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You are living a life and there’s a roadmap right next to you that you may or may not see. Astrology has been misunderstood for so long because we have been made to focus per Sun Sign. While Sun Sign Astrology has its place, it really doesn’t mean much unless you know WHY the signs are the way they are. That’s what “The Exquisite Zodiac” is all about. When you see how each is related to each other, the entire zodiac comes to life as one gestalt, one whole, one holographic image.


The time is now for the public to understand and demystify the natural archetypal basis of each sign. This book reveals just that.








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Out of the Blue, a Massive Arian Surge Forward



While we were all striving to get a grip on the seven planets in Pisces last month, Uranus was obscured and waiting in Aries where it stirs in fiery embers. Nevertheless, it was hard to tap into the Arab-Spring-like  power of Uranus, while the unbelievable effects of the Piscean energies were quite busy gripping the entire collective mind. Wonderful results came from this dip into the Cosmic Ocean. Many people reported disorientation; many felt the broadening of their own Spiritual connection. Instead of it fading away quietly as usual, it became like an ice-cold washcloth to the face when the Sun, Venus and Mars, all jumped across the zodiacal start-finish line into the premier sign of the zodiac Aries joining and supporting Uranus!

All of a sudden, there were 4 planets in Aries, all revving their engines at the starting gate. Actually, they didn’t rev anything; they all just started racing forward! And, that’s why the switch in energies these past few weeks. Remember, Aries is one pure green light, GO!


The contrast could not have been greater. In Pisces, the ego is not honored nor is worldly adventure. In Aries, it’s the complete opposite. Aries is the dream that took place when “man” imagined him/herself to be separate from God. Most of us are used to that. You know, competitiveness, guns, lack, “mine”,  all that stuff. So, the idea was not to say, “Phew, we’re out of that cloud, let’s get back to being ME!” That’s the illusion. The idea was, “Wow, I learned a lot about my place in the scheme of things with myself in perspective within the overall Oneness.”


So, as we go forward with this huge burst of Aries fire, we need to assimilate it all. It affects each sign in a different “house” or way, all in order to further enhance the nature of the sign’s natal archetypal imprint.

According to each Sun Sign, here is a general idea of how to utilize this powerful surge forward per sign:

Aries: For this sign, it should be rather unnoticeable. They’ll be feeling like themselves again. Aries is a simple sign, they want to go forward and experience life with little or no obstacles. Like waking from the Piscean dream, Aries has been wondering what’s been wrong. Not now, it’s all systems go. There’s really not much more to say. By deeper exploration of the world around you, your Aries’ presence grows stronger.


Taurus:  Since Aries is 12 signs away from Aries (going counter-clockwise), Aries comes out of, what is called, the Taurus’ “twelfth house.” When any fiery energy emanates from the mysterious, cloudy12th, it’s hard to put a finger on it. It’s actually a time for earthy Taurus to make great spiritual advances. Their unconscious minds must be very active and they may even feel quite the need to work in the background. Peaceful endeavors are at a peak and it’s certainly time for the Bull to retreat and relax.


It is not normally Taurus’ nature to aspire toward the heavens or even the higher dimensions of Collective thought, but now it is. This is a great time for this 2nd sign to try to find its value amongst the whole. By identifying with something larger than yourself, your own value is enhanced.


Gemini: Coming from the Geminian 11th house, this Martian surge will inspire the Twins to activate amongst friends and groups. This gives them a great new field of new associations to explore and spread their vast field of knowledge. The 11th house is greatly misunderstood when spoken of as the house of
“hopes and wishes.” It really IS the house of hopes and wishes in the sense of serious, long-term, heart-felt desires. Gemini always seems to take serious matters too lightly and light matters too seriously – thus, part of the reason they are called the “Trickster.” This is no time for the Jester here: go after what you really want; that’s what the 11th house is all about. Yes you will learn and feast on all the new novelty, but now is the time to make your mark and take responsibility for it; claim your territory. Neither is easy for the Twins. By spreading your interactive circle to larger groups, your own mobile library grows larger and more diverse.


Cancer: 10 signs away, Aries activates the 10th house for Cancer; and this is opposite their natural position in the 4th. Translation: The Crab is most at home in the 4th, well-hidden and safe under the protective rocks in their cave. Not now. With this surge, it’s time to Cancer to make its mark in the world. Cancers make wonderful business people. This is the time to take the risk; open that business and stake your claim amidst the rest of the zodiac. Ever so sensitive, Cancer is also very underrated in how tough they can be; in fact they can be quite tenacious - thus, the huge claws. Most people love dealing with Cancers because Moon children are very thoughtful of others. By getting stronger in the world, the inner-Cancer retroactively becomes safer.


Leo: Occurring in the Leonine 9th house, the Lion’s philosophical basis broadens. Time for Leo to travel at least by reading more. The Jupiterian nature of the 9th brings a bigger realm to Leo. Always adventurous, this sign needs to go out on greater limbs by broadening its horizons. One way of improving management of your own domain is by learning more about the larger world. Leo needs to be in school now, or diving into some new type of learning to widen their basis. By doing so, Leo gets a firmer grip on their natural landscape.


Virgo: The Martian effects are in Virgo’s 8th house. This is the house of shared resources or how the Virgo gains self-worth when with others. By placing more emphasis on your emotional connection to others, the Virgin naturally enhances their own skill-sets, which is what Virgo is all about. Too many times Virgo plays too humbly close to the vest. With this Aries influence, they’ll feel more like stirring things up with others in a more emotional way. This will certainly bring a much needed emotional coating that will help then in all relationships. Virgo is usually too hard on themselves, expecting purity. By being more involved with others, it should help them be a bit more lenient on themselves.


Libra: In their own house, the 7th, Libra needs to put more energy into themselves as opposed to always trying to appease their partner. This does not come naturally to the Scales. Seriously, the more “self-oriented” (Mars and Aries) Libra becomes, the better their relationships should become. A building is more shored up according to how strong each separate column is. Libra is much more independent than they think. They don’t have to always check in with their sounding board or partner. By asserting their own thoughts and ideas it simply makes for better relationships all around.


Scorpio: With Aries activated in the 6th house, this is time for Scorpio to dynamically assert themselves in terms of getting stronger as an individual. Time to get in shape and take care of your health. Most always focused on the value of their relationships, this is a time to check your own engine light. Too many times Scorpio suffers as well as their partner when the dyad gets too close. This offers a wonderful break where you can get more in touch with what you want. Don’t be shocked to find out that your partner’s needs my lie in a different direction. It does not infer betrayal. Each needs to be themselves.


Sagittarian: The fifth house is activated for this sign which should present no problem at all. Being a fire house, this naturally mixes with the most fiery, expansive sign. The 5th urges us to expand ourselves through fun and expression. A complete natural mandate for the Centaur. The only thing left to be said here is to remind them to be assertive, but watch out in terms of being aggressive. More fun, more expression naturally gives us more of a Sagittarian!


Capricorn: Oh, you would have to wonder about this one, eh? Mixing Arian energy with the 4th house doesn’t always blend well. It’s certainly an indication that the Goat needs to get things off of their chest. Not always trying to comply with what should be said in order to remain mythically safe. Cap needs to learn to assert themselves outside of the proverbial box; saying what they have to say. They need to be less fearful of the possible results. Following their own personal instincts is not easy for this sign which is naturally obedient; always following the rules. Following the rulebook oftentimes can lead this sign to be underdeveloped emotionally. The more your express your feelings now, as per the 4th house, the better off you will be – it will make you feel more alive.


Aquarius: Affecting their 3rd house of the mind, this should present no problem. The mind wants to assert itself now. Only the most timid of Aquarians should have trouble with this now. Aquarians are very honest, tolerant and thoughtful of others. They’re not usually blunt as our Sagittarians can be – this helps them show off their brilliant minds to others. Always leading the way mentally shows us the light of how the world can be with more sharing. That’s the Water-bearer.


Pisces: Always last, Mars acting out of the Piscean 2nd house, it’s time for Pisces to fight for their own self-worth. This is not easy for the Fish. Even though Pisces finds its closest identification with the Collective, Pisces constantly get themselves mired in trouble because they haven’t expressed their personal opinions. It’s counter to their nature, nevertheless, it is now the time to do so. As Pisces becomes stronger individuals, their ability to surrender to the Allness also becomes ironically easier.


Did you notice how the male signs (odd-numbered) all are having an easier times with Mars which is very masculine or assertive. Male signs in astrology are the masculine signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sag and Aquarius. The opposite is true for the feminine or even-numbered signs. The feminine signs are more introspective: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Expressing Mars is harder for these 6 except for Scorpio; and that is simply because Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio.


All in all, it’s a time of a month or so for us to get in sync with Spring; start anew; express yourself. In almost every case, we’ll all be better off if we do.


Blessings to all.


May the planets be with you as you find your Starself!” - Rick

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