“There’s Something Happening Here”


Volume 114, Jan, 2016

Rick DiClemente

“There’s Something Happening Here”

Something is going on. You can feel it.

Almost every time I do a person’s chart, I inspect what I call a “past life chart.” I don’t think it’s really the past life in the sense that you may expect.

It’s almost like a chart that represents “where you’ve left off” just before you’ve decided, along with your spirit guides, how you want your “current” life to be. What lessons do you need to focus on in this time around? In most cases I’m finding that being so guilt-based and beseeching redemption at almost any cost, most of us have bitten off way more than we can chew. We have mistakenly believed that taking on the weight of the world would alleviate such inner torture. However, what we’re finding out is that God is just not that bad. (He/She doesn’t need worshipped, that would be us.) The Old Testament needs to be filed way back in the corners of our ancient libraries. It may have been apropos during the Ages of Taurus and Aries (4,000 BC – 1 AD), but as we leave the 2,000 year span of the Age of Pisces (1 AD to now), it is time for the collective to come down off of the mythical cross and end its own melodrama and self-importance. If we insist upon chastising ourselves, how can there be any other result than war between countries?

In almost every case, when I inspect this chart, the worldly stuff is stripped away, i.e., the marriage, house, children, jobs, etc. What’s left, and rightly so, is a vision of how the “soul” was left to experience God. I do not mean by this any type of religion. I’m talking about, how were you left as you graduated from your previous lifetime or dream?

In almost every case we have felt the great repression of cultures past. By that I mean, how repressive was your church-state, family, city-state, cultural mores etc.? You just wouldn’t believe how almost all of us are going through a liberating time where we are collectively being freed from past dogma and especially the Catholic sense of Mea Culpa. “It’s my fault. I am a sinner at heart.”


Well, that just doesn’t hold up anymore and this transition has begun where we are seeing ourselves as basically sinless and guiltless. No more can we sing the lyrics “Saved a wretch like me” in the song “Amazing Grace. Because. Because. Because. It no longer applies. It never did. It did during a long-term era where we allowed such self-deprecation.

It’s over now. It will not disappear overnight. MANY will still want to hang on to how guilty they are because it is perculiarly comfortable. However, more and more are becoming quite uncomfortable living in such impossibly tight shoes. As Chiron and Neptune continue their landmark journey through the marvelously spiritual sign of Pisces and we near the gates of the Age of Aquarius, mankind is changing. Thank all the gods.

I don’t think I’m unique in any way, but for some reason, almost all people I’m reading for now are those who are READY to resurrect old past-life patterns of keeping their light under a bushel – but now – no more. We realize what has happened and why. That’s the marvelous reward we have gained from us gradually accepting the fact that we have created our life the way it is. If you look at the flip-side and examine around you, you’ll see that those still suffering, in most cases, just don’t want to accept this fact. They want to continue to insist that holding on to “being the victim” holds some inherent value. Nothing could be further from the truth.

More and more, we are being freed. Think of those poor Afghan women with dark hoods over their heads. NO identity. That’s changing too. They have value, even more than their repressors. Make no mistake; we are in a new era. Call it “The Shift”. Call it “The Age of Aquarius”. It doesn’t matter what you call this time; we are moving through it while many are unable to get aboard and want to continue to blame THEM for causing our separation from mythical “good old times” which are almost certainly illusory.

Celebrate this new awakening. Really. It has never happened before and leads us into a new world of freedom AND responsibility. No longer can we look outside of ourselves and continue to evolve as a people. There are so many signs. There are so many great people “out there.” Most people are feverishly trying to get in touch with their personal “Hero’s Journey.” It’s happening everywhere. Many are resurrecting their old talents, dusting them off and getting with higher and higher callings.

This has become very clear to me. Over and over. Why is this happening now, you might ask? That’s very clear, too. Because we are ready. Nothing more or less. We are ready.

Oh, and by the way, I ask you, “What did you do that warrants so much guilt? Just exactly what did you do that was so bad?”

Blessings to all,


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