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Volume 54, July 2010

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“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”





A Planetary Scrum



It never happens this way. I’m sitting here on June 27th trying to find something to write about for July. It always just pops into my head. But, not lately.


I’ve grown weary about talking about the heaviness of the Pluto in Capricorn period which will doggedly stay with all of Earth’s citizenry through 2023. So, I sat and sat and came up with these other interesting ideas:


·        How we can use astrology to assist in our spiritual growth

·        The big change that we are in the midst of

·        Speak or animate each planet’s voice

·        What the planets feel like, “What got into you recently?”

·        Love in the stars, how does it work?


But it just didn’t work. Yesterday, June 26, 2010 was the heaviest day I’ve ever seen in the planets in my 3 decades of experience. Yesterday morning’s lunar eclipse topped it off.


It can’t be avoided - it is the buzz - it must be discussed. Only then, did I find relief and start to get to it.



As you have heard, the Pluto in Capricorn era started 1/25/08; ever since, other planets are piling on and adding to the great complexity of this evolutionary pressure.


·        Pluto in Capricorn

·        Uranus newly in Aries

·        Saturn in Libra which has temporarily moved back into Virgo until 7/21

·        Jupiter newly in Aries

·        Mercury with the Sun

·        Lunar eclipse of the Moon yesterday a.m., 6/26/07 at 7:30am Eastern with the Moon on Pluto and the Sun completing the Grand Cross in the fourth and final cardinal sign: Cancer


SEVEN planets involved in what is known as a Grand Cross. Astrology’s main stresses are indicated by planets that are next to each other (conjunction), across from each other (opposition) and at a right-angle to each other (square). Now we have a flexing Cross that will stretch and contract over the next few years. Some planets will leave as other aspects will intensify. Yesterday, they absolutely maxed out.


It’s no wonder the oil spill crisis is so paramount now; the indications are vivid.



Eclipses such as yesterdays provide awareness and lucidity. The long-term problems that unearthed themselves in our lives in early 2008 are still being worked over by Pluto. I call Pluto the “meat tenderizer” sometimes as its transformative effect works continuously and steadily over time. With the Moon eclipsing right on Pluto then, those old problems of cleaning up our lives keep rearing their heads, demanding solution. Many, many people right now are at wit’s end and have been pushed to their limits while others are breaking through the morass nicely. I don’t know exactly what separates the two.


Remember, at the same time that all of these planets keep intensifying Pluto’s story. Uranus and Jupiter have entered a new zodiac on 5/27 and 6/6. Their awakening, refreshing effects in the incendiary sign of Aries have been suppressed somewhat by the continuing powerful impact of Saturn square to Pluto – the two heavyweights.


To read a phenomenal article on the Saturn/Pluto combination I refer you to Richard Tarnas’ article. Tarnas is clearly the world’s greatest theoretical astrologer who’s ever lived. Author of the giant, “Passion of the Western Mind” which has become a University standard and the landmark “Cosmos and Psyche” which stands as possibly the greatest astrology book ever written, I refer you to the link below.


Just 10 days after 9/11, Tarnas scripted this sobering vision of what happens when Saturn combines with Pluto. Saturn and Pluto were in close opposition when those planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I can’t say it any better, and I highly suggest you check this out. Be forewarned:   




Since 2001, Saturn has now gone from opposition to Pluto to a right angle - it’s the next trial period.


When 7 planets combine, there is no team of astrologers in the world who can translate all the possible meanings. Suffice it to say for now that the trials in which we face right now are very serious and are interdependent and affect everything else at the same time. The oil spill (Pluto) affects the economy (Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto) which affects Wall Street (Saturn, Pluto) which affects the country’s mood and on and on.


So, what does one do? How do we proceed? Is there hope? The answer is yes, there is hope.


But, it won’t be easy and clearly requires a dramatic shift in the mentalities, attitudes, and mindsets that have gotten us to this point – wouldn’t you agree? I will get into that later on.


So, what happens when all of these mixed stresses start pulling on one another? Just as you’d imagine, you get wildly unpredictable results with varying unforeseeable impacts.


Mainly, we’ve talked ad nauseum about Pluto’s effects in Capricorn. These other planets keep testing other substrata of the Pluto experience. The number one question has manifested physically in front of our eyes and is central and indicative of the main problem:


Are the USA (and other governments) going to continue to allow greedy, destructive,

corrupt monolithic corporations to own our lawmakers? Now, for the first time in history,

the actual survival of the world hinges on that answer. Or, are we going to finally break this myth

of a democracy in which we have been living and get a truly representative government 

– not one based upon the meaninglessness of a few politicians solely bent on being reelected for ego purposes.


Remember, the last time Pluto was in Capricorn from 1762-1777 was the last time this question became pivotal during the real Boston Tea Party. We weren’t being represented in government then and you saw how the “world’s greatest superpower” fell from grace. Do you see the similarity? It’s no wonder that Americans want the bums thrown out.


The world has never been as closely tied as it is right now. The great Pluto in Sagittarius period of 1995-2007 gave us wonderful new technology and made the world more intimate but also made us all so interdependent that now, more lies in the balance.


So, as an astrologer, let me briefly try to explain the participants in this Grand Cardinal Cross. You will see why it’s so difficult to do astrology. The ultra-complex combinations of symbols, meanings, themes, contrasts, etc. that show up in any given “chart” challenge the artistic side of the astrologer to blend these powerful archetypal forces into something that we can only try to assimilate.


Keep in mind, ALL of these tensions are playing out right now and demanding attention and solutions, just SOME of them include what you see listed above.


Simple, basic interpretations are:


Pluto in Capricorn conjunct eclipsing Moon – The heavy impact of collective Pluto is making us realize what all these shifts are doing to us emotionally and as a family of Man, let alone your own personal family. Pluto is urging us to be courageous and look at our life situations and clean out the clogs that have kept us divided or have been threatening to crack us in two from within.


Pluto’s super massive force has been and continues to press down upon us is and is unyielding. Many experience this as a “dark cloud that is hanging over our heads.” We have to face it – this is very serious stuff, and the translation of which; keeping it colloquial: No more stuff can be shoved under the rug. No more can fit, “nature” (Pluto) won’t have it; there’s too much corruption there already in many cases. Pluto’s job is to expose it, dig it out, and expunge it. Need I say more?


The oil spill (Pluto/Saturn) is affecting the masses of the people (Moon) and our comfort level, and for many, their very survival and lifestyle (Moon.) This is also being dramatically affected by transiting Neptune sitting on the USA’s Moon in Aquarius – the ruler of Cancer. Neptune rules the ocean, liquids and shows up as slow steady dissolution.


Pluto/Moon opposite Mercury in Cancer – This heavy Scorpio-like planet is digging deep into our mentalities. This is one reason, believe it or not, that TV shows like CSI are so popular now. Pluto leads us to look deeply into issues – behind the scenes. The Wizard of Oz is not safe behind his curtain. Pluto energy is all about psychology and detective work as it reveals what’s really going on beneath the surface. This opposition is requiring us to become friendlier with our own unconscious. It is my belief that this very energy and shift is why the planet Pluto was demoted to less-than-planetary status in 2006.


The unconscious is not such a mystery anymore to the collective


Pluto/Moon opposite the Sun in Cancer – This is so critical. Oppositions to the Sun in the USA’s chart and in all individuals does the same thing but to our very identity. Many of us are really trying hard now to unidentify with our past reputation. We want to and are being forced to change our ways of doing things. A fundamental transformation (Pluto) is taking place. So many of my clients are looking for a new life now - one that holds more purpose and meaning.


At the national level this means that other countries are not going to give us a break. We’re going to have to gain respect overseas by our actions, not relying on our past laurels, words, or size of our boom boom.


Worldwide, financial systems have decayed greatly because old methodologies were trying to satisfy a new cyber-world. That is in the process of being reexamined (Pluto, Saturn) and the regulator: Saturn. Pluto cleans up corruption even if it’s very painful.


Pluto/Moon square to Saturn in late Virgo/Libra – Saturn is trying to help in all these matters by doing what it does best. It’s giving us a sober look at the facts; even if they are dismal. And, it wants us to re-regulate institutional breakdown that has come down all around us in our world. Saturn responds with new government regulation and restrictions. Saturn has little impact against the power of Pluto but yet, it tries – it’s the shepherd of the whole flock. It’s also TRYING to pay the bills that accumulated during the irresponsible era of Pluto in the wild get-another-credit-card-and-mortgage sign of Sagittarius. Thus the immense mess of an economy and why it crashed just before 1/25/08.


I refer you emphatically to the link above to Richard Tarnas’ article on the aftermath of 9/11 when Pluto and Saturn opposed each other across the USA’s ascendant-descendant. He states 30 ways in which the Pluto/Saturn archetype can be expressed. You will find this shocking as Saturn and Pluto have commonly been aspecting each other during the earth’s gravest times such as during the WWI, WWII and the Holocaust, and during the Vietnam War.


Saturn/Pluto is serious stuff. With Saturn exalted in Libra (it’s best place to reside.) Saturn is giving us new Supreme Court Justices and is trying to install new legislative systems in which to rule this powerful new world (Pluto). Terms such as “police state” are not far-fetched to these two austere energies. We now don’t even blink when we see major corporations go belly up. These two energy/archetypes examine the motive behind these countries, corporations and even individuals.


You cannot fake out Pluto


It sees right through phony appearances and stares right at our true motivations. This is why Scorpios (ruled by Pluto) commonly stare right through you. Pluto is staring right through them too.


[Look for much more of these explanations in my upcoming book, yet untitled. It’s about WHY the 12 signs are the way they are, not “what.” It carefully dissects 10 major reasons that each sign is the way it is. There will be much more on that subject later as the book is inching closer to its final form.]


Saturn/Pluto is the subject here. It demands real, strong, and decisive solution. “Easy does it” is for other times, not with these two. This is precisely why you may have been having very tumultuous life/family/company decisions that just won’t go away ever since Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn on 1/25/08.


Enough of that.


Pluto/Moon square to Uranus/Jupiter – As the growing transformation has been taking place, mostly symbolized by Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter have entered Aries. Much of this was detailed in my May newsletter where I referred to them as a “Revolution.” It IS taking place; many people are having great breakthroughs: breaking of bad, restrictive relationships; a readiness to let go of old, outdated ways, new exciting challenges are saying Yes to you because you have said Yes to yourself!


That’s the real reason it works; it’s not magic


Others not as “lucky” are still finding themselves grinding it out trying to catch a break. For those people, the planets ARE EXACTLY WHERE THEY NEED TO BE FOR THEM TOO. The heaviness of Saturn/Pluto is overshadowing the new exciting possibilities of these new Arian rebirths. Saturn says, “No, you can’t go out to play until you clean your room.” We thought we’d never hear that again, eh?


If Uranus and Jupiter were all alone (left unaspected) in Aries, it would be an entirely different matter. I read where long ago, in the Middle Ages, when this alignment took place, everyone went out and bought windows! Uranus (new inventions and clear sight) spread quickly through the masses (Jupiter.) Jupiter/Uranus is a time of massive renewal, new changes, invention, and powerful bursts of readiness, daring, and certitude. Spontaneity and impulse rule during these fun-filled (Jupiter) enlightening (Uranus) times.


Nothing can happen unless the planets are there to symbolize it


But, since Jupiter and Uranus are being squared by Pluto and Saturn, their party in Aries won’t be a wild, invite-anybody affair. The bills for this new party will be prepaid by Saturn, you can bet. Pluto will also pressure Jupiter/Uranus to have purpose, not their favorite words. It all mixes together. For those of you who are ready to slip through your old Saturnian constraints and have managed to break free, even so, the somber heavy voices of Saturn/Pluto are coming into play at the same time.


Uranus in Aries – “I’m ready to break free. I’m up to here with the old, tired story. I want to be me! I just can’t shove myself down anymore.” And if you manage somehow to keep doing so, you are in trouble.


Uranus readies us to find a new spark from within - with no spark shining brighter than when it emanates from Aries. “Get out of my way, here comes the New Me!” That’s Uranus.


Jupiter in Aries – “I’m ready to go! Count me in! It sounds great! By the way, what is exactly that we are doing?”


Jupiter doesn’t care about details, it just wants to have fun and in Aries, it doesn’t even want to wait around to find out the details. Let’s just go!


Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in Aries, squaring Pluto and the Moon – Now, put together what you read for Jupiter and Uranus in Aries and you’ll see what I mean about this new explosive beginning in the first sign of the zodiac: Aries! If only they knew that as soon as these two wild renegades would be directly facing Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, maybe it would have been a different story. But remember what wisdom has taught us, the planets are exactly where they need to be at all times. Even in natal charts of those who are greatly challenged physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally.


Uranus & Jupiter DARE to face off Saturn and Pluto at this time? My God. These two marvels represent grassroot campaigns to stand up against the titanic empires that snuff out individuality and freedom. They are very powerful too!


I can’t help but laugh seeing the Republican and Democratic parties act like 5 years-olds. Each party essentially wants the same thing: power for their party, health and wellness for their constituents, sane productive relationships abroad, a fruitful economy, etc. etc. But yet, they kill themselves trying to find out the dirt on each other. This is an evolving advanced society?


This cannot continue. Pluto and Uranus have already broken us in two, accentuated by the Saturn opposition to Uranus which continues this year.


There is only one solution and that to is adopt the Aquarian and Pisces ways of unconditional love

(more solutions suggested at the bottom)


Uranus and Jupiter square to the Sun and Mercury – There’s more, well yes. We’re trying to pick up the optimism of Uranus/Jupiter and absorb it into our very being. I talked to a regularly contributing business writer for USA Today. I asked her, “What is the number one reason small businesses fail?” She surprised me. She said the people running the businesses aren’t having any fun. They don’t have a life. That floored me and is indicated by this transit. The sunny Sun and bright Mercury (the Mind) is trying to absorb the new exciting energies of Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. We must adopt what she says.


Do you see how so many businesses these days are just not having any fun, sans Google!? It’s all bottom line, and pressure, and deadlines, limited interpersonal relating, and people being let go, and losing insurance, and insensitive bosses, et al. We have to get the humanity back into our lives and our workplace.

We the people must remember, the itchier our trigger-finger is to sue our employers is a major reason companies have become colder places in which to work. Collectively, we have created that.


With Mercury involved, we have to learn to keep our moods up as we have great effects on others that we come into contact with. Learning mental discipline and coping with these heavy issues is of paramount importance right now. We must find our place, separate from the collective, where we need to hold up more than our end of the bargain with peaceful, cheerful, nonjudgmental states of being. That’s the ticket.


Government is not going to cheer us up and neither will more meds. Our individual internal spiritual work is the number one weapon that we must use against these growing threats.


Uranus and Jupiter opposite Saturn in late Virgo – Not only has Saturn (conservatism) been losing its battle against Uranus (liberal) since the morning of the 2008 election, now, Jupiter gets involved with Uranus. And Jupiter isn’t exactly a member of the John Birch Society either. Saturn will win some battles, but stands no chance against these two giants. They’re called EVOLUTION.


The flow of energies between these three archetypal forces is one of the mainstays in any chart. Why?

·        Because Jupiter expands

·        Saturn contains, regulates and forms

·        Uranus erupts and disrupts the old forms which have grown obsolete and ineffective


Round and round that cycle goes and if Saturn gets too rigid, well:


Uranus just cracks it down the middle


There’s never any trouble between Uranus and Jupiter, well, other than excessive craziness, recklessness, wastefulness and foolish irresponsibility.


Uranus affecting charts of those who have become closed, resistant, and inflexible is the number one cause that people have strokes. Saturn must yield to Uranus’ ahead-of-its-time intelligence and open its creaky rigid gates to the future of evolution. No planetary combination in recent history has accentuated the political divide in which we find ourselves now that these two tête-à-tête forces. In a perfect world, Saturn does need to give form and provide sound, fair, effective institutions and organizations while at the same time, Uranus must be free to update the old. They must balance each other. This is one reason for the political divide now; the two parties are not working together at all.


Saturn square Sun/Mercury – We are challenged now to think move logically. Discipline of mind (Saturn) is absolutely essential right now. We are realizing (lunar eclipse) that we simply won’t be able to handle this evolving world that is experiencing exponential growth to the amount of data that is at our disposal without becoming stronger mentally. Maybe our kids aren’t learning cursive anymore and maybe calculators have weakened their everyday math abilities, but when you juxtapose those dying skills with the new skills our youth has attained on the web, in blogs, YouTube, texting, FacePaging and Tweeting; these new skills will eclipse our old tools as we find ourselves now in a holographic and quantum world. The future is not coming; it’s here.


One of the greatest problems that we are facing today is that things are simply happening too quickly. We have lost simplicity and our regard for working with nature, not in spite of it. A la oil spill.


In summary, when you think that this list of planetary aspects is just some of them and that each astrologer would require reams of paper in order to express their interpretations….. Well, I’ve tried to not only give you a brief overview of what’s happening now but have attempted to show you why true, valid, good astrology is so rare. Would you rather read Cosmopolitan’s “Bedside Astrologer”? I don’t blame anybody who doesn’t believe in astrology – it’s just so complicated. This newsletter is dedicated to spreading the truth about what true astrology can accomplish.


Interpreting these planets is like trying to take 7 vastly different

singers & actors with varied degrees of egos and strengths,

putting them onto one stage and trying to orchestrate them

into one beautiful expression;

or at least hope that they don’t kill each other


Note: As you go through this summer, don’t forget this combination of planets. It will remain the heart of the forecast for the near future. It will fluctuate with one planet, or one set of planetary aspects getting the upper hand at certain times. Yet, in the background, all of the coming transitions will basically be part of Pluto’s massive global transformation. Keep in mind: Pluto gets rid of what doesn’t work.


Some solutions to think about:


Mother Teresa would not get involved in the War on Poverty, even though her life was dedicated to the sick and poor. She would neither battle the War on Drugs, War on Aids, War on anything. To her and to the bible, “resist not for what you resist grows; do not resist evil”… fighting against divides and polarizes us. This is not to say that we should roll over and let society’s ills defeat us. There is a difference. When one fights against, it makes the apparent “enemy” different from us, which must be untrue. We are all one, undifferentiated, and all an expression of One God – therefore viewing any other as an enemy is invalid.


Mother Teresa knew this, and would work WITH somebody who wanted to work FOR a cause. There is a distinction and it is massive and poignant.


The Great Ones have told us. Each repeats the same thing: We have to work together, not fight one another. No one wins; we all lose when we fight. Those are two of the simple messages of Aquarius and Pisces. And yet, we still allow politicians to vote along party lines – as opposed to what WE AMERICANS truly need.


Saturn must shake hands with Uranus and work in partnership. We have done such a poor job on this one that I have actually heard liberals who want to murder conservatives and vice versa. How wide is that schism? We need Uranus and Saturn. Uranus must break the old and break ground for the new (that’s when everyone starts bitching.) Then, Saturn must come along to develop, amalgamate, consolidate and give stabilize. They must work together.


This is why we’ve split; we’ve not been seeing that both forces are natural archetypes and must work in harmony. It is an ultimate shame and shock that words like “harmony” have become regarded as being weak. Ask the American Indian how they view what “White Man” has done.


And shockingly, that’s why we don’t have harmony!


I could write an entire book on these subjects due to its complexity, but for this free newsletter, I have to limit it to a brief overview. I hope it has given you somewhat of an understanding of the complexity and gravity in which we now find ourselves.


We must hang in there until 2023 when Pluto will enter Aquarius. Then the marvelous archetype of Aquarius will impregnate us with the mindset of “what we do to one, we do to all,” and vice versa.


So, when a client or a newspaper reporter calls me regarding these challenging times and asks me, “What’s going to happen?”


I answer, “Well……..”




July is unbelievably jammed with aspects this month. Pay close attention to the 30th.


7/5 Uranus goes Retrograde 12:49p – As this radical planet stops to think about things, you’ll find the Left retreating a bit. Too much has been happening too quickly to manage. The retreat is necessary in order to regroup. With individual charts, it’s the same thing; we need to slow down, back off and rethink all these radical changes we’ve been implementing since 5/27.


7/9 Mercury enters Leo – 12:29p – Time to think big. Leo does nothing in small ways. Leo is an extremely creative sign for Mercury to transit. Take the limits off the brainpower.


7/10 Venus enters Virgo – 7:32a – This rather minor combination will still affect us. Venus gets rather anal in Virgo. This is fine for the workplace, making sure the cash register balances to 0, but is not the combo that you want to chaperone your next date.


7/11 Solar Eclipse 19°a24’ 3:40p – Woo-ooo. Just when we thought we’d get a tiny break, here comes the eclipse that answers the one in late June. Luckily, these powerful energies are not aspecting the other major current planetary positions at this time. Nevertheless, Cancer energy is quite moody. And that’s good! Let yourself out of your emotional box now! Cancer has a great purpose, and that’s it! Let yourself feel and remember, feelings are not rational.


7/21 Saturn reenters Libra 11:09a – Oh boy. Here we go again. This happened once before during last Halloween. Saturn enters early Libra (cardinal.) Pluto is in early Capricorn (cardinal.) Jupiter and Uranus are in early Aries (cardinal.) All of this cardinal pressure is like having too many cooks in the kitchen. Cardinal signs indicate measures of leadership and generate great energy. When too many are active at once, we simply have too many chiefs pulling us in diverse directions.


Saturn once again will work incessantly to contain the destruction of Pluto, try to tame the new radical fervor emanating from Uranus/Jupiter in Aries, and will offer up its voices of new regulations (Saturn) across the board. Since Saturn contains, and since it will be facing down Uranus in Aries, perhaps the time will be favorable to put a stop to the Gulf spill.


7/22 Sun enters Leo 6:21p – Sunny Leo is a welcome sight. I don’t know how much of this will penetrate the darkness of the Saturn-Pluto era, but let’s hope! Time to cheer up and be optimistic and creative.


7/23 Jupiter goes Retrograde 8:03a – Jupiter will rejoin Uranus going backwards. This is clearly a symbol that the new liberation that took place on so many levels on 5/27 and 6/6 will need to calm down a bit. It’s OK, the storm will pick up again soon. The new burst of exciting energy that was emitted from these two fiery planets needs a bit of a reprieve – or else we’ll find that our swing-sets are danger of swinging our swings over the bars.


7/25 Full Moonh00’ 9:37p – Hello, now we get a full moon! It’s not an eclipse though. Lunations (full moons, new moons, and eclipses) make us aware. The sunlight shines on objects heretofore hidden. Look for major revelations in your life regarding Aquarian matters. Those are your own level of independence and frankly, your ability to be yourself in an unrestricted fashion.


7/26 Mercury opposes Neptune 6:04a – Fuzzy thinking; just what we don’t need. This is great if you’re in an ashram. Don’t survey your own property at this time.


7/26 Saturn opposes Uranus 1:05p – This is another in the series of Saturn’s first opposition to Uranus during the last election. Unfortunately, look once again how the parties won’t work together. It’s been scoped out clearly in this newsletter. These two planetary energies only appear to be different; they need to work together or the schism widens even further.


7/29 Mars enters Libra 7:47p – 7/31

Watch out for this one! Mars will complete the transiting Cardinal Tsquare and temporarily turn it into a Grand Cardinal Cross once again. This one may very well turn violent between people and nations. Nuclear weapons and in general, the use of power and war will be the subjects. Be very careful over the next few days. Aggressiveness will abound. With the USA being a Cancer country and Mars pressing it from the “Solar Fourth house,” this means that citizens/groups from WITHIN will erupt. We must take every precaution to guard against violence now.


The reason this is happening is simple: Once again, all the tension that has been building since 1/25/08 and has gathered strength from all of the other planets in early cardinal signs is going to be TRIGGERED by Mars. Mars doesn’t care. Mars wants action. Results.


Mars opposes Saturn 4:09a – Frustration, frustration, frustration. Be calm and wait 2 days for this to subside.


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