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New Age Martyrs

Originally Published in OM Times Magazine


by Rick DiClemente

If I hear or read one more time phrases like this: “You need to get rid of your ego.” “You need to ignore your ego.” “You need to realize that your ego is not real.” “You need to befriend your ego.” “You need to forgive your ego.” “You need to realize that your ego is your enemy”, etc., etc., I’m going to make myself a nice hemlock smoothie, and drink it down.

So there.

There is a very strong common denominator among many of my clients, i.e., too strong of a Neptune or Pisces influence. And Neptune or Piscean energies can only operate if the ego is “held in check” or overlooked, or as “A Course in Miracles” states: forgiven. Now, if you know me well, you’ll know clearly that Neptune/Pisces archetypes are my very favorite of the zodiac, however…. they can be very misleading, confusing and dangerous energies.

How does one “get” a strong Neptune/Pisces influence in their chart? First of all it should be stated that the planet Neptune rules the sign of Pisces. Many people don’t realize how closely aligned these are even though one is a planet and one a sign. These are just some of the ways you can have a very strong Neptune/Piscean archetypal influence in your natal chart:

  • Sun in Pisces
  • Moon in Pisces
  • Pisces rising
  • Many or significant planets in the 12th house (The Piscean house in all charts)
  • Many or significant planets in strong aspect to Neptune (conjunction, opposition, square)
  • T-squares to Neptune
  • And so on

If you have read my new book, “The Exquisite Zodiac”, you will clearly note that the entire book is one steady crescendo to the final sign of Pisces – the sign of selflessness.

But, there are clear-cut healthy ways to manifest these energies and darker temptations. Neptune/Pisces (N/P) people have a natural sense of yielding, letting others go first, caring about others to large degrees, being selfless, gentle, non-confrontive and in general, avoiding conflict and/or the realities of life. Their tendency to escape is really based upon a deep archetypal influence of wanting to “go back Home” or return to God. However, the “escape” temptations of this sign or planet often go awry, giving way to alcoholism, drug-use, criminal behavior, self-delusion or psychosis and many other unpleasant manifestations.

The healthy desire to “go with the flow” unfortunately far too commonly becomes aimlessness, floating with no purpose or ambition. It can become a sad situation. I once sat with a quintuple Pisces (Sun in Pisces, Moon in Pisces, Pisces rising, major Neptune configurations all in the twelfth house!). Much of her day was spent listening to voices coming out of her TV telling her what to do – the TV was tuned in between channels. A very sad experience. Certainly an extreme case.

That just gives you a very general background of this mostly misunderstood beautiful energy. What I’m talking about in this article are those oh-so-many people who think that any time anything goes wrong in their life, it must be their fault. The only response they have learned to “get themselves through life” is to hang on the cross for a few more days or months or years. Clearly, our grave (pun intended) misunderstanding of one Jesus of Nazareth holds a great deal of disinformation about what His sacrifice was really all about. I am no religious scholar, so I will stop here.

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  • Client OM Times
  • Date July 6, 2013
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