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Dark Side of the Moon – The Moon and Neptune

Originally Published in OM Times Magazine

by Rick DiClemente

So many people have been stressing so hard recently. There are so many astrological “reasons.” But, when I really got to thinking about it, it all comes down to each of us individually, family-wise, collectively, in every way: our Moon being unable to keep up with Neptune’s nature. It’s really that simple. It is the dark side of the moon.

The Moon certainly is the second most important planet in our charts. It represents so many things: our mother, property, emotions, habits, needs, life-style, lineage, heritage, country, patriotism, on and on and on. It cares about its little SAFE circle. In most cases. WE MUST BE SAFE EMOTIONALLY – THAT is the Moon. (It’s also quite Loony!)

Neptune is in all of our charts, too. It is a very powerful universal force that is infinitely stronger than the Moon, it IS the ocean of spirit. Some people are very sensitive to it, others not. It is the “Christ-like” planet, i.e., it is extremely selfless. It can only operate with a sense of Oneness, All is one.

It has no ability whatsoever to understand separateness.

As you can quickly note: some people are FULL of this energy even to the point of martyrdom, while many people abuse the energy and confuse “transcendence” with escapism. It is very prevalent in the charts of alcoholics and drug-abusers. It’s also powerfully represented in our saint’s charts – it’s THE planet that pushes us to go home to Heaven (whatever and wherever that is.)

So, putting it very simply: we must achieve balance in our charts with our very personal Moon and our impersonal, universal Neptune. That goes for the country too. Remembering that the USA was “born” on July 4 – that makes America a Cancerian nation. It has plenty of great up-side to it. Giving food and being protective of ourselves and other nations; worrying about getting each of our “children” back from wars; exhibiting tremendous pride and protectiveness to our boundaries, being a world-wide leader, CARING, etc.

That all changed on 9/11.

And, it is perfect that it did. It became TIME that the USA grew up. We were shocked to experience that our outer Cancer-Crab shell fell short of protecting us. The dream was over; the illusion that two huge oceans and 2 “friendly”-non-threatening neighbors was going to keep us SAFE; was over. This was in essence fortuitous because Pluto determined that it was time that we became accurate in our own introspection. We are not the world’s police. We are no better or worse than any other country. Neptune sees all people as equal brothers and sisters.

The problem is that when any entity becomes too Cancerian, it tends towards “my house”, “my family”, “my country”. “I’ve got what I need – you worry about getting yours.”

And that is what is killing us.

When any entity favors the Moon even to the point of trying to shove away Neptune, (which is totally impossible) it falls into the illusion that it CAN BE SEPARATE AND PROTECTED. By definition, that is not possible because true protection cannot come from the “family” as the Cancerian archetype mistakenly prompts; it can only come from Divine Grace (Neptune). Another example of the dark side of the moon.

This is not a possibility. We cannot FRACK without FRACKING ourselves. They are directly linked. It’s that simple.

A healthy entity has its Moon and Neptune functioning in harmony, where each archetype is being expressed fully and in concert with each other. Neither can “win”; they must work together. We can do this. We must and CAN do this.

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  • Client OM Times
  • Date October 6, 2013
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