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“As a follower of Rick’s monthly newsletter and someone who has a lot of interest in astrology but very little knowledge on the subject I was very excited to hear he was writing a book on the subject as I knew from his newsletters that his skill at interpreting the Zodiac and the planets was very accurate.

The book did not disappoint at all! From the first page it was informative and very insightful. By the end it did what it promised at the beginning. As well as having a much more solid understanding of Astrology and the zodiac I was able to see not only my own character and astrological influences but also those of family and friends, giving me a much greater understanding of what makes us tick and compassion for those I previously found hard to understand.

100% well done Rick & Liza - a clear and informative read.”

Sarah - UK




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Coming Out of Your Skin?



How many times do we hear this? Think it’s a meaningless, throw-away line? Do we realize how lightly we take it when we say, “Whatever comes to me.” “What came over you?” “What’s gotten into her?” “When the spirit moves me.” “It just came to me.” “I not getting any new ideas.”


All of these phrases indicate just how CLOSE we really are to our true identity. We are not our body; we are a spirit inhabiting one. However you want to put it. These thoughts will pave the way for our next book, “The Intimate Zodiac.”  Today’s astrologers are starting to get the idea, but most horoscope writers are still stuck in the “I’m in here – the world is out there – mentality.” More and more it’s making sense, I guess what I’m trying to tell you is that:


Your astrology is much closer to you than you think!


I can’t tell you how many hundreds of times I tell a client something, and they say, “That’s funny, I was just thinking that.” I’m not a mind-reader, but what I do know is that YOU, YOUR THOUGHTS, THE PLANETS are all the same thing.


Do not ask me how it works, because I’d have to get into very long, complex, quantum explanation. Believe me, it does, and I mean 100% (which is why I checked it out in 1978 and haven’t stopped since) and just remember: “What’s true above, is so below.” It really is that simple. Our problem comes from identifying with that small ‘you’ instead of the larger, cosmic-sized One.


But, we’re all getting closer and closer to true understanding of WHAT

we are, that’s why the old Mayan Calendar is soon ready to turn the page.


The new astrology is upon us. I don’t know why, but the word “astrology” doesn’t suffice anymore. It was ok for a while, largely thanks to newspaper horoscopes and cleavage magazines.


Maybe you don’t believe it, but I find it almost impossible to talk about this anymore. As I write this under a 6 degree Full Moon in Taurus! When you don’t really understand astrology, it is so difficult to get it. It takes time and viewing thousands of charts to really see what I’m saying. All of you need a reading from a very good astrologer – you won’t believe what you don’t know about yourself.


Coming out of my skin? What does that mean? There are forces “inside” of you that mirror, or match, or are symbolized by the planets. I can’t explain it. THAT is true astrology. When “you”, or whoever you think is you, feels like YOU are coming out of your skin, YOU ARE!! You are much bigger than any skin can contain. This is also why you may have experienced out-of-body experiences or remote viewing.


Now, I’m not talking about being real upset or even a healthy dose of human neurosis here… I have talked so many times about this; it is easy to keep on glossing over these facts. You are not your body. You are not contained within your skin (ruled by Saturn by the way). You are big, really big, infinite in fact. Kinda flies in the face of all the narrow-minded, myopic definitions you were forced to swallow way back during your indoctrination period called childhood. How can God be All that is, and yet, you are left out to your imagined singularity? That’s the key; it is all an illusion. And even so, this physical world of separateness does “exist” on one level of reality. Confusing. Don’t use your mind.


Wonderfully intended religions, philosophies, and spiritual standards have tried to teach us this concept. Jesus had his words and ways. The Buddha listed a menu of behavioral suggestions. On and on and on all of the many seers and Holy Persons tried to tell us that we are more than the body and we have the nerve to argue that we believe we have a soul? Whatever that could be. Most of us don’t believe we really have a soul. We don’t even know where it is! Inherently, deep inside, we KNOW that we are connected to something very Divine. We know it when we make love, when we look in each other’s eyes, when we see a newborn. We are just rather uneducated in this field and we don’t understand it; therefore it scares us.


The planets urge to ‘us’ break loose. I heard this recently, so accurately put,”God works in us, as us.”




What could this mean? This principle is explained ad nauseum in “A Course in Miracles” and thousands of other spiritual works. We are expressions of God. We sing these words; we see these principles in TV shows and movies, yet, when we directly experience this fact, we just don’t know what to do with it. That’s the key:


We don’t have to do anything about anything. Simply let it be as it is.

Let it come through us unfiltered.

We’ve all heard it, “Let go, and let God”, same thing.


This idea is put forth so beautifully by Marianne Williamson in her phenomenal book, “A Return of Love”: “The trust in the force that moves the universe is faith. Faith isn’t blind. Faith is believing that the universe is on our side, and that the universe knows what it is doing. Faith is a psychological awareness of an unfolding force for good, constantly at work in all dimensions. Our attempts to direct this force only interferes with it. Our willingness to relax into it allows it to work on our behalf. Without faith, we’re frantically trying to control what is not our business to control, and fix what is not in our power to fix. What we’re trying to control is much better off without us, and what we’re trying to fix can’t be fixed by us anyway. Without faith, we’re wasting our time.”


It’s all just happening, but we are not the authors or the doers. This is why we have so much suffering and stress because we con ourselves into thinking that we can alter affairs. How can we do anything when it’s all God? That’s precisely why we have to let Him/Her/It to come through us. That’s precisely what planetary energy is.


So, we ask, how can there be an “us” when we are told we are all One. This can be very confusing especially IF you make the mistake of trying to reason through it. Anyway, somehow, the planets symbolize forces that want to come through us, up and out of us. And while we are busy repressing these feelings or censoring them, they don’t really manifest the perfect Divine expression that is you. That’s why all we  can do is screw it up (ego). Unless we let it go naturally. Did you ever notice how the people who you might think are “highly evolved souls” are just so natural and easy and at peace with whatever comes up? How is it said? “Everything will be ok when you are ok with everything?” Makes me think of the Dalai Lama. Not holding on anywhere, just letting be what is without judgment.


After all, all of these planetary promptings or urges have to pass by our mental constructs. More heavily, their impulses have to get beyond what Mom and Dad told us was true; they have to transcend our logic unit (heaven forbid); get past the emotion test guards and agree with our rigid ever-changing image of what is proper for each of our body types, and social positions, etc.


So, we come out of our skin. We can’t take “it” anymore. What is the “it”? It’s the fight of not letting NORMAL, intuitive expression out into the “world.” “I’ve had it up to here!” Notice, it has to get to here before we blow. That’s because we often have preconceived (or church conceived) ideas of what natural expression should look and feel like. How many of us feel like programmed robots? How many of us are real comfortable with spontaneity? How many want instead to “hang on” to somewhere we call “safe.” How many of us are not really comfortable in our “comfort zone?” Forget that.


There are other ways that are safer and saner. It’s called education. One of the saddest days of my life is when I asked my first grade son, “What did you do today?” He said, “I sat on my tape.” I thought, oh my goodness, what could that ever mean in a first-grader’s mind. Again I asked and again he replied, “I sat on my tape.” Well, I came to find out that the teacher had put a masking tape X on the floor where he was to be imprisoned all day, er I mean, to sit.


That’s all he could remember from a whole day


What effects do we subject our kids to at such an early impressionable age. Think of the energy blocks we unknowingly create. Think of the years they’ll have to spend unlearning our input, if they ever can accomplish such liberation. This is exactly why WE have trouble with transiting planets. Why we groan when Pluto or Saturn are near. These planets earmark natural eras in our lives. Kids are already born to perfection. I get to visit with these “first-graders” 50 or 60 years later in my office, and many, many of them have done little to expand their circle of expression beyond their tape range. It’s no wonder how explosive it can become when PLUTO or URANUS come into their lives at various ages and they explode. Literally. Strokes. Aneuryisms. Heart attacks. Broken bones. Seizures. Cracks. Do you think those aren’t explosions to your various organs and energy systems? Is it any wonder that so many of us are visiting a wide variety of “energy healers?” What do they all specialize in? Getting around and dissolving our blockages. In most cases, blockages were created from stuffed feelings.


This is what astrology can clearly identify and help us with.


The energy has to go somewhere and if the self is not educated, it doesn’t know HOW TO IDENTIFY what it is. (This is why we SAY, “What’s getting into me?”) It’s YOU. It’s your SELF. Uranus (as just one planetary example) IS yourself. Forget the planets; you don’t need to become an astrologer. When you let the energy out and express it, you sail. When you don’t, you crash. Period. In our “comfort zone” we can’t see the blockages. We think everything is hunky-dory. Not. Time to get uncomfortable.


That’s the main reason most astrology belongs in the shredder. Think of it:


“You will meet someone nice next Friday…”

“You will get that next job promotion this summer…”

“You will have a bad year (that’s a REAL common one)…”

“You will move to Arizona in two years…”


Those example pronouncements are NOT astrology, those are astrological abuses.


True astrology is a calendar of when and how (which planet in which house) these kinds of energies will manifest. These energies are God’s energies. What else could they be? I am NOT trying to erase God in favor of astrology: a common fear extracted from the Bible. If anything, I am trying to urge you toward your God. Just let astrology help clear your way.


You may call these energies what you want to. They are in fact one of the many forms of LOVE that wants expression. It’s that simple. You are love and your normal expression is love unless you have become abnormal. You know what I mean – out of balance.


I cannot begin to tell you the stories I hear. How the repressed parent represses the child. There are many names for it: ADHD; discipline; correcting behavior; precociousness; neurotic; teaching them a lesson; controlling yourself; and my favorite: “What will the neighbors think?” Bad robot!


Your father is waiting for you out by the woodshed.

No damn wonder we freeze and block ourselves.


We have a wonderful vernacular that describes frustrated normal human expression. And, oh my God, then there’s sex…..


My wonderful friend Mike is a hypnotherapist; a brilliant man with a soul of pure gold, who tells me, “Everyone wants to be taken back to their past lives. They want to know this n’ that… when it all comes down to the fact that we are all just 9-year-olds and simply want to be accepted.”


What else can I add?


The wonder-ego that we each own direly wants to hear that we were King of France, or a Princess, or an awesome warrior somewhere in time. Oh how the ego is insatiable. Mike is too cool for that. He tells them, “It doesn’t matter what your dream was then or your script is now. It’s ALL an illusion! What more could you want? You’re already EVERYTHING!”  See?


The next paragraph is the most important in this issue:


He’s so right. That’s why we are often coming out of our skin. Using Uranus as an example, when it’s not directly lined up with our natal planets, we can suppress it – however - when it is lined up, we FEEL like we are coming out of our skin and more importantly, WE CANNOT CONTROL THIS! It’s like we were plugged into the 110 receptacle for a while and all of a sudden it’s the 440! During those periods which can last from 1 day to several years, extra “cosmic or planetary” energy is attempting to pour through you! And when you use it properly, wow, can that take your sailboat far! When one looks at all the great moments in time such as Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa, certain athletes breaking world records, and Lindbergh flying across the sea, IT’S ALWAYS THE CASE THAT BIG OUTER PLANETS WERE THE WIND BENEATH THEIR WINGS. That’s exactly how astrology is.


Instead of resisting the energy, they plugged into it and used it.


And these planetary promptings have the gall to insist upon coming up through our esophagus pipe and demand release without even consulting with “me” first! It IS us. Do you see?


You ARE coming out of your skin unless you are allowing yourself to “go out and play!” Why do you think almost every child in the world wants to “go out and play?” It’s the same energy, only theirs’ haven’t been largely repressed. How we marvel at a “glowing bride.” We’re so happy when we see a friend shining with happiness. I guess you could just call it “light.”


You are BIG. You are as glorious and limitless as the Sun itself. Don’t let any wittel person tell you that you are otherwise. In such a case, it is NOT your duty to make them feel comfortable in their smallness.


Oh and, just in case you are studying “astrology”, you’ll want a hint at all the planetary urges. Remember each of them attempts to stretch your auric-balloon in varied ways and for varying lengths of time.


The Sun wants you to shine your love and warmth.

The Moon wants you to feel and demand that you need to be hugged.

Mercury, the Trickster, is just so interested to talk to anybody about anything.

Venus wants to love, surround itself with beauty and sigh to the music.

Mars wants to experience life with no obstacles in the way.

Jupiter wants to expand all over you and everyone else like a fallen circus tent.

Saturn, the bad guy, actually takes care of you, but wants to do it carefully so that things go right.

Chiron wants you on your mission, and I mean hop to it, right now!

Uranus, the “skin-stretcher,” is the most noticeable and wants the real you to find expression.

Neptune doesn’t play games; it wants to reconnect with God’s Bliss, Truth and Grace.

Pluto wants to and will tear down anything that gets in the way of your evolution.


So, you can see, several of these planets can be speaking to you all at once! Sometimes it’s the doldrums and all seems quiet. Each of your birth charts is different. At the moment, we’re all hearing from Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron and Saturn which has just entered Scorpio. No wonder it all feels like a taffee-pull.


Yet, the overall message is clear. Get in touch with your beautiful inner self. Do yoga, laugh, dance, sketch, play an instrument, play a sport, scream, whisper, allow….


That’s what it’s all about:


Allow everything, you are pure and only purity can result.






Two Eclipses This Month


11/6 Mercury goes Retrograde 6:04p – What else would you like during Election Day? We PROBABLY will not know the results for days for various confusing reasons. Arg! This thing needs to end!


11/11 Neptune goes Direct 2:53a – Don’t just be enamored with the two “11’s”, Neptune turns forward to re-conjoin with Chiron. This is one big deal as it presages the end of the Mayan Calendar about 40 days later. This marks a shift of spiritual life on this planet which came to us in a powerful form during Sandy floods. The earth is cleaning itself, preparing for new inhabitants. Spiritual ones. Do NOT hang on to the old, follow your true heart. You know what I mean. This is sensational.


11/13 Solar Eclipse 21° Scorpio 57’ 5:08p – The BIG eclipse is in two weeks, this one will be intense with the New Moon being in Scorpio. Time to begin with new dedications or re-dedications in your life. A great time to renew your vows, at least inwardly. This, also, is preparing the altar for the pure transformation we all will face on “Mayan Day”, i.e., 12/21/12 11:11:11 GMT. Wow. Clear the decks! 37 SECONDS later, it will be winter.


11/16 Mars enters Capricorn 9:36p – While the Leonids meteor showers entertain us, Mars enters the sign of its exaltation. It will press you to use your energy, all of your energy, efficiently. No exceptions. Waste will be looked down upon. During the whole next week, Mars will SHAKE UP Pluto which has been quite busy digging up corruption and taking out the trash. Seen any destruction lately? At least one political party will really be suffering at this time. Shaken to its bones, one may very barely survive this type of pure planetary scrutiny. No joke here. You cannot fool Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.


11/21 Sun enters Sagittarius 4:50p – This will be fun, and a relief, but will hardly be noticed with all the great bombardments going back and forth between Uranus and Pluto and Mars. Have fun anyway, if you can fit it in. We like to make Sagittarians happy.


11/26-27 Mars conjuncts Pluto – Old, irritable Pluto will kick some bee-hind now. This is simple: REMOVE the blockages out of your way or Pluto will do it for you; probably in a rather unpleasant way. A GREAT time to purge your life of “dead-weight”. Respect this one, it will be nothing new.


11/26 Mercury goes Direct 5:48p – What’s the difference? The dog probably ate the turkey anyway.


11/28 Lunar Eclipse 6° Gemini 47’ 9:46a – This is the big one. Why would that be? Because the Sun and Moon are going to trigger the closing conjunction of Neptune and Chiron. Again, we will be REMINDED that we are to live as one or else our odds of continuing living on planet earth will diminish. Neptune and Chiron do not fool around; they mean business; and that can mean only one thing: no more BSing, no more lying, come together, use corny Beatle phrases, and try to slow our momentum towards the proverbial cliff.


May the planets be with you as you find your Starself!” - Rick


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