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How “Quantum” Became the New Household Word

Originally Published in OM Times Magazine


by Rick DiClemente

quantum-mechanics_astrologyIt was the middle of the afternoon on January 4, 2011 in Brussels, Belgium and few if any knew what was happening. Even though the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn had just occurred about 6 hours earlier, it would take more than a star-gazer to realize the ramifications of what just had exploded above them.

Two massive planetary bodies, Uranus (U) and Jupiter (J), had just lined up with the earth. This alignment happens approximately every 14 years. But this time, the two were in the late degrees of Pisces and that hadn’t happened since 1927. That’s one complete revolution of Uranus, 84 years.

Astrologically, when these two effervescent planets align, they signify rapid leaps of scientific discovery (J), sudden growth of public awareness (J), spontaneously expanded perceptions, merging of social concerns (J) with technology (U), and major breakthroughs (U). This pairing pushes past status-quo stale boundaries with great enthusiasm and a sudden sense of impatience and readiness. These two speak of liberation (U) and creativity (J). Air and Fire.

As with all combinations of planetary influences, there is also an accompanying down-side, a shadow-side, a misuse of the energies that can mutate and manifest in unpredictable ways. The combination of Uranus and Jupiter can loose a wild, destructive, chaotic, irrationality too. It’s called going nutso. This is why, all of a sudden, people were being misinformed, as the media told them the zodiac now had a 13 signs. That wasn’t the case.

Congressman Gabby Giffords’ tragedy happened during this time in Tucson. Right or wrong, more than a few of us were eager to point the blame toward the nation’s angry tone of speech and vitriolic rhetoric in our media. So, we saw the incredible impact such loose talk can have on our society as a whole – words are powerful things (J).

A down-side of Uranus is blaming everything on a mythical, non-existent “them.” That can only result in more abrasiveness, polarization, and hatred. We can’t shrug our collective shoulders anymore. It has filtered into the collective mind. That’s what the Tuscon/Giffords principle did for us. That’s the evolution of consciousness.

Hate radio and hate TV only survive because of those who listen and watch.

Of course, during this time, astrologers were bombarded by confused clients! “What do I do now? You mean I’m no longer an Aries?!” During that time, a major epiphany showed that something very special was happening. Yes, there were great misunderstandings abounding, but the degree to which the masses were disquieted was on such a scale that:

Something much bigger was afoot.

Many will downplay astrology as malarkey, but don’t dare take away their “Sun sign.” It went deeper than that. Most people may not know that they have 4 or 5 signs well represented in their birth chart or that their chart has many other dimensions, but, they feel at a primal level, collectively, that their archetypal nature is in fact, valid. This new suggested 13th sign, Ophiuchus, didn’t fit; it was simply not workable or acceptable. Ophiuchus “tried” to steal a good number of astrological degrees from Scorpio; that’s not going to happen!

Aware of it or not, people found their real connection to their Sign’s archetypal nature

Why? Because they were threatened with losing it

One wondered, “What had happened 84 years earlier, one revolution of Uranus ago? (since Uranus rules science and astrology.)” Often times the completion of a planet’s orbit marks times of special turning points, chaos and sudden changes in human history. Remember, Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius which has much to do with revolution and independence.

This is just one example of using a starting date and following every 84 years or so to see the reoccurring return points or themes. To give you an example of these repetitive cycles, take a wide view and go forwards from the settling of Jamestown, VA.


1607 Jamestown was founded

+85 years later

1692 Mass-panic at the Salem witch trials

+84 years later

1776 Declaration of Independence

+85 years later

1861 American Civil War (Aquarian president Abraham Lincoln)

+84 years later

1945 World War II (Aquarian President Franklin Roosevelt)

+84 years later (it’s not coincidence)

2029 ?

Consider what dramatic shifts happened in the American psyche during these times. Each had to do with massive revolutions to the American psyche – the collective. You have both the birth of a nation as well as one of our greatest examples of mass hysteria. Certainly hysteria is a word that can easily be applied to these “modern” political chaotic times.

Aquarians can stir up the collective mind for the best or the worst, such as: Glenn Beck, Dick Cheney, Ellen DeGeneres, Keith Olbermann, Sarah Palin, Ed Schultz, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, etc.

Going back in time about 84 years from 2011; what had happened in the approximate year of 1927? Einstein was toiling with other physicists over major differences of opinion regarding the Quantum Theory of Physics.

That was it!

The “Fifth Solvay Conference,” was held in late October of 1927 in Brussels. In attendance at that Physics and Chemistry Institute were such noted physicists and scientists as: Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Max Planck, Madame Curie, Max Born, Erwin Schrödinger , Paul Diric, and Wolfgang Pauli.

In October of 1927, Jupiter was in very late Pisces, as Uranus was in the 1st degree of Aries.

In early January, 2011, the same pair was back almost exactly at that same point.

On January 4, 2011, Jupiter and Uranus conjuncted at 27 Pisces. Uranus returns are rebirths, a new shot in the arm. Suddenly, old thought seemed outmoded and collective thought was informed by a new perspective. That’s how Uranus works. And, it was nearing the beginning of a brand new zodiac at 0°Aries!

2011 and 2012 are proving to be a higher octave of what physicists had spawned in 1927:

We were experiencing the rebirth, in a manner of speaking, of our perception and acceptance of Quantum Mechanics and its presence and implications in the greater collective mind

quantum-mechanics_astrologyQuantum thought had begun to gain favor in 1900 beginning with Max Planck’s innovative universal formula. Planck’s Constant became the basic building block of Quantum Mechanics. 27 years later (one Saturn revolution) brought us to that very conference. Accompanied by Jupiter, the exclaimer, cheerleader and social philosopher; Uranus, the scientist and inventor, staked their claim to the world that Quantum Physics was to be the new scientific standard and also raised the bar much higher for collective thought. Nothing was to be the same again.

Einstein tried as he might with his research into the Unified Field Theory but always had difficulty accepting the Quantum Theory in its totality. At the conference he told Neils Bohr, “God doesn’t play dice.” Bohr responded with his famous line, “Stop telling God what to do with his dice.” Quantum Physics was born. Einstein never did accept quantum thought in its entirety when in fact his work had contributed much to its development. New thought was sweeping the land. Heisenberg and Born, speaking to the Solvay physics conference, went so far as to declare quantum mechanics to be complete and irrevocable. That gives us a time stamp – a birth, if you will. 2011 was the Uranian validation of that “truth” 84 years later.

Matter and wave particles were both vying to be the foundation of science; each was being stretching toward absolute unboundedness. It is no mere coincidence that great advancements in the field of psychology coincided with the paths of Uranus and Jupiter through the sign of Pisces. Pisces partially rules the subconscious mind and Uranus, breakthroughs. The important work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and those who followed paralleled the incredible breakthroughs in the physics labs of the time. Jung is known for furthering Freud’s work on the symbolic (archetypal) significance of dreams as well as of the experiences of the timing of events – coincidences. What physicists began calling “acausal correlations” are what Jung referred to as “synchronicity.”

Jung came to recognize astrology as a language expressive of archetypal principles. “Jung began to examine astrology as early as 1911, when he mentioned his inquiries in a letter to Freud, ‘My evenings are taken up very largely with astrology. I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth.’” Pg. 61-62, “The Essential Jung,” by Anthony Stoor.

The new theory of quantum physics verified astrology as understood from ancient times, as expressed by Hermes Trismegistus’ “As above – so below”

Even though quantum thought was largely accepted by the scientific community from then on, these theories were mostly incapable of being understood by the public and it wasn’t until January 4 of 2011 that it became apparent, that it had found its home in the modern collective mind. This does not mean that it’s now on the tip of everyone’s tongue; rather, it is now the basis of collective thought in general. Change to the collective psyche takes place gradually but often has a flash-point, a tipping-point, if you will. That was one such time.

Now, we knew why the addition of the 13th sign and the other follies had burst into the collective mind. Those manifestations of Uranus and Jupiter were distortions. When chaotic experiences proliferate in a myopic fashion, it can take us a bit of time passage to get a grip on what’s going on at the core.

Think of it. Today we don’t give a second thought to the power of prayer or how words affect matter. Distance healing is gaining acceptance rapidly. We know via quantum physics that the observer affects the observed. Most of us agree that we create our own world. Einstein proved to us that there is no such thing as space or time; it’s all relative. The quantum dimension shows us how an object can be in two places at once. These are proven facts.

Today, physicists admit that they are “stuck.” Their discovery of dark matter and dark energy has led them to see that 95% of what they thought was there, isn’t! They don’t know how to explain it. In my belief, they’re just starting to catch up with Christ and The Buddha, among others – it’s all the Divine’s Thoughts. Even so, they have a new term for the inexplicable connectedness of things at a “remote distance” (remember, there is no space) and they call it “entanglement.” Doesn’t matter much since they don’t know what entanglement is!

Astrologers call it synchronicity; we’re all one big “organism,” if you will

The fact that the two conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus repeated 84 years later is no coincidence. Pisces is the sign of the grand collective, the oneness of us all where separateness is seen for what it is – an illusion. This marked the end of the “old” Newtonian thinking and the start of all of the breakthroughs that are to follow. We are now amidst major breakthroughs in physics and many other fields. These new discoveries could not have occurred before. Nothing happens until the planets are in position to reflect their new nature. It’s simply not possible.

Uranus and Jupiter represent individual and social freedoms. Ironically, never before have we been more unsure of our own freedoms. Remember, we can no longer be stuck thinking in nation-centric terms. Look and see how many revolutions (U) are taking place across the globe (J). This is also why we’re seeing unrest in the USA, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Yemen, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Iran, Iraq, Syria & Russia. Their citizens are feeling the call to freedom that comes with both Uranus and Jupiter. This is no coincidence. Now, with Uranus in pioneering Aries, they are ready.

This new paradigm did not just puncture our old collective mindset, this past year and a half has been the emergence of the new mind, which is one and separate at the same time; each of is now a downloadable data-station, as “hologram” becomes another entry into our everyday vernacular. Never before have we seen so many psychics, mediums, healers, et al. Tens of thousands of people are cultivating their intuitive skills. When new channels open, and rapidly, one might add, it takes time for the group mind to adjust.

Remember, however, Uranus and Jupiter are not tame, mild energies. The initial revolutions that proceeded out of that conjunction were very fiery, strident and wild. It will take years until the finer energies of Neptune catch up with this and we start to see refinement in our social attitudes. That’s just the way these planets operate.

It may even be time to change our name: the title ‘astrology’ no longer suffices.

Astrologer Richard Tarnas has suggested the name of Archetypal Cosmology.

This entire experience has had little to do with the signs of the zodiac, the renovation of acculturation from Jupiter accompanying Uranus signified that the higher principled thought has also become standardized and socialized. We are now collectively able to get a grasp on true archetypal astrology. The sky is no longer the limit; we have shot past the skies. Skies are just illusions too, it’s all outer space. And there’s no space either. Wow. That doesn’t leave us much of a place to hang onto. Perhaps that is the point.

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