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Why Do I Have to Write About Neptune Again?


Because there’s a huge need for me to do so. Even if it’s short.



We are in a New Age. Everybody was saying it, was warning about it, predicted it, foresaw it, knew it; and now, we’re in it. There has never been an age like this before; ever.


I am not naïve enough to say this is all Neptune, because it isn’t. Mainly, we can’t get a clear view of Neptune (which is normal) because it is being accompanied by its sidekick, Chiron right now. And that, is huge.


IF ANYONE THINKS, EVEN FOR A MOMENT THAT TOTAL SOCIALIZED HEALTH INSURANCE FOR ALL AMERICANS ISN’T COMING; well, that’s why you need to study astrology. WE have ZERO chance fighting against Neptune’s and Chiron’s charges. They ARE absolutely insisting that we have this type of care or else we will collectively dissolve. (As if we haven’t already).


The body heals itself. It doesn’t heal

the liver and ignore the pancreas. Duh.


By definition, we cannot be a “United” States unless we are “United.” I am not going to talk much about politics here (largely because it’s useless,) but if we cannot be united in health, that leaves us divided and unhealthy – which are in effect the same things. All entities can only stand so much division; even the largely deluded, police station of the world:  The United States of America.


But health is just a very small part of all of this picture, albeit an illustrative one.


I told you, Neptune strips you naked as if you are standing in front of G_d.


Forget health for now. Forget the USA too. What is it like? What is it really like for you to strip yourself naked in front of G_d? You know. I don’t know. But you do.


There’s your answer. There’s no more hiding.


This is why “everything” seems so crazy now. Since Pluto reared its powerful head starting in early 2008, we have seen what it has done – it made it so no one could stuff anything under the carpet anymore. Now, it’s Neptune’s turn.


You see, the planets are INDICATORS of what time it is. What time it is for us, individually and collectively. And Neptune has made it clear – we will no longer survive unless we become Neptunian. And a simple way of explaining that is: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” A novel concept.


Why? Because you ARE them and they ARE you. And that, is no metaphor. This is why we are disoriented now. The period adjustment is taking place.


Stand up, speak out, tell others to save it: we are here for each other now or there will be no more here. Now, do you think the Mayans were guessing at 2012? They weren’t. They were brilliant and also, in my opinion, they got their “knowledge” from out there. I don’t care who objects: there is no way human beings saw 2012 coming thousands of years ago. But, hey, that’s good! It’s great to know that our universal brothers and sisters and whatevers have been looking out for us all along!


Back to Neptune.


I told you, it works through disillusionment. It is trying to make you disillusioned with your EARTHLY LIFE. And please, I’m really not trying to sound like a televangelist; it’s just the way it works.


Wrong use of Neptune: have an affair, become an alcoholic or drug addict, get divorced

Correct use of Neptune: appreciate what you already have and see the G_dliness in it


When any planet becomes active (and you’ll have to leave that prognosis up to talented astrologers), it stirs up the collective mind. And you and I are MUCH MORE of the collective mindset than we might think. The ego doesn’t like hearing that it’s not so special, does it. Neptune is POWERFUL right now. More importantly, it means that we are READY for its energy now.


I used to be an astrologer, then a humanistic astrologer, then a psychic astrologer, recently an intuitive astrologer, now I am bordering on an archetypal and quantum astrologer – but one thing I know now is that I am a READY ASTROLOGER. That means that now I KNOW that we are ready or Neptune wouldn’t be in Pisces with Chiron!


The challenges we are facing have been created by us, and for us in order to prove to ourselves that we can do this. Never before in history have so many new fronts been faced.


New institutions

New businesses

New ways of relating

New laws

New ways of looking our life periods, life styles and possibilities

New challenges to education, religion, spirituality, the media, on and on and on and on


We are ready for 2012.


Shedding our old tired skin is very painful and disconcerting.


Neptune is very simple, as all wonderful archetypes are. It wants peace, love and oneness. Good old hippie words.


No, we cannot have oneness when we stay invested in one-upmanship.

No, we cannot have oneness when one guy pays 2% on his taxes while another lady pays 33%.




It’s like throwing a ball up and wanting it to keep going up.

It’s like screaming at everyone in your family and expecting them to be kind and calm to you.

It’s like screwing everyone you work with and expecting them to make you Man of the Year.


There is natural law. G_d’s law.


We have gotten by with clubbing the nearest babe in the next-door cave and dragging her over to your cave. We have fortunately battled Hitler and defeated him. We brought down Saddam.


But now, the old ways are gone. Goodbye, adios. Certainly we will continue to have wars, but they must become obsolete. Now, we cannot afford to lose the inner war. It always was an inner war anyway, except we were not ready to hear that till now. Hello Neptune and Chiron. Neptune us about spirit and Chiron about healing and being cured.


We must now speak out against all the idiot Walkers of Wisconsin and any other deluded power-broker that is trying to exclude others of our human family. We cannot stand for it AMERICA-THE-CANCER!


Burying out heads in the sand “seemed to work for a long time” but it really didn’t. Now, we just have a whole lot more sand to get out of the way until we can breathe again. You always end up paying.


The secret is us and the coming Age of Aquarius as well as when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024. In Aquarius, we will finally be ready to work as one unit for the good of all mankind.


So, what to do in the meantime while we’re all so lost? So disoriented? Simple, we get with it. We get involved. We speak out against those bottom-line-kinda-beings that keep insisting on status quo (death.) Go to church if you want; find G_d on the mountaintop or in the deep blue sea. It doesn’t matter. But now, we must find our G_d-center no matter what it takes.


Like Ram Dass says, before you are enlightened, you chop wood and you carry water. After you are enlightened, you chop wood and you carry water.


We must see each other as precious gifts that appear in our local theaters as special, one-run, features. Because, that’s what we really are to each other. Special features. If you think that you just “run into someone by happenstance” you are blind and deluded. Everything is a message and there are no coincidences.


I will write much more about Chiron later as the time decides. Suffice it to say that Chiron is making ALL OF US VERY IRRITABLE UNTIL WE FIND OUR PATH. And, if there is anything I’ve learned about Chiron, Chiron symbolizes what is predestined for each of us. Our paths are not jive or meaningless. Likewise, our paths cannot bypass or ignore and exclude any “other.”


May your path become shiningly clear for you.

May the current fog teach you how far you have drifted off course.

May it encourage you now that this is the time to self-correct.


G_d Bless


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