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Volume 64, May 2011

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What you do to your brothers and sisters, you do to yourself.


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Grace From Above: Neptune and Chiron


Years ago, I was called in to do a reading for a man and his wife. They were newly married and had 2 young children. The man was going through a powerful Neptune transit. As is common with Neptune, he was having a great urge to escape. He didn’t even know what he was escaping from, he just wanted to escape. Nothing I could say could dissuade this man’s new fever – he wanted to go to Las Vegas, by himself, to be a cop so he could be a bad-ass and wear reflective sunglasses.


This is not a joke. He was drawn to the glamour of the Strip. Too many TV shows. Willing to abandon his wife and two young kids, I was unable to stop him. What happens in Vegas


Unfortunately, this is an extreme reaction to Neptune, but the man went ahead and did move to Nevada by himself. I never did find out what happened to that “family.” I’d rather not know.


What caused this type of behavior? Neptune is the answer. There are many sides to Neptune which we’ll address now along with Chiron since those two are very active now and need to be explained clearly in order for you to understand what the “other” planets are doing now.



The current planetary configuration clearly shows the great tension between Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. You’ll also notice, outside of this giant triangle (T-square) lies Chiron and Neptune traveling together in early Pisces. That is this month’s story.


First we must understand what Neptune and Chiron are like, so we can get an idea of what they are doing together in the mystical sign of Pisces.


Neptune is a huge planet that rules such a wide range of things as spirituality, confusion, mysticism, drugs & alcohol, diffusion, delusion, escape, disillusionment, idealism, higher states of consciousness, water, psychosis, global villages, deception, and Oneness.


Neptune’s main “job” is to dissolve our known physical world. It is not very worldly – it is other-worldly. Its function is to remove the illusions from our eyes so we can see the “real” world of spirit. The experience of Neptune is not usually very comfortable for Westerners who believe that this physical plane is all that there is. Neptune is closely aligned to what we might call the “still voice within.” When people speak of ecstatic spiritual visions, they commonly say, “It was like a veil was lifted from my eyes!”


That’s Neptune


Those in tune with the finer levels of spirit welcome Neptune as a chance to become more refined, “closer to God,” and more peaceful. Those who cling to materialism seem to go through much loss in their lives because they won’t yield to the fact that they are living in an unreal, limited, unsatisfying, physical world.


Here is how Neptune works: Deep within us all is a call to return home, back to God, spirit, whatever you want to call It. When Neptune is active in your chart, the proper way to use it is to do more meditation, turn off your TV, find value in your existing family, and in general get more in touch with the finer qualities of life. Neptune refines.


With many Westerners, who don’t understand that heaven is within us and still are looking for some throne with a man on it above the stratosphere, many surprises are in store for them. Neptune dissolves the walls around you; even walls you didn’t know you had. When I was deep in meditation in 1977 as Neptune was passing over my Mercury (the mind) I experienced a broadening of my mental scope to unboundedness. I cannot explain this in words; this has never left me. We are only limited by our imagination – truly.


We are all boundless and infinite beings but many of us are afraid to death to own such an outrageous thought system. So, Neptune comes into your life and dissolves whatever you hang on to physically trying to show you that you, the true you, is beyond physicality. This is why so many Westerners have such a hard time with it and why so many Easterners welcome it. The latter knows that they are not the body, while Madison Avenue and cosmetic surgeons make billions from those who obsess about their temporary form.


Therefore, the common Western experience of Neptune is to escape into affairs, to become disillusioned with life, to feel that everything is better on the other side of the fence (Las Vegas,) etc. Compared to the bliss of the heaven we have within, your husband or wife may feel rather unsatisfying; your job may seem rather restricting; your life may seem rather boring. This is where the tricky part comes in. If you are not in touch with the Neptune call to your spiritual home, you can become lured to that other side of the fence (illusion.) This is why it’s so common for me to have clients go through extra-marital affairs during Neptune transits. Most always, it blows up in the cheaters face afterwards, because Neptune rules mirages! It usually was a mirage.


What Neptune is trying to make you see is that your physical life is an illusion and should make you feel unsatisfied, thus inspiring you to head back home.


If the aftermath leads the wanderer to repent and find the beauty in their own back yard (Kansas) then at least it may have been worth it - if trust can be regained.


So, Neptune has a lot to do with glamour. Many under a strong Neptune transit or possessing a strong Neptune influence in their natal chart are attracted to such things as: photography, movies, makeup, Las Vegas, Hollywood, NYC, the bright lights, glitter, etc. The subconscious is escaping, thinking that it is transcended boring daily life and tries to replace it with glamour, as was the case of the bad-ass cop in Vegas. (This subject is beautifully detailed in the masterpiece book called “Neptune and the Quest for Redemption” by Liz Greene.)


We are not trained to handle Neptune in the West. We are trained that money matters, houses, prestige, sex, looks, property, status and on and on. Neptune WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU IN THESE AREAS. IT WILL WORK AGAINST YOU.


When a client comes into my office that is undergoing a strong Neptune time, under my breath, I go, “Oh boy…” Neptune is the astrologer’s nemesis because it is so hard to deal with, so hard to explain, and is completely unpredictable. It moves slowly and thus its effects can go on for years. When it’s over, we commonly say, “Boy, have I been in a fog!”


However, if the same client is very spiritual and quite tuned to the finer vibrations within, it can be a heavenly delight and is indicative that they have arrived at a point where they are ready to surrender to God’s Will. Dr. Wayne Dyer says that there is only one moment in your life of true free will, i.e., the moment you decide to give in to God’s will. Dr. Carl Jung said, “free will is gladly doing what you must.”


This may sound heavy-duty, or corny, or whatever evasive word you can think of, but that’s the truth. It’s where we came from – and eventually where we are going back to. The rest has been a dream.


Now, to Chiron:


Chiron, the son of Saturn, was a Centaur much like the Sagittarian Archer who was half-horse and half-man. The Centaur breed was a rowdy, rather crude bunch, but Chiron was clearly way ahead of his class. He was a master healer, educator, the first astrologer, and was very dedicated to his soul’s mission. Chiron was injured by a stray poisoned-arrow launched by Heracles that injured his leg. His wound never healed. He was an immortal and had to eventually beg Zeus to let him die because the pain was so unbearable. In your natal chart his placement represents “your wound.”


The area where Chiron is deposited in your chart symbolizes the pain you’ve had to endure and possibly signals the era when you will overcome this wound. Chiron rules where you tend to help others but are somehow unable to heal yourself. The conquering of the Chiron wound reveals the hidden gift within the wound. This is why people with very strong Chiron placements in their chart make great healers. Chiron’s new rulership of Virgo explains why so many of them end up in the nursing field and in general, why they care so much about whatever work they doing. Virgos are usually obsessed with the quality of their work. Before, Virgos were called perfectionistic. Now, I see them much more as purists – Chironic people care.


Chiron comes from the Greek spelling, Kheiron, which means to work with one’s hands. This is why so many Virgos end up highly skilled as craftsmen, carpenters, or builders. Also, many end up in the field of CHIROpractic.


Besides Chiron’s symbolizing the wound and the healer we still are discovering a lot about this planet/asteroid because it was only discovered in late 1977. Two months later, I became an astrologer “out of the blue.” Chiron also represents the bridge between the inner and outer planets since its exaggerated orbit lies between earthly Saturn and wildly-eccentric Uranus. We have much to learn about this elusive, irregular wanderer.


One more note: Chiron completes its initial orbit when all of us are approximately 51 years of age. If you give it some thought, you may very well see how at that age you had a very big turning point in terms of your “life-long” wound, and possibly its healing.


Finally, we see that for the past 3 years, Neptune has been traveling with Chiron AND Jupiter. This is what caused the emergence of the forceful mandate for health insurance (Chiron) to the national collective mind(Jupiter & Neptune.) Agree with it or not, that’s not the point. Jupiter made it political and a social matter. During this time, the campaigner for this subject, Ted Kennedy (a Pisces,) died. Jupiter moved on exactly at that time and left Chiron alone with Neptune. Mr. Kennedy had fulfilled his mission. Astrology is symbolic.


Now, we have Chiron and Neptune traveling closely together AND IN PISCES. Neptune is what has brought us the impulse that EVERYBODY deserves good health as Neptune sees no boundaries or differences between people. Furthermore, Chiron brought to the fore the thought of healing. This is why it’s been such a huge issue for the past few years and still is.


There is no predicting who will win this face-off.

But, we all surely will lose as long as one person is denied health care.


Neptune will not allow us to get away with greedy responses. Neptune is one powerful planet that works silently as it erodes. AND, it is sitting exactly on the United State’s Moon in Aquarius in our natal chart at this time. Do not kid yourself, you may not know much about Neptune, but what Neptune denies, it dissolves. That’s exactly what it did to the Mexican/American border, and to America being a one-language nation.


This is another reason we are seeing the USA dissolve into uncertainty. We can’t say we’re a family or are united and then turn around hypocritically and act like, “I got mine… you go get yours!” A Cancerian response brought about since our country was born on July 4.


Astrologically we are under phenomenal pressure from the Cardinal T-square of Uranus and Jupiter opposite Saturn; and all making tight squares to Pluto in Capricorn. I have talked much about this foursome in past issues ad nauseum.


Now, magically, we see Chiron and Neptune together

This is NO coincidence.


It is almost as if the angels are interceding for us. Really. Think of the odds of these two being together in Pisces (remember we’ve only known about Chiron for 34 years) with Neptune’s 186 orbit of the Sun! The last time Neptune was with Chiron in Pisces (before Chiron was even discovered) was in 1531. (The year of the creation of the Church of England and separation from Rome.)


For Neptune and Chiron to show up now….is unbelievable.


As I’ve said before, the pressure from the existing Plutonian T-square is almost impossible for any entity to endure. And we can feel it – we see it – we can’t find jobs – people are hurting – the country is falling apart – we can’t deny it – the news is more and more insane everyday.


We can keep playing this injurious, toxic blame game if we want to, but that will surely lead to our demise.

This is why Neptune is here. God (or whatever you want to call Him, Her, It, Whatever) is intelligent and cares. Whatever knows about timing – that’s precisely where Astrology gets its beauty and is why the name of my upcoming book is, “The Exquisite Zodiac.”


Simply put, the power of Neptune in Pisces cannot be overstated, as Neptune rules Pisces. It is the most powerful there and will be there for another 14 years. (Chiron for another 7) Neptune is being felt. All around me, many people are feeling dizzy, and have even made ER trips for light-headedness or vertigo. Misdiagnosis. This has been going on for about 2 years. Many people feel a strange diffuseness, fuzziness; that’s Neptune. Also, it brings strange sensitivities, allergies, and many undiagnosible illnesses. It’s famous for psycho-somatic illnesses. People have been subconsciously adjusting to the new powerful energies of these two master cosmic-workers.


We’re more sensitive, and that’s good.

We’re more sensitive, and that’s not so good.


Mixing Neptune and Chiron gives us “spiritual healing.” That is a direct translation. It means that for all of us, the individuals, families, communities, country, & globe. You cannot misinterpret that. That is what it means. We can misuse it, and I’m sure some will. We will see many “false prophets” and phony healers, but let’s not get lost from the real power here.


These two powerful planets are here to ignite those high qualities within us.


Remember, Neptune is all about water. You will see efforts to heal the Gulf of Mexico, new efforts toward the shrinking ice cap, all kinds of protective laws to save our ocean creatures. Neptune, God of the Sea, will protect its own. Even daily drinking water will become a big issue. You get it.


Psychic abilities are skyrocketing! Psychics and healers are coming out of the woodwork. Neptune rules the connection between you and WHATEVER.


Channels are opening up at an alarming rate because we’ve always had these abilities. We’re transcending physical space as a known limit. We’re accepting the holographic, quantum world which has just been renewed. We can no longer solve the world’s problems with bombs (if we ever did) … Neptune rules timelessness and gives no reality to time and space. It is the Eternal Now.


Now is the time for our higher selves to rule.


Now, mix this with Chiron and we’re going to see some of the greatest healers you’ve ever seen! This does not only apply to spiritual healing. You are going to start to see phenomenal advances in healing via Western Medicine too. Along with the fact that hospitals are going to start allowing more alternative types of healing as they are doing now commonly with Reiki practitioners, this whole field will expand to heal the whole person. This is becoming common thought now from our changing collective mindset. Sure beats being bled… We will now cure by intention alone.


Remember, Neptune is working for all of us, it is all about the love of the One

It is not far-out! Nothing, nothing could be more




The combination of Neptune, Chiron, and Pisces is an astounding gift of grace from the heavens. Never before will you see more miracles. Never before will you see more miracles seem so common. After all, if there is only One of us. Where is the miracle? It’s all a mind-game. How can there be “miracles” when there’s only one of us?


What I have clearly noticed in my brief study of Chiron is that it has much to do with your destiny, fate, and what you’re obsessed with. What you HAVE to do! Now, more than ever, you’re going to see martyrs coming out of hiding. The phenomenal spiritual urges of Neptune/Chiron/Pisces are going to inspire many people beyond their earthly training (programming.) They won’t care anymore; they will just have to take the spiritual leap. Many are feeling the certainty of their spiritual path. I can’t begin to tell you how many people are coming to me to help them find or confirm their particular way through. And people know it! They are in tune with it. They’ve suspected it for a long time. It’s such a shame that the human race has not been more supportive of such initiatives until now – but at least the time is here now.


When I do workshops or readings about finding one’s life direction, it has resulted in something quite surprising. The investigation seems to always result in two parts. 1) Finding out where someone is blocked and talking over suggestions for becoming unblocked, and 2) Then, from the clearer mountain top, we can get a better view of where your true direction lies.


Chiron is your life direction!

That’s why its symbol, or glyph, is shaped like a key 


Many are feeling this now. This is not an illusion. This seems like an illusion because we’ve been so dulled for so long. This is the real deal which is why it’s miraculous, especially since it’s occurring JUST BEFORE 2012!


I did the chart the other day for the end of the Mayan calendar on 12/21/12 at 11:11 GMT. Once I put the birth time in the computer, it all made sense. And exactly 37 seconds later, will be the Winter Solstice! And what planets do we find rising in that chart? Neptune and Chiron precisely on the ascendant.


Make no mistake about this.

We are in trouble as a race.

What we are seeing is intervention from on high.


I have little else to say, and words kill. Why do we commonly think that God was very active in our lives 2,000 years ago but not now? It’s time we all wake up. We’ve been killing ourselves and each other for too long.


Thank you to Neptune and Chiron for showing up now. It won’t be a picnic with what the other major 4 planets are doing. Quite the opposite, those 4 are going to make it very chaotic for a long time. There will be many hills and valleys.


This is our time now to get it right.


You may like this or not, but you’ve just started to hear about one world, a new world, a new world order. There are many arguments on both sides, but I’m here to tell you that: Neptune WILL NOT respect national boundaries (or any other type of boundary.) No way. Boundaries are mythical and are results of consensus thinking. They’re not real and Neptune will dissolve them.


Let us hope that if we start moving in such a direction, that it will be for the betterment of all of us.




There is a significant lack of aspects this month due to the fact that so many planets are bunched up in Aries.


5/3 New Moon 12°_31’ 2:51a – The Taurean New Moon will be a very welcome sight with 5 other planets in impulsive Aries. Taurus will ground those restless energies and make us feel like battening down the hatches. Aries energy can be very good as it renews us in an uninhibited way. Taurus follows right behind and deepens the human experience. Slow down now. Appreciate what you have. Get your priorities straight and value yourself. That’s Taurus.


5/17 Full Moon 26°e13’ 7:09a – This Full Moon will be extremely powerful, and not because it’s in Scorpio either. It will form the basis of T-square to transiting Chiron and Neptune. This will be a very emotional time. We’ll be asking ourselves, “What is it all about? Why am I putting out all of this effort if I’m not getting back a great feeling of being alive and closeness to others?” That’s what this is about. It’s time to take stock and make the necessary adjustments necessary to match our new insights (Full Moon) at this time.


5/21 Sun enters Gemini 5:21a – Every year the ingress of the Sun into Gemini is usually a welcome time where we all lighten up a good deal. This year will have an added dimension. Anytime a major planet such as the Sun enters a new sign it triggers all planets sitting in the early degrees of all the other 11 signs. Since Neptune is sitting at 1° Pisces and Uranus at 3° Aries, they will be triggered mightily. So, we have an intellectual boost coming from the Sun in Gemini boosting newly found spiritual Neptune in its home sign Pisces along with revolutionary Uranus just getting started with its revolutions in early Aries.


New ideas will come about on how we can bring fresh new spiritual vision to our old world. This should be a very welcome period where new ideas will pay of handsomely.


Everybody, “Into the pool!”




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