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Over the years I have read many books and have gone to

lectures on Astrology and the Zodiac, I can honestly say that the lecture I took on The Exquisite Zodiac by Rick DiClemente was not only a new twist but it was the best understanding of the zodiac that I've ever heard. I was wanting more when the class was over. The book is SO amazing, insightful and the best one ever on this topic. Both Rick and Liza Jane really go where no other has gone on this topic. A MUST READ for anyone interested on learning more and expanding their understanding on the zodiac.” - Carol


The zodiac is exquisite. What does that mean? It means that it is woven together like fine lace. Intricate. Much more complex than you can imagine. So are you. This book explains why your impulses and archetypal energies are the way they are. Find out exactly why – here.



SO MANY PEOPLE have expressed happiness or sadness that I have continued or discontinued doing newsletters or YouTube videos or Rikipedias. I have no control of how spirit moves. Spirit is always in flux. Please understand and take it as it comes. I don’t even know if these are coming out at the beginning of the month anymore. It’s all from the same Source. It appears to us and for us all – precisely at the right time. I appreciate Starself’s readership.



Answer: Neptune and Chiron in Pisces



“Alex, I’ll take Astrology for $200.” Question: “What has gotten into us?”


We are in a new world. Thank goodness. It’s real. It’s here. It’s just starting. You know it. You can see it. You can feel it. The juggler can juggle one more ball, and it really doesn’t matter. The circus is over.


No longer will our thoughts, based upon lack, suffice. Those days are over. We have been exposed – the world has been extracted and the last little bit is being frakked (perfect word.) The earth will get rid of us if it has to; and it’s showing us signs, isn’t it? They’re all around.


On the other hand… it is a very exciting time now; everyone wants to be a “light-worker”, no wonder; we’re all made of light. Even the physicists are speechless now. They are at the end of their particle accelerators. There’s the proof in the proverbial pudding. There is no matter. There is no pudding, either. No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about thought and intention. We see how bad vibes turn to disease; we see how loving vibes heal. The books keep saying the same thing over and over.


We are what we think we are.


I’m not telling you anything new.


We are not a drop in the ocean; we are the ocean in the drop. Holographic images are not just in Disneyworld.


Neptune (N) and Chiron (C) in Pisces (P) are heralding the way. I don’t need to get too complex with all of the astrologisms here. What does this mean? It means that Astrology is your personal time-line of your readiness. When your natal chart is studied with experienced eyes, one can see that you are ready, that we are ready and that the collective world is ready. Have courage.


Ready for what? To stop thinking of ourselves as individual units. While the old myopic religions continue to battle it out so many can feel “like they belong to the right club,” the earth is literally shifting underneath of our feet. That’s what it’s all about: Do you really experience what your religion implies or do you just get your temporary fix every Sunday so that you feel like you’re on the right team? Be honest – no cheating anymore – it’s too costly.


What is Neptune promising?  Answer: Since it’s boundless: everything, and nothing at the same time.


Let go – as we empty ourselves, we become fuller. (N)

As we give, we receive.

As we let go, we release the stress and strain. (C)

As we fall, we fly. (P)


The entities (people, organizations, countries) who continue to deny these universal truths continue to experience stress, hardship, lack, etc. It’s really very simple. Do not look to your bank account. Do not whine to someone else about how your friends and family don’t understand you. Do not continue to strain over the classified ads looking for a job.




You’re either working with God or you aren’t. (N)




This comes not from some evangelistic stance. Neptune is not Christian, or Jewish or any other religion for that matter. It contains nothing except everything (P.) Make no mistake, Fukishima is no illusion. It is a symbol of our spiritual bankruptcy (N) – we have and we continue to poison ourselves. But, it’s not too late, never mind how it looks. Neptune always gives us extra space; it’s limitless, remember? Even those of you who are getting FAT on everyone else’s loss aren’t really happy, are you? Give it up. Tell us how miserable you really are (Saturn in Scorpio.)


There is no valid religion with a list of behavioral “do’s” and “don’t”s. Your very nature is to do what’s right because your essence is love directly connected to everything and everyone else (P.) We need (especially now with revolutionary Uranus in Aries) to stop doing what we should and start sensing what is natural to us (C.) It is natural to include and not exclude. It is natural to love and unnatural to hate. It is natural to let go and float down the celestial river. All rivers are the same – that’s why astrology works – it can’t be explained in words. We are everything; that’s how it works (P.)


The river is flowing. It is very intelligent. It knows where it’s going (C.) It’s up to us to get in and go with it, or resist it (disease.) The river is above and below. Don’t try to explain it. The mind is a terrible device. It acts like it knows so much (Saturn.) It doesn’t. Most of us can’t even solve a half of a Rubik’s cube. We all know what Neptune and Chiron in Pisces want now. So many people are FED UP (Uranus in Aries square to Pluto, and Pluto in Capricorn.) Don’t be confused. Don’t waste your time blaming political parties and corporations. We design our own camp and fireplace. We know that. We can’t keep hiding behind things that don’t work. Another Apple device isn’t really going to help.


When we let go, it all works. We cannot be one with God and direct ourselves at the same time (a man cannot have two masters.) We must let go and flow down the proverbial stream. There is only One route and we cannot, nor would we want to, control it. It’s a much better ride. It doesn’t even know what It is going to do until It happens. That’s obvious. I wasn’t born with a guarantee stamped on my rump like a tag on a mattress – were you? But, so many pine for one, so many.


If you have strain, you are getting the spiritual message that you are off course.

If you are sick, you are off course.

If you can’t get along with anyone, you are off course.

If you get lots of headaches, you are off course.

If you think that this should be that, you are off course.

If you fight and insist that others be other than they are, you are missing the point.

If you think you have the right to tell others what they should do in their bedroom, well, c’mon…


Neptune says, “Let everything be the way it is.” It IS that way!

So, what’s the point?

There’s a mad control freak in your head that is conning you (Saturn.)

It THINKS it knows the way, it thinks it can be a guide for you.


Bleh - it has no idea what it’s talking about.

You all know this; that’s the best part.

And, it is time we bank on it (C,N,P.)



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This is really one intense month – hold on tight.


9/3 Sun opposes Chiron – You should feel an acute knowing of where you stand with your “mission in life”. If you do, today is time to take it very seriously and adjust your daily activities accordingly. If you don’t, it can be a sign that you are blocked off from your own interior-compass. Interior cleansing is critical for you in order to right the ship. Your mission is from “beyond you” which means that it arises from within you. If you are on track, you will know it. Usually, if you are not on track, it’s simply because you’ve become used to not seeing yourself and your purpose with enough reverence. Maybe listening to others too much?


9/5 New Moon 13°Virgo 04’ 7:36a – This Virgo New Moon implies that it’s time to be very honest with yourself. Don’t listen to the whiny part of yourself. Take your knocks, get back up, and get on with it. Virgo is a great energy, but it absolutely does not want to hear about things you can’t do. If you at least try, then you should receive a lot of clarity for yourself about the road ahead. Time to get into preventative health measures, too – be proactive.


9/7 T-square to Pluto – A fleeting T-square forms this day from the Moon opposing Uranus (of course). Be ready for this. Old “crap” resurfaces again, and moods could be very touchy. Be firm once again and remember, take action, be assertive, but keep your guns locked up tight. This construct doesn’t keep reappearing because of what “others” are doing to you. You have designed your world. Take a good honest look at how it matches what’s going on “inside” of you.


9/9 Mars squares Saturn 7:06a – Frustration abounds. You will be very tempted to say something that you don’t mean this day. Translation: you really do mean to say it. That’s the problem. Think it over; give great thought to the repercussions first. Don’t let it just pop out of your mouth or you really might be sorry. On the other hand, continuing to “stuff your feelings” is what’s causing it to keep popping up like a jack-in-the-box. Figure out another way and get things off of your chest. Is someone really cramping your style? Have you invited it? Do you like yourself?


9/11 Venus enters Scorpio 2:16a – Passion rises. Venus doesn’t want to hear reason. It loves what it loves, period.


9/13-16 Moon/Pluto receives a T-square from Mercury opposite Uranus – Again, we see explosive emotions. Don’t even think about hiding your feelings or suppressing them. Passion rules, as I said, you have no choice. It must because it’s the real you. However, sandpaper over some of the rough edges first.


9/19 Full Moon 26°Pisces 41’ 7:13a – This lunation should bring you some peace. Get away by yourself. Sometimes you just need some direct celestial input. Go somewhere. It doesn’t matter where, but communing with nature is a real good idea at this time. The tumultuous moods of the past week have basically come about because of your disconnect from Spirit. Reconnect now. Don’t talk.


9/20 Pluto goes Direct 1:18a – Okay, here we go again. Pluto has had time to think things over. It’s now time to put things in motion in the sign of Capricorn. Expect planetary shifts, such as, earthquakes, tectonic shifts, volcanos, storms, etc. The Earth is not happy. Let’s all do what we can to appease our gracious hostess. This literally translates to “you”, too. There is no difference. What wants out, wants out. You know what I mean. If your life needs major upheaval and a complete redesign, do it. I’m not going to talk about the “otherwise” here – I’ve already been over that ad nauseum.


9/22 Sun enters Libra 4:44p – Man oh man, just like Libra - just in the nick of time. Feel all the pressure being released through our pressure valves? Go out and have a nice dinner. Don’t allow any harsh talk. This is time to chill. Have two drinks.


May the planets be with you as you find your Starself!” - Rick

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