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From a reader. This is WHY you need to read “The

Exquisite Zodiac”.


So awesome!! Rick has a straight-to-the-point and so right-on way of explaining the perfect balance of the heavens... I have been a student of astrology for years and this book, accessible to beginners as well, has deepened my understanding more than any other. I LOVE RICK!!!!”


[It would really behoove you to read the whole book, not just the sign you are used to; it explains how it all fits together!  You really can’t understand what you call your “Sun-sign” without understanding all of the others. Rick]





New Age Martyrs


If I hear or read one more time phrases like this: “You need to get rid of your ego.” “You need to ignore your ego.” “You need to realize that your ego is not real.” “You need to befriend your ego.” “You need to forgive your ego.” “You need to realize that your ego is your enemy”, etc., etc., I’m going to make myself a nice hemlock smoothie, and drink it down.


So there.


There is a very strong common denominator among many of my clients, i.e., too strong of a Neptune or Pisces influence. And Neptune or Piscean energies can only operate if the ego is “held in check” or overlooked, or as “A Course in Miracles” states: forgiven. Now, if you know me well, you’ll know clearly that Neptune/Pisces archetypes are my very favorite of the zodiac, however…. they can be very misleading, confusing and dangerous energies.


How does one “get” a strong Neptune/Pisces influence in their chart? First of all it should be stated that the planet Neptune rules the sign of Pisces. Many people don’t realize how closely aligned these are even though one is a planet and one a sign. These are just some of the ways you can have a very strong Neptune/Piscean archetypal influence in your natal chart:


1.     Sun in Pisces

2.     Moon in Pisces

3.     Pisces rising

4.     Many or significant planets in the 12th house (The Piscean house in all charts)

5.     Many or significant planets in strong aspect to Neptune (conjunction, opposition, square)

6.     T-squares to Neptune

7.     And so on


If you have read my new book, “The Exquisite Zodiac”, you will clearly note that the entire book is one steady crescendo to the final sign of Pisces – the sign of selflessness.


But, there are clear-cut healthy ways to manifest these energies and darker temptations. Neptune/Pisces (N/P) people have a natural sense of yielding, letting others go first, caring about others to large degrees, being selfless, gentle, non-confrontive and in general, avoiding conflict and/or the realities of life. Their tendency to escape is really based upon a deep archetypal influence of wanting to “go back Home” or return to God. However, the “escape” temptations of this sign or planet often go awry, giving way to alcoholism, drug-use, criminal behavior, self-delusion or psychosis and many other unpleasant manifestations.


The healthy desire to “go with the flow” unfortunately far too commonly becomes aimlessness, floating with no purpose or ambition. It can become a sad situation. I once sat with a quintuple Pisces (Sun in Pisces, Moon in Pisces, Pisces rising, major Neptune configurations all in the twelfth house!). Much of her day was spent listening to voices coming out of her TV telling her what to do – the TV was tuned in between channels. A very sad experience. Certainly an extreme case.


That just gives you a very general background of this mostly misunderstood beautiful energy. What I’m talking about in this article are those oh-so-many people who think that any time anything goes wrong in their life, it must be their fault. The only response they have learned to “get themselves through life” is to hang on the cross for a few more days or months or years. Clearly, our grave (pun intended) misunderstanding of one Jesus of Nazareth holds a great deal of disinformation about what His sacrifice was really all about. I am no religious scholar, so I will stop here.


So, many of my clients have a very strong interest in “spiritual” matters. These can be from meditation, astrology, healing, sound therapy, aroma therapy, yoga, and on and on. The world is changing very rapidly and it IS time for all of us new “light workers.” Thank GodDess. But so many get their charts read only to find out that they have largely become doormats for those (all-to-ready-to-take-advantage-of-them) around them. Many N/P people simply are excessively hypersensitive and/or had parents who were either unavailable to them or were drunk or violent. The N/P person hid in his or her closet doing artwork, staring holes through comic books and otherwise building and populating castles in the sky.


Whenever I get these kind of clients, which is all-too-common, I have to work so hard trying to show them that those days are long gone and that they may still be acting as if they are still in that dysfunctional reality. Reality is so emotionally based; don’t you think?


So many tears have to fall for healing. So much forgiveness work must be done, especially for the self. We’re all doing the best that we can. Do not be misled: you need to have a STRONG ego before you can afford to put it in its place and let it go. How long has it taken us to figure this out? Real strength is when GodDess is working through us; we all know that. GodDess can’t work through a weak vessel. It’s that simple.


So, the next time you are with a new-ager who is trying to continually advise you to be quiet, don’t say anything, be non-confrontive, think again. Often times it does NOT match what your inner voice wants to say – and we all know Who that Inner Voice really is. As it says at the end of the Pisces chapter in “The Exquisite Zodiac”:  You are here to do God’s will, not everyone else’s.



(all times Eastern)


6/30-7/3 Sun opposes Pluto and Tsquares (what else) Uranus in Aries 8:03p - Start out with a bang! Now we see the Sun crossing 2nd base (see last newsletter) and triggering the power of Uranus in Aries. Once again, personal revolution. Nothing. More. To. Say. Let. Yourself. Out. Of. Your. Jail. And go do your thing – boom – don’t hold back, let it out; the door to the birdcage is wide open; go! I can hear those fireworks on the Fourth! (This is no exaggeration!)


7/8 New Moon 16° Cancer 18’ 3:14a – The New Moon with Mercury in Cancer and trine to Chiron in Pisces should be a very welcome emotional change from tough old Saturn bossing us all around in Scorpio. In the midst of so many challenges nationally and to the collective, it’s the perfect time to lick our own wounds. Here’s the clear message: For those of you who have been living on emotional fumes, and you know who you are, go get some real strokes, some real chicken soup, somewhere! For many of us: stop taking your family for granted. Picnic time!


7/17 Uranus goes Retrograde at 12° of Aries 1:20p – Triggering  this ever-present Uranus square to Pluto, look for major slow-downs, retreats, think-agains, holding-backs. Uranus in Aries has been threatening warfare big-time on many levels. Very dangerous. Look for this to chill down for a bit and thank Goodness, cooler heads should prevail. We can all use this period. Let the steam out! Pssshhhhhhh!


7/20 Mercury goes Direct 2:22p – A welcome bit of sanity from the Trickster as Mercury slowly turns forward and gives us all a break. He’ll be back in 90 days. Hee hee.


7/22 Sun enters Leo 11:56a – Even though things are tough with Saturn in Scorpio, we eagerly await Solar energy from the sign of Leo, giving us all a boost to our often-battered sense of self.


7/22 Full Moon 0° Aquarius 06’ 2:15p – This lunation will be rough and tough, t-squaring Saturn in Scorpio. This means that once again, it will be time for hard decisions. No backing out of it, take the high road and the courageous one in order to be successful. Leave your whine at the house; this is no time for it, believe me. Stand your ground especially if you and your close ones are “arguing” over shared possessions. Choose your fights carefully. Some fights just aren’t worth it. Some are.

7/26-31 Mars opposes Pluto (crosses 2nd base) and T-squares Uranus in Aries – This is the one I’ve been waiting for most of the year. This is the extremely violent aspect between Mars triggering the opposition of Uranus in Pluto. So many things will happen. It does NOT mean that YOU will have violence in your life, get that clear. But, it does mean that where there has been a long-standing “where’s the action” question in your life, look for very harsh outcomes. YOU MUST ACT BEFORE THIS ASPECT FORMS OR ELSE YOU ARE ASKING FOR EXCESSIVE STRESS. Be careful. This ongoing tension of Uranus square Pluto that will be with us for 2 more years will boil over once again. Count on this like clockwork. If you are proactive and taking care of what you need to, don’t be too concerned. It may be bumpy, but it will most likely be very productive for you. If, however, you have been avoiding “taking care of business”, you already know exactly what’s going to hit the fan. Put on your waders and goggles.





So many people ask me “how” to let go; it’s hard for many of us. I never know what to say other than to “let go” or in better words, stop worrying about it, or stop feeding the problem with mental thought that cons us into thinking that it can “fix” something. I recently asked a friend of mine to write a piece about this. She had successfully let go. I asked her, what did you let go of? In her words, she replied:


As I sit here pondering, the answers just come. I have let go of most everything. The only exceptions are my core beliefs and even those have changed a tad but only through growth. It all had to go really, all my preconceptions about life and all the programing that was instilled within. My deepest pain, anger, guilt and fears had to be dealt with for they had chocked me for far too long. In my journey I have been to the depths of darkness and the ultimate light. I am my experience; my experience is me only through being one. Over the last several years the universe has been very kind to me by sending beautiful people in to help me along my path - people that had knowledge in the teachings that my Spirit desired. Funny how that works if only you’re open to it. It has been a series of connecting the dots and what a wonderful experience it has been. I feel that I'm exactly in the space that I am meant to be in at this time of my life and learning what I need to learn in this space. The energy is incredible and at times I feel I will surely spin out in the most delightful and magical sort of way. Being awake comes with much responsibility and so much to do. I am aware of the darkness of the world, trying times were living in, but I truly believe that it is all the more reason to be a part of and contribute to the cause, there are so many. My Spirit is strong and willing today and as long as I'm aware, I can do anything I choose to do. Walk in the light beautiful people, enjoy all and live....JC.



May the planets be with you as you find your Starself!” - Rick

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