Preview of 2015


Rick DiClemente

Volume 109, January, 2015


Preview of 2015


In essence, 2015 will largely be similar to 2014. What is meant by that is that Pluto will continue through Capricorn, still in square formation to Uranus, in effect, for all of 2015. Neptune and Chiron continue to slowly separate as they still will inhabit Pisces. Saturn provides us with the big change, having left Scorpio behind for Sagittarius. The ace in the hole will be Jupiter traveling largely across the zodiac from the others, forming a “bucket handle”, all year long in the signs of Leo and Virgo.


Saturn’s shift into Sagittarius will not be as significant as in years past because Pluto’s continued dominance in Capricorn more than satisfies the Scorpionic effect that was gravely executed as it went through Scorpio the past 2 years. Saturn will revisit Scorpio briefly in the summer of 2015. As it became clearer when Saturn revealed itself in Scorpio, we found so many people losing their support systems. Pluto has been trying to tell us that we don’t need them as much as we think. The combination of stern Saturn in strong-willed Scorpio became a true test of our individual courage. That’s what that was all about.


Now that the opposing energies of Saturn ingress into the free-footing sign of Sagittarius, we have a whole different picture. Saturn does not exercise its natural cautious self in the carefree sign of the Archer very well. There are good sides to this, too.


First we must examine what Saturn wants to do. Much to the dismay of old astrology, Saturn is not here to limit you or bum you out as many have said – although, it will, if it has to get the job done. It’s a side-effect! Saturn’s job is to “make sure” things get done, such as a working society. Small things like that. When you wake up and face the facts and act in accord with what is needed, that is Saturn in control.


Now to the greatly misunderstood sign of Sagittarius: Sag is not always out partying all night. Sag believes that life should be fun and enjoyable, certainly traits that Saturn could use now and then. It also wants us to think big and open our arms widely and embrace the overwhelming abundance of life. But, the problem is that it’s kind of obvious; we desperately need both energies and, kept in balance.


So, as Saturn goes through Sagittarius for the next 28 months, its sobering effect will not get much support from Sag and Sag’s devil-may-care attitude will not fly in the face of Saturn. So, what gives?


Remember, there are no accidents. Saturn is precisely where it needs to be. There has been much rapid expansion in all social areas especially since 1) Pluto spent 13 years going through Sagittarius from 1995-2008 and 2) Uranus and Pluto have unearthed and blown apart so many old systems, it’s time for new structures. The rapid growth of the Internet is symbolic of THE NEW US operating within each other’s minds! We don’t need restrictions (web neutrality issues); but we do need paved neural pathways into this new inter-altered-state. You know, Saturn: red-lights, green-lights. And with this country being so Geminian and Uranian in it irrepressible, instant-gratification, ego- and fear- based consumer mentality; a lot more yellow lights, too.


We can no longer continue to function in splintered pieces; it’s Saturn’s lonely and underrated job to put things back together in a workable, efficient way. This means that we will be seeing a cadre of new Internet laws, social laws, education laws, welfare etc. etc. After all, what is a society except for a methodology for all of us to live together?  Jupiter/Sag and Saturn/Capricorn are THE two social archetypes. Sag extends us; Saturn confirms and solidifies us. Astrology cannot predict whether we’ll see a free Internet or not; it is clearly unpredictable how dominant the big $ Plutocracy will extend its greedy grip to.


The current state of the environment is exactly parallel to our inner state.

Not the other way around.


One thing we will see is that Sag is the sign of the “spirit of the law”. We’ve all seen so many times that the law is the law but isn’t necessarily doing what we all expect as humane and fair. So, there will be a great stress on all law-makers (if we can call them that) to do what’s right and puts some reality (Saturn) into our codes.


This could well backfire, as always, dependent upon us and our WILL. Saturn’s dark-side is limitation and the sound of cold boots on the ground. If it is loosed upon the body politic and wraps its legalese arms around American life with a stranglehold – look out.


The essence of Saturn in Sagittarius is to apply sensible control to things that have grown very quickly. It’s that simple. The rest is up to us. Remember, the planets don’t do anything; they are symbols of the archetypal shifts of our society.


On the completely opposite other extreme (thank GodDess), we continue to experience very powerful spiritual encouragement from Neptune and Chiron’s presence in the All-Is-One sign of Pisces. In fact, in mid-February we will have SIX planets in Pisces. This will echo periods that were similar in 2009, 2011 and 2013 “where all of a sudden” people just had to (Chiron) shift to their spiritual destiny. We have a strong collective sense that we can feel in between watching TV commercials. Our bigger self, soul, or whatever you want to call it wants to get involved now and wants each of us to mean more in the scheme of things.


Wait for it…


Enter, Pope Francis.


I need say no more. We’re all intuitive enough.


This February period extending several months in both directions will give us a GREAT BOOST and sense of support from “the Universe”, a dubious phrase. Nevertheless, never before have we seen such a huge explosion of spiritual interest. Do you think it’s a coincidence that our main structures had to start falling apart before we started to take our “God-purpose” seriously?


We are ready.

That’s the good news.


The Giant See-Saw effect will clearly continue for at least the next decade. It’s getting so bad (Uranus/Pluto) in so many ways and it’s getting so much better (Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter) at the same time (thanks to social media).


The existing trend of dismantling, coinciding with the New Reconstruction is downright confusing. This media magic or social-manipulation-alchemy must be carefully guarded against as PLUTOcracy continues to square and have it out with radical Uranus (freedom of the people).


Clearly, spirit is intervening which is where Jupiter comes in. Much overrated, Jupiter is not the panacea of all problems, However, it is a marvelous archetype (and astrology is almost totally symbolic), Jupiter will travel opposite all the other planets all year in the signs of Leo and Virgo. It’s almost as if Jupiter is saying, “Keep me away from that mess !” How Sagittarian. It is our hope and appears to be a shining light of a symbol of our Higher Self and our Guardian Angels.


Jupiter starts out in Leo as it gives us Fire, spiritual zeal, through August 11. After that, when Jupiter shifts into constructive Virgo, just watch how things change! We’ll be getting to work! The encouragement and will to do will grow pre-August, but after the 11th of August, move aside as the sound of the bulldozers and construction crews arrive. Watch how the roads and bridges get fixed; Virgo’s middle name.


Again, it’s no coincidence. Jupiter is strategically placed by itself, in the center of the whole zodiac, giving it tremendous strength in order to keep us encouraged. It’s reminding us that eventually, all will be okay. If anything, Jupiter represents “good karma.” Jupiter brings a sense of well-being.


We must now start to put our money where our Catechisms have been. Saturn in Sag means no more blind hope. No more rolling the dice and saying “Seven!” without even looking. Not only is it time for us to get real with our spiritual direction but it’s about time that we start to believe our wise predecessors who continue to tell us that we will not want for anything.


We are being looked after. SHe is intelligent; SHe is caring; SHe is knowing. Look at the fine mess that we’ve gotten into while we’ve been in the illusion of control.


We can no longer let the collective-ego be in charge. We need to hand the wheel over to our Higher Self – our True Self.



Happy New Year to everybody,




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