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Volume 52, May 2010

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Welcome to the Revolution


It will be more than a rebirth

It will actually be more like a birth


It is the most momentous shakeup I’ve seen in

the planets in my 32 years of doing astrology





From the very fine American astrologer, Richard Tarnas:


Astrology is not concretely predictable and consistent


Astrology is archetypally predictable and extremely consistent



I.e., it tells when and what type of thing will happen.



What exactly is happening with the planets?


Not only are Uranus and Jupiter entering a new sign, but


they are triggering the tension that has been

mounting for 28 months between Pluto and Saturn.


Uranus is entering a new zodiac at 0° Aries on May 27, 2010. 10 days later, Jupiter will do the same on June 6. These are two wild, expansive, disruptive, fiery, explosive, irrepressible, and energetic planets.


Neither will put up with being limited or restricted.


This does not mean that you will have a

distinctive event on that day, although many will


Why is this such a big deal? Because this time, they are not alone.


They are squaring (making a right angle) to transiting Pluto and opposing transiting Saturn in Libra. (see the above diagram) The TENSION that has been building for 2 years now with Pluto in Capricorn will be TRIGGERED by this new explosive energy in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Aries knows nothing about holding back. Jupiter and Uranus operate freely and unfettered in the fire sign Aries. This is why you are hearing “talk” of revolution from all around.


It’s the combination of all four planets that matters


What is this tension all about with Pluto in Capricorn? Pluto entered Capricorn on 1/25/08. It is clear to see what it has done during that time. I have written in great depth about that in past newsletters and articles. For much more information, see the 3 articles astrologer Cheryl Crise and I have written at the very top of my web site at the URL:  www.starself.com.


Before Pluto arrived in Capricorn, we COULD keep pushing our problems under the rug, both individually and collectively. Now, Pluto (the unearther) is forcing us to deal with them – it has lifted up the rug. No wonder so many scandals have been uncovered. They had been pseudo-safely hiding in the shadows for many years Mr. Madoff et al.


Many of us have found that we have had vested interests in keeping our “old ways” alive – even if they weren’t good for us. We became married to the illusion of the success of our habitual ways. This is why “entities” full of corruption and lack of integrity are falling like dominoes now. You must keep in mind that this is the main background of this whole issue – it’s the backdrop. (Yes, this is why the volcanoes and all the earthquakes too.) Pluto is purging and cleansing us – all of us – planet wide – even Mother Gaia.


It is much more imperative that we focus on ourselves now than pointing fingers at corrupt government, institutions, organizations, etc. While it is imperative and critical that we also clean up those institutions too, we need to start within ourselves. The latter has lead to the former.


These background Plutonic rumblings are the MAIN reasons that this whole matter is so huge


What is this tension all about between Uranus and Saturn? Uranus and Saturn have been traveling opposite each other for a few years. Before it’s over, they will have opposed each other 5 times (due to retrograde motions) before they separate. The very first time they opposed each other was ON THE MORNING OF THE ELECTION on Nov. 4, 2008. The fourth time was 4/26/10. The 5th and final time will be in July of this year. Saturn represents the unyielding status quo. Uranus represents the new, ever-changing, novel and innovative energies. Saturn has NO CHANCE against Uranus which is much more powerful. In other words, you can’t hold back evolution.


Within us, we have been facing off between our conservative and liberal halves of ourselves.


What is this tension all about between Pluto and Saturn being square to each other? Since Saturn entered Libra on 10/28/09, it has been trying to deal with Pluto’s huge effect in a sane, productive way. While Pluto has been digging up corruption and disintegration, Saturn has been trying to build anew, mostly with restriction and limitations. This is why we’re seeing new efforts being made towards regulation (Saturn.)


Within ourselves, we have been trying to constructively deal with the massive renovation of self during this time.


What does it mean for me? It means that we’ve been relentlessly facing tough issues for 2 years. Now, we have a new chance to start over with a fiery determination to create a WIN for ourselves (Aries)! We will feel like diving in, ready, ready to face, head-to-head (the Ram,) all of our “old” problems with a new start. (This is further defined by the placement of the Aries point (0° Aries) in your natal chart – which “house” it falls in.) That tells us where the geyser will erupt – in what area of your life.


Why does Jupiter and Uranus in Aries mean so much? The last time Jupiter and Uranus entered Aries together was on March 31, 1927. This was not long before the crash of the stock market of 1929. This DOES NOT imply that we are headed for another crash. However, it did bring the world many new revolutions, just some of them are:


  • The movie, “The Jazz Singer” opened giving us the end of the silent cinema era
  • The first transatlantic phone call from New York to London was made
  • Charles Lindbergh flies across the Atlantic
  • Ford’s model “A” car comes out
  • Television is invented
  • Josef Stalin takes control of Russia
  • Chiang Kai-Shek forms anti-government in China
  • Ruth hits 60 home runs in a season
  • Socialists riot in Vienna
  • Physicist Werner Heisenberg introduces his famed quantum Uncertainty Principle
  • Belgian astrophysicist Georges Lemaitre proposes the big bang theory


Understanding Jupiter and Uranus. Uranus is a very intense, revolutionary planet. When it ingresses (enters) a new sign, it has a very powerful effect on most things. The last time Uranus changed signs was on 3/10/03 at 3:53pm.


I can’t begin to tell you how many clients of mine had very significant, liberating (Uranian) events happen in their lives ON THAT VERY DAY AND AT THAT EXACT TIME.


Note: The Iraq War started 9 DAYS later. Uranus usually hits exactly on the day it lines up geometrically. This does NOT MEAN that all of us are going to have fireworks in our lives on 5/27, but many will. Watch the news during that week and you will see REVOLUTION taking place all across the globe in one form or another.


Within ourselves IT’S A HUGE NEW BEGINNING.


What will Uranus and Jupiter “do?” The revolution (birth) is taking place WITHIN US. Uranus will make us feel READY to direct ourselves forward out of the tedium that we have found ourselves in recently. Uranus in Aries is a very “selfish” symbol, and that can be very good. We’ll FEEL like moving on, ready to move on. It’s that simple. And Jupiter will make us FEEL like we’re on track – we’ll feel good about the decision – we’ll feel “Yes, I see light at the end of the tunnel.” Uranus and Jupiter can also be exceedingly selfish if they get out of hand (Saturn.)


Will the “revolutions” be good or bad?

The answer is: both. It’s what we make of it – but, it will be both. It will operate on a global scale, national scale, community scale and more importantly, on an individual scale. It will be a major REBIRTH IF WE ARE READY FOR IT. We must watch the wild, irresponsible side of this combination though. It can be  like a fighter who comes out in the first round and expends all of his/her energy in a rapid burst and then burns out prematurely. We must be careful not to project our problems outside of ourselves. The big thing is that we’ll be READY to move forward from our own inner “stuckness.”


What does Saturn in Libra have to do with all of this? The second significant part of this story is what has happened since Saturn entered Libra on 10/28/09. This made matters much more complex. On the diagram at the top, you can see how Saturn squared or made a right-angle to Pluto. In astrology, this is a very stressful combination, i.e., the fact that the two “transiting” planets are at a right angle. This is happening regardless of the fact that Saturn has temporarily backed up (retrograded) back into late Virgo for a few months. The square is still in effect.


Saturn is very powerful in Libra (where it is exalted.) It tries to make things fair, regulated and structured. So, while el Pluto has been very busy in the sign of the Goat and will stay so for about the next 20 YEARS, Saturn is trying its best to rebuild. This is indicated by our country trying to come up with new workable ways of governing and managing many of our institutions. Many have decayed, have grown obsolete, or simply need reworked. So, the “destruction” or transformation of Pluto is going on at the same time that Saturn is trying to rebuild. This is also indicated by the stresses we’ve seen recently in the congress - parties trying to work together (Uranus) and parties resisting and dragging their feet (Saturn.) Saturn is what is bringing back the sense of “regulation” rather than deregulation simply because it’s time for it. Saturn “standing up to” Pluto is also greatly symbolized by the health insurance voices standing up to (Uranus) large monolithic corporate giants as well as people standing up to the all-powerful government itself.


What if Jupiter and Uranus in Aries were “alone?” It would be a much different story, as it was in 1927. The revolution exhibited from these two planets would not be as EXPLOSIVE as they are now because they are setting off Pluto and Saturn. We would feel more of the rebirth and less of the bowling-pins-being-knocked-around effect as they will this time around. This is really going to shake things up – for the “good” and the “bad” even though neither actually exist aside from our own personal mental perspective and labeling.


What are Uranus and Jupiter doing facing off with Saturn? Uranus always wants Saturn to loosen up. If Saturn does not yield to Uranian forces, Uranus simply cracks the crusty layers that Saturn is trying so carefully to solidify. Saturn forms and coalesces, Uranus cracks and renews; then Saturn comes back in and the cycle repeats endlessly. A time to build; a time to revolutionize. THEY HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER FOR ANY AND ALL ENTITIES TO FUNCTION PROPERLY.


Jupiter is always trying to get Saturn to “cheer up,” and not take things so seriously.


What are Uranus and Jupiter doing squaring off with Pluto? Uranus and Jupiter will encourage Pluto to keep doing what it needs to do. Jupiter is the “encourager” or cheerleader.


Pluto is digging up disease, weakness, and corruption in order to make the entity stronger and more courageous. If it has to totally destroy and replace something, it will. Jupiter is encouraging that and Uranus is all out for something that suddenly and explosively replaces the “old and stale.” It renews.


Uranus really triggers Pluto. There will be much more written about this when the two are in exact square aspect because it will mark a time in world history that will be very pivotal and significant – a revolution. The first exact square between Uranus and Pluto will occur on 6/23/12. The last time they conjuncted was all throughout the 1960’s – does that help you get a handle on this!?


How long will this last? The Jupiter “encouragement” will last about a year. Uranus’ revolution will last at least 3 years. These eras are not exact; the influences can go on for years.


What will this feel like? A very complex question. Tedium has been growing ever since Pluto entered Capricorn in Jan ’08. Pluto has been renovating our world, countries, families, and selves. Some of us have made more progress than others with this HUGE rebuilding phase. Uranus is going to make us feel READY to make massive changes. Since it’s happening in Aries, it will make us feel READY to act FOR OURSELVES – OUR OWN SELF-INTEREST. This can be good or bad depending on what we do with these energies. People will be SCREAMING for action. We have to remember that we are the ones that have created this quagmire.


Uranus will make us finally feel fed up and ready to do

SOMETHING about breaking up the tedium in our lives


What kind of tedium? Any problem, person, situation, or self-created blockages that have been keeping us from being ourselves.


What are “good” examples of this “revolution?” On a global or national scale: we will feel a desire to FORM ORGANIZATIONS (Uranus/Aquarius) for the betterment of mankind - working together for the good of all. New, creative, innovative ideas will be popping up like crazy.


On the individual level: we will be ready to own our individuality. Ready to move on our own accord – self-directed. A personal waking up and revolution or rebirth or birth.


Uranus and Jupiter always FREE us so that we are unburdened and unrestricted


What are “bad” examples of this “revolution?” On a global or national scale: we will be tempted to revolt violently against the wrong target(s.) This is usually due to projecting our own problems as if they lie outside of ourselves. People will grow FED UP and incredibly IMPATIENT about wanting what they want simply because they want it (Aries!) This will not come out of nowhere. This will occur in areas where there has been a failure to use rational, sensible methods to work things out. Things will simply EXPLODE!


On the individual level: we will lash out especially towards others that we believe to have been repressing us. Like I said before, this is more likely to happen between people who have been unable to solve the growing pressures in sensible, adult ways. One or both of the parties will simply have reached their limit. “I’ve had it up to here!” Period.



What are the dangers of this? These are the “Thelma and Louise” transits. This cannot be stated too many times. They took drastic and fatal action in the movie so that they didn’t have to face the music.


Uranus and Jupiter work very well together which is another reason this is such a volatile combination. Also, they both can “do their things” well in the self-oriented, fiery sign of Aries. The true danger is over-reacting, being overly selfish, too rash, too radical, and willful - choosing wildness instead of true liberation; opting for freedom but really escaping; deciding to act rashly instead removing yourself from a situation sagaciously with tact. 


What is the upside of this? The positive side will be simply incredible and will take a while to fully get used to. Liberation, independence and an ability to be yourself are the keywords here. We will have a great opportunity to be reborn, to feel a new joie-de-vivre. This new zest for life will give us courage to face these long-held issues symbolized by Pluto and Saturn. Successfully dealing with Pluto means letting go of the past and dropping your ancient emotional baggage. A person who works well with Saturn is one who faces their responsibilities and owns what they need to.


These two planets will either symbolize us being up to it and ready or else will separate us from those around us and from ourselves.


What will likely show up in worldly events? As Pluto and Saturn have been “facing off,” the tension has been mounting in many areas. Therefore, the triggering of Uranus and Jupiter in Aries could “demand action” in any of the following areas. Expect BIG turning points in any one of these and more. “U”=Uranus or Uranian matters; “J” = Jupiter or Jovian matters, “P” = Plutonian matters and “S” = Saturn or Saturnian.


o       Rebellion (UJ) against authority (S)

o       The desire for smaller (S) government (J)

o       Furor (JU) against Wall Street (PS)

o       Reaction (UJ) against the Drug Companies (P)

o       Restricting (S) lopsided power (PS) of lobbyists

o       Supreme Court (PSJ) siding with corporate (P) and foreign campaign “contributions”

o       Mounting (US) attacks against the Health Insurance Companies (P)

o       Corruption (P) in Government (S) and Business (J) and SEC

o       Stopping or containing (PS) illegal immigration

o       Decay (UJP) of decorum in Congress (S)

o       Incitement (UJP) from hate radio and TV

o       Desire to “return to (SU) the intention of our forefathers (J)”

o       Talk of constitutional changes (SUJ) and friction between States and the Union

o       Doing away with (S) filibustering (J)

o       Catholic Church and Boy Scout sex-abuse scandals (P)

o       Volcanoes, earthquakes, oil leak, off-shore drilling (PS)

o       Climate Change issues (PUS)

o       Stuffing the pockets of our legislators under the table (P)

o       The Green movement (U)

o       Doing away with unregulated activity (S)


What we won’t feel: A miracle on the first day. One single event that will sweepingly solve all of our problems.


What will we feel? We’ll feel ready to change and renew our lives. This is no minor statement. That’s why the entire newsletter is about this one subject. It will be a general attitude of helping ourselves; not waiting for “someone else” to do it for us. To take matters into our own hands.


Don’t kid yourself; Pluto has just gotten started with its cleanup and uncovering of corruption and decay. The “patient” can’t get up off the table yet until all the yucky stuff has been excised, uprooted and cleansed.


Eventually, it will all be OK, it’s what needs to happen.



5/11 Mercury goes Direct 6:27p – What can I say; tis a relief as things straighten out. Finally, you’ll get that check back from the bank that you wrote for $100 but accidentally added an extra “0.”


5/13 New Moon 23°_09’ 9:04p – This is your chance; get a grip; dig in, and get ready for the outburst of Uranus and Jupiter ingressing into Aries a coupla weeks.


5/20 Sun enters Gemini 11:34p – We’re not even going to notice this one while the BIG planets are stirring.

5/23 Saturn opposes Jupiter 1:38a – This is Saturn’s last ditch effort to contain Huge Jupiter. It won’t matter; the kinetic energy has been building for years. Prepare for contact.


5/27 Full Moonf33’ 7:07p – How apropos, the Full Moon in SAG as Uranus is two and a half hours from leaving the old zodiac behind! Be happy! Try new things! Get out of your STALENESS!


5/27 URANUS ENTERS ARIES 9:48p – THIS IS THE BIG ONE! All month long, Saturn has been TRYING to get a grip and contain Jupiter and Uranus in late Pisces. TOO LATE. Uranus crosses into a new zodiac after EIGHTY FOUR years. The revolution starts all around you and within you. Go with the new flow; break from old habits and restrictions and you’ll be fine. Hang on to the old, and you’ll crack. Snap, crackle, pop. It’s that simple.


Uranus will especially send shock waves through the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.


5/30 Saturn goes Retrograde 2:11p – and

5/31 Neptune goes Retrograde 2:50p – The big horses of Saturn and Neptune won’t even be noticed at first with Jupiter waiting to enter Aries also on June 6. This will be a HUGE shift in this world and in the U.S.


It’s a new paradigm!



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