Starself Newsletter 99 – March 2014 “Be Yourself”

What a glib, over-rated phrase. “The secret is to be yourself…” Socrates, “Of thine own self be true…” We hear this all the time, but are we really sure what this means? Us free-footing Americans think, we’re so free, “of course I’m being myself, who isn’t?” Think again. The reason I am bringing this up … Read more

A Valentine’s Day to Remember

It’s NOT the BLACK MOON silly, it’s Pluto opposing the USA’s Sun on Feb. 15. Don’t get led astray into all of this talk about this Valentine’s Day Black Moon; it is merely incidental. It will have its effects, but the big story is MUCH bigger. Oh, how the media and our pain-bodies love the term, “Black … Read more

Uranus & Pluto Suddenly Alter What Off-colored Language is Acceptable to Media

Rick DiClemente’s Astrology Newsletter Volume 97, February 2014 Uranus & Pluto Suddenly Alter What Off-colored Language is Acceptable to Media Yes, transiting Uranus and Pluto have suddenly (Uranus) altered what words are acceptable to the masses (Pluto) in our shared mediums. What? Haven’t you noticed that since Uranus and Pluto have been at a right … Read more

How Mars and Uranus Will Affect You

Now that I have briefly explained to you how the current exaggerated Mars and Uranus effects will be, this article will give you a general idea of how they will be affecting each of your signs. Since Mars will be activated for a long time in the sign of Libra and Uranus has 3 more … Read more

Underrated Saturn and Overrated Jupiter

Newsletter 95 – Yes, you heard that correctly. The intention of this article is not to put either planet down but to provide a more in depth look at these two important social planets. Since Jupiter and Saturn (along with Chiron) find themselves positioned in orbit just after the five personal planets, i.e. Sun, Moon, … Read more

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces nudge us to let it go and be One

Rick DiClemente’s Astrology Newsletter Volume 90, September 2013 SO MANY PEOPLE have expressed happiness or sadness that I have continued or discontinued doing newsletters or YouTube videos or Rikipedias. I have no control of how spirit moves. Spirit is always in flux. Please understand and take it as it comes. I don’t even know if … Read more