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America's archetypal astrologer, Alice O. Howell, (practicing for 70 years!) said: "The Exquisite Zodiac" is a delightful introduction to astrology. I would heartily recommend this to any beginner as well as to seasoned astrologers. I think the illustrations clarify the text beautifully and that we have many ideas in common."


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I would personally like to thank everyone who offered me places to shoot my new video series on beginning astrology for YouTube. I have received every type of offer you can imagine and am so grateful. I have yet to decide where to shoot it, but it won’t be long, I’ll be teaching right into the lens so that you can all get a head start on learning this wonderful art, astrology, IN AN UNDERSTANDABLE, DIGESTIBLE way.



Astrology and Predictions


It is no wonder; I hear so many ideas about what people think astrology can or cannot predict. Everyone thinks they want to keep their “free will” but ironically, many conversely want to know “what will happen.” It’s funny, and it’s understandable. It’s such a mysterious science and in many ways, so hard to fully comprehend.


What I am attempting today is to show you what an astrologer can “predict” and what he or she cannot. Hopefully, some of it will be cleared up for you. As the wonderful astrologer, Richard Tarnas, put it (paraphrasing), “astrology is not to be used for concrete predictions but can be archetypally. If you have read my new book, “The Exquisite Zodiac”, you’d have seen that word, archetype, thrown around quite liberally. Here is an example of what this means.


Let’s say for example that I am reading for your son who is 27 years of age. He has not “gotten himself together” yet. (Few of us do until Saturn returns to its natal spot around age 28.) By looking at the placement of “today’s” planets and comparing them to his birth chart, I can see that over the next year, Saturn will return to where it started from. Significant events will happen then. By using the computer or books with planetary positions (ephemerides,) I can easily see when that Saturn return will happen. But, I have yet to predict anything.


Now, let’s examine “old-fashioned” astrologers, those with limited understanding of the archetypal influences, etc. I am paraphrasing what many people assume astrology would say for that young man. “You are going into a period of great hardship. You will find it hard to find a job; you will be rewarded very little for your efforts; you will suffer illnesses; you may be rejected from friends and family members.” This is very common, they might even go as far as saying (look it up in the old astrology books if you don’t believe me): “You will be held back from receiving your education; you may go to jail or be hospitalized for a significant amount of time.” Curses, curses, curses.


In the old days, and unfortunately still commonly, Saturn has been known as the GREAT MALEFIC! He’s the REAL BAD GUY.


Well, we’ve learned that he really isn’t.


Now, it is true that some of those TYPES of things could happen, but it’s doubtful. These types of scary predictions accomplished two things. 1) Scared people and made the astrologer look all-powerful, and 2) supported a false world where Saturn was OUT THERE and OUT THERE TO GET YOU.


Now, WE KNOW…………………………….. Saturn, is in here along with the rest of the entire universe – inside our psyches.



Let’s investigate what a new age astrologer, someone like me, might say in the same situation:


“If your son is making attempts to grow up, i.e., putting out applications, learning new skills, ready to take an ‘entry-level’ jobs, etc., there’s a very good chance that he WILL get a job around that time! The universe cares mostly for those who care, who try. “God helps those who help themselves” could never be truer than in the practice of astrology. However, if he does NOT make efforts to become responsible, I can just about guarantee that his money source will dry up. For example, his dad might get laid off. His trust fund will empty. Money will “get” lost. His cheap rent deal will suddenly go belly-up. It’s all connected!


That’s exactly why:  the FORCES that hand out the money and support

KNOW whether he is trying or isn’t! Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t

because the force is him himself – here we go – it’s all quantum and

holographic. Back in issue #61, I told you that was going to be the “new”

buzz word from now on – quantum.


That’s WHY the zodiac is EXQUISITE. Mysteriously and coincidentally, which sounds more to me like SYNCHRONISTICALLY, his funds of support will disappear. And this is not a coincidence and is happening precisely because the boy has not been GETTING WITH IT! What is the IT? - The Saturnian impulses trying to blossom up through him. If he gets with it – he’ll succeed. If he doesn’t – he won’t. You have to get into the river.


There is no mystery, it’s this simple,


Most of us fake ourselves out and try to fake everyone

else by agreeing that we think we are all one, and connected.


Few of us really believe that it really is true.


It IS becoming more recognized as true in this magical year of 2012 – it is being more accepted each day.  It is our only salvation from this mess in which we find ourselves. We had to just about blow ourselves off of this planet before our HUGE collective ego would admit that we’re all connected, and therefore, NONE OF ARE THAT BIG OF A DEAL A NO ONE OF US IS SPECIAL! Take THAT, you pesky, insatiable ego! When we help another, we really do help ourselves.


Getting back to our young man: The old astrologers would place curses in front of the querent. This is WHY I got into astrology in 1971 when an unscrupulous “astrologer” put forth a list of my unavoidable curses. I dug into it. I found out. She didn’t know what she was talking about and should not have been reading for anyone. I am very tough on my students before I “OK” that they are ready to read for others.


If the pre-28-yr-old is trying, he may get some set backs, but SATURN WILL STOP him in his tracks until he gets on track in a very real way, such as going to vocational school. When I was 28, my girlfriend suddenly got up and moved to New Orleans . She said, “You’re not going anywhere with your life.”


It stung, but I got up and started a whole new path, back at evening classes studying computers which began a 20-year period working in I.T. I was then on track and on my way into my second Saturn cycle (ages 28-58.) Hardly a curse.


ARCHETYPALLY, our example young man has been stopped and corrected. THAT’S WHAT SATURN DOES. Saturn doesn’t sit on us and squish us with its huge ice-ring; it stops us to ASSURE that we get things working. Ignorant viewpoints would simply say to him, “be scared to death, it’s going to be a bad year period.” I still meet so many people that are unnecessarily quite nervous of their coming Saturn return.


That’s the difference between an archetypal reading and an old-time, ill-informed antiquated one.


We no longer see the planets out there, because they aren’t. What’s true above is below (inside.)


Another simple example:


Say the planet Uranus is about to hit a critical point in a married woman’s chart on July 1. A less-than-up-to-date astrologer might tell her, “You’re in for a lot of chaos, your marriage is already shaky, one of you might leave the other on that day! It will be very upsetting and lots major surprises are in store for you!”


Anyone would have their golf-shoes scared right off of their feet!


That’s not how it is done. After I interview the client, well aware of the major intersection of that woman’s sensitive marital construct and transiting Uranus, I would definitely find out more about the status of the marriage. NOT TO BLAME ANYONE. You WOULD NOT believe how many people want me to simply say, “Yes, he’s a bastard, he doesn’t deserve you, he IS cheating on you, and you should leave!” You also would not believe how that’s the main thing I DO overhear from some “psychics and readers” that I’ve overheard over the years.


It ain’t that simple. I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear. It won’t help any.


If I hear that you don’t want to work on the relationship, i.e., the relating has ceased, and you don’t have the courage to get out of the marriage, you ARE in for it. Things WILL explode, and ON that date, too. Specifically, why? Because Uranus is the only planet that hits exactly mathematically. It will explode into a myriad of UNPREDICATABLE ways, but, archetypally, you and your life will blow up. Why? Because that is what you REALLY want to happen, that’s why. After the explosion, you will have been liberated. It may not be in the manner you wished, but that’s what Uranus does: it renews or it cracks the status quo.


There’s no mysterious Greek God out there waiting to get you just because you have lots of buried religious guilt. It’s all within YOU. Your subconscious says, “Well, I can’t live like this anymore, so if YOU aren’t going to do it, I’m going to set chaos in motion for you.”


The mind IS that powerful. It creates reality.


On the other hand….


If the same woman says to me, “We’ll he and I had better get to work on these issues (most people wait until it’s way too late) and get to a marriage counselor.” Her and her husband’s experience of chaos will be GREATLY MINIMIZED because they are finally trying to face the energies. Uranus, first of all, wants us to be friends. Maybe they will face it and heal the marriage. If it the friendship cannot be healed, for-get-a-bout-the-mar-riage. It has all become a myth. BUT, there will be no explosion and probably no car wreck or broken ankles (Uranus rules the ankles). The crack is minimal.


The reason for this is simple, all along the way there may have been signs that one person has been cramping the other person’s “style.” Well, we all know, the more you sit on it and let it fester and say nothing, the more fuel you’re adding to the eventual fire. That’s true astrology, not the 1-900-I’ll-fix-your-love-life-for-cash type. The planets tell us when these inner-energies will make us “fed up” or “can’t take it anymore.” Or better yet, when we are ready to move on. Most of my clients fall into this latter category because we, as a collective race, are evolving at a phenomenal rate. We just aren’t staying put when the relating has stopped.


So, the point of all of this is that the old astrologer tried to tell you (and most still do) that xyz is going to happen to you this coming Sunday. Wrong. He of she is pulling at least one of your legs.


A good astrologer will tell you, these are your choices; if you continue as you have been these (arche)TYPES of things are likely to happen; and they will. If you live in synch with your own impulses, the more conscious and better off you will be because you are taking ownership and responsibility of your own life. (It’s really not YOURS anyway, remember God was just thinking, “I wonder what it would be like if I went out and played by myself.” It’s all His or Hers.) Some call it Lucifer’s fall from Grace. It’s all illusory.


You cannot have it both ways:


1.      Using the book, The Secret, “I will create what I want so I can have a bigger yacht and a better boyfriend with hunkier abs.”




2.      I don’t want any responsibility over what is happening in my life, in other words, I’m creating it, but I want to blame the problems on the planets or my biorhythms or my tarot reading or tea leaves, or chicken entrails...


It’s all our own creation. This is why I hardly every address questions like these anymore:


·        Am I going to get that job?

·        Is he going to come back to me?

·        Is my kid going to be all right?

·        Will I meet someone?

·        Should I move?

·        How does my money look?


People want predictions because they commonly think it will be a relief for once giving up responsibility for their lives. But then, in actuality, they wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s certainly understandable WHY people ask those questions, but here is what I have found:


Are you flowing with your life energies or not?

If life goes through you, you are alive.

If it does not go through you, you are not.

Seems simple, but it is true.


That is ALL that matters. I am not an expert karmic astrology and I do not hypnotize people to re-experience their past lives. I cannot explain reincarnation.


What I have EXPERIENCED is this: when you are blocked, it does not matter how you got blocked or how long you have been blocked; if you are blocked, you sooner or later will get very sick, duh. If you are not flowing, nothing will flow in your life – it simply can’t. You’re stuck and that’s the very word people will use.


My job with you is to get you unblocked, no matter how much it takes. I have a very old, well-worn crowbar that I use all the time. Then, MIRACULOUSLY, it simply all starts to work. Money starts to come in, as do suitors. You start to feel better, the cruel boss gets fired, and so on. This is the magic. This is what the next book will be all about, to be entitled, “The Intimate Zodiac.”


So, it all comes down to that, and if you are flowing with your life energies (all from the Divine) everything will work out. This is precisely what our preachers have told us; that God would always give us what we need if we but have faith. Having faith is more than having faith in Him or Her, it means having faith in Who and what We are; i.e., part of Him/Her. A very big difference.


The reason we will always get what we need is because God will always feed His own body, and we are merely different parts of His/Her body. He’s not going to ignore his Hand. The way we get in trouble is when we insist on being separate and therefore cut off our own “food or life” supply, i.e. blocked.


Astrology is and isn’t a miracle. It’s simply another of God’s clocks and series of maps. If we are attentive and reverent to our Quiet Inner Voice, the last thing we need is a natal or birth chart.


Divine Blessings to us all.





A VERY active month


Over the next 3 years, transiting Uranus will square transiting Pluto 7 times. These will be major turning points similar to the revolutionary energies of when they were last together during the Sixties. You may want to save these dates. These are wide ranges of dates, not simply occurring on those precise dates. I will be explaining much more about it as we go. You’ll KNOW it, when you feel it.



Dates for Uranus square Pluto

6/24/12  5:12a

9/19/12  1:57p

5/20/13  7:02p

11/1/13  6:30a

4/21/14  3:21p

12/15/14 12:13a

3/16/15 10:54p


6/1-5 Conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Venus Rx – This strange occurrence, all in the sign of Gemini, is acting quite like a combined mixed up Mercury retrograde period. Heaven forbid. It will calm down in a few days. We may all be found running around like chickens sans heads, and it would behoove us greatly to try to simplify our lives for a little bit.


6/4 Lunar Eclipse 14°f14’ 7:12a – The eclipsing Moon will trigger Mars at 16°c so any planet sitting at 16° Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces will get a swift boot kick. What does Mars in Virgo always say? “Well, let’s get something done around here! Where’s are all the results?” Mars doesn’t care, it wants action and productivity, result: you’ll FEEL like getting off of your behinds and resuming that project you just couldn’t get to before. Virgos won’t even notice it. Pisces will say, “Ah, why now man?”


This is a very big deal because the Martian energy is emanating from all of the discussion that has been going on between the Sun and Neptune. In other words, we’re all going through huge spiritual changes (unless we are resisting); now, Mars wants related action. It could be a great and very productive period.


6/5 Venus eclipses the Sun! 9:10p – Wow, this is a rare one. With special lenses, we’ll be able to watch teeny tiny Venus try to upstage the majestic Sun. And Venus retrograde at that! This symbolic language will make sure that Venusian matters in your life will become foremost in your thoughts. Who are you (Sun) as you mix with another (Venus). Clarity will be brought to you about what you want/need out of a relationship. Spend special time thinking about what you are really giving to your relationship. Venus will crawl across the face of the giant star!


6/11 Jupiter enters Gemini 1:22p, - Sounds like a GREAT time to start videotaping a new beginning astrology course for YouTube! It is a marvelous time that will last one year, where we can start anew with communications of all types, new magazines, exchange students, studying new languages, finding new ways to express ourselves. Early Geminis will find this to be very fruitful and fun! This will also be a great time to dedicate yourself to a new exercise regimen. Gemini exudes wonderful childlike energies!


6/19 New Moon 28°a`43’ 11:02a – New policies will be announced, especially ones ruling the usage of the Internet and social mediums. Gemini is all about information and how we share it. Since it’s a New Moon, I expect more than a few libraries to start talking about shutting down. The power of the Internet has taken over. Surely newspapers are having a hard time surviving. It’s not always a picnic in Gemini. New challenges bring new solutions. We have to find more efficient ways to communicate. Further discussions and pressures will be put upon Post Offices to close. It’s blog time.


6/20 Sun enters Cancer 7:09p – It’s moody time. And that’s good. Time to get in touch with our real emotional needs. Stop thinking; instead, feel what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are being irrational because you are allowed to be now and then – thank Goddess… Happy Summer!


6/24 LONG TERM. Our first Uranus square to Pluto 4:14a – Oh boy, first of seven. The two big boys have it out. This is one great big deal. Think of the sixties… they’re back. We’re reconsidering voting rights, racial issues are still a mess. Uranus (people’s rights) is fighting the big dogs, i.e., oil companies, big banks, etc. This won’t be solved ANYTIME SOON. This will go on for years and will SPIKE during the dates that I listed above. Some people are calling this “class warfare”, whether that is accurate or not. It will be very, very disruptive for the next 4 years or so in general. No surprise, is it?


6/25 Saturn goes Direct 4:01a – We’ll all feel better as the big worker, Saturn, discontinues it backward crawl through Libra and heads on its way into Scorpio on Oct. 5, 2012. Now, once it gets to Scorpio, that will be no picnic. Lots to talk about then as Saturn is at its most severe in the sign of Scorpio.


6/27 Venus goes Direct 11:07a – About time, we’ll all feel better as Venus straightens out. All that reconsidering regarding our relationships now finds the time to be expressed. What you don’t want to do is go back into your old ways of relating. This marks the time for you to be a new self within all of your alliances.


6/29-30 The Sun opposing Pluto will form a T-square to Uranus in Aries! Once again, another chapter in this massive energy combination from the big planets. Watch political forces become even more insane and vicious than you can imagine. The Big Machine is at work and the small grassroots programs are nipping at their heels. This is no small matter.


May the planets be with you as you find your Starself!” - Rick


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