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Uranus in Aries

Originally Published in OM Times Magazine


What it Means in General for All the Signs

by Rick DiClemente

Uranus has been electrifying the sign of Aries for over 3 years now. This planet of new inventions, excitement and radical changes has been extremely active but has been a bit eclipsed by all of the other major planetary action from Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, etc.

The job of Uranus is to renew. If it finds something old and stale, it either disrupts it and updates it, or cracks it. In the latter case, the entity simply can’t keep up with the pressures of evolution.

A big mistake is often accompanied with the planet Uranus; people tend to see this as a force out there. Nothing could be further from the truth: Uranus is that core part of you that wants to be expressed and wants you to be yourself. It is commonly the culprit when you hear people say, “I’m coming out of my skin!” That’s true! In those cases, what has happened is that the inner you simply can’t stand being repressed anymore. And just like a dandelion, its yearning for the Sun will cause it to break through the asphalt.

Keep in mind that not only is Uranus extremely unpredictable and surprising; it is traveling through the aggressive, fiery sign of Aries (Why heck yes! Just go ahead and do it!); it’s also traveling at a right angle (square) to powerful Pluto in Capricorn which makes it much more volatile. Uranus has not been this powerful for a long time. Seen any revolutions lately? Just in the past few weeks it really peaked and will continue to emanate its off-the-wall urges.

What does all of this mean for us pesky humans? This ruling planet of Aquarius makes you “ready”; ready to break old boundaries that heretofore have kept you stuck.

However, it will not do the work for you.

A.ARIES – Unloading its forceful nature in Aries itself, the Ram won’t have any trouble saying what it wants to do. Not a sign to hold back to begin with, Aries folks will be wondering, “Why have I been cramping myself recently just to keep others happy?” This is very simple, it’s clearly time for Aries to launch adventures, where they are in the lead, just to test themselves – just to see what they can do. It’s all green light! Even more so than usual, Aries needs to be careful not to run over people with their aggressiveness – that will serve no one.

B.TAURUS – The Bull may very well have more trouble with this transit than any other sign. Why? Because Uranus will be activating from what is called the Solar Twelfth House. This is the unconscious. Uranus is THE planet of change and disruption, and there is no sign that hates change more. What really is happening is that the Taurean’s unconscious is trying to prompt the conscious mind that it is ready for liberating change. Taurus is stranger to the idea of liberation. Sameness is security for them. Yet, all things get old; it’s just that Taurus is the sign that holds on to the old the longest, often to their dismay. What is likely to happen is that things from the outside world will appear to hassle them. Why so many disruptions? Especially in areas where they are the most settled. They must be aware that what looks to be coming from the outside really emanates from the frustrated unconscious mind that could use a change now and then.

C.GEMINI – Most likely, Gemini will love this! This is the sign that loves change and novelty. Hello Uranus! Since Uranus will be affecting the Twins’ sign from the Solar 11th house, this could bring great fun with group activities. Also, a much underrated factor of the 11th house is that it’s the house of hopes and wishes. When examined closer, this house really does have to do with one’s overall big wishes. That means, with this aggressive, somewhat selfish planet of Uranus, begging for action, this is time to go for it. Your bucket list. Even if you’re younger, this is the perfect time to knock off some of the items from that list. Uranus is all about re-enlivening – and that’s always welcome to Gemini the flutterby. The only downside is the Twins are very likely to become even more restless and tend to get scattered. Therefore, under this transit, do take time to ground yourself now and then even though you find it to be so boring.

D.CANCER – This one could go either way. Activating the Cancerian career house, this is an excellent time for Cancer to put aside their well-worn caution and really go for the type of career they really want. Uranus brings out the real us. If an old job has brought you to boredom, THIS is the perfect time to start your own business. Usually Cancers have business having to do with the home: flowers, decorating, arts and crafts, etc. In fact, the females of the sign are commonly known as some of the best businesswomen in the zodiac. They know how to make their customers feel at home. Clashing with this aggressive planet Uranus takes place because Cancers are not comfortable at all with fast, combative action. They are very cautious, hanging on to emotional safety at all costs. This picture very clear for you now, the more you are willing to risk, the more successful you will be.

E.LEO – Leo will be experiencing Uranus in Aries in their 9th house. This house has many meanings, such as: philosophy, college, expansion, travel, legal matters and politics. Don’t be surprised if the Lion runs for office. Uranus always surprises other people, but usually not the native. It’s just that they weren’t ready till now. That is the key point of Uranus.

It makes you feel ready to liberate now! Leo is not a sign to hold itself back. That is conducive to how Uranus works. Also, Uranus makes us ready to fight for our own rights, a quality the Lion is not a stranger to. In general, this is the sign that thinks big – now’s the time to do it!

F.VIRGO – Mild mannered Virgo will be experiencing this revolutionary energy in their 8th house – oh my – the house of sex. Anytime an astrologer mixes the two key phrases “Virgo” and “sex,” it’s always a challenge. The real challenge here is intimacy and emotion; not sex. With this Arian urge coming from their eighth house, many Virgos will find the urge to break down any and all emotional barriers that exist in the relationship. Nevertheless, inside the heart of this honest, pure sign lies a timid emotional nature. Tell yourself, “Yes, I can enjoy my body and that of my partner.” There’s your difference during this transit: feel, don’t analyze so much and you’ll be much fuller. If they don’t break down the walls, they’ll surely be challenged to from “someone else.”

G.LIBRA – Falling in their natural 7th house, this is time for Libra to get aggressive towards relationships and set aside the “wait and let it come to me nature” that they commonly exhibit. Always graceful and tactful, the Scales need to really take advantage of this transit. Why? Because Libra’s biggest difficulty is giving in and being too appeasing to the other. Uranus in Aries is exactly what the doctor ordered. Time is ripe now to back-burner the idea that you must be focused on your partner 100% of the time; make it more like 33%. It’s time for you.

H.SCORPIO – The Uranian emphasis will be pressing on your 6th house. This is the area representing your work skills, your attitude toward taking care of yourself and taking responsibility for your own life. The sixth house is a very misunderstood house. The challenge here is that Scorpio is so focused on its partnerships. Not now; you will benefit much more by getting yourself together. No one wants to hear that, do they? But, it is true. The better you take care of yourself, the fewer tendencies you’ll have to get lost in a relationship – a very common outcome for astrology’s 8th sign.

I.SAGITTARIUS – Fun Sag gets Uranus in the fun fifth house! Fabulous! Sagittarius should have no problems with this transit because it will encourage the Archer to get out and have more fun. We don’t need to twist their arms now! As always, the one thing to watch for with this Jupiter-ruled sign is overdoing it. Don’t get too excessive or scattered. Very easy to say, eh? Leave your credit cards at home.

J.CAPRICORN – And then there’s Capricorn. Uranus in Aries is upsetting the applecart here in the 4th house. This is the emotions, family and past. Uranus is inspiring this ever-so-careful sign to let go; not be so controlling. Let life be. This is very hard for the Goat to do since they’re always working so hard to “make sure” of everything. This is NOT time for that. Let it go, trust someone else, trust yourself. Let your hair down and take your natural leadership abilities and apply them to you. You CAN step outside of the box, and you’ll be okay, really.

K.AQUARIUS – This sign is a simple one. Uranus (its ruling planet) is activating their 3rd house of the mind. This is like giving a book fanatic a library. They should have no trouble at all with this transit. If they do, it’s because they’ve got too much of a repressive influence from Saturn in their chart. Uranus in Aries in the 3rd means: renew your mind; give new thought to new fields. Consider the ramifications of all of your newly found knowledge!

L.PISCES – Passive, selfless Pisces finds Uranus in their 2nd house of self-worth. This is a great transit for them, but it might not be easy. Uranus in Aries is all about putting yourself first, me, my needs and my ideas – while the very nature of Pisces is to do the opposite. This is THE critical lesson for the Fish. They have to allow themselves the freedom to be themselves and satisfy themselves. If not, they’ll end up hanging on the cross, figuratively. Pisces needs both, selflessness and selfishness. This is their chance to honor their own individuality.

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  • Client OM Times
  • Date July 3, 2012
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