Ten Reasons Why Things Could Be Rough-Going Right Now

By Rick DiClemente

The following 10 astrological reasons have us experiencing a new era, not even referring to the approaching Age of Aquarius. The combination of all these, practically at the same time, is why people are saying to each other now, “I’ve never been through a time like this.” There never has been a time like this. It is new. It’s not all Trump either. We have never been in a period where newly-discovered Eris is fired up while Pluto is returning to its place of origin back in 1776. It certainly is a crazy time and the survival of our race is not guaranteed no matter how many warnings we have heeded or not. The climate; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually certainly is reflecting this.


One could use these energies as an excuse for stagnation, or frustration right now. However, that’s not the case. The planets do not fly by to make things harder on us.


The planets are us. They are our innards. Much of our pain currently is that we are trying to realize our connection to all other things. This has always been easy to talk about glibly. Now we’re seeing how these holographic and quantum worlds indeed are here to stay. Messrs. Cleaver and Newton are long gone.


Even though, with each, I will paint a picture of how these can be used to enhance (+) or retard (-) our evolutionary paths. Understanding is the key. Each planet, as always, is exactly where it needs to be. I guess one could say that we are going through a huge leap forward in evolution. And, as always, one choice many make during periods like this is to complain about the ride and try to drag one’s feet. It won’t work.


You cannot stop the energy of these planets from coming to you, as these energies ARE you. You can, however, go with the flow or fight it. That’s what this article is all about.


ONE: April 24th, Mars will be a degree from Pluto – As I was doing an preview of the year 2018, I saw one date stick out in particular: April 24, 2018. This is because Mars will be exactly one degree from hitting, or conjoining Pluto. We’ve been in this massive era-changing Pluto-in-Capricorn time period since 2008 and are about 2/3rds of the way through it until it finally ends in 2024. This combination has been affecting all earthlings. I’ve written about this, over and over, ad nauseum. It’s a time of reaching deeper to have the honesty and courage to root out all our individual and collective corruption. This Great Cleansing is for our own good. It is a critical step for growth in all ways. This is THE MAIN energy we’re dealing with now. Mars merely triggers more and more events, increasingly more significant periodically. This is why NUKES will be on the table at this time, and hopefully not in the air. If you really think about Pluto, it’s simple, it’s about being real with others and yourself. Honesty. The courage to be honest. Mars means action. Act honestly.


(+) We can use Pluto’s strength to renew and rejuvenate our lives if we have the courage. The number one thing one must do is get away from all codependencies. Codependencies are not always about people. That’s the key to liberating yourself. It can be an over-dependence on going to a favorite bar all the time; it’s things you do to “pass the time” and “avoid living.”


(-) Use it as an excuse to try hide. Then, it’s Pluto’s job to take your support from you and expedite your exit from the collective. It’s up to you. As I’ve written so many times; you don’t have to clean up your act overnight – but you must try. Then, and only then, will Pluto turn around in astonishment and help you.


TWO: Chiron entering a new zodiac – This “Centaur” riding along between Saturn and Uranus (it’s much like an asteroid), is so strong that we have become accustomed to calling it a planet. No matter what this planet or “the wounded healer” is called, it has clearly been urging so many that I have seen to find their spiritual path. One’s “Hero’s Journey.” It’s really that simple. I’ve never seen anything like it before. This is where the aid of a qualified astrologer is so helpful. Usually discovering your path lies just beyond your emotional blockages. We all can feel that there is indeed a path for each of us. I have also found that our path in so many cases is directly related to our most central of wounds. I have clearly learned that most of our wounds do not come from this lifetime, but from before. They are simply played out in another script in this lifetime.


(+) You can learn from your wounds, turn them into your gifts (which usually happens naturally around age 51 when it Chiron completes its orbit) and become an expert in teaching/healing what your wounds represents, or:


(-) Your wounds gets deeper, and likely metastasize.


THREE: Chiron in Pisces – Like it or not, we’re going through a massive spiritual crisis. This is why so many are turning away from organized “religion” and replacing it with true spiritual endeavors. Granted, much religion serves its higher purpose. But many have grown tired of “going through the motions” and want a more direct experience of their Higher Self, or God-Self. It’s truly a revolution. People need to separate the good feeling, the camaraderies and the socialization that goes on in church activities from the actual personal evolution that may or may not be taking place.


(+) This is a marvelous time in so many ways to grow spiritually. So many new avenues have become available. Never have I seen so many people yearn to become healers. (Chiron).


(-) The downside of this is if one continues to relate this to an attendance report for church-going. Are you missing the boat?


FOUR. Neptune separated from Chiron – During the past few years, Chiron was traveling next to Neptune through the zodiac in the sign of Pisces. This is largely why there has been such an upsurge in folks insisting on finding their Hero’s Journey. That comes from Chiron; leaning it towards spirituality is the job of Neptune. So, it was quite a powerful time of leaps in consciousness. In the past year, however, the two have separated as Chiron moves through the zodiac much quicker. I believe that Chiron is at least a co-ruler of the sign Virgo and that gives it a down to earth quality – a need to be productive and apply one’s skills. Since they have moved apart, subtly (which is exactly how Neptune works) Neptune has had a sharper, purer expression. In my opinion, Neptune is the most powerful of all the planets in that it represents total Oneness. So, in a sense, while paired with Chiron, Neptune had its feet held to the corporeal. When we encounter Neptune on its own, it can be a very confusing time; one where one feels lost if the spiritual bonds have not been developed.


(+) During this period, it has been and continues to be a great time to transcend the little “you” and get acquainted with the larger YOU.


(-) Many people experienced this: out of seemingly nowhere, people felt lost, like they couldn’t get their footing. That’s exactly what happens when you try to establish your footing in earthly identifications since they are transient and aren’t really there.


FIVE: The finale of Uranus’ last days of 7 years in Aries – We are experiencing a huge explosion of Arian energy as Uranus compiles and concentrates its fiery energies until it enters a new sign, Taurus, on 5/15/18. This is one of the major energies behind the #METOO movement as well as the uprising of the students at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida (as well as the flip-side and the massacre itself.) Aries and its ruler Mars rule guns. All in all, a burst of Aries energy makes us want to assert ourselves, as opposed to what we are told to do or should do. This can be a great energy if used properly.


(+) This time is for you to be yourself and allow yourself to be who you are, realizing that doing your will is the exact same thing as doing God’s will. If you really think about it. It is our inherent, blessed nature to want to share love with others – not the opposite. Enough of “fear of God”. It’s just not real or true. The Old Testament was a fear tactic.


(-) If you are too self-oriented, this could be a very troubling time as you will most likely be called out and maybe even confronted with an uncomfortable intervention. It is necessary however, to get your course corrected. There is only One Course anyway. They may all seem different, but essentially, we’re all headed home.


SIX: Saturn in Capricorn – If you, unlike me, are not used to heavy doses of Capricorn or Saturnian energy. This can cause you to experience that much more responsibility has been added to your shoulder bag. There is little you can do about it except to own it. We are being tested now as to how responsible we really are. You will not get away with shying away from your duties now. I have had many clients report to me a sense of relentless pressure, asking, “When will this let up!?” The reason for this is that your life has become haphazard and not the way that you need it to be. It is important at this time that you face the music. Saturn will actually help you if you simply make the effort.


(+) This is a great time to make sure that your life structure is how you want it to be. Saturn and Capricorn have to do with the very practical parts of your life: job, house, money, living situations, etc. You really do know how you want things to be, now it’s time to put action into those making it happen.


(-) You will not get away if you try to run from responsibility to another, a place, or an institution. Won’t happen. It’s actually the Saturn WITHIN you that causes this. It’s finished with enabling you, if that indeed has been the case. Don’t be surprised if you lose support systems rather rapidly. Saturn is trying to show you that you can handle things all on your own. Life really is a series of one problem after another. What matters is what attitude we hold as we encounter them, eh?


SEVEN: Saturn approaching Pluto – Notice how as I go down this list, things are getting heavier? That was done on purpose. There simply is no picnic when the two heavyweights of the zodiac pair up. These two players have been very active during times such as the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Holocaust, and 9/11. This does NOT mean that we will encounter another major crisis, but the probability is quite high. It is a time when the collective reaps its karma. One must be steadfast and bold during these periods. If you get knocked down 10 times, you must get up 10 times. It really is that simple. The great astrological mind, Richard Tarnas, wrote wonderfully and vividly about these periods in his epic book, “Cosmos and Psyche.” Effective new social structures can evolve out of such times, but only with hard work and keen insight. The combination of the two shows us how once Pluto exposes such corruption, Saturn follows right behind it trying to erect better social systems.


(+) There is no easy way to deal with this 3-year period. Put your nose to the grindstone and do what you have to do. It’s a great time to show your boss what a great worker you are. Don’t be surprised at all if you get promoted. Yes, from evil old Saturn.


(-) The weight upon you will be real. If you are experiencing it, most likely, it means that you have not been carrying your fair share of the load for quite some time. It’s caught up with you.


EIGHT: Pluto return for Americans – This is huge. Pluto will return to late Capricorn where it started in 1776. This era is so powerful, it’s already underway and will likely last another 15 years. We see it all around us. What we have taken for granted for so long has burst apart. Most problems we are incurring during this time are because Pluto doesn’t like it when we Americans have drifted away from our mission statement. It’s that simple. Now, we are asking ourselves who and what we want to be. That is absolutely essential, or we will continue see our stature in the world diminish. You cannot cheat Mr. Pluto. He sees through everything and can’t be tossed aside with glib responses. This is the planet of courage. It’s been building for a long time – we all know this – we can feel it. It’s not limited to the D.C. beltway.


(+) This can be a marvelous time if we get to it. I’m so tired of writing extensively about this one planet since 2005. Things are dangerous, nuclear dangerous, and that’s for real. If you would like to read more about it and get a better idea of how you or the USA are doing during this time, I refer you to this past article: Starself.com/four-stages-pluto-tell-one/


As I’ve tried to carve this idea into the collective for so long, if you work with Pluto, it WILL work with you. Read about that here: http:www.Starself.com/articles/pluto-will-help-just-say-yes/


(-) There’s no easy way around this; if you don’t step up to the plate, Pluto will work with your unconscious DEATH WISH and expedite your exodus from your current position. You’ll definitely start to notice this if you start to lose your support systems.


As with all things planetary; you don’t have to solve everything tomorrow, you simply must try. Don’t forget to ask for help. It’s out there, in all kinds of ways!


NINE: Pluto in Capricorn – We are now 2/3rds of the way through Pluto’s stay in Capricorn. It clearly has been the backdrop of this whole period which started in 2008 and will end around 2024. Since Capricorn represents organizations and institutions, you can clearly see how so much corruption has been exposed. For any system to maintain its health, it’s simply a necessary stage of honest introspection.


(+) Cleansing and purification hold their own rewards. That’s what this is about. It took me many years to focus on this combination and simplify it: it’s time to get real about ourselves and especially our relationships to all inhabitants of the earth, i.e. neighbors, Putin, frogs, lakes, Mexico, forests, North Korea, etc. The links listed above provide articles that go into much greater detail about Pluto’s nature. You can make great leaps forward for as I tell so many undergoing Pluto’s shadow, “Your power has arrived.”


(-) Believe it or not: many people do not want their power to arrive. They really don’t. They will insist that they do, but you’d be shocked at how many people will not trade their sense of victimhood for anything in the world. Life isn’t easy, Pluto is really the taskmaster. He wants us to be strong and passionate. It is within us.


TEN: Saved for last. The new discovery of Eris in Aries while traveling with Uranus – This may well be the biggest surprise of all – it’s too soon to tell. Eris was recently discovered in the past 15 years. That’s a baby in astrological terms. We still don’t know enough about her. She is known as the “Planet of discord.” It takes many years for us to truly discern a new planet’s nature. She moves through the zodiac very slowly as her path is well beyond that of Pluto. Her orbit is 558 years compared to Pluto’s 256. She’s really not a planet but suffice it to say that she is for astrological purposes. This frigid renegade of a planet takes 120 years just to go through the sign of Aries.


In mythology, which is how we start to learn about these new bodies, she was not included in the invitation list of a party of gods. That didn’t sit well with her. Now, she insists on being counted and being discovered shockingly next to wild Uranus in the past few years, the reemergence of the Divine Feminine is easy to see. She will be counted. Heard any #METOOs lately? Sooner or later, the collective will learn to take real astrology seriously. The archetypal energies that are discussed here are deeply embedded within all part of our collective psyche. True astrology needs to be taught K-12.


This new “discovery” of Eris, in my mind, is the number one reason that we’re finding this period so uncertain and rocky. We simply don’t know enough about Eris. We are learning, as marches on D.C. have started to show evidence. It’s absolutely astounding that all 10 of these sub-chapters are happening at once. I have no idea where to start or what to do. I almost have to start laughing when people ask me, “When will all of this be over?” I tell them, “If you can tell me what it IS first, that’d be a start!”


As in the past, adjusting to a new planetary discovery indicates without a doubt that we are ready to own this archetypal energy within ourselves. Or else, it wouldn’t be happening. That’s how it works. Look at the discovery of Uranus in 1781 (the Industrial Revolution); Pluto in 1930 (Hitler and the A-bomb); Chiron in 1977 (alternative healing.) There is no such thing as a coincidence.


Since this is true, it means that we are ready. Planets are unpredictable. When they combine with others, even more so. This is the major reason why there are so few good astrologers.


(+) What is being call political correctness now just might be evolution. Perhaps we have been too glued to the Tellies and have become too removed from our human nature? It’s surely what is needed now; not more technology. Eris wants us all to be counted and will continue to insist upon it. Stand up and be counted – she won’t do it for you.


(-) Vividly, if you do not want to be counted, you surely won’t be.


After all is said and done, you might be thinking to yourselves that this is really a dark story. As we all know, dark is simply a lack of light. I have done my very best to paint a picture of what’s really going on with the planets. We are traversing a helluva period, a New Era. It requires that we all reach deep. That’s for sure.


If you really sense it; and think it over, we very well may be coming out of another Dark Age. One that leads us to a New World. We were told a New Shift was coming. They were right. Out of the Dark into a New Renaissance. The Mayans were very smart.


With a conglomeration of planets such as these dominating the astrological headlines for years now – that’s why I have not been writing much. I have found myself speechless. And for me, that’s saying a lot.

Copyright 2018 Rick DiClemente and Starself.com