A healer with a full heart is a more effective healer.
As Ram Dass has said so many times, “The student can only be as ‘high’ as the teacher.”



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