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“This may be the only review I ever write on Amazon. I do so because I feel very strongly in support of this work. I have studied with Rick for three years. As a Scorpio with strong Saturn and Pluto, I would not waste my time with someone who is not the real deal- Rick is the real deal! This man lives and breathes Astrology and is a fantastic teacher. He has a magical way of getting inside the signs and communicating their essence. I feel very privileged to know and work with Rick.


I see this book as a very pure distillation of the essence of the twelve signs, how they relate to each other and to the zodiac as a whole. It is apparent that Rick and Liza took great care to cut through many of the ambiguous aspects of astrology. Anyone, no matter their experience in astrology, could benefit greatly from the clarity and focus in this book. I admire the authors for the way they speak the truth from their experience so boldly. They offer many unique insights that other authors do not seem to consider. If you wish to better understand and appreciate our unique qualities as human beings, from an Astrological perspective, look no further!” - Ryan




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The Mayan Calendar Ends and Starts Anew

(No, it’s not the end of the world)


I have been asked so many times the past few years, “What’s going to happen in December of 2012?” Well, here we are, and no, it’s not the end of the world. I don’t know who (the media) came up with that panicked idea. It is the end of a cycle that began 8/11/3114 BC. No one knows why the Mayans back-dated this calendar before their own actual existence! But, more importantly, this is the beginning of a new one.


On Friday, December 21, 2012 at precisely 11:11:11 a.m. in Greenwich, England, the current Mayan calendar comes to an end. I have no idea who could have developed such an intricate, complex set of mathematics, but I have a very strong hunch it didn’t come from a “human” mind. The mere fact that 37 seconds later we enter winter is too accurate to set aside.


There is a reason for this offset of 37 seconds,

we just don’t know yet, and it’s not a mistake.


Keep in mind that 10 days are “missing” from the modern Gregorian calendar that Pope Gregory chopped out of October in 1582. (They needed to adjust the calendar for accuracy’s sake.) The day after the 4th became the 14th. This was kept in mind somehow to ultimately interject this tiny interval and still have the “Mayan Day” be within 37 seconds of the start of this coming solstice.


So, what does all of this “end” mean? From what I’ve seen, there are already thousands of explanations. Who knows? There are plenty of experts on the subject and I’m not one of them. I have something else to talk to you about. But first, intuitively, the greatest description I’ve heard yet is that the Mayan Day marks the end of our childish inhabitance of this planet – the years in which we took this orb for granted is over.


It is time for all of us to grow up and treat this planet with the respect it deserves.


That makes sense. Look at what a poor job we have done in regards to how we’ve mistreated each other and the earth for so long. I don’t have to be a seer to tell you that the earth is quite angry. Do not doubt this. The earth is very intelligent, and currently, it is rejecting our inhabitance. Seen any floods? Earthquakes? The earth will protect itself.


I am not going to dwell on the past but it has become extremely obvious that we are evolving and at a phenomenal rate. There has been so much talk the past few years of ascension and raised vibrations, et al. I can’t tell you how so many of my clients are insisting now on quitting their jobs and becoming light-workers.


Here is the kicker. For several years, I kept looking at the chart for 12/21/12 and wasn’t that impressed. That made at least one of my Spock eyebrows rise. “Hmmm.” Then, out of nowhere it seems, someone came up with the exact time (music to an astrologer’s ears) of the end of the Mayan calendar (what’s called the “Long Count”), AND THE START OF THE NEXT ONE. 11:11:11 a.m. to be exact. So, I plugged the date into my Solar Fire software and WHAM! I was knocked over.


Why calculate the chart for Greenwich, England? Because it’s the modern center of astrology and it’s no coincidence that that marks 0° longitude for the planet. When that chart was calibrated and appeared on my screen, there it was:


Chiron together with Neptune rising right on the ascendant.


I cannot explain to you how significant that is. A planetary combination in a chart is one thing, but for the pair to be RISING – it totally dominates the whole chart as well as


the next 5,000+ years.


And that’s not all. The whole chart is simply phenomenal! Chiron and Neptune of course are in the wonderfully spiritual sign of Pisces and are at the tip of a T-square formed at the base by Venus & Mercury in Sagittarius in the ninth house and Jupiter in Gemini in the 3rd. This CLEARLY means many things, but the main one, I think, is that the time just might be ripe for us to establish communication (if we haven’t already) with those other than earthlings. Certainly, we’re coming closer and closer to discovering more about life on other worlds.


The symbols are so clear. The phenomenal impact that it will have on our whole existence is beyond description. Besides “interplanetary” communications, it bodes greatly for the increased communications between all of us. I cannot express enough HOW POWERFUL Chiron and Neptune in Pisces rising is. It is a monumental promise of a world that will finally learn to live together in love and caring. (Unless we choose to ignore it. More on that later.)


Yes, Pluto will still be squaring Uranus in that birth chart, a symbol that will always be with us representing the fight between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” Even so, the orb of the square will be 5°, and that sure is a lot better than 0°! (This also indicates by direction that we have about 5 years to get this work done. To get the gridlock out of congress (and ourselves) and get our ship righted, or, or, or…) The fight will continue, which means that we won’t adopt our new way of being overnight, and actually, it’s best to have a chart with some tension in it, else complacency can set in. We’re not going to see a utopia, that’s for sure, but the power of Neptune, the spiritual planet inspired by the mission-accomplisher, Chiron, certainly indicates that we’re going to be getting with it. I’ve told you this: I’ve seen it clearly: light-workers are having more and more required of them while so many others are just itching to get involved in order to help out the “movement.” That couldn’t have been made any clearer than in the recent election.


The fact is the earth is in trouble, and the risen masters know it. They are here to help us. If you have a half of a dosage of intuition, you can feel it by now. You can call them Jesus, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Allah; I don’t care what you name them. They are here now in force. After all, don’t we all claim to believe in at least some of them? Isn’t our “God” from outer-space? He/She/It surely wasn’t from Biloxi.


We have always been IN outer space.


So, we flip to the next “page” of the Mayan calendar, that’s why it’s circular, it spins and spins. More about that chart - an amazing chart. In that 12/21/12 chart:


·       The Sun of course is in the final degree of Sagittarius (almost directly lined up with the Galactic Center), the forward-looking sign. The Sabian Symbol meaning of that degree is, “The Pope Blessing the Faithful.” That’s rather evident.

·       The Jupiter opposition to Venus and Mercury clearly indicates improved communication, governments working collectively, teaching and learning on an unprecedented scale, etc.

·       The Internet continuing to change womankind at an incredible pace.

·       Saturn strongly placed in the middle of the 8th house in Scorpio strongly supports the two rising planets giving them depth, sustenance, and integrity. Chiron and Neptune are here to stay.

·       The Moon next to Uranus in Aries (but not too close) indicates a freshness, a directness and rebirth to the way we feel together. This is a very optimistic symbol.

·       The Southern Lunar node comes out of the 2nd house indicating that we will feel like coming out of our shell, our sequestered homes in exchange for opening our arms to include others; finding our value by closing the gaps with others.

·       Venus in Sagittarius squares the ascendant indicating that we will become less tense around others and find fun and excitement interacting with a wider diversity of people.

·       Mars is exalted in Capricorn and mysteriously on the cusp of the 11th and 12th house. This could be no better! This indicates that we will press for efficiency and sustainability in all of our actions, but more importantly, its nearness to the 12th house shows a readiness to surrender our will (Mars) to a Higher will. Thank God, will ya?

·       The guiding influence coming from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces will be the final straw; it will change the collective so that we will finally become less materialistic AND LOST. Perhaps some church-goers will start to see what we ALL have in common. We’re all saying the same things – people just happen to dance differently.

·       The Midheaven (top of the chart) is surrounded by the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of hopeful optimism. Hope springs eternal with this new chart. It means we can aim for new heights just as our old worn-out systems are nearing their last breaths. This is no exaggeration. The Internet is gradually giving 7 billion people one common voice. This cannot be overstated.

·       You have seen NOTHING in comparison to the numbers of people remembering their psychic abilities and origins. I can’t even touch this line, the implications are truly staggering for non-verbal communications and distance-healing.

·       I think we’re going to see the end of cancer (the illness) and AIDS simply because what are illnesses except for a variety of energy systems “within” and “without” the body that are not communicating harmoniously.

·       More and more healing will be facilitated simply by INTENT. Nothing more to say: less pills, less “Doctors.” Less need for “illness” insurance. What do you think has been causing such a STINK these past few years in regards to “health” insurance? Neptune and Chiron IN PISCES (we’re all One) insist upon it. We are one body. (The current insane thinking says things like: “Oh, I think I’ll get my bottom cavities filled but ignore the top ones.”)

·       The Sun is 9° from Pluto indicating, by direction, that 9 years from now, or 2021, around the time of the USA’s Pluto return is when the real large scale transformation will take place. It all fits so exactly; so, exquisitely.


When we relocate the Mayan chart for Washington, D.C. (instead of Greenwich, England) we see how it will specifically affect our country.


That chart shows Neptune and Chiron doing their work in the 3rd house, in other words, we are going to start thinking in less fear-based ways; ways of abundance instead of lack. Uranus in Aries finds itself very close to the nadir, or bottom of the chart. This symbolizes that we’ll become more adventurous as a nation instead of our old cautious Cancer ways. We will carry our homes on our backs more and become less earthbound. Our minds will free us to live in a more resplendent collective.


The old family unit will be needed less and less as we truly will have villages to grow our young. A much more enlightened approach. Imagine, babies sleeping with their parents (a much healthier, natural way) as most animals do on this planet. Mercury rising in Sag opposed to Jupiter on the descendent is the main construct here. This means a much more open America; a true world leader when it comes to educating and learning with the rest of mankind. 


Interestingly enough, if we look at the birth chart of the current “long count calendar” that started some 5,000 years ago, we get a chart (for the Yucatan) that has Sun in Cancer almost precisely on the midheaven with Uranus and Pluto exactly together in Capricorn and precisely opposite the Sun. This chart foretold of all the power struggles that were to take place over 5 millennia. That certainly proved out. No wonder we had so many wars.


Remember, with our free will, we can choose to resist and abuse this influx of Divine Grace if we want to; it won’t be the first time. It is not guaranteed, it is our choice. God gave us free will – His greatest gift.


I don’t have to tell you what will happen if mankind abuses the potential of this month’s chart. The Neptune will sour and turn to lies and deception and we’ll have many more floods; the Chiron will surely result in more wounds on every level; the promise of the 3rd-to-9th house Venus/Mercury opposition to Jupiter will manifest in controlled media sources - indoctrination. (Sound familiar?) Can we really afford to deny the potential of this marvelous turning point by neglecting our Source? That’s how we got into this mess in the first place, is it not?


None of us can continue to operate disconnected from our Source. It is apparent.

That’s why the old calendar is ending.


And you thought it was the end of the world? It is. The old one.


Personally, I’ll be very glad to see the chart that we’ve been living under for so long lose its influence; I’m kinda tired.




(All Times Eastern)


12/13 New Moon 21°Sagittarius45’ 3:42a – This wonderful Sagittarian New Moon will exaggerate the t-square to Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. This will be a boost both personally and collectively for peace during the holiday season. This is no minor matter. Chiron and Neptune are busy changing our mindsets. This will give us more faith in joining in the progressive, optimistic movement.


12/13 Uranus goes Direct 7:02a – Another period in this story, once again, Uranus changes direction and starts back into its fight with Pluto. Expect to see more “Arab-spring” type events happening all across the globe. One manifestation of this is the “have-nots” (Uranus) is having it out with the “haves” (Pluto). This will go back and forth for two more years. The next exact square, #3 of 7, will be 5/20/13. Find yourself ready to rebel. #1, make sure you focus your liberation upon yourself first before blaming others.


12/21 Sun enters Capricorn 6:12a – This is not simple: the Sun will trigger the overall story once again, that being Pluto in Capricorn. A story that extends from 2008-2023. Another sub-chapter where we have to uproot and cleanse impurities in all of our systems. The cleansing is primary to our liberation.


12/25 Mars enters Aquarius 7:49p – Well Mars never shies away from being in wild Aquarius, now, does it? The blunt, forceful, direct mannerisms of Mars are not going to get any trouble from Aquarius. Aquarius is humane though, so don’t go bashing into China shops. This is a time to release your personal pent-up desires. All systems go!


12/28 Full Moon 7°Cancer6’ 5:21a – Get ready for a moody preface to your New Year’s Eve. This should pass before the turn of the calendar. Cancer being opposite the busy battlefield of Capricorn will say to us, “I know all this political and social upheaval is happening, and needs to happen, but I have to take care of myself too.”


God Bless all of you,

May your HolyDays be full of love, faith and Oneness.


May the planets be with you as you find your Starself!” - Rick


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