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Why You Need a Balance of all

Twelve Planets in your Chart


In your natal chart, the better balanced the planets are, the better off your life will be. No one has a perfect chart, but many people have nicely balanced planetary placements. A talented astrologer can point out for you where you may need to do some extra leveling. By reading the 12 sections below, you may be able to sense where you are strong and other areas where you may need some work.


Sun – or Leonine energy – If your Sun is strong, (otherwise known as your “Sun-sign) you will generally have an easy time expressing yourself. Basically, you won’t be retiring and will have a comfortable sense of self. A good sense of humor is often present.


If your Sun is weak, you may have difficulty standing up for yourself or you may have low self-esteem. Speaking in front of a crowd is not your thing.


On the other hand, if your Sun is too strong, you may be seen as over-bearing and even heavy-handed. An excessive Sun burns, and people will back away from you quite naturally.


Earth – or Taurean energy – When the native has a strong and sturdy Earth in the chart, that provides them with good common sense and a strong practical side. Usually, holding down a job and keeping up with one’s responsibilities is kept well in hand.


However, if the Earth is weak, the personality is often impractical, irresponsible and often flighty. A strong Earth is quite necessary for one to have the stamina face the everyday rigors of life.


Those with the Earth too exaggerated are generally too stuck in the status quo. Change is seen as very threatening and oftentimes they suffer from arthritis or illnesses related to non-movement. This group needs to loosen up and take on risks more often.


Moon – or Cancerian energy – In my experienced opinion, I project that the Moon is the most important planet in your chart. I know that is a big statement. The Moon, representing your emotional nature among many other factors in your life, really needs to be balanced and not overemphasized. A healthy Moon will be emotional but not hypersensitive. It will be inviting to others but not codependent upon them. Family matters will be of the utmost importance but not to the degree that it produces a lack of individual development.


Those with weak Moons can really have a time of it. They are commonly experienced as very needy, overly reactive, and tend to make a big drama out of rather minor experiences. When weak, the Moon is very tempted to use guilt and manipulation to get what they feel they need. Codependency is almost assured and the native must be encouraged to stand on their own two feet. Worrying is a big issue here that can lead to premature aging.


If the Moon is too strong in a natal chart, the person may come across as controlling and bossy. The Moon must be pleased and at ease. If too emphasized, it’s very hard for the lunar one to be satisfied; always fussing. This kind of individual will demand that all members of the family be this way or that. They will insist on being the matriarch and often are experienced as being rigid. This tendency must be guarded against or, in fact, the overly-lunar person may actually end up being rather unemotional.


Mercury – or Geminian energy – Those with a healthy dose of Mercury are very good communicators and are generally at ease talking to just about anyone. When Mercury is pertinent, the person generally likes to read and keep up on current events.


Those with an ill-aspected or weak Mercury may have quite a lot of difficulty with learning, expressing themselves and may even be a stutterer or labeled as having ADHD. The learning and retaining potential in these individuals has become quite a challenge. Many times, those with weak Mercurys end up developing excellent verbal and speaking skills simply because they’ve had to work so hard at it. This example is not uncommon.


When a person has too much Mercurial energy, they may have quite a tendency to talk non-stop and can become very irritating to those nearby. Changing the subject several times in one sentence is not uncommon. These quick minds can be very hard to follow and may use verbal escape as a loophole to avoid emotional contact. I find that this group benefits greatly from strong physical exercise in order to work off some of their nervous energies.


Venus – or Libran energies – Having a nicely balance Venus is a wonderful indicator. It makes the native pleasant, tactful and poised. They are experienced as smart but not overbearing. Their considerable sense of ease is catchy as most people are very comfortable around them. Also, when Venus is healthy, they can be very inviting and accepting of others.


If the Venus is found to be weak, social skills seem to suffer. The native can have quite a hard time being open to others and in fact can feel that no one will accept them. This is the symbol of the classical wallflower, lacking in social confidence. Most always low self-esteem accompanies this type and the cause is quite often found in their upbringing.


When their Venus is too much or out of balance, you have a pleaser an over-appeaser. They offer you so many things when you come to visit that they just won’t take no for an answer. They are over doing it. In an effort to hide how uncomfortable they really are socially, they can come on too strong and are very uncomfortable during moments of silence or awkwardness. They just don’t know how to let someone or a situation be.


Mars – or Arian energies – If the Mars is balanced in a birth chart, the native will have enough gusto and confidence to get what they want in most situations without being too pushy or selfish. It is very important to have a Mars that is in sync with the world around you. With this energy, you can blend and work with others. You don’t have to be coaxed or told to chill out.


A weak Mars can be very problematic. Oftentimes they can be very prone to procrastination. These folks can’t stand up for themselves and have great difficulty with conflict. They can become doormats for others and might have a very hard time with life until they learn to stand confidently in their own truth. This is commonly caused by a overly dominating parent.


If, however, Mars is too strong, the personality can be experienced as too gruff, hasty or even pushy. A bull in a china shop is the appropriate symbol for this condition. Most people will instantly shy away from these Martian types as they are experienced as being “too much.”


Jupiter – or Sagittarian energies – Jupiter is the most overrated energy in astrology. Many people think that Jupiter is one big bed of lucky roses – it’s not. When it is well balanced, the person is basically cheerful and optimistic. They can be extremely popular for their upbeat, “can-do” attitude.


If the Jupiter is not strong, these individuals can be experienced as “downers” or pessimistic. Oftentimes, these charts indicate those that are afraid to address the future. Jupiter has much to do with how we move forward in life. A weak Jupiter generally has no faith in the outcome of events and often shies away from joining in.


A Jupiter that is too strong can be very unfortunate. This is experienced as the person who is overly “rah-rah” and simply overly-enthusiastic. Their feet are not planted in reality. This is the symbol of the “used-car salesman” slapping you on the back. Their upbeat nature simply goes too far and instantly causes mistrust in others.


Saturn – or Capricornian energies – It is very important to have a healthy Saturn in your chart. This Old Man gives you a strong sense of right vs. wrong and a natural sense of practicality. Saturn is necessary in order for us to have stamina, stick-to-it-ness and thoroughness. It is very important that this planet, above all, stay balanced with all the other planets. This wise ringed planet needs to help out with coalescing situations without becoming too rigid.


A weak Saturn can result in a person being too impractical. These types usually have poor skills with money management and in fact, any type of management. They either underestimate or overestimate how big a task is, how much resources they really have or how much of an effort is required to come through. Usually, this type tends to be somewhat lazy and waits until the last minute to accomplish most tasks.


Those with Saturn too strongly placed can become very rigid, following every rule to the nth degree. Fear is usually a big factor with this type as they feel that they need to be in control of everything – not trusting anyone. Their need to “be sure” can totally overwhelm their sense of reason that they simply have a hard time letting things be and take their natural course.


Chiron – or Virgoan energies – This little-known asteroid is gaining more and more acceptance in all astrological charts. Known primarily as an energy symbolizing one’s wounds, I have experienced Chiron to be much more, i.e., one’s destiny, or perhaps, predestiny. When our Chiron is strong in our chart, we seem to care more and have a great sense of making things right (Virgo.) We feel a pull towards something greater than this solar system; beyond; calling us towards our true self. Our lives have purpose.


A weak Chiron is evident in those that seem to shy away from life’s challenges and are afraid to own their own uniqueness. This is a sad situation indeed. Who knows why this is? Chiron is only 35 years-old in astrological terms. We have much to learn about it. It seems that if your Chiron is weak, that it will eventually “catch up with you” and you’ll eventually have to take the responsibility for being who you truly are. You can’t avoid your path.


A Chiron that is too strong can make a person completely obsessed with saving the world. This goal can be very unreasonable and simply not attainable. We must remember that while we are indeed divine, we are human too.


Uranus – or Aquarian energies – A very important planet. If Uranus is strong, the personality deals well with flexibility and change. They are not threatened with change; what has become outdated must go. Uranus makes us comfortable with our own individuality and therefore very tolerant of others. It is the planet that brings change simply because change is necessary.


A weak Uranus is often found with those whose absolutely cling to the past with all of their might. They’re just not going to let go (also prevalent with a weak Moon). Uranus needs to work with Saturn, forming, letting go, forming, letting go. If the Uranus is too weak, the person is petrified at the thought of being themselves or speaking their own mind.


A Uranian placement that is too strong gives us a personality that is too willful, headstrong or stubborn. They just have to do things their way. A rebel without a cause is the perfect term for this type, revolting against any and all issues for little apparent sensible reason. Changeability is common to this type too as consistency is not in their list of strong suits. They need to learn to be less reactive.


Neptune – or Piscean energies – Those with a healthy Neptune have a pleasant sense of spirituality even if they don’t wear it on their sleeves. They have a natural faith in life and/or God and generally appreciate what they have. Usually, these types are found to seldom judge others and are naturally amenable to letting things be as they are.


Those with weak Neptunes have little faith in life and oftentimes have many hardships. Not being able to flow with life’s stream, they struggle most of the time and simply are out of sync with life’s natural rhythms. This type certainly needs to consider meditation, yoga or some spiritual practice in order to break these old habits. Weak Neptune people don’t have faith in life and usually, in themselves too. Also, they can be too earthbound and have put too much faith in the material world for their own good.


Charts where Neptune is too strong reflect those who are generally living in castles in the sky, are very dreamy and impractical and have little ability to deal with life’s challenges. These folks are often escapist and are even attracted to drugs and alcohol. Usually possessing a tremendous sensitivity, they can make wonderful psychics or intuitives, but they must learn to be more grounded for their own good.


Pluto – or Scorpion energies – When a person has a healthy Pluto placement in their native diagram, they are usually passionate, but not obsessive. They can fight for themselves, but are not pushy. They have a strong sense of purpose but are not evangelical about it. Pluto is our power; it urges us to have courage. With courage, we can attain anything.


Those with weak examples of Pluto are generally lacking in courage. They will not take the bull by the horns and quite often end up being bullied by life. Lacking in purpose, they float around endlessly, unhappily, trying to find their soul. Pluto can be very rough on us, and even these types will have the ability to rise from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix. Never count out a Pluto person; if they can ignite there spark of life from deep within, they can make remarkable transformations.


A person who owns a Pluto that gets out of hand can be a real threatening person. Many times, since these types are so hard on themselves, these folks can be impossibly judgmental of others holding many in disdain. When Pluto works too hard in a chart, it makes the personality obsessed with purity of purpose. Once again, we are human and self-forgiveness is a critically needed quality when it comes to dealing with this dark force.


*Obviously, at the end of this section, many of you may be wondering, “Is my Saturn too strong; Is my Moon too weak, etc? It does take a good professional astrologer to determine such. Do not look to web sites or computer programs to guess for you. Just by reading this newsletter, you probably already have a sense of what planets need to be worked on in your own chart. I caution you not to jump to conclusions about these general statements and to be very careful when choosing a “professional” astrologer. Remember, these are all general guidelines.



4/1 Mars will glow SO red-hot tonight that no one should go outside after midnight, anywhere. Make sure you bring all of your pets inside. This is very serious and should last until 4/2 when April Fool’s Day is over.


4/3 Venus enters Gemini 11:18a – this is like a light spring rain. Venus is very playful in Gemini. It’s time have fun trying new things and unload your worries.


4/4 Mercury goes Direct 6:11a – that’s all I have to say. Maybe now I’ll get that Gene Autry cowboy belt I ordered for $3.00 back in 1957. Rip off.


4/6 Full Moon 17°d23’ 3:19p – this full moon will be highlighted by the T-square to Venus in Gemini. With the Moon in air sign Libra, this will be a tremendous time to talk things out, make huge public announcements, and in general communicate your needs on all levels. A perfect time for mediation. Not meditation, mediation. With the Full Moon on the USA’s natal Saturn in Libra, look for very important turning points with the highest court in the land during these days: the Supreme Court.


4/10 Pluto goes Retrograde 12:21p – Long time strenuous issues with Pluto in Capricorn take another turn. On the worldly scale, expect large delays with big public economic issues. Watch for the powers that be to take an unexpected curve and try to get out from under the limelight as they jockey for position to buy some more time, avoiding the inevitable decay of more systemic corruption under Pluto’s intense “cleansing.” In the end, it won’t matter, because later on Pluto will go forward again. On the personal level, once again, it’s time to own your bravery and come to terms with or end toxic relationships.


4/13 Mars goes Direct 11:53p – Boy, Mars didn’t like going backwards. You’ll probably feel much better as this agitator gets moving more naturally once again. You’ll start to feel like you can accomplish all kinds of tasks and not have to worry about having to do them over again as has been the case last month when both Mercury and Mars were retro.


4/19 Sun enters Taurus 12:12p – Always a welcome occurrence. In Taurus we get the archetypal urge to settle down, take it easy and enjoy life. Time to get grounded; in all ways.


4/21 New Moon_35’ 3:18a – This lunation should be very pleasant with the New Moon not too far from fun-loving Jupiter. This is a great time to establish new patterns, lay down new foundations and start new initiatives. Taurus is a great time to get busy with gardening or landscaping. It’s also very good for solidifying your finances.



Some people are feeling the new Chiron

conjunction with Neptune quite strongly:


A Little Additional Ditty For You…

By Kim Hazelwood


O, and the grace!... incoming, incoming,

Climb up from the foxhole

My illustrious friends!


I was asked to describe

The extraordinary alignment, (was it no longer a confinement?)

Of the exceptional mating in Pisces of Neptune and Chiron,


What seems to be happening feels like

A grand sweeping,

And then there’s my heart

Which feels big as the Moon!


A vastness so immense,

Not nervous,

But strangely intense,

As if caffeine could breathe

While becoming ONE with TADA!


Edges embroidered

With a soft, post-bath luxury

On the skin,


Imagine this upon your soul-

Sweetened with something so completely





I took it upon myself to slay an internal dragon.

Tried to use a trick a guru taught me.

Coming up short, I discarded this deed,

When all at once the handmaidens of hallucinations

Moved in.


Moved In!


Amazing Spirit!

Magically served up the heart-melting montage,

The exact images I needed to see!


Formally ego-driven challenges vanished,

No vacancy

Ripped Away…


One flip of the mind whip.

Reach out and take it.


We are in the process of massive healing

All starting with YOU.

Shackles off.

We’re buccaneers come to drink from the artesian waters,

Prospectors unearthing old cars on Mars.


Being brought to our best light,

Our planet, our souls,

Pain is purging,

True Light emerging

Ravishingly reflective.


Epic Illumination.



Home to the well of

The fullest smiling hearts.


And Baby,

We’re just getting started.


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