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Volume 69, November 2011

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You are not (just) your Sun sign!


The time has come for humanity to comprehend the full brilliance of the zodiac’s grand design. The energies that comprise each of us are the very same energies that make up the whole universe. The Exquisite Zodiac reveals how every facet of the zodiac works in sync, and how we can apply the entirety of its intelligence and wisdom in a practical way.


The first step is to leave your Sun sign at the door. You will discover that each of us is a unique blend of every aspect of our natal charts. Then the authors mine deeper to explain why each sign is the way it is, and how all twelve are intricately related.


Why is Aries so impulsive?

Why are Capricorns so careful?

Why is Scorpio the sign of sexuality?

Why do Geminis have a split personality?

Why are Aquarians so idealistic?

And so on…


The Exquisite Zodiac bridges the gap between abstract, esoteric astrology books and those that are glib and misleading—thereby setting astrology on the proper track for our time. After reading this book, you will never view astrology—or yourself and your relationships—in the same way again.



How We Got to the Point of Occupying Wall Street

(Facing off with Pluto)


Don’t call me Ishmael. But, we do find ourselves a quarter of the way thru this 16-year epic Melvillian tale of the Great Whale (Pluto) having already torn asunder much of what was ours. How swiftly and shockingly it happened. Our telescopes saw the Great White coming, yet the collision just about did us in right away. Still we reel from its impact as the “best” of our minds put on a great show that they know how to respond - that they truly understand what this is all about.


Pluto has delivered a deadly blow to all of us. Luckily, for all of us, we and the Great White float in a vast sea ruled by Neptune with his sidekick, Chiron, ever-ready to heal. We find ourselves in new waters; the quest is still afoot; and who could have guessed that little ole Venus would be the one to come to our rescue. This is a big tale, the greatest this planet has seen to date.


This will have to be told in stages to put it all into perspective. First it all got started January 25, 2008 at 9:37 pm Eastern.


Stage One - Pluto enters Capricorn


There has been so much written about this as it provides the definitive backdrop to this whole story. Suffice it to say that the Brits lost much of it holdings in 1762 when last we found Pluto in Capricorn, including the American Revolution. Now we find ourselves losing our grip, in many ways. Pluto’s in the same position now.


It has brought a great pall across the whole planet. Remember Pluto is in Capricorn for all earthlings, not just us. You would have to be blind not to see and feel the gravity of the global situation. It’s basically simple to explain Pluto: if whatever entity you are examining: humans, countries, businesses, organizations, and so on are not integrous, they are crumbling at their very roots or already dead. This is because the sign of Capricorn rules all forms and institutions. And, it doesn’t put up with fakery and disingenuousness.


Pluto’s promise is to remake us. To tear down the old, the obsolete, and the unworkable. If we align ourselves with it, we’ll do okay. If not,…. it’ll tear it down anyway. Humble self-honesty and introversion is how one deals with El Pluto.


Stage Two - Transiting Uranus and Saturn formed a “T-square” to Pluto


For the past several years, Saturn and Uranus have been opposing each other in a tooth-and-nail fight between the conservatives (Saturn) and liberals (Uranus.) This started precisely on election day in November, 2008 at 8:30 am eastern. In addition, both expressed their frustrations toward transiting Pluto, known as the traveling Cardinal T-square because al three planets were in the early stages of 3 different Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, & Capricorn). Pluto didn’t give a hoot about expressing issues being drummed up by Saturn and Uranus; Pluto was busy doing its thing (Big Money, Big Corporations, Big bigness, and power!) Nothing was giving as frustration and decay took on rapid expression. This is very, very dangerous.


Every time Uranus came up with something new (which is its nature), Saturn shot it down. Sound familiar? Likewise, each time Saturn tried to drag us back into the 50’s (which is its nature), it had a fight with future-oriented Uranus. This tug-of-war got really ugly and found a very poor middleman mediator in the name of Pluto in the midst of all of this. Thus, the decay and destruction was expedited even more. People with money ran. People without money ran. There was nowhere to run for this tender USA which is a Cancer country by nature. “Somebody save me, but keep you hands off of my Medicare!” The system couldn’t handle it. That’s to say nothing about all of the corruption that Pluto was busy excising. And the bridges started collapsing, the sea filled with oil, lies abound about safe gas wells below, tsunamis exploded ashore, corrupt millionaires were off to jail, and on and on. And BP placed strategic TV commercials on in the evenings showing us how much concern they really did have for the environment.


Since astrology really is a science/art that’s all based on, “What got into you last night?” People started freaking. They really couldn’t believe that they were seeing the beginning of the end of the American Empire. At least, in terms of how it had been operating. Each day was finding a new scandal. The economic recovery was a myth because there were so many more tumors to be uncovered. And the people kept on believing that this was all happening outside of themselves. This was happening in direct proportion to how much “dis-ease” we all have going on inside of ourselves.


Much of this new tension was picked up and expressed by the Tea Party (born Aquarian on January 24, 2009), but remember, they were born with transiting Saturn Retrograde in Virgo opposite Venus in Pisces. Not a pretty combination. In fact, their entire chart is based upon this opposition. “We’re not spending money for nothing!” This chart is all about the bottom line, no matter what. The Tea Party is all about Saturn in Virgo and as any beginning astrologer knows, stoical and stubborn Saturn stands no chance against the brilliant power of Uranus.


Now that Saturn has moved on to latter degrees of Libra, were now basically living with Uranus square to Pluto, and this will happen several times over the next few years. Uranus is for all intents and purposes finished with having to deal with resistant Saturn. Sound familiar?


Still, this is no picnic. The last time Uranus combined with Pluto was during the 60’s. Look at all the social upheaval that took place then and compare it to what is going on now. Yes, we still have our Barry Goldwaters today.


Stage Three - Jupiter and Uranus entered Aries in May and June of 2010.



Within 10 days of each other, Uranus and Jupiter both entered Aries, and a brand new zodiac. This went by largely unnoticed because of all the tension still present amidst the 3 behemoths, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. Nevertheless, this was a MAJOR call for revolution because these two wild planets were feeling the fresh air of a brand new zodiac with all of its pungent possibilities.


As an active astrologer, I was watching many, many people go through their awakenings, only many weren’t aware of it.


It was at work on the collective too.


The revolutionary spirit was spreading all over Northern Africa too. People were fed up (Uranus) and were planning on creating their own grassroots initiatives. The internet now had social media (thanks to 13 years of Pluto going through Sagittarius from 1995-2008).


As with all of astrology, it seems that we never get one construct of planets by itself. Planets are always doing something while others have a completely different agenda, orbit and time-table. This is major reason why astrology is misunderstood and instead feebly replaced with erroneous daily horoscopes. It’s just so complex. That’s one reason I’m itemizing all of this for you here in this issue. Remember, all of this is basically going on at the same time because the outer planets are known as “slow-moving.” What that means is that even though many of these planets are indeed going faster than the earth, they have more “space” to cover. They move slowly through the zodiacal degrees.


Do not underestimate what Jupiter and Uranus did in your chart or the charts of your loved ones. As I said in the newsletters around that time, these two planets made us fed up and ready for change!


Stage Four - Neptune & Chiron conjuncted and began traveling together on February 16, 2010.



This had never happened before because Chiron didn’t “exist” until 1977. In the astrological viewpoint, planets or astronomical bodies such as asteroids don’t exist until perceived by humans. It is a symbolic human study. Chiron actually shares a belt of “Centaurs” that reside between Saturn and Uranus. Don’t be fooled, Chiron is extremely meaningful and powerful. I call it a planet.


At the time, I wrote a newsletter issue totally dedicated to this duo. These two were sent to us from the heavens above. No doubt about it. “They”, whoever they are, knew we were in trouble on this planet and picked this moment, as one 25,000-year-old Mayan calendar was just coming to an end, to intervene.


Neptune is the spiritual planet and Chiron has much to do with our wounds and our subsequent healing. Hello spirit.


The effects of this grace that had descended upon us, I believe, allowed many countries to stage liberating revolutions (because of Jupiter and Uranus) without too much bloodshed compared to past uprisings. The directives were coming from on high. I can’t tell you HOW MANY CLIENTS OF MINE WANT TO DO NOTHING ELSE EXCEPT BECOME HEALERS OF ONE SORT OR ANOTHER NOW. This is all because of the extended pass of Saturn through Virgo recently (ruled by Chiron) and this very conjunction of Chiron with massive Neptune. Neptune is certainly god-like. The human psyche couldn’t take any more.


A side note: watch how quickly all things medical changes.


For a while, Jupiter also traveled with Neptune and Chiron and this is why we have had so much coverage on the topic of “health care” in the past 3 years. Neptune and Chiron. Chiron wants people healed. Neptune means everybody.


Stage Five - August 8-9, 2011. Mars explodes the giant traveling Cardinal T-square



Just like clockwork, you were all told to expect the Big Bang on August 8th. This was precisely when the powers that be just about took all of us over the edge with the threat of the USA defaulting on its loans. Then, we saw how sick America had become politically. (Remember Uranus in Aries is continuing to wake up the collective now.) Politicians showed their hands and we saw clearly how Big Money not only owned all of D.C. but was running everything. Pluto had gained too much power. Capitalism (Pluto) had gone too far.


There was so much stored up frustrated energy from the T-square and the nature of the 3 unyielding planets, that when it blew, it blew! All of the planets had been targeting pressure towards Pluto and even the Supreme Court went along with its corruption. Mars always hits from one degree away. What a story.


The threatening, inherent violence of Mars was gaining speed as we watch governments and despots fall from grace or get assassinated. Mars/Pluto combinations are not big on productive dialogue. Mars wants action!


Stage Six Venus opposes Uranus and forms a NEW Cardinal T-square to Pluto



And voila! The Occupy Wall Street Movement. It had been brewing. Once the public had such an awful taste in its mouth from watch firefighters, teachers, and public workers get laid off, they had had enough. No more would Americans accept lobbyists with their hands deep in our legislator’s pockets. The gig was up.


The difference now, was not what Venus did, it was that all the frustration had a planet to express its energies through! And Venus is the people. They had ingested enough and took to the streets. This exact opposition from Uranus to Venus is THE theme of what goes on from here. Not precisely the moment of the first OWS, it didn’t have to be; the expression and RELEASE of Uranian energy did the trick. It was exactly at 7:03 a.m. on September 17, 2011. Venus is very conductive.


Notice how Venus had taken Saturn’s place! That’s the story here. The people were speaking. Before, Saturn’s nature would not let the energy pass; it’s not conductive. It tried to reason with the powers that be (sound familiar?) That didn’t work. This time, Uranus was left alone in early Aries, now that Jupiter had moved on and we see a truer representation of a grassroots uprising; unfettered.


In addition: the Neptune/Chiron conjunction is influencing us to have no leaders symbolized by the deaths of Qadaffi and Bin Laden and OWS. The contrast of the Neptunian OWS to the Saturn/Pluto energies. Amorphous and undefinable, the antedote to the end of capitalism just when we were despairing the new growing fascism. We’re now charged with creating a new form of government. We don’t know what it is, but it must be one that truly represents its people instead of just a few people’s stock portfolios.


The revolution has just begun.


The Sabian Symbols


In 1925 the fine American astrologer, Marc Edmund Jones, found himself sitting with a blind psychic in a park in San Francisco. Elsie Wheeler had quite a reputation as a fine sensitive. Mr. Jones was prepared with 360 3”x5” cards. On the back of each was randomly written all the degrees of the zodiac, from 1° Aries through the final 30th degree of Pisces. Shuffled and placed before her, Elsie picked up 1 card at a time. She expressed what she “saw” in each degree and they wrote it on the other side of the card. Doing ½ of the cards before lunch and the other after lunch, by the end of the day, the birth of the Sabian Symbols had occurred.


The Sabians, Arabic, of Middle Eastern mystical tradition was a monotheistic Abrahamic religious group. For whatever reason, Marc Edmund Jones aligned this set of symbols to this group. Many modern-day astrologers use this list of “Sabian symbols” to discern the meaning of each degree of the 360°.


Once I realized how critical this Venus opposition was to Uranus in Aries on September 17th, I became curious as to what the translation was of the 2nd degree of Libra was. In my mind, this degree, 2° Libra, represented what was truly happening with the “Occupy” movement. I was stunned to read directly from the Sabian symbols:


“The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed”


May the revolution shine favorably and fairly upon you and yours.


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