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Volume 66, July 2011

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A fire is burning in Los Alamos; you tell me the Earth isn’t intelligent.




Charting During the Trial of Casey Anthony


Casey Anthony

March 19, 1986

No known birth time

Warren, OH

Solar chart where the Sun’s degree = rising degree



Today is July 1, 2011


It is astrologically intriguing to follow the case of Casey Anthony, on trial facing murder charges for allegedly killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in Orange County, FL on 6/16/08.


Unfortunately, there is no known birth time for Casey. Birth times are critical to astrologers because then, we can accurately place each of the 11 planets within the proper “houses” of the chart, i.e., fields of experience. Since none is known, astrologers commonly rely on two other methods to cast a chart. 1) is a solar chart where the ascending degree (or beginning of the first house) is the same degree as the Sun. 2) the second method is an old, tried and true method of estimating the person as having been born at noon.


Both charts will surprise you with their accuracy and also show you just how flexible, solid and holographic the basis of astrology seems to be.


First, we take a look at her solar chart. Since the Moon is listed at 10 degrees of Cancer on that day at noon, and since the Moon commonly swings within a 13 degree arc during the day of birth, her actual lunar position could be anywhere from 6 to 19 degrees. This is a very wide range of tolerance and is very important to keep in mind for this case.


Even so, Casey is a Pisces with a Moon in Cancer. This clearly paints her initially as a very tender and emotional woman. Mercury was found in retrograde in Pisces, scheduled to turn direct by progression around her 12th year. That means that somehow, she didn’t get it all together mentally or verbally until she was 12 or so. Venus is in aggressive Aries and found in the 1st house and at the top of a T-square to a Moon-Neptune opposition. This clearly shows indications of being deluded with great possibilities of lying to others and temptations toward great exaggeration. Drug and alcohol abuse are also indicated. The Venus in Aries gets all the expression from that particular T-square. It gets emphasized, and IT’s motto is, “What about me?” Very selfish.


Keeping in mind that we are dealing with a normally unselfish Pisces means little here as selfish tendencies from other areas of the chart can very easily overwhelm the entire selfless nature of its basis. The Sun being in square to fiery Mars and Uranus in wild Sagittarius adds to the reckless nature of this evolving diagram. “Young” planets such as the Moon in Cancer and Venus in Aries are very prone to “delusions in love” with their powerful aspects to strong Neptune in Capricorn. She sees what she wants to see and wants it all right now. No delayed satisfaction for her.


Mars gets added encouragement from crazy Uranus in Sag. Just do it! And these fiery, restless impulses overwhelm her kinder, gentler nature that was the initial canvas, the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Cancer. A stationary Saturn in Sagittarius (not moving forward or retrograde) certainly raises suspicion of a father or mother who had not bonded with her at an early age. (or that’s how she saw it). We learn that she forced her mother into the role of the enabler.


My opinion early on is that she was simply impossible to guide from an early age on. But, it is still early here in this “reading.”


A powerful Grand Trine is found between Pluto, Moon and Jupiter all in Water signs. And remember, her Sun and Moon are also both in Water. This clearly means that she knows how she feels (at least for the moment) and isn’t going to change for anybody! And when your chart is over-focused upon how YOU FEEL, that’s all that matters; how YOU FEEL. PERIOD. Even though with Jupiter involved, she’s likely to be quite fickle in reality. A Water Grand Trine means that the person usually feels that they are very self-assured in regard to matters of the heart. Many times, however, they would do well to accept outside guidance. The Jupiter-Pluto entanglement shows quite a tendency towards power-struggles. She will get what she wants.


The mother, Cindy, is Gemini, Moon in Aquarius and the father, George, is Virgo with Moon in Scorpio, possibly Libra.


Note the Kite pattern dumping out at Casey’s Neptune in her Solar 10th house, more signs of escapism and not being necessarily fond of the truth. This woman has a great need to escape perceived restrictions. The stationary Saturn in opposition to the wound, Chiron, causes my eyebrows to rise. Due to lack of love early on (or perceived lack of love) this can easily lead to perversion of many types or at minimum, abnormal responses during intimacy, i.e., unpredictable giggling at rather serious moments. A troubling inconjunct (150° aspect) between that stiff Saturn Rx and the sensitive Moon is possible, depending upon where the Moon really is deposited (emotionally cold). Another certain inconjunct is apparent between heavy Pluto and Chiron indicating that her karmic wound is very deep indeed.


Another massive sign of escapism comes from the Saturn(s) opposition to Chiron that forms another T-square to Jupiter in Pisces in the escapist 12th house! This also sets a natal “promise” of some jail time at some point in her life. Note: she has been in jail ever since transiting Neptune (ruler of Pisces and the 12th house) has entered the 12th in the past 2-3 years. The current trial is taking place because transiting Saturn is sitting rather stationary across from her outlet to her Venus in Aries. Saturn brings things to a stop; justly. Saturn (the Judge) makes you face responsibilities for what you have or haven’t done.


To find Casey’s feelings about her daughter, we look to her fifth house, the house of children. Not only is her fifth house ruled by her Moon in Cancer but we also find itself opposite Neptune! (escape, irresponsibility, water.) She needs to see her child as simply, not there, invisible! No longer an obstacle.


That is how Casey copes, if she doesn’t want to see it,

then it isn’t there, and you really don’t see it either, do you?


Why? Because in addition to all of this, her THREE PLANETS IN SAGITTARIUS, MARS, URANUS AND SATURN wanna party! That’s why. And they all follow suit to her agitated Venus in selfish Aries.


As far as a verdict: none of these specific indicators say “guilty” by themselves, but when you add up the whole chart, even without the accurate birth time, things don’t look too good for this young lady.


The key to Casey’s chart is her Moon in Cancer in conjunction with all the other factors. If her body language says anything to me during her trial, it says: “All of you are against me, I’ll get even; you don’t know who you’re messing with.” She has nothing but disdain for everyone. When one falls prey to the very dark shadow-side of Cancer, blaming the parents is unfortunately very common. When you combine all of the escapism of Pisces/Neptune with the grand selfishness of the accentuated Venus in Aries and add to that the 3 planets in frolicking Sagittarius, you have the recipe for a person who is prone to doing anything to get away from her responsibilities and limitations. She feels that no one understands her because very few others have charts like hers. Hers is so rare. Others don’t understand her. She lives in castles in the skies made of lies and deceptions, in my opinion. Could she have gone as far as killing her daughter so she could be free? It’s highly likely.


To her, it wasn’t murder, much like Scott Peterson’s chart, each of them were looking for ways to get around bothersome aspects of their life.






Now, let’s look at her Noon chart, as if the client were born on noon that day



What jumps out immediately is that a phenomenal Solar Eclipse will occur TODAY! on July 1, 2011 at 9° Cancer! That’s right on the most critical planet of this chart. The Natal Moon in Cancer opposes Neptune right cross the ascendant. That makes it the most powerful construct in the chart. Translation: Emotional escapism. It is no coincidence the jury will probably deliberate on the case under the haze of this eclipse which will last until July 6. Look at how many Neptunian keywords have come into play, chloroform, water, drowning, suffocating, lies, deceptions, jail, things hidden… this is Neptune on display.


I’m going to leave the grounds of this trial in a little bit and show you how WE ARE ALL ON TRIAL NOW. This is no coincidence that this case has gotten so much universal focus. The fact that Pluto went into Capricorn just 5 months before Caylee’s death is very significant. Casey had from January of 2008 until June to get it together. To introspect, find her own imbalances and address them. Instead, she was unable and continued on her selfish ways towards blaming everyone else. This is usually disastrous in my experience whenever Pluto is approaching. It will everything you have from you if you don’t buck up.


There are no coincidences. I was going to write this entire newsletter about the July 1 eclipse but was able to go one better by finding its manifestation in this microcosm trial. Back to that in a moment….


This chart is very similar to the first one, except that it is rotated. The resulting focus puts all of the stress on the Moon opposition to Neptune. Neptune just entered Pisces (Casey’s Pisces ruler) on April 4. We are all now in the Neptune (and Chiron) age for the next 15 years or so. I wrote about that extensively 2 months ago. If you’ll recall, Neptune and Chiron were represented then as “saviors” to all the trouble we’re in now. Well, there is the flip-side, and this is it.


How low will we sink to give our lives ease? Certainly, I am not collectively blaming US for this crime; I’m not saying that at all. But, what I am saying is that this has come to our attention because all we ever see in life is a mirror of what’s inside of us anyway. Who knows what the verdict and/or sentence will be. But as we watch this shifty young lady trying to untwist herself from the hangman’s noose, we all see a bit of ourselves. Affairs, lies, cheating, stories, saying anything just to suit ourselves, making ourselves look good, thinking our past or karma won’t catch up with us. You get the point. To repeat: it is no coincidence that this trial is finishing under the umbrella of this eclipse. It stands in front of our collective eyes as a lesson, given to us by Caylee, that we need to take our spiritual lives very seriously.


Hell is separation. We all pay that price everyday for having separated from God. Look at Casey: she is separate from everyone; hell, separate from her supportive family, separate from her daughter, and now splitting down the middle and splitting from within. All of these indications are exactly the opposite of what Christ told us to do – or else, we end up in hell. A hell of our own making. There’s no fire and brimstone. That was a metaphor.


Both charts are covered in a plethora of lies. Our country is covered with lies. Our “news” organizations are covered in lies. Need I mention our politicians or our corporate “leadership?” We are watching Casey walk the tightrope near her death sentence at the very same time that that is happening to the macrocosm; our world. It’s almost too powerful and poignant to watch.


At some level, down deep, I’m sure “little” Caylee knew what she has done for all of us. God works in mysterious ways. Souls have purpose.


Caylee was a Leo, (8/9/05) with her Sun opposite Neptune. I believe she martyred herself so we’d all see something deeper in life. She was an honorable soul. May she rest in eternal peace.



TODAY IS JULY 1, 2011, THE BIG SOLAR ECLIPSEThe most important aspect of the year. Why? This eclipse is at 9 degrees of Cancer, opposite Pluto in Capricorn and making right angles to Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra. This is THE big grand cross we have all been reluctantly waiting for. There are innumerable possible outcomes to this. Since it is all, once again, based upon master Pluto in Capricorn, we are forced once again to look at what has not been resolved since January 2008!


That has been the story and will continue until this cross starts to break up during the next few years. Need I say more? Look at the economy, possibly worldwide collapse, congress is more alienated from itself than ever, TV shows have people beating each other or stubbornly defending their “views” to the high-heavens….enough… you know what’s going on.


This powerful eclipse will bring things to light, good and bad. Most eclipses, I have found, bring something rather painful and negative up at first, only to quickly transpose into something positive. The main issue here is THAT IT IS DEALT WITH. I warn once again. Do not even think about pushing old matters back under the rug. They need to surface be dealt with. Especially issues of dependency or codependency.


This can be a marvelously liberating time. I’m not just saying that either. Very empowering. This will last all summer. If you are really confused about this and find that it really does seem to pertain to you, you may be very wise to make an appointment with me for a personal consequences.


7/4 – Happy Birthday to the USA – The eclipse will manifest directly as the Sun hits our natal Sun around the 3rd. The Solar Return chart for our country shows great power struggles with other countries while the US tries very hard to update its way of conducting foreign affairs. New methodologies, old techniques will no longer work, (if they ever did.) Cooperation is the new keyword for 2011-2012. We must be ever-aware that while there is much inner decay going on within America, it’s really across the board. We’re all in this together.


7/9 – Uranus goes Retrograde 8:36p – Finally, Uranus starts to cool its heels ever since December 5. It’s time to slow down and circle the wagons. It’s time to re-evaluate just what have been the effects of our various revolutions. Some have been truly liberating while others have simply caused much irritation. Thus speaks Uranus. All astrological forces have a rhythm. The reach out, they retreat back in. This is one way the exquisite zodiac weaves itself into an intelligent whole. Now, it’s time to reconsider what your real overall objective has been. Remember, as always, with Uranus, the questions are: “Are you being yourself? Are you really free?” Conservative forces (Saturn is opposite Uranus) will appear to have the upper-hand for the time being. These two planets need to now and then stop fighting and realize that they have to work together. Kripes, like two little kids in the backseat.


7/15 Full Moon 22°g28’ 2:40a – After 3 eclipses in a row, this is a welcome simple Full Moon. Occuring 2/3 of the way through the sign of Capricorn it’s well out of the way of irritating the traveling Grand Cross. So, we should basically feel a Capricornian energy around. Calm, decisive, sane. What a change, eh? Cooler minds prevail right now. You must have all thought you were nuts in early July, eh? Not so lucky!


7/23 Sun enters Leo 0:12a – Every time a planet ingresses (enters) a new sign, it triggers all transiting bodies in early degree of all the other signs, i.e., Uranus at 4° Aries, Neptune a 0° Pisces, and Pluto at 5° Capricorn. So, even though it’s always a welcome period as the brilliant Sun enters the sign that it rules, Leo, it still won’t be all picnic. Anyone having any planet natally in early degrees will be triggered by this too. Leo and the Sun inject life into whatever they touch. This is why the Sun and Mars do most of the triggering of major events in astrology. Therefore, if you have pressure building anywhere in your personal chart along the early degrees of any sign, expect activity in that area of your life. You need to apply yourself there.


7/30 New Moonb16’ 2:40p – This lunation will trigger transiting Uranus in Aries as well as Pluto in Capricorn. Unpleasant aspects between these 4 bodies will stir up the news programs once again. This will all come down to huge arguments of the debt-ceiling etc. It’s very hard, if not impossible, to please Pluto and Uranus at the same time. Each are always ever-ready to blow everything up sky-high! This, of course, is why we have been dealing with so many issues of consequence but is not what we want here. Dangerous forces are at play and we must find intelligent and mature ways to deal with these poignant problems.


On a personal scale, translate it for yourself; you’ll find you have your own little power-plays at work. The same principles apply.


Remember, let it go, and it’ll be solved for you.


Blessings, may your summer be full of light.


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