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Volume 32, August 2008

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Welcome to August. Major planetary constructs are forming mid-month with the Lunar Eclipse lining up with Neptune while Mars and Uranus form an intense T-square to Pluto. First up in this issue is a graphic representation of the important planetary turning points I’ve watched closely since I began this newsletter during the winter of 2005. If you’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, it’s most certainly because of the heavy combined pressure of Mars and Saturn in early Virgo. I hope this issue brings you some understanding of this complicated science/art.


Have a great August!


1.      Jun. 25, 2007 - Saturn opposes Neptune - Against the major backdrop of sobering Saturn facing off with dreamy Neptune, many people faced their issues - even if unpleasant.


2.      Sep. 2, 2007 - Saturn enters Virgo - Saturn in Virgo, the Sarg, inspires many and forces others to “get it together,” and on all fronts.


3.      Nov. 15, 2007 - Mars stops at 12° Cancer - Mars decides to take a hiatus in Cancer, the sign of our deep emotional needs. It retrogrades for 10 irritating weeks inspiring us all to protect ourselves more aggressively - to put ourselves first.


4.      Jan. 25, 2008 - Oh, by the way, Pluto enters Capricorn where it will be until 2024.


5.      Jan. 30, 2008 - Mars goes Direct - Now we regained speed once again testing our new Martian tendencies (assertiveness/aggressiveness.)


6.      Mar. 4, 2008 - Mars enters Cancer (and opposes Pluto) - “Rut Row,” as Astro would say, Mars ran headlong into New Pluto in Capricorn. Mortgages crumble, Wall Street tumbles, gas prices rumble. It’s a New Age. Saturn in Virgo didn’t count on us all being so out of shape.


7.      Apr. 5, 2008 - Mars regains 12° Cancer - Now, we got back to where we were on 11/15/07, but with new vigor - hopefully.


8.      Jul. 1, 2008 - Mars enters Virgo (and joins Saturn) - Mars catches up with Sarg in Virgo and says, “Well, where’s the beef? I still see a bunch of flabby muscles.”


9.      Jul 10, 2008 - Mars conjoins Saturn in Virgo - “Boom.” Most people get slammed in one way or another. Look to the house that contains 8° Virgo in your chart to track the recent friction and frustration.


Things are calming a bit now, but Sarg is keeping his eye on us. Don’t take this respite for granted. Keep that membership at the gym. 

More on Saturn? Well…, yes.



--- August Happenings ---


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Aries-Taurus - This blending can be OK. The impetuosity of the restless Aries is tamed a good bit by Taurus. Likewise, the Aries energy can help the Taurus qualities keep from being too sedentary. Not a bad combo at all. Since both energies are quite “self-oriented,” other energies are necessary in the chart to broaden their consciousness.


Taurus-Gemini - On the good side, the Taurus settles the ever-curious Gemini while the Gemini expands the Bull. Once again, like the combination before, we need to see other outer-planet activity or late signs to expand their mental domain.


Gemini-Cancer - This pairing can be quite difficult. On the one hand, the Cancer energy brings much needed emotion to the Twins, and the Gemini lifts the tender Crab out of emotional “goo” into some objectivity. Even so, this can be quite a sticky pairing since Cancer is the moodiest of all and Gemini leans towards being scattered. A strong Saturn would be a welcome addition to such a chart.


Cancer-Leo - I like this one - but it depends. The Leo pride helps the Cancer stay out of wallowing and self pity. And the deep feelings of Cancer sensitize the Lion. The problem with this is the possible prima donna complex. Both like attention and being babied. Leos won’t admit it sometimes. Both have a way of demanding it and have a sense of entitlement that must be guarded against.


Leo-Virgo - This duo is confused. While the Leo adds confidence and “front-man” qualities to the shy Virgin, the Virgo brings much needed humility to the proud Sun-ruled Leo. What often happens is that the Virgo dislikes the Leo part and vice-versa. These two energies often cannot “stomach” one another. One must be vigilant to blend these two - and it needs to be seen that these two traits are in fact complimentary, and not in contrast.


Virgo-Libra - Another unusual partnership. Coolness usually results. Both signs are not deeply emotional. While beauty abounds, this combo is very talented. Other areas of the chart must add water to the chart such as planets in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.


Libra-Scorpio - This can be quite a precarious combination. Why? Because these are THE two signs that need a relationship. And that sets them up for conditional love - which of course is precarious at best. If something goes wrong with the relationship, the Libra part has its self-identity threatened while the Scorpio part has its very self-worth in peril. If these two can be blended harmoniously, these natives can be quite charismatic - blending Libra charm and beauty with Scorpio depth, passion and courage.


Scorpio-Sagittarius - This might be the “best” pairing of all, in my humble opinion. Why? Because Scorpio often needs to lighten up, to be more out front, and to have more fun. Sag energy has all three. On the other hand, oft-flippant Sagittarius needs the depth, intensity and character of Scorpio. Many times I see this work very well in my client’s natal charts.


Sagittarius-Capricorn - Another very good combination. The dour, worrying Goat needs the levity of Sagittarius. The Archer also brings faith which Capricorn direly needs. In exchange, the Capricorn’s Saturnian nature gives its dependability to the Sag, many times famous for promising and not delivering.


Capricorn-Aquarius - This can be a great combination based upon both signs shared sense of social responsibility. But, these two can also represent a very cold combination. Water is greatly needed with these two: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces qualities - then, they can be magnificent.


Aquarius-Pisces - We’re getting way out there now with the final two signs of the zodiac!  The brilliant, progressive Aquarian deepens their feelings from the Pisces energy. However, these natives may not be “meant for this world.” Seriously, these folks will feel so alien when it comes to accepted mores and norms for accepted social behavior (a concept they are totally oblivious and indifferent to) that this combo at best, while quite possibly very powerful, extremely unpredictable.


Pisces-Aries - This unusual, but common combination blends the Omega with the Alpha. It can be great - sometimes it’s confusing. One the plus side, the selfless Fish brings great vision and breadth to the self-proclaiming Aries (See Thomas Jefferson, Joseph Campbell, and Ram Dass.) The potential problem comes in when these two energies, which are “strange bedfellows” indeed, compartmentalize against each other. It often emerges in a way such that they aren’t quite aware of each other. A very, very intriguing combination.





A Most Critical, Amazing Moment

March 10, 2003 3:52:54pm, Eastern


That was a powerful moment for most of us. At that moment, Uranus entered Pisces. Uranus, like a lightening rod, slipped into Pisces which conducts energy similar to distilled water! Look around you and ask friends what happened on that day. I have client after client after client who had powerful, life-altering events happen then. Uranus breaks the tedium. It always works suddenly and sometimes is radically shattering. The key to translating this is simple: bend or break. That’s what happened - and it happened at that instant. For many, many people, it was the beginning of their personal liberation. --- The Iraq invasion happened 9 days later.


Wait till Uranus enters Aries: May 27, 2010 9:44pm Eastern.







Leos of Interest and Astrological Musings…




AriesOther signs don’t always know exactly what they want. They aren’t always insistent on things being done right now! Yes, they need to get things off of their chests too, but not all signs find that easy to do. Other signs find life much, much more complicated and they spend a lot of time thinking about the past and the future. To their credit Aries is here and now. Ram Dass (Aries) wrote “Be Here Now.”


TaurusThe Bull can’t always understand that most other people are in a hurry. Life is much more complicated for other signs. Most other signs are not as content with so little. Taurus is patient and relatively simple. Non-Taureans adapt to situations much quicker and accept changes easier.


GeminiOn the other hand, Gemini just can’t seem to fathom that others aren’t as curious or restless. They don’t always find certain things fascinating. The Twins are often stunned to find that others like the same thing day in and day out - a fact that drives them wild! To Gemini, variety is the spice of life - to others, it is unnerving.


CancerCancer gets themselves into a lot of hot water when they project onto others that the other is tender and needs buffered and protected. Many signs have tougher skins, even though the Crab has an outer shell. This often leads to enabling others which then leads to codependency. Cancer must see that others are simply not as sensitive and let it go at that. The hardest thing for Cancer is to learn not to cushion all the blows coming to loved ones.


Leo – The Lion just can’t imagine that people get themselves in such a twist. Other signs are often times just not as confident! Many signs find it had to assert their will. Another thing that is common is that Leo frequently thinks that others are being competitive and trying to steal their thunder when they aren’t.


VirgoBoy, here’s one: Virgos consistently think they are being criticized when they aren’t. And of course, when they are, it isn’t pretty. The only one carrying a clipboard keeping notes of the Virgin’s “mistakes” are the Virgos themselves. Other signs just aren’t as picky. It’s not that the other signs are necessarily lazy; it’s just that if one tiny detail is out of order, it’s OK.


LibraProjection plays a big role here. Many times the Libra thinks they’re being judged socially when they aren’t. No sign is more sensitive to how they look than Libra. Many other Sun signs aren’t that concerned and that really shocks these natives. Libra has to be very careful not to put words into other people’s mouths. Many people of other signs will simply accept the Libra and others as they are.


Scorpio Here’s another example: Scorps think others are being suspicious and prying when they’re not! Even though Scorpio is usually very accurate, often times they think others are hiding something or have ulterior motives. This comes from Pluto’s rulership of Scorpio. Pluto constantly has Scorpios questioning their own motivations. This, of course, is what is at the source of making them so strong and courageous; or so contentious and impossible.


SagittariusThis is a fun one, of course. Sag just can’t always see that life is not a bowl of cherries for other signs! Other folks take things quite seriously. They can’t simply let things roll off of their backs. Believe me, other Sun signs wish they could just let go and have more fun and enjoyment. Sagittarius needs to teach the rest of us how to let go!


Capricorn Oh my. The Old Goat gets in a tizzy thinking that everyone else takes everything so seriously! They don’t. Capricorn is usually full of “shoulds.” People should do this, they should do that. As they age, they tend to relax more and realize that other folks are what they are.


AquariusThis is the ONE sign that naturally lets other be who they are. In fact, they insist on it. Personal rights, individuality, uniqueness: all keywords for the sign that can’t hold its water.


Pisces We should all have plenty of Pisces in us, don’t you think. Pisces don’t see differences. Many times this gets them into trouble, but we could all benefit much more by not judging. You wonder why one of symbols for Jesus is the Fishes? Pisces also needs to learn that other people are really picky about certain things - a factor that they can’t understand.



8/1 Solar Eclipseb 32’ 6:13am - This will provide a great big boost. Unfettered Sun and Moon in the Leo jungle, time to roar; be proud, defend yourself, tell your story.


8/5-6 Mars opposes Uranus - This one could get rocky, setting off a wide T-square to tired old Pluto in Sag. Be very careful around this time. Once again, with Mars, take action that is required and please avoid reckless behavior.


8/15 Sun opposes Neptune - Don’t get lost in delusions of self. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Avoid the drama.


8/16 Lunar Eclipse 24° h 21’ 5:16pm - This MAJOR eclipse takes on the flavor of wonderful Neptoon in Aquarius. With the Aquarian theme, this lunation impels us to find our individuality within our relationships. Relationships with “clinging” or “glomming” as the theme are in trouble here. Watch for scandals, and I mean on a very large scale too - Neptoon.


8/16-17 Mars squares Pluto - Upping the ante of the volatile Lunar Eclipse, feelings run very strong here. Be on the up and up here. People will try to knock you off center now. Be tough and stand your ground!


8/22 Sun enters Virgo 2:02pm - The Sun gets a major boost this year in Virgo as it joins Saturn, Mercury, and Venus. The Sarg says, “Stop whining, drop and give me 50!”


8/30 New Moonc 48” 3:58pm - The unusual 3rd lunation of the month. This “Blue Moon” emphasizes what Saturn has been saying in Virgo for the past year, “Get it together.”









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