Consultations with Rick DiClemente

[testimonial author=” -Beth, Sedona, AZ”]”I had a reading from Rick yesterday–and he knows what major issues, relationships, psychological challenges I have had throughout life and am going through–and talked to me like he had met me before. He’s like a long lost family member who knows what’s been going on in my family for God’s sake. I think I’d have to go through lifetimes of study to be able to do this. I’ve talked with very gifted people from time to time in my life and it’s great to have met one more!!”[/testimonial]

Rick DiClemente (founder of Starself) has practiced astrology for 35 years and provided thousands of consultations. Rick specializes in knowing where you stand with your Universal calendar. His true objective is to strengthen your own connection to the Divine Source within you.

During a reading Rick will triangulate between your birth or natal chart, your past-life chart, and your “destiny” chart. By doing so, he can see what energies you have dealt with previously and why you specifically arranged and chose this current set of challenges in your birth chart.

In addition, in order to determine or help you discern your life direction, Rick uses the “destiny” chart. Before that can be accomplished, existing blockages must be identified and targeted for removal. Only after that is done, can a client really have an accurate “feel” for their destiny. This whole process is accomplished much quicker than one might think. The overall goal of the consultation is to assist the client with “getting on track”, synching with their natural, purposeful, dharmic intentions.

Readings are not performed in order to predict the future. Readings are specifically designed to help you discover your very archetypal essence, helping you clear the way and resume your true life course; then, and only then, does your life flow and attract positive outcomes.

Average reading length falls between 60 and 90 minutes and is determined by the “life of the reading”. Each reading includes a free MP3 recording of our session.

All readings are scheduled in advance and are done by:

1. An appointment at his house in Perryopolis, PA
2. A free recorded phone call.
3. A free video recording via “Zoom” (Similar to Skype)

Please see Starself’s Arrange A Consultation page for further details.