Rick DiClemente
Volume 110, February, 2015
One of the dark sides of the archetype of the sign of Cancer (which the USA is) is to become obsessed with security, which is unreal.

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” – Helen Keller (Blind and deaf, Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon)

To that extent, we spend approximately 57 cents of every dollar of our taxes on national defense. Certainly, we need to defend ourselves. Certainly we have enemies who would like to do us in. But, we need a balance before we starve all the other budgets within our own household.

But do we not go too far? Do we not get too involved in everyone else’s business hiding behind the falsehood that it’s in our national interest? What does that mean?

Only vulnerability makes you safe, while, it seems the other way around. Are we not THE experts in playing Whack-A-Country? That is, we’re really not imperialistic like Hitler’s Germany was (at least I don’t think so) but what astrology does show me is that we are hard at work at? OVER-DEFENDING OURSELVES. If you analyze the Cancer archetype closer it’s not hard to see that it is very concerned when “other” countries start to rise

For fear of what might happen to our security, you see?

Look at the myriad of problems that it brings to us. We have bases in over 135 countries. Can you imagine going down your block and seeing a military base belonging to the Koreans or Jordanians? Double-think has just about done this country in just like Orwell foresaw. The destiny of our near-future as a country lies directly in our ability to maturely face our own hypocrisy. We can do this, we can be absolutely be awesome!

While transiting Pluto sits opposite the USA’s Sun, in astrological terms (for another year,) it has what is called a 7th house effect. The 7th house is about all of America’s “relationships.” Foreign relationships as well as relationships between its citizens. Have you ever seen more Americans at each other’s throats?


It’s because most of us are trying to recapture or manipulate the national mind to revert back to an age of imagined invulnerability (Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver.) TWO BIG SAFE OCEANS, TWO BIG SAFE NEIGHBORS…. Then, 9/11…

When an entity is invulnerable, LIFE CANNOT ENTER AND IT WILL DIE. Closed systems cannot survive. And when that happens, look at all the mold that grows in the darkness…

Being a Cancer country born on July 4, we have a duty and natural inclination to protect the nest. YES. But, what I have learned by observing is that Cancer energy can be very dangerous because it can fall to the myth that we can stand alone and be safe. Impossible.

The only way we can lead the way is by dropping our arms while at the same time protecting ourselves from our “enemies”; a true balance indeed.

Why do you think so many millions of people were attracted to Marilyn Monroe and Lady Diana? It was their vulnerability. When we see vulnerability in others, it touches the place in us that is holy and harmless. It’s not them. Did you ever try to love someone who was invulnerable? Good luck. You see what I mean? They communicate to us that they don’t trust us.

Imagine our Universal Source if it weren’t completely open
This is not the way the Universe operates
It’s unnatural

And guess how that tends to make us react? Defensively, to the tune of 57% of our budget. Israel-Palestine, Palestine-Israel. It’s a never-ending ego-loop that only kills. You can only come to the peace-table unarmed and in a state of some degree of vulnerability (willingness to see the other as human and harmless.) When we become too protected all that CAN happen is that the “enemy” splinters into tinier factions and spreads all over the globe as is happening now. It’s their only recourse! Becoming invulnerable is not the answer.

This issue cannot be resolved in any way until we start to get it ourselves. When we become as Christ said, “like a child”, he wasn’t joking. Innocence and openness is the only panacea from being shut-in and auto-corrupting. We all know this. Go examine your dark, “safe” basement.

The powers that be have lied to because we are a Cancer country and become afraid at the drop of a hat. WE WANT DADDY TO TELL US A NICE STORY. Even if it isn’t true. Why? Because the archetype of Cancer depends 100% on how it FEELS. And if Daddy can make us feel better, all is okay – never mind how things really are. See?

We can turn this around. Cancer is a very strong, tenacious, caring sign. We must guard against sticking our heads in the sand and being satisfied by closing the door to the rest of the world. Too much is at stake now and we all know that.

Cancer is a leader, the zodiac’s leader of emotions. And, from what I see, many people are suffering. Many people are scared, and rightly so. Astrology does not tell us what will happen, but does speak clearly that we are in fact at a huge turning point in global and national history. Do not kid yourself; we must improve our ways of dealing with each other and all other countries. All countries have their problems. But, if we are going to try to continue to benefit from the self-gratifying label of “Greatest Nation on Earth”, then we’re going to have to truly lead the way.

This is no coincidence that the wonderful, humane Pope Francis has appeared on the stage. It is a symbol that the world is READY for his contribution to the overall collective mindset. Why do we Americans keep claiming that we are so Christian when so many fail to follow the basic tenets of what Jesus tried to teach? He did not run and hide. He was front and center to all souls, and displayed the ULTIMATE vulnerability.

Vulnerability = invulnerability

Bob Dylan: “When you ain’t got nothin, you got nothin to lose…”

P.S. I hope you enjoy the wonderful spiritual download gaining force all month and peaking on the 18th and 19th of February. IT is the true author of this piece.

Peace to all,