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Pennsylvania Birth Records

How to obtain a new PA birth certificate with your birth time.

For some reason, many birth certificates do not have the birth time listed, while the data is often known in the State’s records. Often, you have to specifically request a new birth certificate with the time on it.
This can be done in several ways:

More information is available at

If you live near Pittsburgh, you can go to the Department of Vital Records at:
Chamber of Commerce Building
411 7th Avenue
Room 360
Pittsburgh, PA 15219 – (412) 565-5113

Or, you can acquire the form by linking directly online to:

The Pennsylvania Department of Health – Division of Vital Records
(the form is out of date, the cost has gone up to $20.00 as of 3/9/15)
Download the application for your birth certificate (in .PDF format), but first:

Remember to add in writing that you want your birth time listed too and highlight your request.

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