How Mars and Uranus Will Affect You


Now that I have briefly explained to you how the current exaggerated Mars and Uranus effects will be, this article will give you a general idea of how they will be affecting each of your signs.

Since Mars will be activated for a long time in the sign of Libra and Uranus has 3 more years in the opposing sign of Aries, it is a very good idea to get a heads up on not only what this means, but also a sense of time; how long will this last?

In general, the Mars will weaken soon, but since it is retrograding in the sign of Libra for the next 7 months, this Martian segment will apply for all of us until late July of 2014. As for Uranus, it will be VERY intense, peaking in April, and start to subside in June of 2014. So, we are dealing with two very active, dynamic, freedom-loving, revolutionary planets until next summer. Even then, they won’t be “far away”. As stated in my previous article, it’s like riding the rapids: if you ride them, it may be bumpy, but you are likely to go far. If you resist, it will turn from bumpy into you being throw around. It’s really up to you and how much you hang on versus let go with faith in life as well as in yourself.

Once again, these planets are not here to harm you. They indicate that at a global, collective and personal level, action is needed; action to free yourself from your own blockages. The number one mistake you can make during this time is thinking that others are what are holding you down.

Since Mars and Uranus are quite similar in nature and are traveling opposite each other, all I really have to do is treat each sign along with its opposite sign. In other words, when I translate for Gemini, these planets will be activating their 11th and 5th house at the same time. I can merely say much the same for Gemini’s opposing sign too, so I will be translating for Gemini and Sagittarius at the same time.

This is the specific reason that I wrote a detailed chapter in “The Exquisite Zodiac” on the 6 polarities of the zodiac. When you talk about Taurus, you can relate a lot of its similar qualities to the opposing sign of Scorpio, for example. Understanding the 6 polarities of the zodiac is really critical for chart translation. So, for now, here we go:

Aries and Libra – The 1st and 7th houses will be energized. Aries finds its identity from itself while Libra gets it from an intellectual exchange with its partner. This is WHY Libra is known as the sign of the partner. In other words, when any sign “gets in trouble”, they go to the “strength” of their archetype. Aries pushes the self further. What they really need to do is accentuate the Libra part of themselves. Instead of being so self-oriented, they need to strongly consider the needs of others.

On the other hand, Libra’s big weakness is being too appeasing, i.e., thinking too much about their partners’ well-being. (It’s not really about the partner, but that’s what the Libra archetype thinks it is doing.) “If the partner is weak, so am I…” So, during this time of liberation challenges, Libra definitely needs to look to what they want, want the self wants. It’s not natural for Libra, but they will suffer in direct relationship to how much they try to solve “their” problems by fixing their partner. In direct contrast, the more the Libra takes a stand on their own principles, the more they will prosper.

Liberation for Aries does NOT always mean getting what they want – sometimes they will gain more by giving to others.

Liberation for Libra can only go so far; sometimes you will have to go it alone. You simply must. This is such a time.

Taurus and Scorpio – will have their 6th and 12th houses activated. This means that each will need to learn that liberation seldom comes to those who do what they “should.” Following shoulds might help you feel less guilty or make your parents happier, but in the end, you need to follow your spirit. The difference between the 6th and 12th houses is that the 6th is based upon doing what is “right” (should) whereas, the 12th is based upon pure truth.

So, each sign will need to examine WHY they are doing as they do. Action must come from the heart, not from some rule-set if true freedom is desired.

Liberation for Taurus will come from digging deep, way beyond their programming and “comfort zone” to find a true inner urging. Comfort zones kill.

Liberation for Scorpio will come from a true sense of service to others. Acting while expecting nothing in return is the key here. If something is expected in return, nothing will work out for this intense, intelligent sign.

Gemini and Sagittarius – the 5th and 11th houses will be energized. The difference between those two houses is that the 5th is about individual expression while its mirror, the 11th house, is all about group expression. For Gemini, its liberation will pivot upon its ability to act with others to be creative. Gemini strays very easily from any and all paths because this archetype is so curious. Yet, to follow the path of the group requires stick-to-it-ness. This is what Gemini will need to do: don’t solely data-gather but follow the lead of the group. In the opposing vein, Sagittarius will need to activate their own personal creativity. Instead of trying to get others to read your manifesto, it’s much more important during this time to be creative. All on your own.

Liberation for Gemini will come from actively making their data and facts add up to something bigger. The 11th house is also the house of hopes and wishes, in a big way. That means that you will need to put your money where your ideas are and really start pursuing a bigger goal which will require persistence over the long haul.

Liberation for Sagittarius will come from their 5th house activities. Usually the archetype of Sagittarius has very little difficulty with freedom or liberation. They are by nature, a very free-footing sign. Nevertheless, Sag needs to be creative. Sag also has quite a tendency to want to do everything at once. Patience will be needed in order to really go far this time.

Cancer and Capricorn – the 4th and 10th houses will be affected. These are the natural houses for both signs. In this case, each sign will need to stress the other’s archetypal instinct. Cancer cannot just stay at home feeling safe. They will need to take their show on the road. As Ram Dass says, (paraphrasing) “You can’t remain holy up in your cave meditating. Sooner or later you have to test yourself by conquering the marketplace.” Cancer can be quite tenacious (big claws); they will need to take advantage of that fighting spirit and find freedom by braving the outside world.

Capricorn, on the other hand, is so comfortable in the marketplace; the king of the marketplace. But now, they must find true freedom, not by hiring a liberation firm, but by making their way past their own emotional blockages, that may or may not have come from karmic or family sources. The source of true liberation is not the Rotary Club.

Liberation for Cancer will come from the Moonchild finding its own strength out in the world without a buffer. They have the tools to do so. The common problem with the archetype of Cancer is that it gets so used to being reassured. True, the Cancer “soul” is dropped into the unfamiliar water and needs to hang on lest it drown. But, sooner or later, it will find the shoreline.

Liberation for Capricorn is an oxymoron. Known as THE sign of duty and responsibility, Goats are naturally always conforming. Capricorn must look deeply, stay dutiful to its destiny and at the same time stay true to the individual inside. We are all much more than a simple “Sun sign.”

Leo and Aquarius – Affected by this axis are the 3rd and 9th houses. With Uranus coming from Leo’s 9th, the Lion will need to not only roar, but back it up with education. Sure you speak with great confidence, but that won’t get your through this period. This mini-era will require that you have true knowledge behind what you are promoting. For Aquarius, the 3rd house of the mind will be accentuated. This is a “natch” for the Water Bearer. Nothing even needs to be said here. Aquarius is SO strong intellectually and “liberation” is their middle name. Even so, Aquarius, which can be so exceedingly stubborn mentally, will probably have to learn to chill a bit. Being open to new ideas is usually easy for this sign, but yet, sometimes they really don’t have everything figured out. And that can lead to emotional blockages.

Liberation for Leo will come from self-validation by believing in what they are saying. Their philosophical platform will only be supported at this time by doing the hard work of research and putting that fiery nature to work digging into their own mindsets.

Liberation for Aquarius will continue right along. Even so, Aquarius will need to examine their own cerebral mechanism. Even the finest machines need to be taken apart now and then; cleaned; oiled; and reassembled.

Virgo and Pisces – The houses activated here are the 2nd and 8th. These houses have to do with self-worth. For Virgo, who most always accesses their self-worth from the quality of their work, they’re going to need to go one step beyond. With Uranus activating their 8th house, the Virgin will need to see true value in others by sharing emotions. This does not come naturally to the Virgo archetype. Being pure, with the finest of motivations, I have found that Virgos are really breaking the mold these past few years. Would you be surprised to know that by far, most of my clients are Virgo females?

So, even though great pressure is always being self-applied by this archetype to be productive, I have definitely been seeing them take time off to enjoy others, nature and having fun. I do believe that the reason Virgo has been unfolding at such a fast rate is because transiting Chiron and Neptune have been affecting all of them from the opposite sign (relating to others) of Pisces.

Pisces who is naturally “liberated” will be affected largely in the 2nd house of self-worth. And this is usually a sore spot for the archetype of Pisces. Pisces by nature is self-less, but they will have to find a way to build their own self-worth. They are gravely affected by anyone who suffers in any way. This sign will need to grow thicker scales.

Liberation for Virgo will come as they share their feelings with others. You just can’t be free if you keep your feelings inside, filed away.

Liberation for Pisces will come as they get a stronger sense of self. As was so strongly stressed in “The Exquisite Zodiac”, Pisces needs a strong sense of self in order to give it up. And, remember, they are here to do Divine Will not to satisfy everyone around them.

This next 6 or 7 months of Mars and Uranus challenges will tempt us to “run over” others. These two planets are very non-yielding. Be warned, you may run someone over for now but may not be eager to face the consequences when they get back up.

This can be a marvelous time to project yourself out into the world. Gain confidence. Gain freedom. Strengthen your nerve. But remember, these two planets will encourage each other. Shed your light, but do watch your flame.


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