A Valentine’s Day to Remember

It’s NOT the BLACK MOON silly, it’s Pluto opposing the USA’s Sun on Feb. 15.

Don’t get led astray into all of this talk about this Valentine’s Day Black Moon; it is merely incidental. It will have its effects, but the big story is MUCH bigger. Oh, how the media and our pain-bodies love the term, “Black Moon!” It’s so insidious. There ARE BAD THINGS out there making me do what I do! I’m not responsible! The Devil made me do it! B as in S.


Let me explain to you what’s really happening on Feb. 15, 2014 when transiting Pluto will oppose the USA’s Sun in the USA’s natal chart. It’s much broader and deeper than one might suspect. Of course, the Sun in any chart is the main planet. When the Sun is transited, it represents changes to the “identity.” Or, an identity crisis.

I think it’s quite fair to say that the USA has been going through one for the past few years. See how the same thing happened when it was last hit like this in a big way in 1937 and the following years, and the time before that, just before the Civil War…

The thing is this: when the HEAD is hit, the BODY gets the results too. So, if the CEO of a company has big transits in his or her chart, the entire corporation will be affected in ways that are symbolized by the natures of the transiting bodies. Same for anything. Whether it’s the Pope; the head of the Girl Scouts, the Fed., etc.

I can GUARANTEE you that the President of Penn State had his personal chart deeply stimulated BEFORE and DURING the crisis there a few years ago. It is true for countries, heads of companies, any and all entities.

In the past 4 or 5 years, Neptune has really been affecting President Obama’s chart. Neptune is cloudy and is famous for uncertain results. Neptune was profoundly affecting the chart of the Steeler-Seahawk Superbowl a few years back. Psychics and astrologers in Seattle and Pittsburgh (including me) both were aware of the pressure Neptune was having on the game that day. To this day, many people still call that game’s results uncertain. There were 7 plays in that game that all went to the favor of the Steelers, very uncertain, close calls.

Debatable. This shows you how fuzzy Neptune can be. The main point this is that while Obama has been going through a long Neptune transit, SO HAS THE USA!. So many people have fuzzy feelings even about the validity of his presidency, doubts (Neptune) of his origins in the USA, etc. But, most of all, what has REALLY been happening is that the old rigid, dogmatic faith in God up there sitting in His throne has and IS evaporating.

Back to the unreality it always has been.

Summary: while Obama’s chart was being affected by Neptune, THE planet that undermines what you once thought was real dissipates, the boundaries fade, rigid thinkers become threatened and what really happened during the past few years is that most of us and the country as a whole HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCING A SPIRITUAL IDENTITY CRISIS.

What does that mean, it means that WE want the experience of God/Goddess too… no longer is it good enough that the Priest/ess has the experience while we bow to them and their collective egos. And the collection plate.

That brings us to now and the next two weeks. As Pluto gets to the 13th degree of Capricorn opposing the USA’s Sun at 13 Cancer, where it was in our birth chart on 7/4/1776, the pressure will be on us and our IDENTITY to change in all ways. It is obvious that it is happening. Two big factors are standing in the way keeping us from see what’s really going on: 1) the collective ego, the national ego: hey, if you don’t like it here, leave! We’re number 1, which means “why introspect?” It can’t be US!? and 2) The need to drop our nationalistic pride where over-protectionism threatens our very existence. If we don’t keep playing “whack-a-country”, will we survive? Will we be safe? Our Cancer country cries.

The REAL question should be, can we exist a day longer with this outmoded paranoid mindset.

This brings us to 13 Cancer. So, knowing that early in the a.m. on Feb. 15, Pluto will be around 13 Capricorn and it will be directly opposite the Sun in the American chart at 13 Cancer. So, I decided to look up the MEANING of each degree, not knowing which degree would be the most significant. Remember, if the USA were not the SYMBOLIC head of the world the following meanings would only apply to the US of A. But, since the head rules the body and all of its parts, the following translation applies to all 7 BILLION of us on earth, all people, all countries, all Americans, and every itty bitty part inside of you.

Reading through the “Sabian Symbols” the exact translations are these:

13th degree of Cancer: “A hand with a prominent thumb is held out for study.”
and the 13th degree of Capricorn is: “A fire worshiper meditates on the realities of existence.”

So, you ask, what the heck does that mean? Kinda vague.

Well, when you look to the master’s translation, by Dane Rudhyar, he translates those symbols as:

13 Cancer: “The power of the will in shaping character.”
13 Capricorn: “The subjective quest for ultimates beyond he interplay of life and death processes.”

Keywords: 13 Cancer: Character
Keywords: 13 Capricorn: Willingness to transcend

So, there you have it. For all of us. The need and the question, we are ready, are you going to follow the real change going on to the COLLECTIVE?

“Are we ready to subject our character to transcendence.”

That’s what Pluto has been saying all along: if we don’t step up, as individuals and own our power, and become more courageous, woe is us (we’re seeing those effects!) But, on the other, better hand, it is a symbol that we ARE ready, for the first time in the known history of earth, to stand up, speak up, and BECOME what is right instead of waiting for “someone else” to do it (Mamma) and transcend our old character into one that is planet-worthy.