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Allowing the 2012 Shift to Come to You

Originally Published in OM Times Magazine


By Rick DiClemente

It’s been peculiar all along; all this talk of the “Shift” and “Ascension” and such. Finally, it has become clear. The end of one cycle of the Mayan calendar symbolizes the end of a way of doing things. In fact, it represents the end of doing itself.

What have we all had in common over the last 2,000 years or so? Struggle, stress, straining, doing and effort. Now, spiritual Neptune has been traveling with newcomer Chiron for a few years now. They symbolize what is different.

Why is that? Well, since the astrological body, a Centaur named Chiron, which orbits between Saturn and Uranus, was first seen in 1977, it has stirred up the zodiac. In astrological terms, that means that it didn’t exist until then; it was born then. That subject is still up for much debate, but since Chiron has a lot to do with healing and new-age healing pretty much got its start around then, it warrants a deeper look. Especially since almost all people born between 1952 and 1989 have it in their birth charts opposite new age Uranus.

Chiron mainly represents the “wounded healer” and your destiny. People with strategically placed Chirons in their chart tend to make marvelous healers. Without a doubt, Chiron clearly shows astrologers much about a person’s way, or, if you will, their “Hero’s Journey” according to Australian Zane Stein, one of Chiron’s early chroniclers.

So, if you combine Neptune and Chiron, which are paired now, they pretty much represent the dawning of this new age in which we find ourselves. Yes, the news channels are smattered with all the fallout from the continual fight between Uranus and Pluto (99% vs. 1%), but subtler and quieter, these two revolutionary planets of Neptune and Chiron are whispering to us of a new way – a new way of being.

A new age cannot come along without a matching planetary construct – it just can’t. And, that is why it is obvious to suspect Neptune (the spiritual master) with Chiron (the healer.) All of a sudden, thousands of people are picking up the signal from the new collective and doing whatever they can to become Lightworkers. They’re not waiting anymore. They’re diving in and taking the risk, being guided from on high. And they know they are right; that’s the difference. We’re being fed the new archetypal pairing of Neptune and Chiron.

Neptune and Chiron have been the responsible forces that have emerged to the surface insisting on health care for all. The will not give up – humans cannot compete with these incredibly powerful universal forces. Besides health care, the significant symbol from all of this is that Neptune IN PISCES (its home) is insisting that we all treat each other as one. Oh my, that persistent Golden Rule again.

Pre-2012 was humanity’s youth which is coming to and end now. We can all feel it. Everywhere we look we see failure wherever old-school, bottom-line, me-first mentalities persist. The argument is over. The collective is convinced. Now, we have wonderful magazines like this one as just a small example of what we’ve become together and where we are headed.

Finally, the time has come for us all to stop identifying with being the “doer.” Just like Far Eastern religions focus upon the non-self; Jesus maintained (paraphrasing: “Of myself, I do nothing – it all comes through the Father) that He too was just a watcher.

Being identified with the doer is what has caused all of our problems and certainly has misled us to protect what is mythically “ours.”

This is why everything is changing – Neptune and Chiron. And they will keep traveling together for the next few years. I doubted a lot about what I had heard when people kept telling me of the coming importance of the date 12/21/12. I did the chart for that moment, and frankly, wasn’t impressed. It was not until a few months ago when someone came up with a birth time! 11:11:11 a.m. in Greenwich, England. Once I modified my charts for that moment, BOOM!, Chiron and Neptune were found right on the ascendant, or rising exactly on the Eastern horizon.


The phenomenal symbolism of such is too great for reason or coincidence. Then I knew the Mayans (or whomever had taught them) were right on track. In fact, that moment is only off by 37 seconds to the moment of the Winter Solstice.

So, what does all of this mean for us? It means the end of doing, that’s what. Of course, you’ll still go to work, to the store and work around the house. But, no longer can modern man live without being truly in touch with his or her true Source. That, it what Neptune and Chiron are busy bestowing upon us now – you can feel it.

It is apparent that “other beings” or guides know we are in trouble here on Gaia and they are lending more than a hand to help us out.

To truly understand how we need to deal with this, the following Sun sign guidance is recommended. Remember, we’ll be allowing life to come to us which is about 99.9999% different from all of these How-To books we’ve been reading all along about what we have to DO! We don’t have to DO anything, it has been given to us; like someone said, “Let go, and let God!”

ARIES – will have a hard time with this; it’s not in their nature. Their’s is to be totally identified with the doer. Aries identifies with what they have just accomplished. This will lead them astray unless they have outer planets significantly placed in the natal diagram or they discover what’s beyond the self-image. It can be done. Ram Dass, Joseph Campbell and James Hillman (all Rams) did it. Their pure sense of adventure can take this challenge on.

TAURUS – will also not have an easy time of it. The Bulls tendency to ground everything makes it very difficult for them to look up for their source. Taurus’ source is the earth and everything about it – not in this case. Taurus needs to allow life to come to them and settle naturally. They need to stop fighting to get everything exactly as they want. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is much, much wiser. Like the proverbial tree, they need to bend with changes so that they do not break. Taurus is tough, they can make it through storm.

GEMINI – You will see how the Neptune-Chiron challenge will come easier to the latter signs, but all signs certainly can be very successful with the new paradigm. Gemini, of course, will find all of the new ideas to be fascinating and interesting. That’s not the point. The point is (just like the brilliant Gemini David Hawkins pointed out) Gemini is obsessed with how the mind works. Upon further examination, they will realize that they truly are the watcherneed to simply watch life unfold in front of them. They’

CANCER – This is another sign that may not have it easy. Why? Because emotional comfort and safety is A#1 to this sign. Usually, that means fighting to keep people outside of their protective shell. Remember, however, the fight is over. Cancer needs to learn to trust that God was not lying when He said that All would be provided. That’s a big leap for the Crab. True safety lies not just within your family circle, its core lies in fusion with the God-center inside of you. If Cancer can get this, they can be wonderful leaders of this new “movement.” Seeing the whole planet as their family instead.

LEO – has a good shot at breaking through this new perspective. It all depends on whether they are completely glued to their own self-image. If they are, being God-centered will remain a foreign concept for them. Of all signs, the brilliant Sun shines through Leo; a wonderful hint that the source comes up from within. This presents us with a tricky situation: Leo needs to gain in confidence, yes, but the best way is to just allow the confidence to grow, to watch it. They need to use that inborn sense of royalty and just allow life to serve them.

VIRGO – So, we repeatedly see this concept of having to let go of the doer. No sign will have it harder that the workaholic of the zodiac, Virgo. Chiron puts so much pressure upon them to “be productive” that they can barely withstand any other thought – really. However, I’ve seen many Virgin’s make great spiritual progress in these areas. Remember, the perfect example of an “in tune” Virgo was Mother Teresa. She kept up her work, and diligently served the public (Chiron rules Virgo,) but don’t be confused, she never forgot where the efforts and healings were really coming from. The key to succeeding as a Virgo is to work, to work hard, to stay busy, but to never forget where your source lies. He is working through you.

This is why I say “allowing” this grace to come to you. There’s no way to go out and get it, or to hold it, or to capture it, or to multiply it. It is free, the cost is your ego. Allow God’s Grace and Guidance to come to you.

LIBRA – Here is another sign that may have difficulty with this transition. Why? Libra is a very highly intelligent sign, but, in general is mostly interested in what is happening socially, not up in the skies. If they have help in their natal chart, they can really go far, as Deepak Chopra has done. Libra is so obsessed with its social position and projects that outward. They believe everyone else is, too. But, this can be overcome because of their powerful minds and natural grace. Libra needs to allow life to come to them and not fight for social position, become too preoccupied with comparisons and keeping up with the Joneses. Social position is an illusion and now is the time to give up all illusions.

SCORPIO – If Scorps can get past the melodrama of their particular relationship, they can go very far with this new concept. Being ruled by powerful Pluto, Scorpios have natural deep intelligence and can sense their Source. Neil Young sings from his Muses. You can tell. Capable of being a great leader, this passionate sign only needs to calm down their cravings and see that if they do, life will satisfy their powerful desires. They must avoid the tendency of the spider attracting its prey intentionally, and shift that into simply allowing life to surprise them. They believe in magic.

SAGITTARIUS – This fun-filled sign is much deeper than most people think. They’re not always at play. Sag is the philosophical sign that is rarely caught without a book in hand. Their high minds naturally lead them to this same conclusion: life comes to us naturally. Not usually a sign of resistance, Sagittarius can easily open up and allow life to be what it is. They “go with the flow” with ease. Yet, being a fire sign, they naturally identify with being the doer. As with all signs, we all have something to learn. The Archer’s born ability to not take things too seriously will help them stay free of mental twists and cobwebs.

CAPRICORN – has a very hard time letting things go. Their natural impulse is to “make sure” about everything. And, deeply imbedded in such a motto is a natural mistrust of the natural world! How can one trust the world but always be straining to make sure everything works out? Capricorn must take its naturally strong senses of duty and responsibility and learn to relax. Do what you can, but use your inborn sense of reverence to get your own ego in perspective. Then, you should be ok. You are not your social role. Never underrate the Goat.

AQUARIUS – You can never tell with Aquarius; the unpredictable sign. Naturally brilliant and way ahead of their time, the Water-Bearer can crawl way out on just about any limb. The main problem with Aquarius is that they identify so much with ideas and their formulated theories. Although they might be correct, they mainly have to look deeply, beyond the mind to see that thoughts just happen, they are not theirs. We all say, “whenever the spirit moves you.” That’s the idea here. The spirit does the moving, not the mind. Aquarians natural love of mankind leads them easily past the ego to sharing successfully with the All.

As “A Course in Miracles” says: “Thoughts leave not their source.”

PISCES – This is THE sign that has a natural understanding of not being the doer. All of their life they usually have to pay the price; being called listless, non-ambitious and even weak-willed. Pisces native archetype is to be one with it all. They never did understand competition and greed. They’ve been waiting for the rest of us to catch up, i.e., unless they got lost via escapism and are simply lost. For the most part, Pisces is the age we are in. That is where Chiron and Neptune are presently residing. We would do well to follow their lead and just let things be and have faith. It’s not like we have a choice.

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  • Date August 6, 2012
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