If Our Leo Energies Get Out Of Hand



Volume 113, Starself Newsletter for May, 2015

Rick DiClemente

Granted, all 12 of the zodiac’s archetypal signs can be used or abused. They can be ridden to take you to the heights or drop you like a heavy weight. In the case of those with strong Leo attributes, which can be the case in your chart even if it isn’t your “Sun-sign,” a specific understanding of this Solar-based sign is paramount.

A-Rod, Armstrong, Bonds and Brady

All are Leo Sun-signs except Armstrong, who is a Virgo. But, his Sun is so prominently placed in his natal diagram that his solar (Sun) traits eventually got the best of him. And, what a price he paid. What a price most of them are paying.

How does this happen. Even a rudimentary knowledge of astrology constantly repeats the need for “Leo types” to hog the limelight. Is this true? Where does it come from and what is it really all about?

If you have read my book, “The Exquisite Zodiac, (TEZ)” you would have been introduced to the nature of astrology’s fifth sign Leo. In order to understand this fiery sign, you first need to know the intricacies of its predecessor, Cancer.

The very sensitive sign of Cancer the crab initiates emotion in the zodiac. This is no easy task. Because it is quite common for the Cancer to be immersed with the threat of being abandoned, they stick very close to the tribe, the family. This oft-uncertain sign in general needs more reassurance than any other. This is quite normal at this tender stage of the zodiac.

Cancer is the leader of emotion in the zodiac; quite giving, loving, protective and caring. But in so doing, they generally are quite timid. As you may recall, one of the central themes in TEZ is that each sign is a specific outgrowth of the sign before it. Because of this, Leo wants to shine. And it wants to show that it doesn’t need anyone’s approval in order to do so – as long as the Lion has its jungle – its domain.

Leo is gifted with fire: zeal and a strong ego. It is granted with the great inner sense that “I am right, it can’t be me that’s wrong, it must be them.”

That is their gift, and their curse.

Used wisely, those strong with the Leo archetype can be equanimous, loyal, loving, noble, highly virtuous, brave, generous and kind. It all depends on whether there are too many Leo markers in the chart. As with all 12 of the signs, you just don’t want too much of one or the other. It will make you quite unbalanced.

I think we call can see this self-assured characteristic at play when we recall Robert DeNiro (Leo) in his famous scene from Taxi Driver: “You talking to ME?! You CAN’T be talking to me!?”

This is Leo at its finest. The standard Leo reaction to human interplay is to be sure that they are right. But, that is quite different than proving that others are wrong. This is often the case.

As stated in TEZ, the main charge of the Leo archetype is to develop the soul’s confidence. And how else is this done except through self-expression and good solid feedback.

This is where the lions separate from the cubs.

Most people strong with Leo qualities accept their kudos, the ego gets rub-a-dubbed, and off they go with growing confidence. But, in quite a few cases, if the self is extra-hyper-sensitive, no amount of buffing will suffice. Now, we can see exactly what has happened in the cases of all the four exposes at the top of this article.

Bonds, the “greatest home-run hitter of all-time” will never shake his large asterisk. Armstrong, Armstrong, Armstrong! I TRIED to stick up for him for a long time because it is NOT in Virgos nature to cheat, i.e., everything is acquired by honest, earned hard work. But, that was before I got his accurate birth time which placed his SUN IN VIRGO at the top of the chart. Therefore, the Sun outshone the basic nature of Virgo’s humble nature. Top of the Alps, top of the stairs, top of the world, six times wasn’t good enough. Denial, denial, denial, proof, boom bang crash. Ahem, may we have your medals back, please.

When you are insatiable, well, you are insatiable.

A-Rod. Another who just had to have the title of the macho-masculine endeavor, hitting the most home runs. Drug use, enhanced performances, denial, denial, the sky is not blue, crash boom bang. Never learn.

Now we have the deflated inflated quarterback of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady. Being on top isn’t good enough. Enough said.

You see, when most people are in stress or in trouble they go to the power of their Sun-sign. And, with Leo, Leo says back to us, “NO, it’s not YOU, it’s THEM!” Even with former President Dubya who happens to be a Cancer but has a powerful Venus/Pluto combo rising in Leo. When the Leo is backed into the corner, they PUFF UP. The more pressure, the bigger the puffer fish gets. Even to the point of telling the United Nations in person, “Cmon, bring it on!”

The price we pay for the inflated ego. Endless.

It’s not just Leo. When does the Taurus stop pushing? When does the Capricorn quit trying to make sure? Just when, if ever, does the Libra stop trying to compromise? Does the Gemini ever stop skipping town?

You can see that every archetype of the zodiac has its place. Each has its job to do. Each has its strength, and in every case, if you flip that around, the strength is precisely indicative of their weakness.

There is a particular warning about for the sign of Leo however. What could that be? Well, if this sign gets too far out of hand, they can become a total, 100% legend in their own mind and become non-real. And, I’m not joking.

For the sake of the Leo themselves, these folks really have to learn at times when to cut bait and run as with all the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.) Our own archetypes lie to us. They mislead us at the same time that they empower us. They don’t really lie, we just become over reliant upon them.

This shows us once more that just like in life; just like internationally on a big scale; on the individual scale we simply must balance all of our energies and have them all work in harmony.


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