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Originally Published in OM Times Magazine


In a 2012 article, Dawn Katzin reviewed “The Exquisite Zodiac” and talked about her experiences with Starself’s founder, Rick DiClemente. Below are highlights of the article. Click here to visit OM Times to read the article in its entirety.

“One of the examples that Rick gives is that people just can’t see how astrology works and therefore, don’t see how they can apply it to their lives. I have to fess up, I was one of those people. I would look at daily horoscopes purely as a form of entertainment. I was a non-believer, but I felt justified and here is why. I shared my birthday with my brother and my uncle and despite being from the same sign and having the same birthday, our differences and personalities were miles and miles apart. To go even further, my girlfriend and best friend are also the same sign as me and although we are similar, our personalities are still about a football field apart. So reading a horoscope that fit all of us, well…”

“Rick’s articles are repeatedly some of the most read stories on OM Times and just like me, I think there are a lot of doubters that are seeing astrology with an entirely new mindset.”

“I became so enamored with Rick’s work that I had to get him to read my chart for me. I had never had something like this done before and I was completely blown away by the experience. Because of the chart, I can now understand why I am so different from the people that shared my birthday and others that shared my sun sign. The chart discussed my relationships with family, companions, career, and aspirations. The further we went into the chart, the more I realized that I wasn’t being told something I didn’t know but rather, it was like receiving clarity on why I felt the way I did about certain things in my life; it revealed goals and aspirations I had had about myself when I was younger and had pushed aside. By the end of the reading, I felt like I knew myself better than I ever had. It was an amazing experience.”

Within The Interview Section

“Gradually, I have gotten to where I have a very strong dialogue with my clients. I’ve gotten very far away from standard formula astrology and specialize in “what makes a person tick”. What is their personal storyline? I seem to have a gift in doing this. My one question I pursue with all clients is, “Are you blocked or is your energy flowing?” Once this is known, it becomes clear why they have little money, why they can’t get the job they want, the lover, the house, and we clearly see direct relationships with their health.”

“I am very direct and most clients don’t seem to mind at all because I’m really trying to dig into them and unearth any blockages. Usually, I’ve had the good fortune of being able to do so in one reading. I have no idea why, but almost always around the 40th minute of the 60-minute reading, I’VE GOT IT! I know where to go; I don’t even look at the chart much more. It’s kind of like Spirit has guided me exactly where to look and I use up to 10 or more different types of charts on most people. I find that the birth chart is very limited and that most astrologers put way too much emphasis on the “progressed chart.” I make heavy usage of what is called harmonic charts – they allow me to zoom in to specific areas and I have had tremendous success with them. I look for themes which seem to appear here and there all over the place repetitiously.”

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  • Client OM Times
  • Date December 7, 2013
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