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Here Comes Mars


It is past time to deal with our issues. (for many of us)

It takes Mars 2 years to orbit the Sun, and therefore the Earth in Earth-centered-western astrology. Because it lies in a similar orbit as the Earth, there is a period of about 8 months every two years where Mars appears to go backward (retrogrades) against the backdrop of the constellations. This Mars retrograde period lasts for about 3 months. This year, Mars will enter Libra which it did on December 7, 2013, continue on into Libra all the way to its 27th degree of 30, stop, retrograde back to the 9th degree, before finally straightening out and going forward on May 21 all through the whole sign of Libra. This whole process, including traveling through its “shadow period” will take 8 months. Why is this one big deal? Because Mars is the instigator. It doesn’t talk, it takes action.

You either go with it, or “it” works against you.

In general, as Mars stays largely in one sign, it will stir up what is called the Solar Houses, which is how horoscope makers do their work. In other words, all Librans on the planet are treated as if their Sun were at 0 degrees, or the very beginning of Libra. Same with all the other signs. In this manner, the astrologer can discern the main FIELD of activity or area of your life that is being affected. In a personal chart where the birth time is known and accounted for, the chart rotates until the rising sign is known. This gives us a completely different set of houses. Both are accurate.

But basically, this is how the Mars period will be manifested per Sun sign:

Aries, in your 7th house, you will need to be more assertive with your relationships. In terms of the real Aries, this doesn’t apply at all. You’ll need to watch from being too aggressive, or self-oriented usually.

Taurus, in your 6th house, this is time for you to develop new work skills that will make you more marketable. Also, it is a well-known fact how much you love to eat, but, you need to stop sliding by about your health and diet; get on top of things and be more proactive about your well-being.

Gemini, in your 5th house, need I say more!!? Go have more Fun! No problemo!

Cancer, in your 4th house, oh boy, express your feelings, easy for the archetype of Cancer. Don’t follow the rules or expect some referee to save you because you’ve stayed within the safety buffer of the family. You need to express how you feel and claim your space within your tribe.

Leo, in the 3rd house, speak your mind, usually, no problem for the Lion.

Virgo, in your 2nd house, you really need to assert your SELF WORTH. It’s the only way you’re going to get one. Staying fixed at your workbench won’t work. You have to stand firm in your truth according to your feelings.

Libra, in your 1st house, it means you need to assert your needs in your relationships. This is one big deal for you. The weakness of the Libra archetype is being “over-appeasing”; now IS NOT the time to do that. We all know you can be tactful; this is the time to make your needs known.

Scorpio, in your 12th house, a restless unconscious, means you will tend to PROJECT onto others that THEY are aggressive, look at yourself first. Curb your natural suspicions. Don’t get carried away with “must haves!”

Sagittarius, in your 11th house of hopes and wishes, it means you need to stop taking your overall dreams lightly and get to it! Get them done or plan them at least; translation: they’re not going to come to fruition if you don’t ACT on them.

Capricorn, in your 10th house of career/calling, need I say more? If you want to get with your new life direction, act on it, Mars will not stop bugging you from within until you do. Again, as with most Goats, do what YOU want to do, not what you are supposed to do.

Aquarius, in your 9th house; time for a long trip or aggressively making your life bigger with more schooling even if it is over the web. Aquarians have little problem aiming high, go for it! Don’t stay down low just because others around you aren’t as adventurous or open-minded.

Pisces, in your 8th house, a much needed boost to the sex-drive will arrive. Not just that, you will need to be more assertive with all of your partners in all of your relationships. What this means is that if you are not happy with the way you FEEL about yourself when you are with others, now is time to identify the problem and take corrective action.

Usually Mars moves along at a speedy clip, about 2 degrees every 3 days. During this 8-month trip, Mars will appear to be going very slowly at times, and thus can be experienced as very irritating as it goes slowly over sensitive points in yours and all birth charts.

Below is a detailed list of some of the Mars activations during that time. Mars’ nature is to stimulate; to get moving; to stir up activity; to make forward progress. Mars is the worst listener of the zodiac, i.e. it just wants action. “Where’s the beef?”

By being alerted to the dates below, you can be prepared for its transits. These dates DO NOT MEAN THAT YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE DURING THOSE TIMES. The planets are symbolic energies that represent energies inside of you that need to MOVE, or be expressed. As I’ve said so many times, being successful during Martian periods means being assertive but cooling it on the aggression. Aggression will come back to bite you.

The reason this Mars period is so critical is because as it spends its whole time in Libra (a Cardinal sign) it will be playing aggressive dodge ball with Uranus and Pluto apparently stuck in Aries and Capricorn, respectively – all Cardinal signs. Therefore, the reason that the planet “has been nuts” lately is mainly symbolized by the on-going Uranus square (or right angle) to Pluto. Two very powerful planets. And then, along comes the agitator.

This is WHY this period is being singled out. You are READY to deal with these matters. Now, getting the outer-you to agree with the inner-you, is quite a different story.

Clearly, on the global level we can sense great political tension. Wars, battles over economies, battles over voting, battles of the sexes, battles of the birth control issue, battles and stubbornness in our wonderfully productive congress; battles over nuclear issues, battling back against bullies, gun rights, religious rights, racial rights, etc. You name it!

It IS the sixties all over again. To learn much about how we are repeating this cycle of repeating the sixties, I refer you to my video at:

So, as Mars makes its walk-around-the-mine-field sojourn through Libra, it will be opposing Uranus in Aries at times, while other times making a right angle to Pluto in Capricorn. Needless to say, Uranus and Pluto are scheduled to square each other (their conjunction is what caused the Sixties) 7 times; 4 of those have passed by. The last one “caused” the Typhoon in the Far East. (Planets don’t actually “cause” anything; they simply bring to manifestation the forces that were somewhat lying dormant.) The final 3 passes will be in 2014 and finally in 2015.

“What’s inside, eventually outs.” But, you see, Mars doesn’t tip-toe by the mine fields, it’s just full steam ahead and whatever blows, blows.

I have said it so many times, but it’s simply the truth. This is how you deal with aggressive Martian times.

1. Assert yourself and take care of your business. I don’t have to explain your business to you. It can be inter-relational, in your career, health, whatever. You need to take action on issues that have you seemingly “blocked.”
2. If you do not, you can definitely expect more trouble, stress, hardship and increasing tension added to your “existing” situation.

Mars is simple. Act and solve. Don’t act, and suffer (or have aggressive actions will be done unto you.) There is no other way to describe it. This is a fantastic opportunity to let those energies out!

Now, a caveat, many don’t think about: you can VERY WELL be assertive without being mean, loud, crass or impolite! This is where many people hold back and call it being “stuck.” The reason all of this is happening is BECAUSE IT IS NEEDED OR ELSE IT WOULDN’T BE HAPPENING.

Of course, Mars will be aspecting the other planets for all of us, such as opposing the Moon, conjuncting Mercury, etc. Nevertheless, the following list concentrates on just when Mars will stir up the already intense Uranus-Pluto square which is the main astrological formation for 2013-14. Here are the sensitive dates over the next 8 months:

December 22-31, 2013 – Mars opposes Uranus and makes a t-square (right-angled triangle) to Pluto. Peak dates: December 23-24 and December 28-31

January 4, Pluto opposes Jupiter creating a t-square to Mars in Libra

March 1, Mars stops (apparently) and goes retrograde

March 31, Mars opposes the Moon creating a t-square to Pluto

April 8, Grand Cross (shaped like a + sign) Mars opposes Sun & Jupiter opposes Pluto

April 20-25, Grand Cross Mars opposes Uranus & Jupiter opposes Pluto

May 21, Mars stops (apparently) and then turns forward

June 10-26, Mars opposes Uranus creating a t-square to Pluto. Peak dates: 10-11, 22-25

July 25, Mars leaves Libra

If Mars is stirring up Uranus, expect revolution, both personal and collective. Gunfire is common, radical, sudden, violent outbursts are too. Beware of pent-up energy suddenly exploding. Trouble may arise with your ankles and your circulation; headaches too. Do not fall prey to sudden exaggeration, such as: “I think I’ll mow the lawn today, then I’ll paint the house and give all the kids baths.” Uranus is extreme.

When Mars combines with Pluto, it’s entirely different. Anger issues are clearly the number 1 thing you must be careful with. Like I said: assertion vs. aggression. Do NOT underestimate any opponent at this time. Physically, symptoms may manifest as outbreaks as your system is probably going through detoxing. Included are blackheads, cysts, boils, etc. Also, be alert to the colon and genitalia area.

Do not take these dates lightly; you don’t fool around with Mars. Be careful driving, using machinery, firearms, fire itself, etc. Keep in mind that these specified points fall in different areas (houses) in your personal charts and I can’t interpret everyone’s chart. But, you’ll FEEL the urge to move, to act; you’ll know what this is about when it happens.

Common negative occurrences when Mars comes around:

  • Fevers that usually last for 2 days; rise in blood-pressure
  • Sore muscles
  • Tired from overdoing it, watch over-using your adrenalin
  • Fights
  • Head injuries
  • Cuts
  • Wrecks
  • Rage (from not respecting Mars the last time, repressed anger)
  • You will lose respect from others
  • Others will trample in your “space”
  • Have your needs ignored
  • Etc.

Common positive occurrences when Mars comes around:

  • Acting to solve your issues
  • Standing your ground, in your truth, and drawing the line
  • Finding more confidence in yourself because you acted
  • Getting things off of your chest
  • Making progress in a myriad of ways
  • You will generate more respect from others
  • Make your needs known
  • You’ll sharpen your intuition
  • Increased sex drive
  • Etc.

As is true in all of astrology, when you go forward inspired by your inner promptings (the planets), the “universe” will work with you. Plain and simple.

With Mars, put things out on the table. In general, here is how you deal with other Sun signs when Mars is acting up:

(Hey it’s Christmas time, be easy on me, this is half-tongue-in-cheek….)

Aries: They want it on the table, say what you have to say, then, it’s over it in 5 minutes and forgotten. Don’t pussyfoot; as they say, “I can’t read your mind!”
Taurus: Say what you have to, but don’t expect them to budge unless it means there’s something in it for them.
Gemini: Good luck trying to get them to take a stand, you’ll have better luck with your Christmas tree.
Cancer: Say what you have to, but be very nice about it… WATCH YOUR TONE!
Leo: Let them roar and when you are done, let them roar. They are correct, of course.
Virgo: Good luck, if you have to argue, you’d BETTER have your facts straight!
Libra: Oh My Universe, they love the bantering, they’ll go at it forever. They’re good at it too; they’re very smart and have every angle covered. They call it debating.
Scorpio: They’ll let you think that you won. You didn’t.
Saggitarius: Who cares? Get it off of your chest! They’re amused. You can’t win with any fire sign, but it’s fun anyway!
Capricorn: God, do they ever take anything lightly? Express your point and turn the page – try to be reasonable. Laugh out loud.
Aquarius: Forget it. Forget about it. Don’t try. Forget it. You cannot convince any Aquarian on the face of the Earth of anything. But, they’re VERY NICE about it!
Pisces: They hate to fight. Say what you need to; they’ll ignore it, and pour you another drink because they really do love you.

Finally: Do not BLAME Mars if you have a hard time. These are difficult times and the more you act, the less trouble you should draw to yourself. Remember, the planets represent and do not “cause.”

If you use these dynamic energies wisely, you can go very far. Don’t be discouraged by others. Good luck.

2013 Rick DiClemente – © – All rights reserved
Author of “The Exquisite Zodiac”

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  • Date December 13, 2013
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