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Volume 8, July 2006


Welcome to July. I hope your summer is off and running well. Astrologically speaking, the first half of 2006 has really been about developing ourselves spiritually coinciding with the stern reality checks of Saturn in Leo. Hopefully we don’t need prodded anymore and are facing up to our responsibilities just to get Saturn off of our backs, eh? Well then, Saturn is always somewhere, is it not? Nevertheless, some relief is in store as the Sun separates from its opposition to Pluto; and Mars from its recent conjunction with Saturn. In July we look at Mars in opposition to Neptune, Mercury Retrograde (yes, again), and the approaching climax of the year, Saturn facing off with Neptune in late August.
















7/4 3:34pm Mercury Retrograde (Rx) until 7/28 – Here we go again. About every 3 months for about 3 weeks Mercury appears to reverse its direction, this time for 24 days. Mercury, the Messenger, gets his signals crossed and marks a time when we need to be extra clear about details about everything. Double-check your appointments; repeat yourself to your friends when you tell them, “I’ll meet you at 6:00.” Read the fine print very carefully before signing any documents. Avoid buying anything mechanical or having something fixed. If it can wait until the 28th, believe me, please do. An unpublicized benefit of Mercury Retrograde periods however is that long-standing problems are often solved during these times. You still have to live your life – but try to shore up all of your communications and exchanges while doing so.


7/5 Mars opposite Neptune - So, just how does an Astrologer do what he or she does? How do we explain and do horoscopes? Let’s use this Mars opposite Neptune for example. Keep in mind that this is extremely simplified:

What energies are involved? Mars in Leo will be opposite Neptune in Aquarius.

What does it mean? Mars in Leo is your bold, ego-based, confident energy or direction that you are taking. Neptune in Aquarius is a sense we have, probably from the larger Collective Unconsciousness, to surrender to the needs of the Collective. Neptune works against self-oriented action and impels us to yield to the greater good. Both energies are present in everybody at this time. Neptune’s nature can make your direction fuzzy, since it can confuse matters because it doesn’t support the individual, just the whole. It dissolves individual differences. So, we have a built-in conflict between wanting what we want (b) and what our unconscious duty to the All is (h). Make sense? Sounds like a Socialistic state.

What “aspect” is being made? The two planets are across the zodiac from each other, called an opposition aspect. This energy exchange can bring about challenging aspects between the two. Both forces need to be assimilated and harmonized within the personality or else tension and disruption will likely occur.

Where is it happening? The opposition in this case is happening in the polarized signs of Leo and Aquarius. This aspect is also happening in the Astrological houses, fields of life (the definition of which are well beyond the scope of this article). Mars and Neptune are in the same signs for everyone but appearing in different houses per Sun-Sign. This is what gives rise to the 12 possible sets of interpretations although they all have a similar feel.


In summary: Mars in Leo is opposing Neptune in Aquarius for everybody on the planet but in specific houses per Sun-sign. A child born during this time will have this aspect, or quality, permanently in their birth chart and the corresponding attributes will have much to do with their personality. Basically Mars in Leo is proud, confident energy or action – bold action. Neptune, a powerful Universal force, wants to spiritualize it. So we see the built-in contest, Neptune, being the ruler of pious Pisces, isn’t fond of Mars being very boastful or “self”-centered. Also, Neptune can cause cloudiness, fuzzy direction or even deception because it is about the “non-self”. Therefore, the tension across the two houses per Sun-sign yields the following interpretations:


Aries – tension between the 5th and 11th houses. The Rams want to have fun and spend time in recreation, perhaps with their kids. There may also be a new business speculation or even a love interest developing. Somehow, the duty to a larger group (11th house) is muddying up the waters () and representing a conflict. You can’t quite do your thing because you have to honor the group’s wishes. Clearly, what is called for here is to not be obsessed with your creations and instead include others. Selfishness could cause a significant loss otherwise.


Taurus – tension between the 4th and 10th houses. The Bull wants to put energy into securing their home and find creative release there. But, it is hard to do right now as he/she is being required to sacrifice () more now for his/her career. Taureans are tough and now need to bite the bullet and keep on plugging away at work. Extra time for relaxation will come around later and ultimately you will benefit because you demonstrated selflessness at work. However, this can’t be faked. You have to really perform for the sake of your employer – else, an empty victory will be in store, if at all.


Gemini – tension between the 3rd and 9th houses. The Twins (identical?) are enjoying this one. While ever so comfortable expressing their own ideas (3rd house), they are being required now to fuse their new cerebral discoveries with the Greater Mind (9th house). This can be a time of great insight and epiphanies. No matter what, it will be a bit confusing (). It would serve you well to know that, as Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it, “Your imagination is not yours – it is the universal mind running through it.” Imagine that - a much larger field of wildflowers for the Butterfly to explore.


Cancer – tension between the 2nd and 8th houses. This could cost the Crabs. Security-based Cancers are trying their hardest to establish both financial and physical security. But somehow, you’ve come across a leak () with another. You really do need to yield and hold up at least 50% of the bargain with someone you share assets and liabilities with. Else, you may lose money and it could be significant. Cancer sometimes learns the hard way that it’s simply not safe to try to stay in a little cocoon, no matter how hard you try. You must avoid the temptation to manipulate someone else’s money.


Leo – tension between the 1st and 7th houses. The Lion is facing a showdown here. Your sense of devotion and love to the “other” is facing off with your strong urge to project yourself into your environment. Both must be satisfied, but don’t kid yourself. Neptune is far stronger than Mars. For now, yield to your partner without thought of reward or recognition. If you don’t, you may be shunned. You are the sunny center of the zodiac, your light will burn brighter as you are willing to share the limelight with others. It must be sincere or else the numbers in the audience will shrink.


Virgo – tension between the 12th and 6th houses. Virgins should have little trouble with this one. Your natural sense of service to others is being highlighted now. Be aware that there is a much bigger field of service outside of the one you are used to. Use this marvelous energy to merge with a much more universal sense of belonging and dedication. You shine by example, and sacrifice comes naturally to you. Health can be affected at this time (6th house), so be careful not to become spread too thin. You workaholics need rest now and then – this is one those times.


Libra – tension between the 11th and 5th houses. Libra should fare well during this time. Your talent for keeping the scales balanced will come in handy as you look to blend the need for group activity and are willing to sacrifice personal enjoyment. This is a great time for you to lose yourself in a group that has common interests and have some fun. You learn so much by comparison; jump in the pool () and allow your Venusian nature to absorb the feeling of the group’s spirit. You are getting what you’ve been wanting because you’re living for the bigger Self.


Scorpio – tension between the 10th and 4th houses. Scorpio can’t continue to obsess about their careers right now until they get the home front straightened out. You also can’t keep running on fumes. You need to stop in for a pit-stop and get some nurturing from your family. Don’t let family members discourage () your career decisions at this time however. You need to surface some at work too, i.e., be more overt. Even Scorpio needs to come up for air now and then. Staying submerged in the dark, murky waters now could hurt your job. You can’t swing your sword very effectively underwater.


Sagittarius – tension between the 9th and 3rd houses. The Centaur is whistling their happy tune because they have the world all figured out and have the tiger by the tail – philosophically speaking. Yet, it would serve you well to examine your mind a second time. Subtler realms are opening up to you and you need to be attentive. Your intuition and psychic abilities are growing and you need to incorporate new ways of thinking and invite them onto your soap-box. Don’t be too comfortable with your old opinions, expand them again, else you may confidently steer yourself into the fog.


Capricorn – tension between the 8th and 2nd houses. Goats may have become overly-dedicated to another and need to make sure they are not sacrificing themselves too much. You have a natural sense of duty that serves you and others very well. However, if you invest too much in another at the cost of your own self-worth, you’ve paid too much. Money matters are critical now. Step up to the plate and pull your weight. If not, you may get hit where it hurts you the most which often times is in the wallet. Definitely watch out for someone else being underhanded with your money.


Aquarius – tension between the 7th and 1st houses. The Water-bearer is enjoying new activity with close ones. You are having the opportunity to entertain and have fun. Your natural humanitarian sense makes you appealing to others. You are the life of the party now. Make sure that all the efforts that your are putting into others at this time are not an escape from yourself however. It’s the perfect time for you to start or enhance a relationship - just don’t get lost in it. Others are noticing your expansive, inventive mind. You take it for granted. Stop that.


Pisces – tension between the 6th and 12th houses. Something is Fishy. I know you take great enjoyment in taking care of others. It’s clearly time to take care of yourself. You are spread too thin. You need to take specific action to guard against ill health. Your normal “take it as it comes” attitude usually serves you well. Not now. You need rest and you need to get away from other’s “vibes”, especially men (). The wonderful selfless, giving nature of Pisces needs replenished. It can’t always be give, give, give, unless you really can handle being a martyr.


7/6 3:19am Jupiter goes direct – We won’t notice much from this one unless it is changing direction right on a planet or sensitive point in your chart (8°e59’). Basically, it will bring a sense of hopefulness and well-being. Opportunity abounds. Jupiter’s red spot temporarily turns yellow.




7/8/52 Marianne Williamson, New Age author/lecturer specializing in “A Course In Miracles” –

A few of the reasons that Cancerian Marianne is such an effective Spiritual speaker is because she was born with the Sun between Venus (love) and Uranus (New Age), all in Cancer. She is a spiritual mother (). Some New Age authors emphasize intellectual understanding, and some enlightenment. Her main focus is on how you feel. And on how we treat one another, thus the title of her most popular book, “A Return to Love”.






7/13 Moon Void 10:23am-7:00pm – Again, the Moon is Void-of-Course most of the day. Voids are periods of doldrums - just too hard to get things going. Best to plan around them. See my previous newsletter for more information at: www.starself.com/newsletter2.html


7/22 Sun enters Leo 7:18pm. Typically, as we exit the ultra-sensitive state of Cancer and the Sun ingresses into fiery Leo each year, it’s a time of relief and “lightening up”. This time however, the Sun will be running into territory already claimed by Mars and Saturn. Meaning? Since July 16th of last year, we have been in the “Saturn in Leo” period. It is forcing us to become responsible for our own identity. There have been plenty of tests in this area culminating in some rather challenging ones in June. Now, we will start to see the results! Mars also leaves Leo around this time. Is the Lion exiting this particular jungle with his head held high or with his tail between his legs? Isn’t that the politically-correct word that’s been beat to death: “challenging”?




7/24 Moon Void 5:07am-8:25pm. Another long day with the Moon Void. Take the day off. As a matter of fact, print out this certificate and give it to your boss. It entitles you to one free day off.  Print as many copies as you like. Your boss’ Moon is Void too. Apparently the Void Moon has negligible effects on one’s golf game.


















7/28 The Delta Aquarids Meteor Showers are peaking this night. Meteor showers are named after the constellations from which they appear to emanate. In the case of the Delta Aquarids, the constellation is Aquarius; the Leonids, the constellation Leo; the Perseids, the constellation Perseus; and so on. The showers have little to do with the constellations they are named for. Rather, they are produced by bits of dusty debris shed by orbiting comets and asteroids.




     Instructions for best viewing:


1) Go somewhere dark well away from city lights

2) Lay down, hopefully somewhere flat and comfortable

3) Look up

4) Don’t blink

5) Gasp a lot and say, “Wow, did you see that?”

6) Stand up

7) Go home

8) Resume blinking


Dear Kid Astro,


1. What significance does it have if someone is born “C-section”, i.e., where (it seems like) the time is determined by the hospital’s schedule? Astrologically it matters not how you were born. You were born when you took your first breath. Period. Some Astrologers time your birth from the second the umbilical cord was cut. Some actually time it from the date and time of conception – if you happen to have been wearing a watch at the time.

2. What does it mean if a baby is born earlier or later than the “due date”?

Your Starself knows nothing of a calendar or clock. You were born when you were born when you were born. And that happened to be exactly the right second. The Universe was in a unique state at the split-second that you were born and you are that moment’s emissary.

3. Why are twins often so different in nature? I have no idea and I know of no Astrologer that does. The “rising sign” or “ascendant” does change one degree for every 4 minutes of birth time, a minor difference, but one that accounts for very little. Perhaps the biggest reason is psychological, i.e., since each twin is so much like the other and is constantly being identified with being a twin and not an individual, maybe they simply accentuate what small differences they do have?


Next month we ask Kid Astro:


When I read about my Sun-sign, it doesn’t sound like me.

Why am I so different?



S.P.A.C.E. News


The Southwestern Pennsylvania Astrology Consortium for Enlightenment (S.P.A.C.E.) will next meet on Sunday, July 30th. Monthly meetings are held on the last Sunday of each month at 10:00am. These meetings take place South of South Hills Village in a private home just off of Rt. 19. All interested in Astrology are welcome. Call (724)622-8079 for details.



Void              Void

Date  Starts      Ends

----  ------   -------

7/02  2:58am -  1:06pm

7/04  3:17pm -  1:13am (next day)

7/06  3:54pm – 10:13am (next day)

7/09  6:31am -  3:25pm

7/11  4:58pm -  5:46pm

7/13 10:23am -  6:59pm

7/15  3:56pm -  8:39pm

7/17  9:33pm - 11:44pm

7/20  1:48am -  4:38am

7/22 11:17am - 11:28am

7/24  5:07am -  8:24am

7/26  8:32pm -  7:36am (next day)

7/29  9:05am -  8:27pm

7/31  9:54pm -


Void-of-Course Moons are times every few days anywhere from a few minutes to several hours where you are discouraged from launching projects. It’s kind of like sailing a boat and there just isn’t any wind. For more information on this subject, visit my earlier newsletter: www.starself.com/newsletter2.html

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