The Dove or the Drone


Volume 111, March, 2015

Rick DiClemente

The Dove or the Drone

I was a pleasantly surprised to see how the USA-being-Cancer-like newsletter was so well received. I have offered many articles on a wide variety of astrological topics through the years. It’s hard to know when the combination lock has spun to just the right calibration. A nerve was hit as non-astrologers got to see what they had suspected all along but couldn’t quite put into words: America is over-defended.

Remember, since we are the “leader of the free world”, what happens to our chart affects everybody. That’s how astrology works.

In this issue, the attempt is to broaden the scope. The hope is that the image of the peace-loving dove is not replaced permanently with that of a deadly, impersonal, “joy”-stick-directed drone killing machine.

Yes, people in other countries want to do us harm. It is our duty to protect ourselves and our “interests.” But continuous war is not an answer. It has to stop somewhere, someday. Now is the time.

As I write this, the final Uranus/Pluto square (two planets at a right-angle to each other) are exact tomorrow (3/16/15). This is extremely telling and significant.

We must broaden our view and be introspective, not America’s strong suit. We must realize that each of us is a critical part of a much larger brotherhood.

Uranus and Pluto are responding to the time in the mid-Sixties when they first came together. It was a raucous time full of tension and liberation. Multiply that times 1,000 and you’ve got the ambience of today’s world.

Yet, we are showing great signs of being victorious regarding these travails. It’s just that so much is up for grabs now, so much is happening on every front; we’ve been dead asleep for a very long time. – so much for complacency. We must listen to those who have spoken to us for so long now about how we are one big family. We know this.

I have talked endlessly; it seems, of the Uranus/Pluto square, Pluto’s trip through Capricorn and Neptune and Chiron’s effects in the spirit-minded sign of Pisces. The videos and articles are out there for review. The real revolution taking place with us is removing blockages in our own hearts.

That’s what astrology is: the heart’s science

Today is for clarification as the Solar Eclipse at 29 Pisces forms just hours before the Vernal Equinox (at 0 Aries), or spring on March 20 – another marvelous set of reminders. The timing is always perfect. Again, the symbolism: the eclipse in Universal Pisces and instantly, off we go back into the illusion of separateness of Aries. One creates the other. One is real. One is an illusion.

It has broken my heart this week to hear several querents ask “When will this chaos be over? When does the true recovery start?” As if this Game has a reset button. It has become clear to me that our Hollywood/TV-land mindset has definitely become more real than true reality is. Congratulations to Madison Avenue.

Nothing escapes the gaze of Pluto. If you are real and of QUALITY, you have nothing to fear from our recently demoted distant ice-planet. Get this hysterical view of Pluto out of your mind; its job is to promote substance and character. It also takes out the trash. It cannot be fooled. Why? Because it is a central part of our very being. It’s not like going to see the principal with your fingers crossed behind your back or whistling past the graveyard.

We are waking up, but it sure is perilous and there are no guarantees. Liza and I saw this coming over 10 years ago as we felt the essence of Pluto in the foundational sign of Capricorn coming. Even so, it is very painful to watch unfold. There have been no surprises, yet, it is so sobering.

That’s the purpose of Capricorn: to set the physical world straight

The collective patient is still on the operating table. From 1995-2008 Pluto in Sagittarius let it slide. Not now. We keep forgetting that we are not the only country in the world. Pluto is in Capricorn for all earthlings. Its job is to dig up decay and attempt our healing. The surgeon cannot halt the process simply because the patient or those nearby say, “Enough.” Do you want sewn up before “they get it all or not?” Likewise, the patient has to endure the purification process. This is our wonderful opportunity to de-construct the old and build anew. First, those who would block and delay progress must be put aside. Pluto will take care of that.

The critical lesson here is that on every level, we must learn that pushing dirt under the rug is not the advisable best practice. It is truly inspiring that so many have turned to true spiritual development recently. Americans and other populations are good people – they’re everywhere. Even so, we are deeply imbedded in mindsets of lack and still have a pretty cemented attitude that we will not be “taken care of” no matter what the prophets have promised us. That belief, however, is changing. Effective change must come at the spiritual level, not with guns. We know that too.

This takes time. It’s actually coming about very rapidly. We are not going to see the calm residual effects of all of this until well after Uranus gets out of the geometrical vicinity of Pluto which is at least two more years. Then, we face the Pluto Return in the USA’s chart (about every 244 years). More introspection, and hopefully we’ll witness ourselves owning our true power to rise again like the proverbial phoenix. There are no guarantees, however.

Self-introspection is painful and arduous, yet we must engage in the very same. As Pluto opposes the USA’s Sun from 12 degrees of Capricorn to our natal Sun’s position of 12 Cancer we are naturally hard-pressed to objectively and courageously analyze our true position in the world of inter-relationships not only with other countries but with all of our relationships to each other. Hard work. The collective ego must be put aside. My clique is no better than yours.

Many do this work and many suffer from its demands. Many aren’t really clear on what the target should be. This is a time to wake up and see what we have been doing and correct it. That’s true growth and the type of effort that really is supported by planetary action. Get this: the planets are symbolic of God’s energy and intent. They/He will help us if we get in sync – honestly!

There are no planets out there whose job it is to bring us good things – none to deliver relief or pain. We are to use the winds the best we can. Whether we sail our American boats into war or peaceful harbors is entirely up to us. Just who is benefiting from our endless history of war? Are we being told the truth or simply being manipulated for profit? Can we even get at the real answers? We are in a precarious position.

This is why it seems to be clear that self-improvement is the way to go. We can complain all we want to about what Iran or Iraq or North Korea or Israel or even our own defunct Congress is doing. Still, it comes down to how we treat ourselves and everyone “outside” of ourselves.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all represent very powerful universal forces. They would not be active now unless we as a civilization weren’t ready to handle their promptings.

This is why we have to speak up.

Not to be radical.

Not to be loud.

Not to be disruptive.

But, to declare that THIS is how we want our world to be. If not, we will be force-fed a “new world” designed by those with vested interests according to their own self-serving agendas.

We can’t afford anybody’s agenda now. No more.

We must champion the One Agenda which is the agenda for all to be fulfilled. One family of Man/Woman.

We could use these energies to try to continue to hide, to deceive, to spin, or whatever. Or, we can show some well-earned respect for Nature herself which is just another phrase for God’s Will. We don’t have to get all evangelistic here. It’s really pretty simple.

American’s don’t want to be inconvenienced: one remote, not two. But, welcome to an inconvenient time and an inconvenient set of truths.

We have allowed the world to become as it is, yet, we are a resourceful bunch. The powers-that-be rue the day when the Internet and social media came along. Hats off to all of you who do so much to further the true cause of seeing all of us as equals.

Our spiritual inspiration is symbolized by the planetary movements. They speak now of renewal and group effort. Never before have we been able to operate so effectively on a global scale. Let’s take advantage of this and get to it.

Spring is here. Let us remember the basic tenet of “A Course in Miracles”: everyone is acting from one of two stances – giving love – or calling out for it.

Love to all,


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