“Three Things Your Astrologer Should Give You”


“Three Things Your Astrologer Should Give You”

Volume 112, Starself Newsletter for April, 2015

Rick DiClemente

After many years of doing astrological consultations for people, things change. Plateaus are encountered where it seems to take years to get new visions. The astrological collective is consistently coining formulas as if people can really be categorized. Many people confuse us with palm-readers, psychics, mediums, card-readers, ghost-hunters, phrenologists, and just about any other category you can imagine.

Even so, there are about as many ways to do astrology as there are astrologers.

In the early years, when learning the ropes, you kind of have to follow worn trails. But, after many years of following my intuition, it has now come down to three basic things I’m looking for before I can consider a consultation successful:

1. Send the client home with a broader, more positive self-image.

People tend to look at themselves narrowly and somewhat negatively in general. “Oh, I am a middle child.” “Oh, I’m this nationality.” “I’ve had a hard life.” “I’ve always had bad luck or no luck at all.” These are just some of the things one hears from clients as they make their way trying to navigate their life. It’s not an easy task. Astrology provides a very good road-map and calendar to each person that they’re not aware of.

It’s no wonder that people tend to pigeon-hole themselves. We are largely products of our parent’s mindsets until we take over the helm. It’s not always easy to guide ourselves into new waters either.

Things immediately start to get better when I am lucky enough to have a solid archetypal dialogue with the client, Let me explain…

It is obvious to see how people get glued to the mass-media in terms of learning about the properties of their Sun sign which are very general at best. In many cases, the client isn’t like their Sun sign very much at all. This is because in your “natal chart,” people commonly have 5 or 6 other signs prominent in their personality. It is extremely rare when the person has only 3 or 4. People don’t know this, and they understandably over-identify with the Sun sign.

When I am able to explain to a person, for example, strong with Saturn or Capricornian features what’s really going on, it seems to help immensely. Scant reading of astro manuals can program the client with an overly negative understanding of themselves. However, when they dig deeper they find out that the basic difficulty with Saturn/Capricorn is not that they are cheap, uptight, rigid, pessimistic, etc. These qualities definitely will show up more often in Saturnine types, however, it is more important to learn what’s really happening. As was stated in “The Exquisite Zodiac”, Saturn/Capricorn types are always doing one thing: making sure. By definition, if you are making sure, you are being careful. Climbing the mountainous crags and overhangs is not a place for flippancy.

They are dutiful and responsible and their sense of “making sure” overrules all else. Once the client sees that, it can really help them loosen up and expand their self-image. Capricorns do not wake up in the morning and say, “Boy, I wonder who I can go restrict today.” Their nature is basically conservative but that is because they have to make sure things will work out.

Whether it is in the job, the family, a relationship, buying a car, they are cautious. Aries are fast and impulsive, Capricorns aren’t. It’s that simple.

Another example is the misnomer of how suspicious Scorpios are supposedly. When one truly understands that their ice-cold distant ruler Pluto is always watching them from within, validating their intentions, it’s no wonder. They’re suspicious of their own motivations.

So, you can see the point that once we can see our basic archetypal layers at work, it helps us to see ourselves as more well-meaning.

Another example: many people have Moon in Gemini. This can be a conflicting feeling for signs such as Taurus, Leo, Virgo and Scorpio. These signs want to see things through to finality. But, the nature of their emotions (the Moon) is in a sign that is restless and is not made to cross the finish line. Just by knowing that, their overall intention is to start and finish and to also know that they bore quite easily, they can adjust their thinking and allow themselves more flexibility.

So, you see, understanding the seemingly conflicting energies that are all parts of you, you can aid yourself by not being so self-critical.

2. Confirm that the client has been thinking more or less along the correct lines.

Most consultations with clients end up with the client feeling confirmed. Our minds are a busy arena with many conflicting voices. When an astrologer sees how the archetypes or transits or progressions are taking place in a person’s chart, he or she can generally see how the person should be feeling. The astrologer can provide great assistance in clarifying what the momentary challenges really are.

Most people know where they are going but are quite nervous about following their own lead. When they find out that they are right on track archetypally, it is usually a great relief for them to be in sync “with the universe. (yourSELF)”

If not, it’s a good thing that the client can dialogue with the astrologer because usually that implies that the visit necessitates working through old blockages that have, in many cases, been in place for way too long. That way, they can “get back on track.”

3. Experience the client strengthening their “God-connection” within.

This one is my personal favorite. There is nothing like the feeling of having the client enhance their own faith in their internal guidance. Whether we call that “the still voice within”, “the Holy Spirit”, “the Universe”, “their guides”, “God” or whatever else…. This way they go home with a strengthened personal compass that is always with them. THAT, should be the goal of all spiritual practitioners.

Love to all,


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