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Volume 59, December 2010

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December proves to be an extremely eventful month with all the planets. The tip of this traveling T-square to Pluto will be triggered and be involved in a powerful Lunar Eclipse on the 21st. By Christmas-time, the Sun will be within 1° of Pluto which will make this holiday season unlike any other.


This newsletter covers two major themes that are going on now:


1. Uranus goes forward out of Pisces back into Aries once again. There it will stay for about the next seven years.


2. Neptune has been traveling in conjunction with Chiron for a year now. They were accompanied by Jupiter for a good while. Now, they travel alone and are having remarkable effects on the earth and the collective mind. I will itemize the placement and ramification of this duo for each of the twelve Sun signs below.


The Revolution Resumes

 You’ll recall the May newsletter entitled “Welcome to the Revolution!” Well, it’s back. The revolution did happen and continues to do so in all of our charts. You may have been on board with it consciously. Maybe you didn’t notice it. If you didn’t it’s either because it’s been greatly overshadowed by the transiting Pluto square to heavyweight Saturn or, simply, because you’re not the revolutionary type. And if so, this is not good.


Revolution, schmevolution, at times your soul, body, emotions and mind need a revolution. That was brought to us 5/27/10. As has been mentioned many times, the revolution was mainly launched in a timely fashion (as ALL astrological expressions are) because it was time for us to be freed from our own emotional blockages. Blockages are man-made and God/Universe/Spirit/Whatever can’t get its life-giving energies through to us if we have set up roadblocks – consciously or not. So, if you’ll look around yourself in general and within, you’ll clearly see that the past 6 months have been dedicated to getting ourselves free. It may have been projected outward, i.e., “You” are my problem or “They” keep me down, or “If only it was different.” But, now, we’re seeing the blockages just have to go. We can’t live a healthy life unless they (the blockage or the projected other) are removed. This is NOT to say that the people you live with have to move out or not. That’s up to you and your particulars. Freedom doesn’t necessarily equate to freedom from.


The point is this: now is the time. Uranus, along with powerful Jupiter, traveled together into early June of 2010 releasing us. Just as “predicted,” I addressed so many people who were ready to turn over a new leaf as of 5/27. One of the main reasons we don’t see this clearly is that we have absolutely no idea how intimate these planetary symbolizations really are. When you look back in time, you’ll be able to see that the beginning of your new “liberation” did in fact occur on 5/27/10.


These archetypal shifts cannot be man-made, altered, hurried, delayed, or bargained with


They are life’s energy forms – think of them as you will. If you have a religious twitch against said concepts, never fear, they are totally in sync with God’s hopeful, loving, and life-affirming intentions.


Now, along about 7/4/10, Uranus stopped and went retrograde against the backdrop of the stars. It traveled backwards and will continue to do so until 12/5/10!  That’s in a few days. It’s kind of like this:


·        Before 5/27/10 I was frustrated and blocked.

·        5/27 I’m became fed up and ready to act to free myself of these blockages; either inner or outer. I was ready and sure of myself and my new direction.

·        7/4/10 I need to slow down, I KNOW I’m on the right track, but I need to rethink this for a while because the ramifications of this NEW ME are going to be great. The applecart will be overturned. Still, I need some time to get all of my ducks in a row.

·        12/5/10 I’m ready, I confirmed myself, I thought it over, let’s go, let’s do this thing, I can’t wait anymore. Uranus starts forward again.

·        3/11/11 Uranus re-enters Aries. Period. Here we go. It’s too late now, we’re absolutely fed up, no more waiting, no more repression of the self. Liberation is here.

IF you are found still standing on the side of the shore, being a spectator to life – you are in trouble. You have missed your opportunity. It’s not so much that you won’t be “given another chance for liberation’” the problem is that you have become too dug in to your old ways are suffering from great stagnancy. Bring out the crowbars and the jaws-of-life.


Your self has become too far away from yourself


If, on the other hand, you have let go and allowed the real you some relief and expression, this will mark the beginning of a new start for you.


By the way, this Jupiter and Uranus entrance into Aries is precisely what has been bringing us several new revolutionary grassroots movements, since it occurred in the highly personal sign of Aries.  That means, “I’m going to do something!” “I’m not going to stand for it anymore!”


Whether you agree with them or not, the “Tea Party” movement came into being sparking “our own power” (Uranus and Jupiter in Aries) against the existing “tyrannical power” (Pluto in Capricorn) of the government (Saturn in Libra.)


You’ll see many of these grassroots uprisings take on many forms such as Wishadoo, a grassroots gateway known as the “craigslist of compassion,” coming out of North Carolina and spanning the globe, gathering people to help one another in a purely helpful American way. www.wishadoo.com - No, they aren’t communists or socialists other than the fact that they live in a community and a society, no matter what Glenn Beck says about them.


As Uranus starts forward again on 12/5, we’re all going to pick up speed again in terms of “doing our thing.” It’s truly amazing how many of us need permission in order for us to do what we want! If you are in touch with yourself, Uranus will give you permission from within. This is no metaphor. It IS the real you. As I said before in the May newsletter pertaining to the revolution:  http://www.starself.com/newsletter52.html  we are now ready to release ourselves from constricting standards, shoulds, and have-to’s.


Uranus will gain great power as it re-ingresses into Aries on the 11th of March. I’ll be writing much more about that in the March, 2011 newsletter.


The Neptune–Chiron Conjunction

 Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron have been traveling together in late Aquarius during the past year and a half. It is what has brought us a new “wind of change” with Obama and the Health Care movement and all the political upheaval. These changes have manifested on many, many levels besides politics. Mostly, since it really directs itself towards the collective, we are changing from within. Whether you like it or not, the winds of change are powerfully amidst us now. Granted, you may or may not care for the way they are manifesting, nevertheless, they are here because they need to be. Clearly and somewhat ironically, these new “spiritual upthrust” energies “just so happen” to be occurring during one of the darkest astrological periods of the past century, i.e., Saturn traveling opposite Uranus and Jupiter, all making a right-angle, or T-square to Pluto. So, we have the heavyweight Plutonian T-square along with the Neptune-Chiron conjunction.


Jupiter moved on just about the time of the death of Teddy Kennedy, almost as if he wasn’t “needed” anymore. Now, renegade and newbie “planetoid,” Chiron is paired with ye ole mystical cloud called Neptune. As Neptune was highlighted in last month’s newsletter, we can see just how hard it is to measure or delineate Neptune fuzzy spiritual effects. Make no mistake about it:


Neptune’s effects are always great and quite widespread


It is a major contributor the prevailing feeling of insanity in this land. Make no mistake about it. We are in a new world. It has never occurred before. It has never occurred before.


Translation: it is time we step up.  P E R I O D


That is the voice of El Pluto. One sidelight here, before I continue with Neptune/Chiron. Do you think it’s a coincidence that 258 years after Pluto was last in Capricorn, when WE rebelled against the British, along we come with another “Tea Party.” And, they come along in the form of BP and dump crazy tons of poisoned oil in our Gulf? So, I got to thinking, really: Are we better off having had a USA since 1776 or would we really have been better off staying subjects to the King of England. That’s very logical question astrologically because Pluto is completing its orbit in late Capricorn in about 10 years. (just a second in astrological time.) I gave it much neutral thought, and I came to the conclusion, that given what we have done WITH OUR POWER (Pluto,) I really don’t think it matters. Both lands are corrupt. It’s all about the almighty pound or dollar. Your thoughts are certainly encouraged, welcomed, and entertained.


Back to Neptune and Chiron.


Neptune, as we know is this powerful, subtle, non-earthy, force that doesn’t support worldly activity or ambition. Chiron, as we are learning represents the “wounded healer.” I have found through intense study that the “wounded healer” part of Chiron is extremely overblown. Chiron, to me, is the clear new ruler of Virgo and represents the caring part of ourselves - the part that goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve, because it cares and wants things better, or perfected. This is why so many people strong with the Chiron/Virgo archetypes go into nursing fields.


As these two powerful strangers travel together, the collective is being bombarded with new innovative, progressive ways to feel about our roles here in physical form. Ones of service.


The last 3 times these two planets conjoined, barring the fact that Chiron was not “discovered” until 1977, was in 1800, 1877, and 9/4/45 in the sign of Libra as WWII ended, within one month of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – surely another moment of blanket insanity (Neptune.)


Let’s see if we can refine these energies that are coming from this pairing. Just consider just some of these keywords from both columns; mix them together and use your own intuition:


Neptune                     Chiron

----------                     --------

Selfless                        Renegade

Spiritual                      Healer

Confused                     Destiny

Escapist                       Wounds

                        Nonconformist           Magical

                        Godstruck                   Astrological

                        Unworldly                  Karma

                        Compassionate            Impelled

                        Mystical                      Driven

                        Christ-like                  Global

                        Martyristic                 Non-personal


Translation during major Neptune times: get it together spiritually or go goofy


You can easily see how difficult it is to combine these two nebulous energies. Their natures are far from those of Saturn, Mars, or Jupiter. These big-time archetypes are combining in a brand new way because it’s the very first time they have ever been “together” since Chiron’s discovery in November of 1977. And that, is significant in Astrological terms. In this age-old science/art, a planet (or planetoid or asteroid) doesn’t “exist” until it is observed – much like the truths we find in quantum mechanics.


This is where the “talent” of the astrologer comes in. How do we possibly combine these patterns? It ain’t easy. We see that on the positive end, these two are joining to bring us a sense that we all have to extend our reach collectively and dig down deep inside of ourselves to find our unconditional love to help each other heal and survive - kinda like what that radical middle-Easterner Jesus Christ tried to teach us. Imagine that. You know, they guy on all the bumper-stickers.


So, as with all combinations, they manifest largely in a pure way into the collective mind as well as within each of the Sun signs. When one does so, the can come about in a greatly positive way or can bring us down too. If we fail during a Neptune/Chiron time it simply means we’re being too selfish and stubbornly defending and hanging on to a false notion, one where we are separate from each other and there is lack.


If we don’t truly adhere to the real meaning of the word Oneness,

then we’re going to get exactly what we have asked for:

more separateness than we may have bargained for


Thusly, these combinations of the Neptune and Chiron archetypes can manifest anywhere within the range of statements below per sign, depending on what “house” it appears in your own natal chart. If we examine the Pisces/Aries cusp in each of the following signs, we get these outcomes (this is not a simple “horrorscope” – feel the answers.) Blending what Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron are doing together, we arrive at:


Aries – 12th into the 1st house. This is time for Aries to act. A C T. To lead and be the natural pioneer that you are. Aries are very pure and innocent. You must lead the way now to follow your God-given inspiration towards pure spirit. Influence others to get off of their butts and live in accord with the will of the Divine. You are a leader. Do so. Follow your instincts as opposed to being careful - the sure doorway to paralysis. You have been inspired lately. Do not listen to those who drive with their brakes on. It’s time for you to move and not explain or defend yourself to anyone. Follow your fire. Set your launch date for 3/11/11.


Taurus  - 11th into the 12th house. Tough ole Taurus the Bull. This is time for you to start to look up from the Earth, your ruler, and see that there is an unbounded free spirit within you. Follow your gut – that’s always the answer for visceral Taurus. Taste it. You are being led by a powerful, intelligent, well-meaning Universal force. Believe it; you don’t have to see it. Use your great persuasive abilities and your persistence to overwhelm anyone who would have you lead a meek, shallow existence. Taurus is meant for the riches of life.


Gemini – 10th into the 11th house.  You are now being inspired to go an octave higher in your career. You simply cannot continue to see your career as interesting or fascinating: you now must act on your long-held dreams! Gemini loves data and is fascinated by all the facets of the human mind. However, now is the time to combine your mobile library with the needs of mankind. You are the databank for us all. You are greatly needed and cannot continue to be distant and uninvolved. Now is the time for you to plug into your appropriate movement or else risk the possibility of becoming irrelevant. We cannot afford that now, you have too much to offer – give your mind to the larger whole.


Cancer – 9th into the 10th house. It is well-known how comfortable you are within your little Hobbit Hole. But, now, the comfort must be somewhat sacrificed. You have a great sense of care and leadership. Now is the time for you to take your public stance without the support of family and friends. This is no joke or “prediction.” It is time for you to see that the world cannot hurt you because it is only what you make of it. With the powerful Neptunian influence we are now granted, you need to show the world that we cannot continue to operate in a cold-hearted, dog-eat-dog world. We have to care for each other. That’s your job to teach. Cancer is the master at making sure we’re all nourished and cared for.


Leo – 8th into the 9th house. It has taken some time, but now, you are ready. Never uncomfortable behind the dais, Leo is now given center-stage. What are you going to talk about? Well, why not talk about what your mastery covers? Expression! You are needed now to help all of us learn that we all have an internal peacock that is yearning to spread its wings! Help all of those bound by self-consciousness and rigidity. Show them that dancing and singing is our natural state! What do you think we all did for millennia around the campfires before Johnny Carson? Help us return to the “primitive” nature of pure love in a non-digital format. Not available at Amazon or for podcast download.


Virgo – 7th into the 8th house. The servant of all. The ones ruled by Chiron itself. Virgo can no longer hide within the comfort of doing what it’s supposed to do. Nope. Won’t work anymore. You are the great skilled one. You are the one that goes above and beyond. But now, Neptune requires that you stop looking at emotions as if they are albatrosses. Use their power as fuel to help fix the myriad of human frailties. Virgo is and extremely powerful and underrated sign. Yes, you are more comfortable being behind the scenes, but now, it is your time to truly engage with others. Listen to their issues; don’t just offer to fix their washing machine or take them camping. Take time to be compassionate about other’s plights without giving them a lecture about where they screwed up.


Libra – 6th into the 7th house. Just as you are the natural 7th house, as Uranus re-enters Aries, it will activate your 7th house – that of partnerships. No, this does not guarantee a new relationship, but it ups the odds for sure. You are made to partner, for sure, but you cannot simply settle for that. You must continue to develop your strong intellect. Continue to lead others; teach them how to think clearly. Show people how they have many more options in life than they think. You’re no good to a partner if you don’t have a strong self. That’s the real focus here; learn to be a strong self – then, be concerned about being a twosome. It won’t work vice-versa. No one can fill anyone’s identity voids. It just isn’t possible, no matter how it looks


Scorpio – 5th into 6th house. How interesting. The sixth house is the house of self-perfection. How can Scorpio, the higher octave of Libra, specialize in self-perfection when it is obsessed with finding a devoted mate!? A true challenge. Scorpio has more than enough chutzpah to be formidable on its own. I know it is hard for you, but this is the time to follow your higher aspirations. This is not to say that you cannot find your “soul mate” right now (if one does in fact exist,) but your promptings now are leading you to your deeper courage. Scorpio is the sign of true strength. One reason that it is so hard for Scorpio to “mate” properly is simply because other signs don’t have your strength. Period. Now, you need to help all of us find our own inner courage. It is so needed now….


Sagittarius – 4th into 5th house. Imagine Sagittarius being urged to express itself! This is time for you to quit worrying about how others are going to perceive you, as if you ever did! The 5th house of expression calls you and politics are what you are all about. No, we don’t need Sag Ann Coulter to rage on anymore, but we do need your inspiration and cheerleader ability right now. Sag optimism is sorely in need during this Saturn-Pluto solemn era. Show the way, tell us where your arrow aims. Help all of us to find that spirit within each of us. You are a true leader of the zodiac – one of inspiration. Bluntly put, we need your bluntness now, just like England needed their Sagittarian, Winston Churchill, during their dark days during the bombing (PL) of London and all throughout WWII.


Capricorn – 3rd into 4th house. Ye Ole Goat. You’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but now, it’s time to act. You know what is wrong, both within your immediate family as well as the larger one. Your sensible, constructive skills of insight and wise guidance are much in need. We see the decay all around us from improperly formed or ill-maintained systems. They crash one after the other like dominoes. Your thorough, sound planning abilities are much in need now to design new paradigms to handle a tougher, more mobile, digital age. The old was bound to break and not being a sign lost to idealism, your firm hand is now in need so our new infrastructures will withstand the new tests of time.


Aquarius – 2nd into the 3rd house. To our genius Aquarians; perhaps no one is more sorely needed. Always 30 years ahead of your time and quite sure of yourselves mentally, we now need your holistic vision. The rest of us just don’t get it. We all move as the whole moves. That’s your specialty. Speak up, just like Tolle and Oprah are doing.


Pisces – 1st into the 2nd house. Will we ever learn? How patiently this sign waits. We still keep thinking that we can service just ourselves and win. Pisces, the master of unconditional love and patience, will just have to keep on quietly being itself. Your very presence acts as a confessional. We face ourselves with deep compassion and forgiveness because of you. What can you “do” now? Nothing. As always, there’s nothing to “do.” Just be your quiet, infinite self and one day, hopefully soon, we’ll all stop taking you for granted. The message you need to spread is that we all have perfect guidance within.





12/3 Mars squares Uranus 9:01a – Get ready for Mars. Here, it squares the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction in late Pisces. This will encourage us once again to go for it. Unfortunately, this will be short-lived as Mars prepares to JOIN PLUTO for the first time since Christmas of 2008 in just a few days. Mars-Uranus is reckless: make sure you are not “going for it” just to escape other long time built up tensions that Pluto is forcing us all to face. Yes, do what you can to liberate yourself, but remember, none of us can run from ourselves. Pluto is making sure of that.


12/5 New Moon 13°f28’ 12:36p AND Uranus goes Direct! 8:51p – This will be major. See the article above. The Revolution of 5/27/10 RESUMES… This will max out on 3/11/11!


12/7 Mars enters Capricorn 6:49p – Uh oh, here we go. Mars enters early Capricorn where Pluto has set up camp. Mars will encourage Pluto to blow sky high. Do NOT take nuclear matters lightly now. This represents a very serious turning point. Also, in terms of the general long-term decay that Pluto has uprooted: look for more to tumble, more to fall. To use these energies in a positive way; start cleaning up the old stuff. I know it sounds so repetitive, but Mars wants action. Together, Mars and Pluto are very insistent, even violent. Use these promptings to urge yourself to “clean up your act.” There is no simple way to say this. These two mean business and will be the dominant planetary forces through 12/13.


12/10 Mercury goes Retrograde 7:06a – In the midst of all this Sun/Mars/Pluto in Capricorn we get to deal with our stoned messenger boy. As always, make your appointments and agreements slowly and with care. That really helps. I finally have come to a point that I believe that the intention of Mercury Retrograde is to get us to slow down and be more careful and deliberate.


12/7-13 Mars conjuncts Pluto – Very Dangerous – As stated above, this Mars conjunction Pluto will demand action. This is how it is: you act or someone will force you to do so. It ain’t pretty, and neither are Mars or Pluto. What do they want? Are they mean? No, not really. They want you to bust through obstacles in your evolutionary path. No matter what form they have taken. If you do so, the field of possibilities opened up by these two will make it worth your stress and hardship. Pluto = let go, Pluto = let go.


12/16-18 Sun squares Jupiter & Uranus – After all this heavy-duty angst stirred up by dark Pluto, this will bring us welcome relief, albeit temporary. Raise your head up from the clouds and look at the new possibilities in front of you. If you have not let go during the Pluto time, you may not be able to see through the smoke.


12/21 Lunar Eclipse 29°`21’ 3:13a – This one should be visible on a cloudless night. It will trigger all the planets in early cardinal signs and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in late Pisces. Wow!


12/21 Sun enters Capricorn 6:39p – Just 3 hour after the eclipse… Kaboom, the Sun triggers the entire transiting Cardinal T-square, i.e., Jupiter and Uranus nearing 0 Aries, Saturn in early Libra, and Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. Take your life seriously now. I don’t care if the calendar says it’s “Christmas” or not. The planets are trying to tell us – serious matters need serious attention. Where do you stand in this world? That is what Capricorn energies ask? If you don’t like what you have become, this along with the annual “New Year’s Resolutions” couldn’t come at a more perfect time.


12/25-26 Sun conjuncts Pluto – More triggers. Every time transiting Pluto gets conjuncted, opposed, or squared it’s going to set off the kinetic tensions storing up in Pluto. Kapow! Santa might be on a rocket-sled! It’s not going to be all cookies and milk, I tell you. All of the power of the 12/21 eclipse will be released on Christmas day as the Sun comes within 1° of Pluto. We’d better be watching our borders too.


12/30 Mercury goes Direct 2:21a – Just in time for the New Year’s party. At least our GPS will be working correctly now.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!


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